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DIÁSPORA, da cultura percusiva da Bahia

Learning what makes us different will help us understand and respect others.


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Diaspora: Meaning the act of spreading around the world of an ethnic or religious group of people from their country of origin. The term started being used for the Jewish exile from Israel and the posterior spreading of the group around the world, however, its meaning has now extended to any group disseminated outside their country of origin. The African diaspora was the exodus of black people and people of African origin and their offspring to other parts of the world, mostly as slaves and taken to The New World and later to the rest of America and Europe.

This documentary is a glance at the past of Afro-brasilian culture and its roots which conformed its rhythmical wealth. Also, the uncontrolled cultural diaspora that lives around the world, starting to spread many years ago, and crossing every geographical, political, racial, social and religious borders.

It is a more than tangible fact that the world has surrendered to this percussive movement. Specificaly in Spain, exist more that a thousand groups inspired by the Afro-brasilian percussion culture. It is not uncommon to find "Batucada" groups performing on the streets, parades, events and village festivals. These groups also get together in more than fifty events throughout the year uniting this inmense group of people armed with their drums. However,

Do we really know why we do it and the way we are exporting this culture?

Do we truly know the "how" and "why" of Afro blocos?

Do we respect this culture the same way we respect ours?

How do they see us?

All of these and many more questions will be answered in this documentary.

Senior year student at the Conservatory of music of Valencia, specilized in Performance of Jazz drums, Albert Llobell decides to make his end-of-degree project about the mentioned afro-brasilian groups and the social fenomenon they represent in Brazil and also in Europe.

After many conversations with friends, musicians and other directors of other Blocos in Spain, and all of them agreeing in the importance of talking about this subject inside the drums community, Albert Lobell sees necessary to broaden his project with this documentary, analizing the current situation this percussion movement is living in Spain and to focus, with a critical look , on how the afro-brasilian culture and specificaly the Afro blocos of Salvador de Bahía are being exported and portrayed in Spain and the rest of Europe.

Albert travelled to Salvador to meet some of the most prominent Mestres, musicians and percussionists in the percussion scene of Bahía to let them be the ones telling the story of the "how" and "why" of the Afro Blocos in Salvador and how they see the current Diaspora of their culture.


Albert Llobell has lived closely with some of the most relevant figures of this culture when in Salvador and also later, during the ocassions they visited Spain. Albert has also participated actively in the Bahía Carnival 2018 with the Bloco Tambores do Mundo, under the direction of Mestres such as Mario Pam or Patinho Correia, did interviews with leading figures of the city, musicians, danzarinas, Bloco directors, historians, anthropologists, and musicologists and witnessed some of the most important artistic manifestations hapening in Salvador de Bahía. These artistic examples define the identity of the people and how intensely the Afro comunity lives, which is aparent in the way they dance, their close relationship with religion, the way they comunicate with drums and how they use them to fulfill vital functions for any comunity, from social to polítical matters and religious to pagan.

Mestre Jackson, co-funder of Olodum, Anderson Souza, musician and Neguinho do samba's son, Mestre Memeu, Olodum and Banda Memeu's director, Gilmário Marques,Mestre and Olodum's musician during more than 30 years, Mario Pam, Banda Ilê Aiyê and Tambores do Mundo's director, Patinho Axe, member of Ilè Aiyè's, Tambores do Mundo and Tambores da liberdade (Francia), Mestre Gordo, Cortejo afro, Cesar Veloso,Mestre and ex director of Malê debalê with great experience in workshops in Europe and Bloco afro Idará, Maestrinha Elem Silva,Meninos do rocinha, Sandra Ribeiro, Didà, Bira Santos, Alagbé, Andrea Portela, Didà, Ivan Santana, Swing do pelo, Marivaldo Paim, Mestre Ilê Aiyê, Marcelo Gentil, Olodum's vicepresident, singer and songwriter Gerônimo Santana and writer and anthropologist Goli Guerreiro, autor of the book A trama dos tambores, are some of the protagonist, among many others, of this documentary. However, this is not all!! There are some surprise appearences.


Eventhough it is not always the case, in Spain and Europe also exist many formations that have understood this percussive language correctly led by people interested in knowing as much as possible about the culture and research and study their costums and rythyms, and travel to Bahía to be in direct contact and broaden their knowledge. In conclusion, people commited to know more about the values, believes and background that make us different.

The knowdlege of the own culture and others' help us accept the differences. To study them broadens our vision of the world, learning through it to apreciate and respect others.

We find ourselfs at this point where after having recorded all the material in Brasil, we need your help to produce this documentary, to be able to move around Spain and some places in Europe to interview the directors of the most important schools, interview and get to know what people from here think about the matter, get to know each other a bit more deeply and to learn together so we can generate some constructive criticism. We all are part of this and together we can make this idea, which is not only a documentary but a social, educational and collective awarness project, come to life. A project in which so many people have already got invested emotionally and putting their time in it in Brasil as well as in Europe.


