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Wir Frauen / Helen Bertels

A piece inspired by WOMEN, their doubts, mistakes and contradictions is looking for financing.


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Wir Frauen is a theater-dance piece created and played by Helen Bertels inspired by women and their doubts, mistakes and contradictions… It’s a project which is already under way. In fact it will have its premiere at Teatro Ensalle in Vigo the 29th and 30th of april and the 1st of may. The piece didn’t receive any economical support until now. All that wouldn’t have been possible without the inestimable help of the collaborators, to whom the pledges will go to.


So, that's about women, about how we sometimes make the fool of ourselfs, about the thing of having to please everybody, about keeping everything in harmony around us, about those -sometimes excessive- modesty, about our capacity of sacrifice, self-demanding…


We need to pay the fantastice work done by the collaborators of Wir Frauen. For what we need your help. If we obtain with your pledges 1000€ in 40 days we will be able to pay approximately the 40% of what we owe to the collaborators. The more you pledge bigger is the parte we can settle. Thanks a lot in advance.


Matilde Rodríguez Vázquez was in charge of the wardrobe.

Teresa de la Hera recorded and edited the promotion video and trailer.

Dolores Folgar worked in the graphic design.

Teresa Borace did the photo shooting.

Manu Lago through La Tía Mardalina distributes and co-produces Wir Frauen aswell as giving his business structure to keep the piece running.


Helen Bertels


NOTE regarding the invitation reward.

The invitation is valid for one person and one performance.

The patron will be informed by e-mail about the performances following the premiere during the whole existence of the piece (about 2 or 3 years).

Due to the limited capacity of theaters, the patron sould confirm his asistence as soon as posible to [email protected]

Patrons that want to attend the premiere should confirm their attending as soon as they can even before the ending of the deadline of the project in order to be able to obtain a ticket.


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#05 / Presentación / Introduction / Vorstellung


scroll down for english - für Deutsch vorscrollen


Wir Frauen no hubiera sido posible sin La Tía Mardalina (empresa dedicada a las artes escénicas). Es el primer espectáculo que coproduce, iniciando una vía de producción de espectáculos de creadores que no tengan compañía propia. ¡Una iniciativa muy valiosa!

Manu Lago es, junto a Teresa de la Hera, fundador de La Tía Mardalina además de ser el gestor de DANESGA. Un auténtico todoterreno. Entre otras cosas distribuye espectáculos, hace fotobooks, te lleva la prensa, produce, ilumina... Una gran ayuda para Wir Frauen.

Teresa de la Hera. Licenciada en Periodismo Electrónico y Multimedia y Comunicación Audiovisual por la USC y docente e investigadora en en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación. Co-fundadora de La Tía Mardalina. Freelance: grabación y edición de vídeos promocionales y desarrollo espacios web. Directora de teatro. Un ás.

Matilde Rodríguez Vázquezread more

#04 / trailer, poster...

Aquí os dejo el trailer y el cartel de Wir Frauen hechos por Teresa de la Hera y Dolores Folgar respectivamente.
Here is the trailer and the poster of Wir Frauen made by Teresa de la Hera and Dolores Folgar, respectively.
Hier der Trailer (von Teresa de la Hera) und das Poster (von Dolores Folgar) von Wir Frauen.

Trailer Wir Frauen

cartel Wir Frauen - Diseñadora: Dolores Folgar

#02 / Espacios/Spaces/Räumlichkeiten

Los ensayos han sido una auténtica odisea, en cinco sitios distintos (hasta ahora) en horarios distintos (2 horas y media por aquí, una por allá y otras 5 por otro lado…) pero lo importante es que hubo donde se pudiera ensayar. Así que mis gracias también a los espacios donde ensayé y ensayaré:

Rehearsal have been a authentic odyssey, five diferent spaces (until now), different timetables (2 hours now, 3 and a half later and then 5 the day after tomorrow) but the important thing is to have a space to rehearse. So thanks aswell to the spaces where I did rehearse and where I will rehearse:

Die Proben waren eine echte Odyssee, 5 verschiedene Räume (bis jetzt), verschieden Uhrzeiten (zweieinhalb Stunden hier, drei da, fünf später) aber das Wichtigste ist das ich einen Platz zum proben hatte. Deswegen also: Vielen Dank auch and die Orte wo ich geprobt habe und wo ich proben werde:

read more

#01 / Wir Frauen - Helen Bertels

Hola, hello, hallo,

¿Qué tal?
Hoy quería darles las gracias a gente sin la que no hubiera sido posible hacer este espectáculo.
How are you?
Today, I would like to thank a few people whose help was crucial for the creation of this play.
Wie geht's?
Heute würde ich mich gerne bei Leuten bedanken ohne die dieses Stück nicht möglich gewesen wäre.

Mónica García, Clara Gayo, Matilde Rodríguez Vázquez, Manu Lago, Miguel A. Suárez, Teresa de la Hera, Teresa González Borace, Dolores Folgar, David Castro, Teatro Ensalle, La Tía Mardalina. 

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