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BeethOUVen 9

The OUV joins Beethoven's 250th anniversary with the most international premiere of the latest movement of the 9th Symphony.We count on you!


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The Orfeó Universitari de València is the oldest university choral formation in Spain, and a relevant engine of Valencian culture.

Our relationship with the University of Valencia, allows us to be in permanent contact with students, graduates, professors and administration staff. In addition, every year it becomes the musical destination of many students of the Erasmus program.

Among other recognitions and awards, it has obtained the first prize in all editions of the National University Choir Competition, and has been selected among the best in the world, participating in the international choir festivals held in Lille, New York, Coimbra, Manila, Rome and Poznan, among others.

If you want to know us a little better, do not hesitate to enter our website.

Web Orfeó Universitari de València


This year 2020, in addition to the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, it will be remembered for COVID-19, this virus that has coined the nasty term of social distancing. We, as a choral group, have suffered it and will continue to suffer it, but through projects like the one we are presenting to you, we will try to deal with this virus.

And what better than the music of Beethoven so that the miracle of the digital reunion takes place, with many musicians and singers from all over the world. Undoubtedly, the 9th Symphony meant a hymn to the harmony and unity of all people. And that is what we intend, that the composer returns, with his music, to represent a common cultural interest.

To do this, we have contacted musicians and singers from many countries. The Philippines, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Lithuania, Poland, Holland, Colombia, Italy, England and Cuba, among others, will be represented in this project.

Our goal is the most international premiere of the last movement of the 9th Symphony. To adapt the duration of this movement to the reality of social networks and the complex recording of each participant, we have prepared a reduction of it.

With the videos made by all the musicians and singers from the different countries, we will prepare a video that we will premiere, at the end of November 2020, on our social networks.

We hope, with your invaluable help, to take this complex but exciting project forward.


A project as ambitious as the one we are presenting, carries with it various expenses. From the musicals themselves, to those of editing management, through those of creative realization.

Therefore, the expenses to which we will allocate your contributions will be the following:

  • Project coordinator

  • Campaign creative

  • Campaign merchandise

  • Composer arranger

  • Audio technician

  • Video technician

  • Paid collaborations

  • Rewards


We offer varied rewards, depending on the help you can give us:

  • Your NAME at the end of the project video.

  • A CD from the Orfeó Universitari de València.

  • A COMIC from the Orfeó Universitari de València.

  • Tickets for one of our upcoming concerts.

  • Attendance at an open-door rehearsal.

  • Private concert of the Orfeó Universitari de València.

The rewards that involve the shipment of physical goods will be delivered between the 1st and 30th of November 2020. The rewards that involve attending an OUV concert, an open-door rehearsal or holding a private concert will be directly specified with the people who have made those contribution, without specifying the date a priori, since they will depend on the musical schedule of the OUV and the availability of the person making the contribution.

Photo example of the OUV comic
Photo example of the OUV comic

The OUV has this and other CDs that it will use for rewards. This CD is just an example.
The OUV has this and other CDs that it will use for rewards. This CD is just an example.

The OUV has this and other CDs that it will use for rewards. This CD is just an example.
The OUV has this and other CDs that it will use for rewards. This CD is just an example.


One of the main difficulties of this montage is the coordination of such a large number of artists from all over the world. However, we have endeavored to define a meticulous calendar to be able to enjoy the assembly result at the end of November 2020.

In summary, these are the main deadlines that we have defined:

  • September 2020: we will send the appropriate material, to singers and musicians, so that they can prepare their respective videos. Contact with all of them will be very important, in order to resolve any doubts they may have.

  • October 2020: from the 10th to the 30th of the month, all participants will send their videos to the Project Coordinator.

  • October-November 2020: from November 1st to 20th, approximately, the audio and video technicians will work with all the material to finalize the project.

  • November: during the week of November 23rd to 29th, we will present the final result.


We leave you other links in case you want to know us a little better and follow us on our social networks. In this way, you can also be informed of the progress of BeethOUVen 9 and other interesting projects.

Facebook Orfeó Universitari de València

Twitter Orfeó Universitari de València

Instagram Orfeó Universitari de València

YouTube Orfeó Universitari de València


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  • Inmaculada Abad Gimeno

    Inmaculada Abad Gimeno

    over 3 years

    Creci cantando en el orfe y tengo tan buenos recuerdos ... Que esta aportación no es nada en comparación con lo que el Orfeón me ha dado en mi vida.

  • Orfeó Universitari de València

    Orfeó Universitari de València

    over 3 years

    Siiiiiii!!! Lo conseguiremos. Mil gracias Carlos

  • Carlos García-Sala Viguer

    Carlos García-Sala Viguer

    over 3 years

    Espero lo consigamos!

  • Gusva


    over 3 years

    Hola! Si hacen un video en HD 1920X1080, nos encantará difundirlo en AllegroHD, el canal de televisión consagrado a la música clásica en Ame'rica Latina m

  • paula


    over 3 years

    Ánimo compañeras y compañeros! MIL BESOS

  • Orfeó Universitari de València

    Orfeó Universitari de València

    over 3 years

    Muchísimas gracias Nieves!!! Un abrazo fuerte.

  • Nieves Gil Gómez

    Nieves Gil Gómez

    over 3 years

    Gracias por toda la felicidad que me disteis en los 8 años que canté en el OUV. Estoy encantada de participar en vuestro proyecto aportando mi granito de arena.

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