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An exploration of the twilight between justice and vengeance, following a man on his quest for redemption amid the shadows of his past.


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Penumbra marks the return of Sandro Hernández Ortiz as a screenwriter and director, following the success of his short films Metafísica (2018) and the award-winning Reality Check (2021). This project represents a creative rebirth for him and delves into his reputation for creating introspective characters in mysterious atmospheres. Through an absorbing narrative, it explores dark and complex themes, seeking to answer questions about the destructive force of pain and immersing the viewer in a deep emotional journey.

Professionally, it is a 25-minute production, belonging to the drama-thriller genre, which seeks to finance its shooting, post-production, and distribution costs through a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami. For this, we have set a fundraising goal of €6000, which we hope to achieve within the 40-day duration of the campaign, from May 14 to June 23.

We need everyone's collaboration to make this exciting and provocative project a reality. Every contribution counts, and together we can bring Penumbra to the big screen.

Join us and be part of this unique and impactful cinematic story!

Penumbra follows the story of Alex, a lonely man who, after losing the woman he loved, must confront his inner demons and the violence in his city while struggling to find redemption and overcome the guilt that consumes him.

Penumbra is a short film that delves deeply into the themes of loss, violence, and, above all, redemption.

It is not only an exploration of the human soul in its quest for meaning and atonement, but also an investigation into the shadows of our existence, where the boundaries between light and darkness become blurred. Through the story of Alex, we embark on an emotional journey that intertwines love and loss, hope and violence. This short film invites the viewer to reflect on the nature of pain, the resilience of the human spirit, and how far we are willing to go to achieve that redemption that seems so elusive but is vital to our existence.

Penumbra is, at its core, a tale of one man's internal struggle to find light in the darkness of his life. It is a mirror that reflects the complexities of the human condition, showing characters trapped in a delicate balance between despair and the search for inner peace.

Cast of
Cast of 'Penumbra'

Sandro Hernández is ALEX

Alex is the central figure in Penumbra. The loss he suffers not only shatters his world but rebuilds it into something entirely new: a vigilante born from the deepest pain and an unyielding thirst for justice. His struggle transcends mere confrontation against the city's crime, delving into an internal battle between justice and revenge, good and evil.

Bringing him to life is Sandro Hernández Ortiz, a Peruvian director and screenwriter, in his second leading role after Reality Check (2021).

Alexandra Lacaita is DALIA

Dalia plays an essential role in the narrative of Penumbra. More than just a presence in Alex's life, she is a moral guide in his turbulent quest for redemption. In each interaction between them, the depth of her impact on him is revealed. Dalia embodies Alex's internal struggle between the darkness of his mission and the light of his morality.

Portrayed by Alexandra Lacaita, an international actress of Italian descent, who has also worked behind the scenes as a screenwriter and director in her own short film: Scenes of a Hidden Self.

Nekane Aleixendri is SOFÍA

Sofía embodies innocence in the turbulent world of Penumbra. Through her eyes, we see the complexity and darkness of the adult world. Her pure and honest perception provides an emotional contrast to the darker themes of the short film. The relationship between Sofía and her mother, Aurora, is a refuge of love and normalcy amidst the violence and chaos that surrounds them, offering moments of tenderness and hope.

Bringing her to life is Nekane Aleixendri, a young and talented actress who, at just seven years old, has shone in short films that speak to the soul and has contributed her innate talent to captivating narratives like Acorde del Olvido and SUPER NATALIA, a nine-minute film directed by the renowned advertising creative, Oriol Villar.

Saida Gracia is AURORA

Aurora represents resilience and the struggle against adversity. A victim of gender-based violence at the hands of Santiago, her partner and Sofía's father, Aurora embodies the strength and determination of a woman seeking a better and safer future for her daughter. Despite her circumstances, her unwavering love for Sofía and her desire to protect her are at the core of her character. Together, Aurora and Sofía represent the human heart of Penumbra.

Portrayed by Saida Gracia, who makes her acting debut with this short film, a challenge she embraces with responsibility and excitement, ready to immerse herself in this new adventure.

Rubén Moreno is SANTIAGO

Santiago is a character who embodies the darkest aspects of human nature, and his presence in Penumbra serves to explore themes such as gender-based violence and its impact on the family. His story is crucial for understanding the cycle of abuse and the struggle for power and control within family dynamics.

Bringing him to life is Rubén Moreno, a passionate actor trained in various schools in Barcelona. Currently, he is completing his training as a voice actor at the EDB and, at the same time, pursuing a diploma in drama at La Bobina theater school.

The visual style of Penumbra is meticulously crafted to immerse the viewer in a world of duality between light and darkness, inspired by film noir and neo-noir. It blends traditional visual techniques with a modern aesthetic to create a visually captivating and emotionally resonant narrative. Lighting plays a key role in establishing the emotional tone, using dramatic contrast between light and shadow to create an atmosphere of mystery and intensity, where shadows symbolize the hidden aspects of the characters and the city.

