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with the highest success rate in the world!

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Results of the research carried out by the Department of Cultural Management of the University of Barcelona among the creators of projects within Verkami (June 2015).

The best crowdfunding experience for your project

  • Much more than funding for making your project a reality

    Doing a Verkami allows you to reach new audiences to create stronger and longer-lasting links with your community and enable your followers to enjoy a cultural consumer experience such as they have never had before.

  • Your project in good hands

    We are a team of crowdfunding experts passionate about art and culture who work with you and advise you on designing your campaign with full guarantees. Since 2010 we have been the platform with the highest success rate in the world, with a 76% success rate in 2016!

  • A great community and a better family

    Conecta con la mayor comunidad de amantes de la creatividad y la financiación colectiva de Europa, que a diario visita Verkami para descubrir proyectos y recompensas increíbles. ¡Juntos somos muy fuertes!

  • The best tools for your campaign

    We are a constantly developing platform which offers the latest technology for editing, managing, monitoring and circulating your campaign and the best experience among the users. All with the most affordable price. The payment management will only cost you 1.5% of the total raised, which means a saving of around 4% compared with other alternatives.

Launch your campaign in 4 easy steps

  1. Send us your proposal

    Start by preparing your proposal with the mini-guide. Send it to us and we'll review it in 3-5 days.

  2. Access to the editing

    If it suits Verkami, we will give you access to your private editing page.

  3. Prepare your campaign

    You'll have all time you need for working in the definitive version of your campaign's page. We'll help and advice you on how to structure rewards, money goal…

  4. Publish!

    Once everything is ready, publish your campaign at the exact day and time you want. Start your campaign!

What do you need for your project?

  • Check the mini-guide before sending your proposal

    Check the mini-guide that will help you to prepare your proposal.

    Check that you are clear about all the points essential for launching a crowdfunding campaign: The budget of the project you wish to realize, the rewards you will offer, the planning of the circulation…

    When everything is ready, send us your proposal!

  • Will the project be automatically published once the proposal has been submitted? Can I modify the information sent?

    The information you send us when submitting your proposal enables your Verkami advisor to evaluate the proposal and see whether it suits our line of creative and cultural projects.

    If it suits Verkami, we will give you access to your private editing page and you will have all the time you need to get the campaign page ready with the support of your advisor: Improve rewards, draw up the description aimed at your audience, upload the campaign video and images and, when everything is ready, publish on the day and at the time you require.

  • Advice for preparing your campaign

    At Verkami we advise on all the projects we publish in a personalized manner. The prior work we devote to preparing the campaigns with the authors so that they can publish with full guarantees of success is one of the reasons why 3 out of 4 Verkami projects obtain the funding required. In 2016 we achieved a success rate of 76%, the highest in the world!

  • How much does it cost to conduct a campaign at Verkami?

    More resources for investing in your project

    Using our platform and the support and personalized advice services for your campaign will only cost 6.5% + VAT, all included, of the amount collected by the project, and only in the event that it achieves its funding objective. This represents a saving of 3-4% in comparison with other crowdfunding alternatives.

    Bear in mind these campaign management costs when you define your funding objective.

    The 6.5% corresponds to 5% for Verkami’s services + 1.5% for the management costs for card payments.

  • Will my project work with crowdfunding?

    A project we will work on to ensure it is optimally prepared, with a minimum interested community and good circulation for reaching it, is the key to success.

    You can get a rough idea of how many people you will need to fund your project by taking into account that the average contribution to crowdfunding projects is about €35:

    OBJECTIVE / €35 = no. of SPONSORS

    In addition, the conversion rate for visits into contributions to crowdfunding projects is approximately 2%. In other words, 2 out of every 100 visits obtained ultimately make a contribution.

    No. of SPONSORS x 50 = no. of visits we have to achieve

    If, bearing in mind all the potential contacts and the support of other circles, collectives, groups, media and influencers, it seems feasible to obtain this number of visits to the project during the 40 days of the campaign... Go ahead! With good work your project will be carried out with crowdfunding!

  • Win-Win

    At Verkami we regard crowdfunding as an exchange between the audience and the creator, in which both come out on top. The creator manages to realize his project and the audience obtains exclusive rewards at a fair and reasonable price.

    Think of your audience and spend time designing great rewards related to the project you wish to fund. Special and unique ones to reward the people who will place their trust in you, for whom contributing to the campaign is the only way of achieving them.

