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General Terms and Conditions of Use and Agreement and Privacy Policy

These general terms and conditions of use and agreement cover users’ access to and use of the website www.verkami.com (hereinafter, “the website”), as well as any products or services taken out on the said website.

By agreeing to these general terms and conditions of use and agreement, users hereby assert that:

  1. They have read and understood the contents hereof.
  2. They have sufficient capacity to enter into an agreement.
  3. They accept the obligations set out herein.

Anyone who uses the website becomes a user thereof (hereinafter, “the user”) and agrees to all the general terms and conditions set out herein.

The user should read these general terms and conditions of use and agreement carefully every time they access the website, given that the website and these general terms and conditions of use and agreement may change over time.

The owner of the website reserves the right to update or make any changes to the contents and services, these general terms and conditions of use and agreement and, in general, any aspect related to the design and layout of the website, at any time without any prior warning.

1. General information about the website

The following general information about the website is provided in accordance with Article 10 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, on information society services and electronic commerce (hereinafter, “LSSICE”):

  1. Owner: Verkami, SCP
  2. Registered address: Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme, Torre TCM2, planta 4, oficina 3, avinguda Ernest Lluch 32, 08302, Mataró, Spain.
  3. Tax ID No (NIF): J65315566
  4. E-mail: info@verkami.com
  5. Telephone: +34 935 280 558

2. Conditions of use

2.1. Access to the website

Access to the website is free, apart from the cost of accessing the website through the telecommunications network provided by the user’s internet provider.

2.2. Need for users to register and identify themselves

In general, users do not have to register to access the contents of the website.

However, certain services do require users to register and provide some personal and billing details.

Users can also sign up remotely through Facebook, which lets Verkami access users’ signup and personal data from their Facebook page. By signing up through Facebook, users agree to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions of Use and may only cancel their registration and make changes to the privacy settings through Facebook.

The following definitions will be used herein:

  • Creator user: a user who publishes a project on the website.
  • Patron user: a user who makes pledges to projects published on the website by creator users.

For all aspects that apply equally to creator users and patron users, both kinds of users will be covered together herein as users.

The data given by users—regardless of whether they are a creator user or a patron user—should be accurate, up to date and truthful at all times. Any users who fail to do this shall be considered to have violated these general terms and conditions and their account may be closed immediately. No user may register on behalf of someone else without that person’s express consent and authorisation.

Users vouch for the accuracy of the data they provide when they register and release the website from any liability in any legal action.

User creators assert that they own all the intellectual property rights to any projects they publish on the website.

Registered users shall be responsible for keeping their password safe and shall be solely liable for any damages that may arise from its misuse, loss, transfer or communication to anyone else. Users hereby agree to keep their password safe as their means of identifying themselves and to change it regularly, at least once a year.

As a result, access to restricted areas and/or the use of services and contents accessed by using a registered user’s password shall be considered to have been carried out by the said registered user, who shall be responsible for this access and use.

2.3. Regulations governing use of the website

The services offered on verkami.com are aimed exclusively at people aged 18 or over. Users assert that they are the legal age to sign a binding agreement and that all the information they provide when they register is accurate and truthful. The owner of the website reserves the right to close the account of any user should any doubts arise as to whether they are of legal age or not.

Users shall use the website and its entire contents and services in accordance with the law, moral standards, public order and these general terms and conditions. They shall make proper use of the services and/or contents of the website and shall not use them for any illegal activities that might constitute a crime or infringe on the rights of any third parties and/or on the regulations on intellectual and industrial property or any other applicable laws or regulations.

Users shall not disseminate, introduce, spread or make available to any third parties any kind of material or information (data, contents, messages, drawings, sound or image files, photographs, software, etc) that goes against the law, moral standards, public order or these general terms and conditions. Specifically, but not limited to, users shall:

I.- Not introduce or spread any content or propaganda that is racist, xenophobic or pornographic in nature or that supports terrorism or violates any human rights.

II.- Not introduce or spread any data programs (viruses or harmful software) that may damage the computer systems of the access provider, their providers or any third-party users of the internet.

III.- Not spread, disseminate or make available to any third parties any kind of information, aspect or content that goes against any fundamental public rights and freedoms recognised by the Spanish constitution or international treaties.