Visual referents of
Visual referents of 'Penumbra'

A palette of cool and desaturated colors is used, with occasional touches of warm colors to highlight moments of intense emotion or important discoveries, evoking a sense of isolation and despair and emphasizing the emotional complexity of the narrative. Additionally, close-up shots are crucial for emotionally connecting the viewer with the characters, especially with Alex, capturing the subtleties of his emotions and thoughts, while the composition uses asymmetrical framing and unusual angles to unsettle the viewer and reflect the tumultuous nature of the world of Penumbra, thus maintaining a sense of tension and anticipation throughout the short film.

Use of close-ups
Use of close-ups

The choice of locations emphasizes the urban contrasts of Penumbra, with labyrinthine streets and dilapidated buildings that reflect the emotional state of the characters. These environments, full of textures and details, add realism and depth to the short film.

The costume design of the characters is deliberately functional and worn, emphasizing the personality and history of each one. Alex's hood and scarf, in particular, are iconic elements that symbolize his transformation and duality as a character.

Concept art of Alex and character referents
Concept art of Alex and character referents

The team behind Penumbra consists of people from various fields and even different nationalities, some of us participated in the successful crowdfunding campaign for the short film Reality Check in 2020.

To learn more about our work, we invite you to follow us on @subliminalproductions

Writer and Director: Sandro Hernández

1st Assistant Director: Àlvar Andrés

Actors' Coach: Marc Barea

Production Manager: Carolina Figueras

Director of Photography: Sara Fargas

Gaffer: Judit Martínez

Art Direction: Paula Fernández

Costume Design: Natalia Valencia

Makeup and Characterization: Marta López, Sara Rodríguez, Aina Mateu

Soundtrack: Salvatore Garricano

We've designed some super exclusive rewards for the short film to encourage you to participate in Penumbra's production!

We aim to define the visual identity of the short film in a way that captures Alex's personality and essence, while also highlighting equally important elements such as atmosphere, colors, and narrative.

  • You'll get the official teaser poster of Penumbra, along with one of the five exclusive alternative designs. Don't miss the chance to own a unique piece of this exciting production!

Posters of
Posters of 'Penumbra'

  • You'll gain access to a deeper exploration of the world depicted in Penumbra through the anthology of short stories 'Tales of Penumbra,' a book that will serve as supplementary material, prequel, and epilogue to the stories of Alex and the other characters.

Tales from Penumbra
Tales from Penumbra

  • Interested in discovering how the short film production was carried out? Then you'll also be able to obtain the complete project dossier, which includes special materials such as the storyboard and illustrations, shooting schedule, technical script, and more... so you can firsthand experience the effort behind the final product you'll see on screen.

    Graphic material
    Graphic material

  • Ever wondered what it feels like to be on set and experience filmmaking firsthand? We also offer a private pass for you to join us for a day of shooting as an assistant supervisor. You'll have the opportunity to meet the cast and crew and live the thrilling experience of audiovisual work.

Expected budget
Expected budget

We believe that everyone can be potential producers of Penumbra, which is why we encourage you to participate in the project and help us achieve a common goal. All funds raised will go towards covering the following expenses:

  • Rental of lighting, camera, sound, and art equipment: Filmmaking requires technical equipment that many may not be familiar with, but these are essential for creating the magic and atmosphere that will be seen on screen. We'll be happy to provide more details if you're interested :)

  • Travel and per diem for the technical and artistic team during filming: Additionally, expenses related to renting various locations will be covered.

  • Post-production expenses (editing, color correction, sound mixing, soundtrack) and distribution of the short film.

  • Design and shipping of physical rewards.

The goal is for Penumbra to be its best version possible, and with your participation, we can achieve it!

Calendar of
Calendar of 'Penumbra'

The script was developed throughout the year 2023, specifically from January to September-October. After a month where some final details were polished, pre-production began with the casting phase between December 2023 and January 2024. It is during this period that contacts with the potential technical team also begin.

Since the beginning of 2024, the technical-creative aspect is being finalized so that the artistic vision aligns with the technical aspects of the project. Filming is scheduled for July 2024, ideally from the 22nd to the 28th.

The return after the summer holidays will be dedicated to editing, post-production, and color correction, to finally start distribution in Festivals from 2025, we plan to begin reward distribution during the last quarter of this 2024 so that all backers can enjoy Penumbra!

+ Info

For further information, you can contact Sandro Hernández Ortiz, the director of the short film, or Carolina Figueras, the producer, via Instagram or Facebook, or email at [email protected].

You can also find our fan page on Facebook as SUBLIMINAL. Similarly, we are present on Instagram as @subliminalproductions


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