Diáspora could not only be a documentary.

First, the full-length documentary film which we intend to present internationally in festivals, theaters, platforms and television networks, as well as its premiere in Salvador de Bahía. Secondly, a Webdoc, an online space that allow to share all the material, the uncut version of the interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, photos, documents and much more never-seen-before content so you can be the one selecting the material you want to watch.

We also intend to build an updated space for online queries. A place to upload more and more content so it can last in time so each one of you can build their own critical image about the subject discussed in this project, have access to accurate data, comments and a space for cultures and people from both sides of the Atlantic to meet.


A variety of rewarding packs filled with a great amount of material and emotional content, made with lots of effort, dedication and care for you to enjoy and make the most of it.

Depending on your interest and contribution, you can access the following


From Santiago de Chile, living in Salvador de Bahía, audiovisual producer with great experience in records about Afro culture, is our local in Bahía. He is a production assistant, cameraman and photography director, as well as musician, percussionist and currently cultural production student at Pracatum Music and Technology School, in Candeal borough, Salvador de Bahía. Without a doubt, he is an crucial piece in this Diáspora.

Audiovisual director and producer, with over 20 years experience in the field. Born in Ondara (Alicante), moves to Tenerife in 2005 where works as a Production Director at Plató del Atlántico, directing and producing more than 200 advertising spots in 3 years. Back in the mainland focuses his career in Cinema, field where works in more than 10 British films, such as "Tomorrow", produced by

Martin Scorsese and starring Stephen Fry and James Cosmo. His close friendship with Albert Llobell and his outstanding professionalism link him to “Diáspora” as producer of the documentary.

Audiovisual producer, creator and editor. Born in Girona (Catalunya) began his career as a producer and direction assistant of music videos, advertising spots, museums videos and full-length films workig for several production companies. At age 24 decides to move to Madrid where he broadens his knowledge as an audiovisual editor at the Institute of Cinema of Madrid where, at the same time, teaches direction and production. Meanwhile continues working on Advertisement, cinema and music video projects. Currently lives in Valencia where combines his work in audiovisual production and production of live shows. Carles is also a key element for the success of this documentary film, being resposible for the edition and all things post production related of Diáspora.

Ramón Mut is very passionate about graphic desing, ilustration and photography. He studied graphic and industrial design at the “'Escola d'Arts d'Alcoi” and has worked for design studios, branding agencies and mostly publishing houses where he especialized in the field of design.

Currently, he works as freelance for several companies as well as his wn studio. Ramón, being the afro-brasilian culture lover that he is, didn't hesitate for a second and decided to be involved in this adventure from minute one.

Professional musician since the age of 14, is versitile, curious and in constant evolution. Music lover, from the traditional Jazz music to orchestras and musical formations, Albert has always felt attracted in a special way to the Salvador de Bahía Afro blocos' music and the afro brasilian culture.

Founder of the Samba and percussion school Ondarattack which he also directs since 2010, combines this activity with his studies in Jazz percussion at the Conservatory of music of Valencia "Joaquín Rodrigo" and also his performances as a session musician.

Now, Albert Llobell enters this new adventure of directing his first audiovisual project dedicated to the social and sociological phenomenon of the Afro blocos in Brasil and Europe. It wouldn't be possible without the help and support from the outstanding professionals forming the team and the collaboration of great Mestres, musicians, directors and, of course, all of you.



With your help and support we will bring to life this audiovisual project , but not only that, if we raise more than the 10.000€ needed to cover the expenses of production, editing, staff, prizes,etc. All the founds raised after all expenses are covered will be destined equaly to several social causes and projects and Salvador de Bahía's schools chosen by the Mestres and stars of the documentary. It will be our way of thanking them their knowdlege, time and dedication to this project and the work they do day after day in Bahía.



The documentary's shooting in Spain is planned to be completed around December 2018 and January 2019, with the founds obtained from this crowdfounding.

You will be regularly informed about all the events such as intervie and conversations as well as some video previews and images through our social media account, but that is not all!! We will invite you to take part in some of our filming sessions or related events and to be part of this Diaspora.


The editing process of the documentary will continue from February 2019. It will be a long and detailed process in which we will build the film and catalog all the material used for the webdoc.

Subsequently, we will begin the postproduction of the full-length documentary with all the material filmed in Salvador de Bahía and in Spain (editing, subtitles, color) and start the webdoc's construction.

Diáspora will have subtitles in several languages.