IV.- Not spread, disseminate or make available to any third parties any kind of information, aspect or content that amounts to illegal or unfair advertising.

V.- Not disseminate any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, advertising material, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other kind of solicitation, except in those areas (such as commercial spaces) that were specifically designed for this purpose.

VI.- Not introduce or disseminate any false, ambiguous or inexact information that may mislead the intended recipients.

VII.- Not spread, disseminate or make available to any third parties any kind of information, aspect or content that infringes on any intellectual or industrial property rights, patents, brands or copyright that belongs to the owners of the website or any third parties.

VIII.- Not spread, disseminate or make available to any third parties any kind of information, aspect or content that infringes on the secrecy of communications and personal data protection legislation.

The user shall absolve the owner of the website from any liability in any legal action, fine, penalty or sanction arising from the user’s failure to respect any of the aforementioned rules of use, and the owner of the website reserves the right to seek compensation for any damages caused.

The owner of the website reserves the right to close the account of any users who misuse the website or fail to respect the stipulations and prohibitions set out herein.

2.4. Exclusion of liability

The owner of the website shall not be in any way liable for updating the website or for ensuring that the information published thereon is accurate or comprehensive. Users should therefore check that the published information is accurate and comprehensive before taking any decision related to any service or content set out on this website.

Users’ use of the website does not oblige the owner of the website to ensure that there are no viruses, worms or any other malware thereon. Users should possess the proper tools to detect and remove malware.

The owner of the website shall not be liable for any damage caused to users’ or third parties’ software or hardware through the use of the services offered on the website.

The owner of the website shall not be liable for any damages that users might suffer as a result of problems with the telecommunications networks that lead to the services on the website being suspended, cancelled or interrupted with or without prior warning.

Verkami.com simply acts as an intermediary between users of this website and is not responsible for the actions of users who upload their projects to verkami.com. Users who create projects are solely responsible for complying with the undertakings given in their projects.

The owner of the website reserves the right to close the projects published on verkami.com without any prior warning for any reason whatsoever.

The owner of the website shall not be responsible for ownership of the intellectual property rights to the projects asserted by creator users or that the undertakings given are complied with.

2.5. Contents and services linked through the website

Access to the website may include technical devices, including links, directories and even search tools that let users access other pages and internet sites (hereinafter, “linked sites”). In such cases, the owner of the website shall only be responsible for the contents and services offered on the linked sites if the owner was effectively aware of any illegal activity and failed to deactivate the link with the due diligence. If users believe that a linked site contains illegal or unsuitable contents, they should inform the owner of the website. However, this action in no way entails any obligation to remove the corresponding link.

In no case does the existence of linked sites presuppose the existence of any agreements with the managers or owners of the said linked sites; nor does it indicate that that owner of the website recommends, promotes or identifies with the opinions, contents or services provided on the linked sites. As a result, the owner of the website shall not be liable for any damages caused by the quality, availability, usefulness, accuracy of the contents and/or services on the linked sites or their outdated or illegal nature, or for any other damages that are not directly attributable to the owner of the website.

2.6. Intellectual and industrial property

The entire contents of the website, understood as including, but not limited to, the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound contents, as well as their graphic design and source code, are the intellectual property of the owner of the website or third parties. No exploitation rights recognised by the current legislation on intellectual property are to be understood to be transferred to the user.

The brands, trade names or distinctive signs are the property of the owner of the website or third parties; access to the website is not to be understood as entailing any rights thereto.

Users assert that the projects they publish on verkami.com shall be wholly original worked created by themselves and shall in no case be copies or reproductions that infringe on any third parties’ intellectual property rights. The owner of the website may close the account of any users who infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights. Verkami.com shall remove any offending materials in accordance with regulations on intellectual and industrial property should this situation arise.

The owner of the website has no ownership rights to the contents of the projects published by users on verkami.com. However, users grant the owner of the website free and nonexclusive licence worldwide for the maximum legal period of protection to publicly communicate, reproduce, distribute and change the content of the project in order to carry out its service.

2.7. Browsing and cookies

— Pending translation —

¿Que son las cookies?