    Consider first of all what you can offer, then group things together in different packages and, finally, set an affordable price.

  • 40 days of campaign and all or nothing

    It has been proved that short and well-designed campaigns are more effective and that this is more than enough time to achieve very ambitious budgets, which is why we were pioneers in introducing the 40-day campaign as a maximum period.

    All our campaigns are ‘all or nothing’. The projects have to achieve the objective within the 40 days. If not, the pledges will be returned to the backers, and no one is charged anything. In this way you will not be obliged to launch your project with an insufficient budget because there are backers who are waiting for their rewards.

    You decide on the budget; ask for the minimum amount necessary to launch your project and deliver to your backers – you will always be able to exceed the objective!

  • Do crowdfunding projects consist of donations? Will I have to pay taxes?

    In general, they cannot be regarded as donations, and therefore the corresponding taxes will have to be paid. From both the accounting standpoint and a fiscal perspective, the income the artist obtains must be regarded as activity-related income and, therefore, accounted for in the operating results.

    The yield, namely the difference between the income obtained and the expenses necessary to carry out the activity, will be subject to direct taxation charged to the creator.

    The taxation will depend on the specific legislation of the country where you are based and on your legal status as a creator, among other factors.

  • About the Verkami family

    Pioneers of crowdfunding in Europe, we came into being in 2010 in Mataró (Barcelona) as a result of the passion for creativity, art and knowledge of a father and two sons: Joan, Adrià and Jonàs Sala – a biologist, an art historian and a doctor of physics – with the aim of helping artists and creators to realize their projects and offering a new way of experiencing and consuming culture, from Barcelona to the world.

    Verkami is a neologism in Esperanto which means “lover of creation”. As of today, “doing a Verkami” has become synonymous with “doing a crowdfunding campaign” and Verkami is a worldwide reference for creative crowdfunding. We have realized our dream of having the opportunity to collaborate with artists and creators we admire, making their projects reality and discovering along the way many others who have become part of the family.

    The Verkami family is now numerous, and there are more than 10 Verkamis advising, communicating, developing and programming to offer the best experience in terms of creative, committed and high-quality crowdfunding:

    • Astrid Garcia, with training in musical industries, a background as a band manager and many hours on stage, offers advice with an expert hand as a result of her experience of musical and theatrical projects in her campaigns, and she is the editor-in-chief of the Verkami content. Currently residing at L’Estruch, the Factory for the Creation of Live Arts, she is an actress for the TIPS and ALTERego companies.
    • Víctor Calderón, a graphic designer and lover of comics and illustration. A restless music lover and multi-instrumentalist active in several musical projects such as The Outside Hours and Tiger Mosquito. In crowdfunding terms he also plays his part in everything, contributing to the innovation campaigns with his melodies, and he also calls the creative shots at Verkami.
    • Francisco Gallego “PaK”, the expert in crowdfunding and board and role games par excellence! He manages the GDM Games publisher and is the creator of Guerra de Mitos, now a global phenomenon which began with a Verkami project. :D
    • Aritz Cirbián, film producer and crowdfunding expert, cooperativist president of the Compacto, communication agency and producer for the Niu d'Indi audiovisual collective, winner of the Gaudí award for the best crowdfunded fund, titled The long way home (El camino más largo para volver a casa).
    • Roger Palà, journalist and cooperativist, coordinator and founder of El Crític, a digital benchmark in research journalism and critical analysis of social and political reality, launched with the support of more than 1,000 sponsors.
    • Oriol Rodríguez, journalist and a master of the interview, a partner, among many other media outlets, of Esquire, Mondo Sonoro, diari ARA and Panenka, and founder of Offside Fest, the first documentary film festival on football. He introduces Verkami creators and enables them to learn from their experiences on our blog.
    • Valentí Acconcia, one of the leading independent crowdfunding consultants; he cooperates with us in talks, training sessions and matchfunding initiatives with entities and institutions…
    • Aitor García from Linking Paths is the architect who is in charge of everything going smoothly, managing the integration of new developments and implementations. He is our man in Bilbao.

    And many other friends and partners who accompany us on this adventure. :)

    To find out more about Verkami’s history and details you can pay a visit to our Summary of the year.

    You can also see what activities and talks we organize and what the press says about us in the Agenda and Press section.

    Meet hundreds of authors and find out about their experiences with crowdfunding on our Blog.

Do you need to know more? Check the Help for authors or the FAQ.

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