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KitCo: Your game of self-knowledge, personal development and emotional intelligence

KitCo is a playful, visual, creative coaching kit inspired by "ikigai", your reason for being. For increasing your life satisfaction.


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KitCo is a playful, simple and creative coaching kit. A game for personal development, self-knowledge and emotional education. With 33 talent cards, 47 emotion cards and 54 value cards with inspiring images, an emotional map, a book of effective and visual dynamics, as well as an anti-stress ball.

Initially designed to help professionals, KitCo Profesional(psychologists, therapists, educators, facilitators and coaches, among others) to work with their clients, dynamic self-knowledge, personal development and emotional intelligence.

As KitCo became known in its testing phase, it was the families who asked me to carry out a KitCo Families to improve family communication and better understand each other for a more harmonious life, to learn from emotions by playing, to know the values ​​of the family and to discover the talents of family members for better decision-making, such as the pursuit of the profession ideal, among others.

KitCo Families provides a special connection between parents and children discovering aspects of themselves and of others that they did not know and that are necessary for a harmonious coexistence.

KitCo Families also proposes a series of dynamics to be done individually. For anyone who wants to find their way, improve life satisfaction, make important decisions or just have an** interest in personal development and emotional education**.

KitCo is inspired by "Ikigai", a Japanese term that indicates "Your reason for being". Reason why you connect with the world with your talents, your passions and your values. From which and knowing how to manage your feelings and emotions, you can experience a full and satisfying life.

The complete kit contains (i) 33 cards of talents, (ii) 54 cards of values and (iii) 47 cards of emotions with inspiring images, in addition to ( iv) a book of individual and group dynamics, (V) an annex of talents vs professions, and other support tools such as: (v) talent test, (vi) test of values, (vii) game of emotional map and a (viii) antistress ball.

The difference between KitCo Professional and KitCo Families is found in the guidebook, in the type of dynamics, an a webinar to answer questions and make the most of the KitCo Professional.

KitCo, with the cards of values, emotions and talents. A book is added with both individual and group or family dynamics.
KitCo, with the cards of values, emotions and talents. A book is added with both individual and group or family dynamics.

Talent cards with inspiring images
Talent cards with inspiring images

IMPORTANT NOTE: It can be purchased complete or by modules as needed. The cards are made in Spanish - English and Catalan - English.

About rewards

We offer you different and varied rewards, from the different modules that make up the kit, to the complete kit and other rewards according to your convenience:

Kit discover your talents:

For anyone who wants to discover their talents, be aware of them to make better decisions, and develop them by living a more fulfilling life.

Kit of values:

For any person, family or group who wants to become aware of their values and keep them in mind to live a life in coherence.

For any company that wants to define its values to guide its decisions.

Game of values
Game of values

Emotions kit

For anyone who wants to develop their emotional intelligence, starting with acquiring emotional language, recognizing their emotions in order to manage them. Improving both your mental health and interpersonal relationships.

For any family that wants to educate their children with emotional language and to learn by playing to recognize emotions in order to manage them.

Game of emotions
Game of emotions

Kit discover your profession

For adolescents who require discovering their ideal profession or choosing baccalaureate or university career.

Kit find your way

For adults who are not satisfied with their work, they need to find their way or reinvent themselves.

Complete KitCo:

The complete pack with games of talents, values and emotions.

Your KitCo, your complete Kit
Your KitCo, your complete Kit

Your KitCo online:

Licenses for online dynamics, both personally and professionally.

Who we are

Founder of KitCo
Founder of KitCo

Engineer reinvented. I have been working in positions of responsibility and management in several multinationals, but Coaching changed my life. It allowed me to see it from another philosophy, from active listening towards others and towards oneself, from the powerful questions that lead you to think over and not to control, from the power of our mind, the power within us.

I am passionate about people, education and conscious business; in continuous learning and I try to think big to achieve better results both professionally and personally making this a better world.

I am a mother of three children: a teenager I adore and admire, 15 years old, and two great little ones, one 7 years old and the other 5 years old. In addition I live part of the time with the two wonderful teenage children of my partner, a 16 year old girl and an 18 year old boy.

They and my clients have been my inspiration to create KitCo. I needed to help my children and many other teens discover their talents and explore in which professions the development of such talents is required.