Las cookies son pequeños archivos de datos que se reciben al terminal desde el sitio web visitado y se usan para registrar ciertas interacciones de la navegación en un sitio web almacenando datos que podrán ser actualizados y recuperados. Estos ficheros se almacenan en el ordenador del usuario y contienen datos anónimos que no son perjudiciales por vuestro equipo. Se utilizan para recordar las preferencias del usuario, como el idioma seleccionado, datos de acceso o personalización de la página.

Las cookies también pueden ser utilizadas para registrar información anónima sobre como un visitante utiliza un sitio web. Por ejemplo, desde qué página web se ha accedido, o si ha utilizado un "banner" publicitario para llegar.

Para qué utilizamos cookies

VERKAMI, S.C.P. utiliza las cookies estrictamente necesarias y esenciales porque utilicéis nuestros sitios web y os permitan moveros libremente, utilizar áreas seguras, opciones personalizadas, etc. Además, VERKAMI, S.C.P. utiliza cookies que recogen datos relativos al análisis de uso de la web. Éstas se utilizan para ayudar a mejorar el servicio al cliente, mesurando el uso y el rendimiento de la página para optimizarla y personalizarla.

Nuestro sitio web puede contener enlaces de redes sociales (como Facebook o Twitter). VERKAMI, S.C.P. no controla las cookies utilizadas por estas redes externas.

Para más información sobre las cookies de las redes sociales o otros sitios web ajenas, aconsejamos revisar sus propias políticas de cookies.

¿Qué uso se dan a los diferentes tipos de cookies?

Según su finalidad:

  • Cookies técnicas: Las cookies técnicas son aquellas imprescindibles y estrictamente necesarias para el correcto funcionamiento de un portal web y la utilización de las diferentes opciones y servicios que ofrece. Por ejemplo, las que sirven para el mantenimiento de la sesión, la gestión del tiempo de respuesta, rendimiento o validación de opciones, utilizar elementos de seguridad, compartir contenido con redes sociales, etc.
  • Cookies de personalización: Éstas cookies permiten al usuario especificar o personalizar algunas características de las opciones generales del sitio web, por ejemplo, definir el idioma, configuración regional o tipo de navegador.
  • Cookies analíticas: Las cookies analíticas son las utilizadas por nuestro portal web, para elaborar perfiles de navegación y poder conocer las preferencias de los usuarios del mismo para mejorar la oferta de productos y servicios. Por ejemplo, mediante una cookie analítica se controlarían las áreas geográficas de mayor interés de un usuario, cuál es el producto de más aceptación, etc.
  • Cookies publicitarias / de publicidad: Las cookies publicitarias permiten la gestión de los espacios publicitarios en base a criterios concretos. Por ejemplo la frecuencia de acceso, el contenido identidad, etc. Las cookies de publicidad permiten a través de la gestión de la publicidad almacenar información del comportamiento a través de la observación de hábitos estudiando los accesos y formando un perfil de preferencias del usuario, para ofrecer publicidad relacionada con los intereses de su perfil.

Según el plazo:

  • Cookies de sesión: Las cookies de sesión son aquellas que duran en el tiempo que el usuario está navegando por la página web y se borran al finalizar.
  • Cookies persistentes: Éstas cookies quedan almacenadas al terminal del usuario, por un tiempo más largo, facilitando así el control de las preferencias escogidas sin tener que repetir ciertos parámetros cada vez que se visite el sitio web.

Listado de Cookies

Proveedor: Facebook
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Dominio: .verkami.com
Finalidad: Análisis de Facebook Pixel utilizada con fines de análisis
Vencimiento: 3 meses

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Nombre: _ga, _gat, _gid
Dominio: .verkami.com
Finalidad: Cookies de análisis que almacenan identificadores anónimos y marcas temporales para conseguir métricas que ayuden a Verkami a comprender el comportamiento de los Usuarios.
Vencimiento: 24 horas a 2 años

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Finalidad: Análisis de Google Analytics instalada en nombre de los proyectos de Verkami que desean utilizar este servicio
Vencimiento: 24 horas

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Finalidad: Cookie técnica de registro de sesión de los usuarios que acceden a la plataforma
Vencimiento: Sesión

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Dominio: .verkami.com
Finalidad: Cookie técnica que recuerda al usuario registrado que accede a la plataforma para la funcionalidad "Recordarme"
Vencimiento: 3 meses

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Finalidad: Cookie técnica que recuerda la aceptación de la política de cookies por el usuario
Vencimiento: Persistente

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Vencimiento: Persistente

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Finalidad: Cookie técnica que recuerda la visualización de un resumen anual por el usuario
Vencimiento: Persistente

¿Y si no quiero tener estas cookies o no hago nada al respecto?

