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Yawar Fiesta y Cumbia Cooperativa, the movie

We have achieved the goal !! Heartfelt thanks to all the patrons. Soon more news and surprises !!!

Cumbia Cooperativa

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Prague, Czechia
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Coming soon in Cumbia Cooperativa, La Película

A preview of the art of our dear friend Roksan Mandel. Pianist and composer (Istanbul, Turkey) based in Prague two years ago ... A new hope is born together with spring. Fresh music for a new era.

Thanks a lot and Enjoy it!

Follow Cumbia Cooperativa's Youtube channel for more surprises!

Soy un bohemio - Yawar Fiesta

We are very excited about the premiere of the second video clip for Yawar Fiesta .. ** "SOY UN BOHEMIO" *. Un * "bolero" *, a popular Latin American and universal song, resonates 100 years of stories of love and heartbreak, of cantinas, melancholy and debauchery. With the excellent collaboration and participation of our friend * Anna Grangier Bijou ** and our brother ** Rufat Hajinsky ** ....... play it, and enjoy the avatars of the Bohemian! ..... share, like and subscribe to our youtube channel!

** Remember that there is one week left in the campaign and the offers of CDs and private concerts are over !!! **

Los Dinosaurios - First Yawar Fiesta single

Here's a preview of what will be Yawar Fiesta, Cumbia Cooperativa's third album. Special thanks to Patricio Musalem Nazar and Anna Grangier Bijou.

This video clip is part of "Cumbia Cooperativa, La Pelicula". The tremendous Cumbia is coming !!!

Coming soon more new episodes and videoclips, keep tuned and do not miss it!!!

Here we show you a clip of Valentina Sandoval, an Argentine singer-songwriter who has settled in Prague in the last year standing out on the music scene of the Czech capital with her powerful songs. She is one of the protagonists of the documentary series "Cumbia Cooperativa, La Pelicula". We hope you enjoy it and follow our crowdfounding campaign to keep this going. We will wait for you. Coming soon more adventures!

First episode of Cumbia Cooperativa, The movie. **Thanks to **Duo Fuego to participate in this great adventure that will follow with more episodes and artists!! Comingo soon more fun!!!! Keep tuned!!!

Thank you very much to all of you who have already participated in the campaign, we are happy to know that you are here.

From today and on, we will be publishing a series of videos about the main characters of "Cumbia Cooperativa, The Movie". Edwin Aguirre is one of Cumbia Cooperativa's members and one of the protagonists of "Cumbia Cooperativa, The Movie", which will be released in a few days in the form of chapters.

Yawar Fiesta is the name of our third studio album that we intend to release to the world in April 2021.

Yawar is a Quechua word that means "blood". Yawar Fiesta is Blood Party*palabras en negrita. The title is inspired by the work of the master **José María Arguedas* (1911-1969), Peru's great indigenous writer.

In November 2020 we began the recording of the album, a task that has now been resumed in February 2021. There will be a total of eight original and unpublished songs: Los dinosaurios, El dilema de Juan, Soy un bohemio, El Coco-vi, Preso político, Jogo Bonito, Yawar Fiesta and El segundo espiral del Amor

The second objective of this project is to finance the production of a 5-episode documentary (TV series) (short film) called Cumbia Cooperativa, La Película (Cooperative Cumbia, The Movie). There we will also premiere new video clips of the band.

The film document aims to publicize and publish the new stage of the band, but also the work of other artists based in Prague, who are still creating music, despite all the difficulties brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic

Musicians and art in general are one of the sectors most affected by the health measures imposed by countries around the world to combat the pandemic. We have been forced to cancel our entire concert season and musical performances. Our frequent channels of funding have been completely curtailed.

We have been self-managed music production for almost five years now. Everything we have achieved as a band has been thanks to our work and also thanks to the unconditional support of our fans and friends.

Today, we ask from the bottom of our hearts to help us with a grain of sand to achieve the realization of Yawar Fiesta and Cumbia Cooperativa, the film

There are tempting rewards and surprises for the patrons. Follow us! We will have a great time!

who we are

Cumbia Cooperativa was born in Prague at the end of 2016. We are so far the first and only cumbia band in the whole Czech Republic. For the same reason, the creation of the band arose from the extreme urgency to come to fill this sad void and inexplicable musical absence, to come to fill with cumbia a country that also has the urgent need to relax for free, relax, shake the waist, let yourself go with the swaying of the huiro, the jungle and the Andes.

Many of our musicians are originally from South America, where popular crowds grow up with this genre every day, hearing it in homes and neighborhoods, on public transportation, at secular and religious festivals, sports and community shows. Cumbia is in our blood and in our memory, and we want to spread it wholeheartedly all over the planet. We are here to break the ice and all unnecessary seriousness with this joyful, lively and powerful music.

So far the reception has been impressive, the affection with which our music is received is gratifying, and without the support of our followers, friends and friends all that we have built would be impossible. People from all over the world always accompany us going to concerts, festivals and presentations. We are looking forward to the return of these unforgettable days. Now, we turn to your help, love and generosity.