This is how I started, until the product grew because it not only helped adolescents to choose their professional career, but also helped adults find their way.

I created KitCo for myself, to carry out my dynamics, bringing together the work of both the right hemisphere of the brain (intuition and emotion) and the left hemisphere (logic and reason).

It was my children, clients and colleagues coaches who encouraged me to develop this tool or game to make available to as many people as possible.

It's amazing to hear from many of your customers that KitCo dynamics should be mandatory for everyone. In fact, what the client transmits to me is once again the importance of self-knowledge.

Collaborating Partner of KitCo
Collaborating Partner of KitCo

I am the father of a magnificent little eight-year-old, my motor of life.

I met Elsa in the world of coaching and when she showed me her KitCo and did the dynamics I was clear that I had to make this tool available to anyone who wanted to have it.

I fell in love with KitCo and wanted to contribute my experience both as a Coach and as an advertiser in order to develop the best possible product adapted to the needs of each user.

What will we use your contributions for?

The requested budget is 3,500 euros. With your help we hope to get it, :). No matter how little you contribute, you will be helping us enormously, and we with this product are fighting for a better world, with more satisfaction and harmony. So THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

The money will go towards printing the kit, improving the design and packaging, and especially to create the platform KitCo Online so it doesn't depend on where you live in order to benefit from the use of KitCo and its dynamics.

A platform that will also allow connecting users with coaches to improve people's lives if necessary. It will allow coaches to carry out their dynamics with clients and any person or family can do the dynamics or play on their own, being able to request the support of a coach when they need it.


KitCo rewards as physical kit will be delivered in September 2020.

KitCo rewards as a platform online will be delivered in December 2020.

+ Info

You can see more information about the project on the website: https://tukitco.net/

If you want to know more about us:

Twitter: @ElsaGimnez

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/elsa-giménez-buendía



  • How does KitCo PROFESSIONAL work?

    KitCo Professional has two main features:

    (1) As a visual support tool to make your own dynamics as a professional. You have available 134 cards with inspiring images on one side and the concept and definition on the other. 33 talent cards, 47 emotion cards and 54 value cards. In two languages: Spanish - English and Catalan - English.

    (2) As a tool to carry out different dynamics both individually and in groups or teams. You will find dynamics such as: discover your talents, discover your ideal profession, find your "ikigai", purpose in life, be aware of your genuine values and how present you have them in your life, be aware of the values of your team or company for the coherence in the decisions making, recognize and manage your emotions, dynamics of coherence with your essence, among others, etc.

  • How does the EMOTIONAL GAME work?

    The objective of EMOTIONAL GAME is to go one step further in the development of emotional intelligence. To play both alone, as a couple or family. From 5 years old.

    You will learn about emotions by playing with the 47 emotion cards with inspiring images, their definition, and the emotional map board.

    The first part of the game is to acquire emotional language, the second part of the game is to recognize the emotions in yourself and in others, and the third part of the game is to define the emotional map of yourself, the couple or the family, of the stage that is being lived.

    To play, you must observe the image of each card, represent the emotion through mime, find the name of the emotion, read the definition of the emotion, answer questions about that emotion and each emotion will be placed on the emotional map board, through the four quadrants distinguishing between the frequency axis and the intensity axis (how much energy) with which this emotion is lived.

    With the emotional map we can visually see in a creative and clear way which emotions are being lived with greater intensity and frequency and which with less. And we can reach agreements to define what emotions we would like to have in another quadrant and how we think we could achieve it.

    With emotional game, in addition to learning about emotions (emotional language, recognition of emotion in our body, etc.), it will allow us to improve our way of expressing ourselves, communicating, understanding each other. As well as will help us to create dialogue dynamics that improve communication family.

  • How does the GAME OF VALUES work?

    The goal of the GAME OF VALUES is to become aware of what values ​​are important to us both personally and as a couple or family.

    Becoming aware of the most important genuine values ​​for us, as well as establishing the values ​​of the couple, family or team, can lay the groundwork for interpersonal relationships to work properly.

    Establishing the values ​​of the couple, family or team requires a joint work that we propose to you with the 54 letters of values ​​and a series of instructions.

    Six random value cards will be taken and placed on the table. The value of the letter will be read and it will be commented on how important it is for everyone in their personal life and how important that same value is for the couple, family, team, etc.