Diáspora, da cultura percusiva da Bahía's premiere will be in Ondara, Alicante, In spring next year. The attendance to this event is one of the highlighted rewards for taking part in the project in the various ways we offered you to. It will be a great event with guests, music, cocktail and handing of the rewards.

Right after we will start our journey towards Salvador de Bahía so Diáspora can be premiered there as well, with its stars, so we can pay them tribute as they deserve through the documentary and, at the same time, creating a meeting of Mestres and musicians involved in this project to continue to debate and build together an enriching future around this cultural diaspora.


This large images and interviews archive will be available soon after the documentary's premiere in Spain.

Sponsors that decided to acquire one of the packs with webdoc priority access will have it from minute one, being able to browse through all the content and material generated during filming (conversations and ucute interviews, audio, images and extra content) catalogued by type of content.

The Webdoc is forever!!, and its content wil be kept updated with further interviews and research that the author and director Albert Llobell plans on doing in Brasil and Europe in the near future. You will have access to the research work this documentary came to life from, the end-of-degree project the author will defend on July 2019 at the Conservatory of music of Valencia "Joaquín Rodrigo".

This Webdoc is intended to be a meeting point, a consultation site in constant evolutions and construction, a direct bridge between Salvador and Europe, and a place to find anything and eveything related to this percussion culture. A drect bridge between cultures.


Next year, in summer, the rewards still to be handed will be delivered to the sponsors who have requested it. Finishing this way a very important part of this project which is making this documentary completely yours.



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  • Jose


    over 3 years

    Hola, se sabe algo de cuando se recibirán las recompensas? Gracias

  • catscity


    over 3 years

    Hola de nuevo! Siento la lata, pero estoy deseando ver el proyecto, ya que no pude ir al estreno el 2 de noviembre... Pense que al haber rellenado ya el formulario de envio las copias se recibirian en breve pero han pasado 4 meses sin mas noticias... ¿alguna actualizacion sobre cuando se recibiran las recompensas? GRACIAS X EL PROYECTO!

  • Terra Cultura La Marina

    Terra Cultura La Marina

    over 4 years

    hola catscity, enviamos no hace demasiado enviamos un correo informando de la situación actual del proyecto, previsión de estreno y entrega de recompensas, revisa tu bandeja de entra, o la carpeta de spam, y si no lo has recibido, nos lo haces saber por favor. gracias por tu interés.

    nuestra previsión inicial se ha demorado, pero os aseguramos que la espera valdrá la pena.

    y el documental aun no ha sido presentado oficialmente, solo algunas previas como en Percumon, Requebrasil y en breve en Musicorp.

    Gracias por vuestra paciencia y comprensión , seguimos trabajando para ofreceros la mejor calidad tanto en contenido como en calidad.

    nos vemos en breve!!

  • catscity


    over 4 years

    Que se sabe de las recompensas? El plazo ya ha expirado...Se llego a estrenar en Ondara?

  • Carnabulia


    almost 5 years

    Festival Carnabulia también ha querido aportar su granito de arena!! 💪💪💪

  • Pablo Ballesteros val

    Pablo Ballesteros val

    almost 5 years

    Un buen proyecto para los que nos apasiona la música brasileña

  • Mireille Linger

    Mireille Linger

    about 5 years

    Beautifull project, success!

  • Kalango - Brazilian Instruments

    Kalango - Brazilian Instruments

    about 5 years

    We are happy to support this amazing project. Boa sorte!

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    about 5 years

    Todo nuestro apoyo y enhorabuena por la iniciativa. Ojalá lleguéis a los 10.000 y podamos ver pronto el documental.

  • Pan de Azúcar Percusión

    Pan de Azúcar Percusión

    about 5 years

    Fantástico proyecto!! Todo el apoyo ;)



NUEVO OBJETIVO!! 12.500. Si alcanzamos este objetivo TOD@S los mecenas y nuevos mecenas estaréis INVITAD@S AL ESTRENO OFICIAL en ONDARA, Alicante, Spain. en primavera de 2019. comparte e invita a tus amig@s, compañer@s de Batucada a participar, será un evento muy especial que seguro no te quieres perder!! recuerda que todo lo que ha superado nuestro objetivo inicial será destinado a mejorar este trabajo e invertir en proyectos sociales en Salvador de Bahia. FALTAN 4 DÍAS!!

NEW OBJECTIVE!! 12,500. If we achieve this objective, ALL patrons and new patrons will be invited to the OFFICIAL PREMIERE in ONDARA, Alicante, Spain. in the spring of 2019. Share and invite your friends, companions of Batucada to participate, it will be a very special event that you surely do not want to miss !! remember that everything that has exceeded our initial objective will be destined to improve this work and invest in social projects in Salvador de Bahia. IT IS FOUR 4 DAYS !!

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