The Band
The Band

Yeik, Colombia

He is the band's pianist, but also excels at playing the diatonic accordion. He is an arranger and composer, has an exquisite musical training, and comes from the country where cumbia and vallenato were born and where salsa has created a school. His contribution is invaluable. It is an immense honor to share with this outstanding musician.

Pablo, Spain

Passionate, talented and disciplined guitarist. His instrumental abilities are extraordinary, flamenco, bossa nova, rumba, zambas, chacarera, joropo, huaynos, takiraris, there is no genre that this star of music and good vibes does not master. A lot of conscience and humility also stand out in our beloved Pablo.

Tomaš, Czech Republic

Prolific instrumentalist. Trombone and chromatic accordion are his usual tasks in Cumbia Cooperativa. But he is also a pianist of great quality. Born in Moravia, he represents the Czech presence in the band. Passionate about long bike rides across the country and the Old World from end to end. You can find him at some Jam Seesion in the heart of Prague giving away his prolific music. Friendship is the value that our great Tomas shares every day.

Daniel, Venezuela

Drummer. Since he was a child, in his country, he participated in orchestras as a concert player in Cuatro, a Venezuelan string instrument. It was in Prague, however, where he has developed his career mainly as a percussionist and drummer. A multifaceted instrumentalist, he also excels as a composer and lyricist. He has contributed memorable hits to the Cumbia Cooperativa.

Alfon, Spain

Backing vocalist and bass player. He is also the soundman of Cumbia Cooperativa. If the band has achieved its goals until today, it has been thanks, without a doubt, to the professionalism of the logistics that Alfon deploys with an immense generosity, work, organization and commitment to our project. Alfon is also a great communicator, given his gifts as an actor, he has an admirable willpower, which leads him to undertake and carry out the most daring enterprises. Another indispensable piece of this human machinery.

Domingo, Spain

Innate artist. Talent, abilities, humor, love, sensitivity and dedication. Self-taught, the street and home are his primary, secondary and higher school, there he has tanned his unique style and character. In addition to singing along with Andrés, he plays the huiro, emblematic instrument of cumbia. He is also the director of all our audiovisual works, today he heads the production team of Cumbia Cooperativa, the film.

Andrés, Chile

Together with Domingo are the singers of Cumbia Cooperativa. He has stood out as the main composer and lyricist of the band. Cumbia sings of love, but it also sings of the street, partying, alcohol, vices, laughter, divinity and addictions. It sings of course to the great human passions, such as soccer, social justice and emancipatory revolution. All these horizons are incorporated in the songs of Cumbia Cooperativa, and here, Andrés is indispensable.

Yerai, Spain

Saxophonist, bassist and backing vocalist. A musician that every band would like to have, multifunctional, if his thing was soccer, he would be as good as a striker, defender or goalkeeper, he also has a huge heart and a bulletproof friendship. Beautiful voice, giant of spirit and refined musical taste, Yerai is able to put out a fire thanks to his multifaceted musical skills. A golden joker, a friend and a brother.

Beto, Peru

The latest addition to the band. Tenor and alto saxophonist. Musician and vientist of professional training. He has fallen from the sky, or rather, from the jungle where he was born. Expert in Latin American music, he has brought freshness and sound quality when the band needed it most. Welcome brother, this is your home.

Edwin. Bolivia

Percussions, quena, zampoña. A great friend and a great musician. A living legend of the Latin American scene in Prague. Zampoñas and the quena is his most precious musical specialty and thanks to his contribution the band has managed to penetrate the whole wide magical and sonorous universe of the Central Andes. Sayas, sikuris, taikiraris, and other sublime intonations are now genres in which we dabble thanks to Edwin's contribution. Yawar Fiesta, its concept and sound, would be impossible to conceive without his genuine inspiration and musical quality.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

The funds raised will be used for the recording of the third album "Yawar Fiesta" and also to cover the audiovisual production of "Cumbia Cooperativa, la película", which deals with the current events of our band and other important artists of the Prague scene. This campaign will be the exclusive means of financing the project


Recording of the album in Rovnik studio(http://www.rovnikrecords.com/)

  • 15/02/2021 - 28/02/202

Mixing and post-production of the album

  • 1/03/2021 - 30/03/2021

Production and realization of Cumbia Cooperativa, the movie

  • 15/02/2021 - 30/03/2021

Recording in the studio
Recording in the studio

During the campaign, and prior to its completion, we will begin showing previews of the Tv Series, "Cumbia Cooperativa, the film", which will show the recording process of the album, as well as other aspects of the Prague music scene. We are currently in the process of making this film document. By the end of March, the first two episodes of the series will be released, and we will be in a position to release the remaining 3 in the first few episodes during the month of April.

The rewards will undoubtedly be ready to be delivered and shipped from May 2nd

Cumbia Cooperativa T-Shirt
Cumbia Cooperativa T-Shirt

T-shirt and badges
T-shirt and badges

Cumbia Cooperativa T-shirt
Cumbia Cooperativa T-shirt


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  • Raquel


    about 3 years

    Que todos vuestros sueños se cumplan... Bendiciones!