    Another card will be taken from the pile and the image will be observed first and then the value will be read. It must be decided whether this value is more important than any of the six on the table. if it is more important the card will be replaced by the one on the table, if not the card will be removed. We will have to do the same action until we stay with our six main values.

    Values ​​guide our decisions and therefore our actions. Knowing how important values ​​are for each member and establishing family values ​​together will promote mutual understanding and generate a climate of communication and trust.

  • How does the GAME DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS work?

    The GAME DISCOVER YOUR TALENTS is for you to know which are your six main talents.

    Research indicates that people who know and use their talents are more likely to experience pleasant feelings such as: energy, happiness, respect, etc., and less likely to experience unpleasant emotions or sensations such as stress, worry, anger and sadness.

    With KitCo you discover your talents thanks to a reflection with a full perspective, mainly due to two reasons: (i) It allows you to work with both the right hemisphere of the brain (intuition and emotion) through the inspiring images of the talent cards, as with the left hemisphere (logic and reason) through the concepts of each talent and their definition. (ii) KitCo also takes into account the talents that those who know us perceive in us, taking into account the difference between different environments (family, friends, coworkers, etc.).

    Have someone ever asked your family, friends or colleagues, etc. what talents do they perceive in you? With KitCo you will have your personal analysis of the talents, as well as the valuations of different people that you decide from your different environments (famili, friends, coworkers, etc.).

    Sometimes we have talents that we do not see ourselves because we have them so innate that we do not realize it. Sometimes an environment like, for instance, coworkers does not perceive a talent that our group of friends or family do.

    You will have the indications so that, with this information, you will decide your six main talents. Those talents that if you visualize developing makes you feel satisfied.

    Being clear about what your talents are is a great strengness when you are looking for a job or making decisions.

  • There are so many options that I don't know which one to take

    If you are a personal development professional, I would definitely advise you to choose KitCo Professional. You will have simple and inspiring tools and dynamics, and thanks to the cards with inspiring images on one side and the concept (talent, courage, emotion) on the other, you can use KitCo as your own professional tool.

    If you are not a professional of personal development I advise you to take KitCo family, learning and fun is guaranteed.

    If you want to contribute with less money, I advise you to take the GAME DISCOVER YOUR PROFESSION if you have teenage children or the GAME OF EMOTIONS in the case of children of all ages.

    For couples the GAME OF VALUES can be very interesting and required.

    If you live outside of Spain but in Europe the shipping cost can be affordable, so you can choose any physical product.

    If you live outside Europe I recommend KitCo Online.

  • How do I choose the language of my KitCo?

    Once the objective is achieved, hopefully yes :), thanks to all of you, you will be sent a form in which we will ask you which languages you want to choose. At the beginning we offered the options: Spanish - English and Catalan - English, but we will also give the option of Spanish - Catalan.

  • How does KitCo FAMILIES work?

    KitCo families is an inspiring game to spend moments with your partner, family, friends, groups or teams, that promote the education of being.

    The educational models have been based on an education to acquire knowledge and skills to work. KitCo wants to enter you in a playful, simple, creative and inspiring way to acquire knowledge and skills to be, improving satisfaction in your life with greater mental health and better interpersonal relationships.

    It is based on three fundamental aspects: talents, values ​​and emotions; especially differentiating two blocks:

    (i) a first playful block to make games with your partner, family, friends, group or team: game of emotions, game of values ​​and game of talents.

    (ii) a second block of reflection for individual self-knowledge with dynamics such as: discover your talents, discover your ideal profession, discover your ikigai, be aware of your genuine values ​​that give you more satisfaction in life, learn to recognize and to manage your emotions, etc

  • Does KitCo help you decide what you want as a couple?

    KitCo has several dynamics that will help you understand and become aware of what you feel on a loving level, as well as to be clearer about what you want in your partner to be able to make decisions

    KitCo allows you to carry out the dynamics and games both individually and in pairs.

    If it is individually it will help you become aware of how you are living your life to know if you should take action and thereby empower yourself to make decisions. With KitCo you experience personal growth and this helps you make decisions.

    If it is to do as a couple, there are several dynamics that will help the couple see how you are living the values ​​of the couple and what is your emotional map. This will help you to have deep conversations, both to establish an action plan to improve your situation and to take action and think about improving the satisfaction of your life each with her new path.