Para cumplir con la legislación vigente, tenemos que pedir vuestro permiso para gestionar cookies. Si decidís no autorizar el tratamiento indicado la no conformidad, solo utilizaríamos las cookies técnicas, ya que son imprescindibles para la navegación para nuestra web. En este caso, no almacenaríamos ninguna cookie. En el caso de seguir navegando por nuestro sitio web sin denegar vuestra autorización implica que aceptáis su uso.

Tenga en cuenta que si rechaza o borra las cookies de navegación para la web, no podremos mantener vuestras preferencias, algunas características de los sitios web no estarán operativas, no podremos ofrecer servicios personalizados y cada vez que naveguéis por nuestra web tendremos que solicitar de nuevo vuestra autorización para el uso de cookies.

Si aún así, decidís modificar la configuración de vuestro acceso al sitio web, tenéis que saber que es posible eliminar las cookies o impedir que se registre esta información en vuestro equipo en cualquier momento mediante la modificación de los parámetros de configuración de vuestro navegador:

  • Configuración de cookies de Internet Explorer
  • Configuración de cookies de Google Chrome
  • Configuración de cookies de Firefox
  • Configuración de cookies de Safari

Éstos navegadores están sometidos a actualizaciones o modificaciones, por lo que no podemos garantizar que se ajusten completamente a la versión de vuestro navegador.

Para evitar éstos desajustes, podéis acceder directamente desde las opciones de vuestro navegador que se encuentran generalmente en el menú "Opciones", en la sección de "Privacidad". (Consultad la ayuda de su navegador para más información.)

Si estáis de acuerdo con la política de cookies de VERKAMI, S.C.P. pinchad en el botón de ACEPTAR del banner que aparece en nuestro sitio web.

3. General terms and conditions of agreement

Verkami.com is a crowdfunding platform that lets users publish their ideas and projects and raise funds to carry them out by seeking pledges from other users.

3.1. Procedure for promoting projects

The following steps should be followed to raise funds for a project on the website:

1. When they register, creator users shall give, among other information, their full name, address, passport or ID card or tax ID number and if you want to enable the PayPal payment method, the details of a PayPal account. If the project is successfully funded, creator users shall give details of a bank account, and the money raised through pledges by bank card minus verkami.com’s fee will be transferred to the project creator, as set out in the following point, once the corresponding payment document has been received.

2. Projects can be started free of charge. If projects are successfully funded (by reaching 100% or more of their funding goal within 40 days), verkami.com shall charge a 5% fee (excluding taxes) on the amount obtained by the creator user as crowdfunding tools and advice. In addition, a 1,35% (VAT not included) will be discounted as bank card fees. If there are any transfer charges, they will be discounted as well. If the PayPal option had been enabled, PayPal will charge its transactions fees for the payments made through its payment method.

Pledges by patron users shall only be collected if and when the project is successfully funded.

3.2. Prices and period of validity of the pledge

All charges made by verkami.com shall be carried out through either BBVA’s virtual payment gateway or PayPal (if the Creator User has enabled this option), at indicated by the patron user.

The prices of services shall be published in a list of prices on the website and later published automatically in the final phase of the agreement process. Users accept that the prices of services may vary in real time; any such changes shall be communicated to users beforehand.

Prices shall be expressed in euros (€).

Users shall be solely responsible for paying any taxes and charges arising from use of the website, as well as the percentage commissions that can be charged by the bank or PayPal.

The owner of the website shall bill the creator user by means of an invoice made out to the name of the registered user. This invoice shall be automatically sent to the email address given by the user.

For any further information on the service, users should call the owner of the website’s customer service line (+34 935 280 558) or send an email to: info@verkami.com.

3.3. Right to desist

Creator users who set up a project and then for whatever reason decide not to proceed with it may stop the fundraising process, and in turn cancel the their agreement with verkami.com with no need to justify their decision, provided that they have not yet collected any money. In this case, neither creator users nor patron users shall be charged and all pledges shall be automatically cancelled.

