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Shabad Simran

A cd with Kundalini Yoga mantras, in collaboration with many musicians, artists and friends, a project with many owners!

Carola Zafarana

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Soooooo happy to see my page in green now, the cd will be recorded!!!!! However, the project will continue until the 20th of April 11:00 am, so for all of you who want to contribute, please know that you can!!


I’m so excited to present to you Shabad Simran, a CD with mantras and improvisations or let’s call them “love songs” because to me they are! For the first time, I’m going to record my own melodies that came from this mysterious and yet so very familiar place inside and I love to be able to involve all of you via Verkami crowd funding. It will be a project with many owners, from all over the world and I'm afraid I'm going to burst out of pure joy just thinking about it!!


At the right side of this page, you can see the different options. Remember it's not a donation you will be making, you will be compensated for your generosity!!! The money will only be taken from your account once the 40 days have passed and of course only in case I'll have achieved the entire amount. Verkami will ask you to register with a username/password, you can use your own name or any fruit, vegetable or animal :)


In 2004, during my Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Barcelona, I sang my first mantra. This turned out to become the beginning of a journey, I never stopped singing after this day. I remember being on that stage singing and looking at the faces of the people in the hall, they were relaxed, happy, laughing and crying at the same time, moving their hands and arms. At first I thought that this must be some kind of strange community, but it didn’t feel that way. I realized that what I saw, was life itself being expressed through all of these people, men and women, love manifesting itself, bringing everybody together in that hall. I will never forget it!

Not long after that, I recorded the CD “La Luz del Alma”, with 2xmantras, with Joan Sendra (composer and guitarist) and I remember that on the very same day of the printing deadline, I received my spiritual name (Shabad Simran Kaur). I don’t use it, but the beautiful meaning of this name speaks to my heart and showed me a path that in the following years, I decided to follow: lioness or princess that takes people to simran, the ultimate state of meditation, pure joy, honey, lightness, happiness.

I started singing mantra’s everywhere, always with Joan at my side, working together with Happy Yoga, Gobinde Valencia and Hargobind Singh Khalsa, we sang during yoga festivals and we had a fantastic time, good laughs and making friends for life wherever we went. In 2005, we recorded a second CD All for Sadhana with the collaboration of my dear friend Paula Guersenzvaig. In 2006, Roger Horta (bass guitar) joined us and All for Mantras was born, we had an absolutely fantastic time together. Last year, after a magical concert in a beautiful church in Requena (Valencia, Spain), we decided to go our own separate ways and work on our personal projects. But we still get together every now and then as a group, to play and to sing during yoga festivals or retreats, as this friendship is for life and for the next couple of lives!


Roger Horta - bass guitar and jokes - Catalonia

Ken Aiso - violin and unconditional love - Japan

Isis - percussions, voice and artistic design- Chile

Claudia Couwenbergh - voice and laughter – The Netherlands

David Golek - guitar and more jokes - Israel

Guiomar Burgos - mudras and my inspirator - Madrid

Jorge Garéis - photography and chocolate with little pieces of orange in it – Buenos Aires

Anna Carlota - photography - Barcelona

Esther Blázques Blanco - video’s/edition y overdoses of happiness – Canary Islands

Pol - video’s/edition and lots of patatas bravas - Granada

Gabriela Cantu - graphic design and make up- Mexico

Sophie Thirion - creator of red flowers - Brussels

Paula Guersenzvaig - advice and friendship until the end of times – Buenos Aires

Laboratorio Escuela de Expresión Corporal Dramática - "mejor arte es darte" - Barcelona

Happy Yoga, Gobinde Valencia and Hargobind Singh Khalsa - open up the path to mantra singing - Barcelona and Valencia

And I will keep adding the angels that are joining this project!


I’m really about to burst out of pure excitement, to launch this project that has been pending for a couple of years now (thanks to all of you that insisted and pushed me without getting tired of my eternal doubts!). I need you to help me realize this, but I wish it to be something that we share together, it will have many owners. Please, if you have any questions or doubts or remarks or ideas or requests or anything you would like to let me know, just write to me through this website or visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carola-Zafarana-International/347418028696016 or call me or whatsapp me or come to see me in Poble Nou (Barcelona) or leave a comment on my blog in Verkami, I will update it on a daily basis. I would love to finish this CD before the 17th of June this year (my 39th birthday). Before and after this date, I will (pre) present * Shabad Simran* on several dates, I will inform you all as soon as there are more details.

And as Jessica Walker teaches me:



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  • Carola Zafarana

    Carola Zafarana

    over 11 years

    Hola Edurne! Muchas gracias!!! El disco todavía no está hecho, vamos en un par de semanas! Verkami es para juntar el dinero para realizarlo, no a través de donaciones, pero a través de aportaciones en cambio por, por ejemplo, discos!

    Así que, si quieres aportar 10 euros, ya tendrás el disco y te lo mandaré a Buenos Aires, claro que si! Mira en la página las opciones, 10 euros 1 disco, 20 euros 2 discos etc...

    Si te quedas con dudas/preguntas, escríbeme: [email protected]

    Un beso!!!!!!!!!


  • Edurne


    over 11 years

    Hola! Soy Edurne, nací en Bilbo pero vivo en Buenos Aires. Como hago para conseguir tu disco?, que me encantó! Y cuánto cuesta?. Muchas gracias y felicitaciones por tu canto.

  • Carola Zafarana

    Carola Zafarana

    over 11 years

    Hola Indira!

    Pues escríbeme a [email protected]

    Un beso!