    For example there is a dynamic of values ​​where you can analyze if your partner values ​​are aligned with those of your partner. In this dynamic, it may happen that we discover that what is very important for one as a partner value is not for the other.

    With this we should have a conversation about how to deal with this situation and what can be done to bring the values ​​of each other closer and establish an agreement. KitCo helps you have meaningful conversations through a series of guidelines for effective communication.

    It may happen that through the conversation of a couple in this dynamic we see that it is very difficult for us to reach an agreement to establish the values ​​of the couple because they make us renounce values ​​for which we do not want to renounce. For example, for me it can be very important to communicate as a couple, to be able to tell us how we feel and express ourselves in a respectful and effective way, but instead for my partner, communication is not a value, because he prefers not to speak or on the contrary does not consider that there is nothing to improve or pay attention to in communication. In this case, this dynamic will make me think about what I really want to live as values ​​in my partner. And to know if what I am living is what I really want for me.

    There is also a dynamic to do as a couple as is the emotional map. With this dynamic you can or will be able to see what emotions are being lived as a couple. For example, perhaps you are living with low frequency or even low intensity and instead anger with high frequency, etc. With the emotional map you will see visually what emotions are lived and characterize the couple. The dynamics show how to understand the emotional map and how to understand what the emotions are telling us. With this you should also have deep conversations to establish action plans to improve this situation or you may even come to the conclusion that the emotions are asking you for a break from the couple.

    There is also another dynamic, coherence with my essence. Where once you discover your talents and become aware of your personal values, you will list the activities you do on a daily basis, including activities you do with your partner. You should analyze these activities and rate them according to your degree of satisfaction in the development of both talents and values. With this dynamic you will be able to visually understand what degree of satisfaction you have with your activities and what you can do to improve.

    In short, KitCo is used to make decisions about the couple, whether you do it individually because you will work for your self-knowledge and empowerment to make decisions, or if you do it as a couple to take action and improve your satisfaction with life as a couple or even to make decisions to go down new paths.

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  • Juego de los miniyos

    Juego de los miniyos

    over 3 years

    Enhorabuena;). Tenemos muchas ganas de poder jugar con el KIT!!!!!!

  • estherlopez


    almost 4 years

    Con ganas de recibir mi KitCo y encantada de apoyar este proyecto. Enhorabuena por la idea. Gracias por emprender. Brindo por vuestro éxito!

  • Ernest Cid


    almost 4 years

    Som-hi!!!! ;-)



    almost 4 years

    Mecenas, gracias por vuestra confianza en KitCo. Estamos seguros que KitCo permite dar un paso adelante en el autoconocimiento. "No hay mejor conocimiento que el conocerse a uno mismo", esta frase nos la hecho llegar un mecenas y nos encanta :) Viendo el éxito de la campaña estamos trabajando ya en imprenta para que pronto podáis disponer de KitCo!! Gracias Mecenas!!



    almost 4 years

    Encantada de encontrarme con este proyecto y poder participar

  • David


    almost 4 years

    :D Ya soy mecenas de KitCo!! Gran iniciativa que promueve el autoconocimiento de los chavales para descubrir sus #talentos, su #vocación y para aprender de #emociones.

  • Monica


    almost 4 years

    Enhorabuena por la iniciativa!!! Qué ganas de tener el juego!! Ojalá tenerlo antes!!

  • Nacho Herrero

    Ignacio Pablo

    almost 4 years

    Yo ya soy mecenas. Desando que me llegue el juego!!!

#09 / El viaje de KitCo empieza ya, ¿vamos juntos?

¡Quedan horas para finalizar la campaña de KitCo!¡Aún puedes ser mecenas de KitCo!

Son muchos los motivos por los que lucharemos para que siempre te alegres de ser mecenas de KitCo.

Lo primero, porque KitCo nos une para ser personas que luchen por mejorar la satisfacción de la vida a través del autoconocimiento, del desarrollo personal y de la inteligencia emocional. Y esto sin duda hace que estemos poniendo nuestro granito de arena para hacer un mundo mejor.

