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Our Rifts

In defense of the Earth, this book waters it with words alive between paintings and poems, from the bloody ditches, loving and living free



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Life on our Earth spins like a planet strong but vulnerable: her growing and rotting, her complexity and her caos. Our first decision was deepening in Her, and also in our nature. Cause even if we virtualize ourselves to death we can't scape the fact that we are just living things.

It was born with the intention of crafting a merging art mixing our specialities (poetry and illustration). It's poemdrawary or a drawemary.

Looking at the lichens, the roots fo the trees woking together with the rhizomes (fungi), the rifts and the waters… we allowed us every symbiotic cultural game because culture is human and natural. One proof is the natural symbiosis between music with poetry or mathematics.

Our rifts pretends to be a book that exposes the strenth and the fragility that the powers of nature hide. We choose to express it from our identity as natural individuals and communities.


¿Is it possible to connect organically faith and science, the beach and the cosmos, culture and nature, the traces with the verses?

This book tries to explore the incredible ways that unite this seas. We discovered that, far from compiting, these knowledges try to cooperate with each other until they understand themselves.

Our Rifts is a collection of 28 drawems and poemaws connected, with nature as their centre and main character, across and essentially.

To sum it up, it pretends to be critic from the most natural sensitivity and the most cultural reasoning, from love and wisdom.


It's not only a graphic book of poems. In contrast with other graphic books, our proyect, unites both arts, not isolating the poem in the left page and the ilustration in the right page. Our Rifts is a whole thing. This book's format is so authentic and ambitious that we almost haven't found any other example of a book like ours, in libraries and bookshops.

The drawems have from 2 to 4 pages. We used story-telling as the main technique to structure visually the order of the poems. The visual story let us build the graphic skeleton, the DNA that gave instructions to do this compositions.

In addition, we used enormous mind maps with words and forms, schematising in legends and elements: the natural ones (fire, earth, air and water) and the cultural ones (transformation, integrity, symbiosis y vulnerability).

They are also structured by seasons of the year.

Book features

Our Rifts is already finished but not published. We'll print it in high quality. It has about 88 colored pages. We would like to have to versions:

  • Normal version with hard cover, A4 size (210x297mm);

  • A handcrafted bookbinding version limited, also in hard cover and A4 size (210x297mm).

About the rewards

Poster A3: (42 x 29,7 cm) 250 gr couché mate; and A2: (59,4 x 42 cm) 250 gr couché mate. There's a reward for each size.

Print A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) 350 gr couché mate

Postal A5 (21x14,8 cm)

postal A5
postal A5

Digital book of Our Rifts in .pdf or .epub

Handmaid personalized A5 print with your favorite drawem

Note book with unpublished material.

The use of your economical support

The collected money will be allocated towards the printing process, the project expenses and the delivery adn production of the rewards.

The number of copies will depend on the success of this campaign, but it will be a minimum of 300 copies.

The extras will be put aside for future editions of Our Rifts in English and Italian.


We want the books to be ready for the beginnings of March. If you don't live in Spain your package may come later (April-May). We wanted that you could enjoy the book as a spring present for you all.

The deliveries to the Spanish Peninsula will be done using Correos.

The deliveries to Baleares, Canarias and Internacional, we will be using certificate deliveries to evade extra expenses. These rewards will be the first to be sent in order to make them arrive earlier.

Who are we?

We are masters of the uncertainty, expert surfers of this oceanic chaos. Life is impredictable and our ways mixed in this little boy. Just nature could be the protagonist. We both had similar ideas and hunger joined with desire of eating.

A philosophic illustrator and a biological poet. Coral R. Moya studied Graphic Design and she's the author of two illustrated albums (one tale and an artist's notebook). Alberto Becerro is a teacher, writer and poet in la Independiente. He's also the author of La Casa de Bouriquel (released in 2021) and he was part of books and poetry recitations in the radio. Our Rifts is our first daughter, and also our first real publication.

You can see more at our web and our social network:


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  • Amaia López

    Amaia López

    over 1 year

    Y parece que sale adelante, ¡Enhorabuena!

  • Mentxu


    over 1 year

    Parece un trabajo muy bonito. Deseando recibirlo.

  • Rosi Moya

    Rosi Moya

    over 1 year

    Aquí tienes un poquito de ayuda, Ánimo y mucha suerte, eres muy grande

  • Rosario Moya

    Rosario Moya

    over 1 year

    Maravillosas ilustraciones y expectante de leerlo, de tu tia Paqui.

  • Lucas Fernández

    Lucas Fernández

    over 1 year

    Que ganas!!

  • Alberto Becerro y Coral R. Moya

    Alberto Becerro y Coral R. Moya

    over 1 year

    ¡Muchas gracias amigos y familia! ¡Qué gozada observar cómo os gusta! Un abrazo fuerte

  • Sergio Oviedo Castillo

    Sergio Oviedo Castillo

    over 1 year

    Ánimo con el Proyecto, muchas ganas de verlo 😁

  • Paco Becerro

    Paco Becerro

    over 1 year

    Que alegría verlo ya en marcha.



    over 1 year

    Qué ilusión ser mecenas de mi primo Alberto, el poetujo y de Coral, la dibujenta! :)

  • vmoyaduran@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    over 1 year

    El arte de merece una oportunidad!!! Hasta el final 💪🏽

#01 / ¡Estamos agrietadxs de felicidad!

Nuestras grietas ha llegado a su objetivo de financiación y para celebrarlo, queríamos hacer a todo el mundo partícipe de nuestro nacimiento. Así que aquí tenéis el Bodegón.

Lo publicamos hace unos días en nuestra revista, donde publicamos habitualmente: en


Nuestra visión de la muerte es algo disruptiva debido a la situación consumida y sumisa en la que nos encontramos la mayoría. La descomposición de la materia puede ser una forma revolucionaria de morir. Sin embargo, más allá del poemujo, que preferimos que hable por sí solo, queríamos aprovechar esta oportunidad para contaros nuevas sobre la edición e impresión del libro.

Vamos a imprimir con la editorial Arranca, contratando su servicio editorial. Estamos también muy… read more

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