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Com jo (Like me)- Itinerant documentary photography exhibition on the trans* issue

Project to raise awareness on the trans* issue. Documentary photography exhibition that brings us closer to the experiences of the subjects

Sílvia Blanco

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Com jo (Like me) is a project which consists of an itinerant exhibition of documentary photography on the trans* issue. It aims to be a tool of awareness and pedagogy to question the stigmas and phobias surrounding this issue. Particularly to denounce the pathologisation attributed to trans* people and claim that it should be referred to as a social, cultural and political issue. Thus, the objective is to educate on the issues the trans* community are faced with, to end transphobia and break the stereotypical gender normatives.

Submerged in the information society and constantly bombarded by news and images that end up becoming banal, I think it is important to support projects that reaffirm the role of documentary and artistic practices as an instrument for social change. I understand photography as a tool of social empowerment and as a mechanism and vehicle to denounce, make visible, raise awareness and change the (unfair) realities that surrounds us.

The profits obtained, from donations and from the sale of copies of the photographs during the exhibitions, will be donated to charitable projects of trans* associations.

The rewards you could obtain are:

  • Appear as a patron in the promotional poster of the exhibition.

  • Guided tour of the exhibition carried out by the main people of the photographs.

  • Promotional poster of the exhibition.

  • Two postcards of photographs from the exhibition.

  • Organise the exhibition in your city/town. If you would like to bring this project to the civic centre of your city, to a cultural centre, to a bar or to any other space, I can organise this! (This reward is only available in Catalonia, Spain).

My name is Sílvia Blanco and I am from Barcelona. I have collaborated as a photographer, writer, assistant camera operator and production for several media organisations. In 2017 I directed the documentary Goorgorlou, on the sub-Saharan collective that collects scrap in Sabadell (Barcelona), which is currently part of a project to raise awareness. The project that I present now, Com jo (Like me), is part of my final project at the University of Barcelona.


Frame of the documentary Goorgorlou
Frame of the documentary Goorgorlou


Your contributions will be allocated to finance the costs of the exhibitions!

  • Photographs printing in high quality.

  • Material to frame and hang the photographs.

  • Administration fees.

  • Promotion expenses.

The first exhibition will take place from the last week of June until the end of July 2019 at Sol de Nit (Pl. Del Sol, 9, Gràcia, Barcelona).

The guided tour will take place during the last week of June or at the end of July. This will be confirmed by email.

More exhibitions and visits will be organised throughout the year. If you cannot attend the first exhibition, I will send you an email so you can come to another one.

The postcards and the posters can be collected on opening day of the first exhibition (June-July). If you cannot attend, send an email to: [email protected] and you can pick them up another day.

If you have chosen the option to organise the exhibition in your city, I will get in touch with you in September to start managing it.


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  • Raquel


    almost 5 years

    La transexualitat, una realitat que estem experimentant gràcies a una personeta molt petitona.. Una realitat que s'ha de visibilitzar. Endavant amb aquest projecte! Ja tenim ganes de veure'l :)

  • Pau


    almost 5 years

    Endavant i molta sort amb el projecte Sílvia!

  • Rita Tejerina

    Rita Tejerina

    almost 5 years

    Endavant i q el teu granet d sorra faci un món millor

  • xavierbt

    [email protected]

    almost 5 years


  • HelenaFajula


    almost 5 years

    Let's gooo!

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