  • Daniela


    about 3 years

    Mucha suerte con el proyecto! Que ganas de ver la peli! :-)

  • Carmen Escobar martin

    Carmen Escobar martin

    about 3 years

    Un besazo que tengáis muchos éxitos.

  • Lupilla


    about 3 years

    Gracias gracias gracias

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  • Cumbia Cooperativa

    Cumbia Cooperativa

    about 3 years

    gracias chavales, vamos casi a mitad de campaña, sin vosotro@s sería imposible

  • Gonzalo


    about 3 years

    Aguante la cumbia locooooooo !

  • Xole-uj Rs

    Xole-uj Rs

    about 3 years

    Un grupo y unas personas maravillosas. Les deseo lo mejor y a seguir cosechando sueños en la música porque para crearla desde el cora❤️ no hay fronteras. Beso y apapachxs.

  • Anna Bannano

    Anna Bannano

    about 3 years

    Como amiga, compañera y fan, siguiendo el proyecto desde cerca, con gran expectación e impaciencia. Viendo toda la ilusión, el trabajo y el talento que os representa, os deseo mucha suerte y todo mi apoyo está con vosotros. Salu2!

  • Jonathan


    about 3 years


#09 / Karaoke souvenir

Ahora si que si! Ya están listas algunas de las recompensas del Verkami y vamos a empezar con las entregas. MIL GRACIAS A TODXS LXS QUE PARTICIPARON EN LA CAMPAÑA YAWAR FIESTA.

Aquí os dejamos un adelanto del Karaoke Kumbia para que vayais practicando.



Now, yes! There are already some lists of the rewards of the Verkami and let's start with the deliveries. THANKS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE YAWAR FIESTA CAMPAIGN.

Here we leave you a preview of the Kumbia Karaoke so that you can practice.

#08 / Awake, part One - Cumbia Cooperativa, La Película

Segundo episodio de Cumbia Cooperativa, la película, Awake part one (despertar) Nos hemos internado en la profunda bohemia para recorrer los márgenes del río Elba junto a Anna Matlova y descubrir la música medieval europea.

Yeik Cano, pianista colombiano nos recibe en Praga para contarnos su formación musical por medio del piano, sus expectativas y su experienca con la música clásica y latina.

Dos semblanzas de dos artistas, amigos nuestros

que han dejado su sello en la escena musical que rodea nuestro mundo y escena creativa cotidiana.

Thanks who support us because this is all done thanks to you! Last two days of Verkami to ger your CD, T-shirt and more!!

Second episode of Cumbia Cooperativa, the film, Awake part one (awakening) We have entered the deep bohemia to travel the banks of the Elbe river with Anna Matlova and discover European medieval music.

read more

#07 / Roksan Mandel - próximamente en "Cumbia Cooperativa, La Película"

Un adelanto del trabajo de nuestra querida amiga Roksan Mandel pianista y compositora (Estambul, Turquía) radicada en Praga hace dos años.... Una nueva esperanza nace junto con la primavera, música fresca para una nueva era.

Follow Cumbia Cooperativa's Youtube channel!


A preview of the art of our dear friend Roksan Mandel. Pianist and composer (Istanbul, Turkey) based in Prague two years ago ... A new hope is born together with spring. Fresh music for a new era

Thanks a lot nd Enjoy

#06 / Soy un bohemio - Yawar Fiesta

Estamos muy emocionados con el estreno del segundo videoclip de Yawar fiesta.. "SOY UN BOHEMIO". Un "bolero", canción popular latinoamericana y universal, resuenan 100 años de historias de amor y desamor, de cantinas, melancolías y desenfrenos. Con la eximia colaboración y participación de nuestra amiga Anna Grangier Bijou y de nuestro hermano Rufat Hajinsky....... ponle play, y adisfrutar los avatares del Bohemio!..... comparte, dale like y suscríbete a nuestro canal de youtube!

Recuerda que queda una semana de campaña y se acaban las ofertas de cd's y conciertos privados!!!


#03 / Valentina Sandoxval - "No puedo tenerlo todo" Cumbia Cooperaiva La Película

Aquí os dejamos un clip de Valentina Sandoval, una cantautora argentina que se ha radicado en Praga en el último año destacando en la escena musical de la capital checa con sus potentes canciones. Ella es una de las protagonistas de la serie documental "Cumbia Cooperativa, La Película". Esperamos que lo disfrutéis y sigue nuestra campaña de crowdfounding para que esto siga adelante. Te esperamos. Y pronto más aventuras!

Here we leave you a clip of Valentina Sandoval, an Argentine singer-songwriter who has settled in Prague in the last year standing out on the music scene of the Czech capital with her powerful songs. She is one of the protagonists of the documentary series "Cumbia Cooperativa, La Pelicula". We hope you enjoy it and follow our crowdfounding campaign to keep this going. We will wait for you. Coming soon more adventures!


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