Lo segundo porque KitCo estará por y para vosotros, mecenas. Sabemos que el proceso de mirar a nuestro interior, aprender a gestionar nuestras emociones y tener conversaciones significativas y profundas en familia, amigos o equipos, no es un proceso sencillo. KitCo pretende ayudaros a hacer este proceso un poco más fácil. Por ello toda la información que nos aportéis nos será realmente útil. Queremos tanto ayudaros a sacar el máximo provecho de KitCo, como que nos deis vuestros comentarios para crecer juntos y mejor.

read more

#08 / “Equivocándome sin parar desde 1999”.

Mi carrera profesional ha sido, hasta no hace mucho tiempo, una sucesión de decisiones equivocadas. Una detrás de otra. Podría hasta ponerle un slogan “equivocándome sin parar desde 1999”. También he tenido aciertos y alegrías, pero mi trabajo siempre ha estado en un segundo (o tercer o cuarto…) plano en el conjunto de mi vida.

De hecho este es el primer y principal error que cometí. Y este error es el que desencadenó todos los demás: no debí haber separado el trabajo de mi vida.

Me explico.

Hace unos cinco años descubrí el Coaching. Me encontraba perdido a nivel profesional. Sabía lo que no quería (continuar haciendo lo mismo) pero no lo que quería.

El Coaching me ayudó a tener una visión sistémica de mi vida. En aquel proceso no hablamos sólo de trabajo. Hablamos de valores, de… read more

#07 / Mecenas, juntos lo hemos conseguido!!!

¡¡Gracias Mecenas!! ¡¡Juntos lo hemos conseguido!!

Gracias de corazón, sois y siempre seréis parte de KitCo.

Vuestras aportaciones y vuestro apoyo compartiendo el proyecto ayudan a pagar el proceso de producción de KitCo, así como el desarrollo de una plataforma online que sea una comunidad de juegos y dinámicas de crecimiento personal según las necesidades.

El objetivo de KitCo es contribuir a mejorar la satisfacción de la vida de las personas con el autoconocimiento, crecimiento personal, la educación emocional y la práctica de una comunicación eficaz.

KitCo te propone juegos y dinámicas que te permitirán tomar decisiones que aumenten la satisfacción de tu vida, mejorar tu salud mental y mejorar las relaciones interpersonales.

KitCo brinda una conexión especial entre padres e hijos, así como equipos, permitiendo tener conversaciones significativas y descubriendo aspectos de sí mismos y de los demás que no conocían, necesarios para vivir una convivencia en armonía.

read more

#06 / Ikigai, una simple palabra... y qué gran significado puede dar a tu vida

Recuerdo aquel día hace años en la estación de tren, en uno de esos viajes que mi trabajo me llevaba a hacer. Solía entrar en los quioscos de la estación para observar los libros, y muchas veces acababa comprando uno.

Un día entré en una tienda de cosas y ropa pensadas para gente viajera. Observé que había una sección de libros y me fui directamente para allí. Me llamó especialmente la atención el título: “ikigai, los secretos de japón para una vida larga y feliz”.

Ikigai, esa palabra que desconocía, para empezar, me sonaba bonita e intrigante. Así que decidí comprar el libro.

Está basado en encontrar las razones por las cuáles la isla de Okinawa, en Japón, tiene de las mayores longevidad y felicidad del mundo. Además de la alimentación, la vida sencilla al aire libre, etc. una de las claves parece ser el ikigai que rige su vida.

Según los japoneses todas las personas tenemos nuestro ikigai, lo que algunos filósofos traducen como nuestra "razón de ser", o "propósito de vida".

#05 / ¿Quién eres?

Tantos años estudiando para trabajar, pero qué poco aprendí sobre quién era yo.

Recuerdo como si fuera ayer la siguiente dinámica de coaching que viví como coachee:

“¿Quién eres?” Me pregunta mi coach Marta
“Soy Elsa”. Contesté yo

"¿Quién eres?" Marta me vuelve a preguntar.

Yo sabía que Marta (mi coach) me había escuchado y entonces percibí que esperaba otra respuesta de mi y dije: “Soy Elsa, madre de tres hijos”.

“¿Quién eres?" De nuevo me pregunta Marta mirándome a los ojos.

Esa tercera pregunta empezaba a incomodarme, pero decidí responder lo primero que me vino a la cabeza: “Soy Elsa, madre de tres hijos y soy ingeniera”.