If creator users decide not to go ahead with their project after they have already collected money from their patrons, they shall return all money in full to their patrons, and verkami.com shall not be liable for any action taken as a result of this decision, notwithstanding any compensation to which verkami.com or the patrons may have a right above and beyond the return of their money.

3.4. Making pledges to projects

Users should follow the following steps to make pledges to projects published on verkami.com:

  1. Users should select the project they want to help fund and the amount they want to pledge.
  2. Users should make a pledge through the BBVA payment gateway or PayPal (if the Creator User has enabled this option), which can be accessed through the website.
  3. The amount pledged shall only be collected if the project has reached or exceeded 100% of its funding goal at the end of the 40-day fundraising period.
  4. If the project fails to reach its funding goal within the 40-day fundraising period, no pledges shall be collected from the patron users.
  5. Pledges shall be collected through the BBVA payment gateway or PayPal (if the Creator User has enabled this option). Patrons may decide to cancel their pledge at any time by informing the owner of the website before the end of the 40-day fundraising period.
  6. Verkami offers the posibility to the user of saving his card for future pledges. Verkami informs that complies with the technical security measures, using the token technology, which applies to the cybersecurity security field, and consists in a tool that it is used to keep the card digits secure by anonymizing them using random generated numbers and thus keeping them secure against theft, non authorized use and other menaces.
  7. The creator user reserves the right to refuse any of the contributions to his project if he considers it appropriate. In this case, the patron will be notified of the cancellation of his contribution and, if the campaign had ended and the payment had already been made, the full amount will be refunded through bank transfer or Paypal.

3.5. Tax issues

The contents of this section should not be taken as a form of legal or tax advice. Users should ask their accountant for tax advice for their own specific case.

In accordance with current tax legislation, any activities that involve the use of material and/or human factors of production to produce or distribute goods or services shall be considered to be “business or professional activities”.

All businesspeople and professionals should be registered with the tax authorities and the social security system.

Pledges received within the framework of an economic or business activity shall be considered as earned income and shall be covered by legislation on income tax, society tax or non-resident tax. Creators may deduct any expenses incurred as a result of carrying out the project.

Creators who have set themselves up an entity recognised by Act 49/2009 can avail themselves of tax incentives for nonprofit organisations and patrons can receive a tax certificate for their pledge.

If the project is not business- or professionally orientated, the pledges made will be taxed in accordance with regulations on taxes on donations.

3.6. Annulment of clauses

Should any clause in these general terms and conditions of use and agreement be declared wholly or partially null and void, this annulment shall only affect the said clause or the null and void part thereof, and the rest of these general terms and conditions shall remain unchanged and the null and void provisions shall be excluded.

3.7. Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions of use and agreement shall be governed by current Spanish legislation in any areas that are not expressly set out herein. The owner of the website and the user may submit any disagreements that may arise from the provision of the products or services covered by these general terms and conditions to the courts of law in the place of the owner of the website’s registered address, unless legally stipulated otherwise.

Privacy And Personal Data Protection

— Pending translation —

A través de la presente política de privacidad VERKAMI, S.C.P. desea informar a todas las personas que naveguen y accedan al sitio web www.verkami.com sobre los tratamientos de datos personales realizados.

El acceso al sitio web no requiere un registro previo. Antes del envío de cualquier solicitud de información a través del formulario de contacto de esta página web, el usuario debe aceptar la política de privacidad, con el fin de prestar el consentimiento expreso e informado por el tratamiento de los datos con las finalidades indicadas.

VERKAMI, S.C.P., de conformidad con el Reglamento (UE) 2016/679, de 27 de abril de 2016, relativo a la protección de las personas físicas en lo que respecta al tratamiento de datos personales y a la libre circulación de estos datos, así como con la Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de los derechos digitales, en calidad de Responsable del Tratamiento de los datos personales proporcionados, le facilita la siguiente información:

Responsable del Tratamiento:

  • Razón Social: VERKAMI, S.C.P.
  • NIF:: J65315566
  • Dirección:: Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme. Torre TCM2. Planta 4. Oficina 3. C/ d'Ernest Lluch, 32. 08302 Mataró.
  • Teléfono:: 935 280 558
  • Correo electrónico:: info@verkami.com

Finalidad del tratamiento:

Tratamos los datos y la información que nos facilitan las personas interesadas con la finalidad de gestionar el uso de las funcionalidades puestas a disposición a través del Sitio Web, entre ellas, la respuesta a solicitudes y/o consultas realizadas, así como la preparación de presupuestos.