  • Indira


    over 11 years

    Hola, te escuche cantando con Joan en alma de yoga hace 1 año y me encanto! Me gustaría tenerte en mi cumpleaños un rato para q te disfruten mis amigos. Me pasas tu contacto para organizarlo, es el martes próximo (9-4) y quiero cerrarlo. Gracias!,

  • Carola Zafarana

    Carola Zafarana

    over 11 years

    Hola Fran!!!!

    Pues en vuestro caso, os mandaré los discos por correo :)) o mejor, vendré a tocar/cantar para vosotros, seguro que se puede organizar algo y yo con muchísimas ganas de volver a cantar en Alicante!!

    Un abrazo,


  • FRAN


    over 11 years

    Hola Carola, una preguntita...¿para los que no vivimos en Cataluña, como es mi caso que vivo en Alicante, como podria recojer el disco?Muchas Gracias .

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#05 / Violin!

This is Ken, a wonderful, sensitive musician and my dear friend who will play his violin on Shabad Simran. We have been friends for a very long time, about 20 years now and I am just so very, very happy to finally get to work together, it fills my heart with gratitude!!

Os presento Ken, un musico fantástico, sensitivo y mi gran amigo que tocará su violin en Shabad Simran. Llevamos como 20 años de amistad y estoy muy muy feliz pensando en trabajar juntos por fin, mi corazón se llena de agradecimiento!


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#07 / Siri Mantra

Uno de los mantras que grabaremos en el disco es Siri Mantra:

One of the mantra's that we'll record on the cd is Siri Mantra:

Ek Ong Kar

Sat Gur Prasad

Sat Gur Prasad

Ek Ong Kar

Para ti, qué significa este mantra, en tus propias palabras? Te invito a mandarmela!

For you, what does this mantra mean in your own words, speaking from your own experience? I invite you to send it to me!

#06 / Vamos a Medusa!!!! Medusa here we come!

Ayyyyyyyy, el viernes 19 de abril vamos al estudio Medusa en Barcelona, saremos yo, Isis, Roger y Ken, estoy MUY feliz!

Friday 19th of April we will go to the recording studio Medusa in Barcelona to start recording, we will be the four of us, me, Isis, Roger and Ken, I´m soooo happy!!!!

#05 / Violin!

This is Ken, a wonderful, sensitive musician and my dear friend who will play his violin on Shabad Simran. We have been friends for a very long time, about 20 years now and I am just so very, very happy to finally get to work together, it fills my heart with gratitude!!

Os presento Ken, un musico fantástico, sensitivo y mi gran amigo que tocará su violin en Shabad Simran. Llevamos como 20 años de amistad y estoy muy muy feliz pensando en trabajar juntos por fin, mi corazón se llena de agradecimiento!

#04 / Hoy jueves / Today Thursday!

Hoy he conseguido calmarme un poquito, es que es muy emocionante ver que casi he conseguido la mitad del presupuesto de Shabad Simran!

Ahora toca hacer más vídeos con los mantras que aparecerán en el disco, para que la gente pueda escuchar y tener una idea de lo que hago, para poder llegar también a personas que no suelen venir a los retiros de yoga.

También contaros que Guiomar Burgos hará mudras con los mantras y grabaremos todo en vídeo para compartirlos en Vimeo...próximamente!


Today I managed to stay calm, but it's difficult because I feel such excitement thinking about having achieved nearly half of the budget already in just a few days, it's wonderful!!!

What I will do next, is make sure that there are more vídeo's with the new melodies of the mantras that will appear in this CD, so… read more

#03 / Día tres/Day three!

Hoy voy a ver el estudio de grabación, tengo mucha ilusión porque tiene buena pinta!! He visto que tiene un piano acústico, así que....quién sabe, igual me pongo a tocar un poco el piano en este disco!

Today I'm going to check out the recording studio, I'm excited because I looks fantastic and very professional! Besides, it's in Barcelona, reachable by metro, so I'm happy. And I noticed on the website that they have an acoustic piano, so who knows...I might be playing it on this cd!

#02 / Día dos / Day two!

Es muy fácil volverme loca con todo esto, estoy muy agradecida por el día de ayer, cuando se lanzó Shabad Simran y he visto y sentido el cariño de la gente, de los amantes de la música. Simplemente precioso!

Ahora creo que me conviene mantener la calma y fijarme en todos los detalles, los arreglos de los temas, comunicarme con los músicos, encontrar lugares para ensayar y presentarnos, el diseño del disco, mañana iré al estudio de grabación para hablar de detalles también.

Qué ilusión todo!!!

I'm so excited about this project, yesterday was such a gift! To see so many of my friends and friends of my friends, support me and sending me messages just to express their happiness with my music. Simply beautiful!

Now I think I should remain really calm and foccus on everything that needs to be done and believe me, it's a lot. Working on the musical arrangements, talk to my… read more

#01 / Y empieza el viaje...! And the journey begins...!

Con mucha ilusión pongo mi semilla, sé que he tardado, pero las cosas llegan siempre en el momento adecuado, confío en eso y aquí estoy!

Voy a grabar las melodías que me han venido de un "no sé qué" en los últimos dos o tres años, que siempre he recibido con mucha alegría y yo, agradecida de poder compartirlas con vosotros en forma de un disco de mantras e improvisaciones, estoy convencida que cada uno de estos mantras son canciones de amor. Que sea esto el propósito, que la vida se llene de canciones de amor!

With excitement I am planting this seed, I know it has taken me a while, but I believe that everything falls into place in the right moment, so here I am!

I am going to record the melodies that came to me in a mysteriously uncomplicated way, the ones that I have always received and keep receiving with a lot of joy. To be able to share them… read more

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