"¿Quién eres?" Me vuelve a preguntar seriamente mirándome a los ojos sin decir palabra.

Ufff esa cuarta pregunta llegó a mi corazón como una lanza, ahora escribiendo… read more

#04 / Soy adolescente, ¿debo saber cuál es mi vocación?

Consideremos por “vocación” lo que Ken Robinson, experto en el desarrollo del potencial humano, considera “El elemento”. Tu vocación o elemento sería aquello que confluye entre lo que te gusta hacer y lo que eres bueno (tus talentos).

¿Por qué es importante conocer tu vocación o elemento? Conocer tu vocación o elemento es vital para comprender quién eres y saber qué puedes hacer con tu vida.

Es la mejor manera de encontrar un trabajo que te satisfaga. La evidencia está en los estudios actuales: más de un 80% de las personas no están satisfechas con su trabajo. ¿Quieres ser uno/a de ellos/as?

Nos encontramos en un entorno VUCA, por sus siglas en inglés, volátil, incierto, complejo y ambiguo. Estamos viviendo en una revolución tecnológica y social, con cambios en los modelos de negocio, cambios en la manera de relacionarnos, y en general en la manera en que vivimos. La Universidad de Oxford estima que el 47% de los trabajos actuales desaparecerán en 20 años.

read more

#03 / ¿Qué personas son felices?

Tal y como se describe en libro "Fluir" de Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (por cierto, un libro muy recomendable), y tras numerosos estudios de investigación, la felicidad no es el resultado de la buena suerte o el azar, no es algo que se pueda comprar con dinero o con poder. No parece depender de los acontecimientos externos, sino más bien, de cómo los interpretamos.

Tan pronto tenemos nuestras necesidades satisfechas, nos aparecen nuevas necesidades. Las expectativas en alza, no son el problema mientras disfrutemos con la lucha que debemos realizar durante el camino. El problema se encuentra en la obsesión de las personas por lo que quieren conseguir, que ya no obtienen placer con el presente.

Muchas personas llegan a los cuarenta o cincuenta años dándose cuenta de que, una casa a las afueras, un coche caro etc. no son suficientes para tener satisfacción en la vida y paz mentalread more

#02 / No es importante, mejor dicho, sí es importante.

Adolescente: "¿Por qué siempre tengo que ser yo el que pone el lavavajillas?

Algunas respuestas de padres:
"Porque tu nunca haces nada"
"Porque no te responsabilizas de nada"
"Pero, ¿cómo tienes el morro de quejarte?"

Adolescente: "Mamá, no me importa tener fiebre quiero ir al concierto con mis amigas, llevo mucho tiempo esperando este día".

Algunas respuestas de padres:
"No puedes ir al concierto, estás enferma"
"Olvídate de ir al concierto"
"No es el fin del mundo, ya habrán más conciertos"

¿Qué tienen en común todas las respuestas de estos padres en ambos casos? Ignorar el sentimiento de su hijo o hija.

Lo que los padres intentan con estas respuestas es imponer su lógica de adultos, queriendo hacer ver a su hijo o hija adolescente que se está equivocando en pensar de esa manera. Esta es la clase de conversación no efectiva, que no sólo no conseguimos como padres que entiendan nuestra lógica, si no que les hace aumentar su angustia o rabia, les hace sentirse incomprendidosread more

#01 / ¿Cómo estás?

Si te pregunto ¿Cómo estás?, ¿qué me contestarías?

Probablemente tu respuesta sea bien, bueno, tirando, más o menos, etc. Puedes hacer la prueba si quieres en familia o con tus amigos, verás qué poco lenguaje emocional tenemos.

La mayor parte de nosotros hemos sido educados para ser prácticamente unos ignorantes emocionales.

El otro día estaba cenando con mi pareja y mis hijos en una terracita. Como algunas veces solemos hacer cuando nos sentamos a cenar, nos preguntamos: ¿cómo estás? Nuestra respuestas deben ir más allá del típico bien, etc, o las palabras que he puesto al inicio (bien, etc.). Mi hija contestó "tranquila", mi otra hija contestó "satisfecha", mi pareja contestó "alegre", y yo no sabía qué contestar.

Me salía la palabra "tranquila", pero me miraba en el interior y sabía que no… read more

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