Los datos tratados con esta finalidad se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación contractual y/o negocial entre el Usuario y VERKAMI, S.C.P. Para el caso de que las solicitudes efectuadas por un usuario no mantengan una relación contractual, los datos se conservarán hasta haber resuelto dicha solicitud.

Asimismo, se autoriza el envío de la newsletter y/o comunicaciones comerciales que pueden ser de interés para los usuarios, en el caso que haya autorizado al envío de las mismas.


El tratamiento de dichos datos está legitimado por la ejecución de las obligaciones contractuales y/o negociales.

Criterios de conservación de los datos:

Los datos no se conservarán más tiempo del necesario para los cuales han sido recabados, excepto que exista una obligación legal.

Comunicación de los datos:

No se comunicarán a otros terceros, excepto obligación legal o con el consentimiento expreso del interesado.

Transferencias internacionales de datos:

Se informa al interesado que VERKAMI, S.C.P. tiene subcontratado el hosting de su base de datos con las empresas HEROKU y AMAZON WEB SERVICES, con domicilio social en EEUU, que tienen los servidores localizados en dicho país, y que son empresas adheridas al Privacy Shield (escudo de privacidad), acuerdo donde se aprueba el marco legal de Seguridad de datos personales entre la Comisión Europea y EEUU.

Por otro lado, para el envío de la newsletter, VERKAMI, S.C.P. tiene subcontratado el Servicio de la empresa Mailchimp, empresa adherida al adherida al Privacy Shield (escudo de privacidad), acuerdo donde se aprueba el marco legal de Seguridad de datos personales entre la Comisión Europea y EEUU.

Derechos que asisten al Interesado:

El interesado tiene derecho a retirar el consentimiento en cualquier momento. Asimismo, le informamos que podrá ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificación y supresión (Derecho al olvido), limitación de los datos, portabilidad de los datos y oposición, enviando un escrito a Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme. Torre TCM2. Planta 4. Oficina 3. C/ d'Ernest Lluch, 32. 08302 Mataró, o correo electrónico users@verkami.com

Asimismo, se informa al interesado que podrá revocar el consentimiento del envío de comunicaciones comerciales enviando un correo electrónico a users@verkami.com

La persona interesada puede presentar una reclamación ante la autoridad de control en materia de protección de datos competente, que actualmente es la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), a través de su sede electrónica: www.sedeagpd.gob.es/sede-electronica-web, o enviando un escrito a C/ Jorge Juan nº6 – 28001 MADRID.

¿Es obligatorio proporcionar toda la información solicitada en el apartado de contacto?

En cuanto a los formularios del Sitio Web, el Usuario tiene que cumplimentar los marcados como “requerido”. No completar los datos personales requeridos o hacerlo parcialmente puede suponer que VERKAMI, S.C.P. no pueda atender sus solicitudes y, en consecuencia, VERKAMI, S.C.P. quedará exonerada de toda responsabilidad por la no prestación o la prestación incompleta de los servicios solicitados.

Los datos personales que el Usuario facilita a VERKAMI, S.C.P. tienen que ser actuales para que la información de los registros esté actualiza y sin errores. El Usuario responderá de la veracidad de los datos facilitados.

¿Qué medidas de seguridad tiene implantada la empresa?

VERKAMI, S.C.P. informa que el tratamiento que realiza de datos personales se realiza en todo momento de conformidad con la normativa aplicable en materia de protección de datos y de los servicios de la sociedad de la información.

VERKAMI, S.C.P. tiene implantadas las medidas de seguridad de índole técnica y organizativas necesarias que garanticen la seguridad de los datos de carácter personal del Usuario y eviten su alteración, pérdida, tratamiento y/o acceso no autorizado de acuerdo con el estado de la tecnología, la naturaleza de los datos almacenados y los riesgos a los que están expuestos, ya provengan de la acción humana o del medio físico o natural, en conformidad con el que prevé la normativa vigente.

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