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Contratemps At The Sala Beckett

A staged reading in Barcelona of Contratemps, an original play by Emiliano Pastor. A powerful reflection on Memory, Time, Oblivion.

Emiliano Pastor

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Contratemps by Emiliano Pastor.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Contratemps is a play by Catalan playwright Emiliano Pastor about the difficulty of forgetting, where characters take different paths in order to leave behind a tragic event. We will set up a staged reading at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona on Monday, May 7, 2018, with the aim of introducing the text to the general public for the first time. We have the support of great actors, such as Ana Alarcón ("La Riera") and Pau Vinyals ("Merlin"), as well as the light design of Raimon Rius ("Hamlet").


A group of four friends, formed by two couples (Fiamma and Esteban, on the one hand, and Tommy and Éric, on the other), sitting down having a meal together, are interrupted when a gun shot is heard: one of the four has committed suicide in the bathroom. None of the others is able to find an explanation to this sudden action. This will confront them with the question of to which extent they know each other in depth, and will generate different reactions and ways of facing the future.

The story is told in a non-linear fashion, travelling in and out of memories and discovering, finally, that everything has a limit except oblivion.

Contratemps is the story of a group of friends caught between the loss of the past and the fear of future unknowns. A choral work, a dissection of incommunication in which the characters struggle unsuccessfully to maintain themselves in the present, at times in spite of themselves.

  • Helena Tornero, playwright.

Sala Beckett Theatre.
Sala Beckett Theatre.


We have a wide range of succulent rewards for our patrons, including several for those who contribute to the project from outside of Spain. With a contribution of just €10, you'll receive a ticket to the staged reading at the Sala Beckett Theatre in Barcelona.

Starting at €25, the rewards include one or more texts, either a printed copy of Contratemps or copies of the other award-winning published works by the same author.

The contributions of higher quantities carry exclusive gifts such as bottles of Torres wine from Spain, limited edition posters of the work signed by the full crew, and even a snack or video-call with the author himself.

// WHO WE ARE //

Emiliano Pastor (playwright and director)

Born in Barcelona in 1985, Emiliano has spent the last eight years in Argentina and currently resides in Barcelona. He is a playwright and stage director, and has published a number of plays winning prestigious literary awards.

He is the son of German/Argentine film-makers and has always maintained a link with film and television as a screenwriter and director and since childhood has learned the craft through sheer practice. At seventeen he entered the Institut del Teatre where he studied the first two years of Direction and Dramaturgy. Later he attended writing workshops in the Obrador.

Emiliano Pastor, author de Contratemps.
Emiliano Pastor, author de Contratemps.

Emiliano Pastor (web)

Anna Alarcón (Fiamma)

Graduated in acting, voice and body at the Col·legi del Teatre in Barcelona, she completed her education following multiple courses with teachers such as Javier Daulte, Javier Galitó Cava, Mercè Boronat, Jordi Prat i Coll, Luis de la Madrid, Antonio Chavarrias, Brian Yuzna, Judith Colell, Manuel Lillo, Txiqui Berraondo, Anna Frenkel, Alejandro Maci, Lisa Akison, Esther Momblant and Christian Atanasiu.

In theatre he participated in the Teatro Villarroel in The Three Birthdays by Rebekka Kricheldorf, performing Masha directed by Jordi Prat i Coll; with this same director she was in La Fortuna de Silvia at the National Theater of Catalonia, in December 2016. She has also interpreted the monologue Psychosis of 04:48 by Sarah Kane, directed by Moisés Maicas, for which she received the 2016 BBVA Award for Best Show and Best Actress and was nominated for Best Actress in the Critics Award.

Anna Alarcón, actress.
Anna Alarcón, actress.

Anna Alarcón (bio)

Pau Vinyals (Tommy/Home Jove)

Pau Vinyals was born in 1986 in Ravós del Terri, Girona, Catalonia, Spain as Pau Vinyals Dalmau. He is an actor, known for Merlin (2015), Ramón de las Olivas (2016) and El Crac (2014).

He has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. As for the performing arts, he debuted with the Family Council of Cristina Clemente 2006.

He then followed with Esvoranc by Josep Maria Miró Coromina, Hikikomori by Jordi Faura, Little Brother on the Roks by Aleix Aguilà, The Pyramid by Jordi Prat i Coll, The Lord of the Flies directed by Abel Coll, You Don't Learn Much Here directed by Toni Casares, Puputyttö de Saara Turunen directed by Alicia Gorina, We Should Have Stayed At Home de Lázaro García and Lulú on the Roks by Aleix Aguilà (founding show of the Lonely Company).

Pau Vinyals, actor.
Pau Vinyals, actor.

Pau Vinyals (bio)

Paul Berrondo (Èric)

Paul Berrondo Rekalde (San Sebastián, 1967) is a Basque theater, film and television actor who works in Catalonia.

He studied acting at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, where he graduated.

He has participated in numerous theatrical productions, by directors such as Manel Dueso, Mario Gas, Sergi Belbel, Carme Portaceli and Carol López, as well as in several films ("Libertarias", "A La Ciudad") and television series, in particular Laberinto de Sombras, La Vía Augusta and La Riera, where he acts as a chef.

He has written and directed Waikiki Honolulu, staged at the Romea Theater in 2015.

Paul Berrondo, actor.
Paul Berrondo, actor.

Paul Berrondo (web)

Xavi Sáez (Esteve)

Xavi Sáez is a Catalan actor best known for the feature films When I Sleep (2010), Letters to Paul Morrissey (2018) and Do with me as you please (2003).

He has participated in several film, television and music projects and to discuss the innovative play "Sé de un lugar* de la empresa Prisamata.

Among his theater performances are The Last Night of the World (directed by Llàtzer García) at the Flyhard theatre in Barcelona, an adaptation of Juliet and Romeo by Marc Martínez and Ga-gà (Marta Carrasco), premiered at the National Theater of Catalonia.

Xavi Saéz, actor.
Xavi Saéz, actor.

Xavi Sáez (web)

Raimon Rius (lighting designer)

Self-taught lighting designer. He studied pictorial procedures and graphic design and his professional career began with the show Close The Door, I'm Freud by Toni Albà and Roser Pujol, which premiered at the Romea Theater in 1999.

Since then he has designed lighting for shows of diverse disciplines ranging from performance to opera, focusing the bulk of his activity on theatre. He has lit, among others, shows by Carles Santos, Carol López, Josep Maria Mestres, Jordi Oriol, Jordi Prat i Coll, Pau Carrió, David Selvas, Ivan Morales and Alicia Gorina.

Raimon Rius, lighting designer.
Raimon Rius, lighting designer.

Raimon Rius (web)

Our brand new team members :

Stage Design : Judit Colomer

Assistant Stage Design : Ona Orozco

Original Music : Sergio Gassmann

Assistant Director : Helena Escuté Gómez


Most of the contributions, €700, will go towards staging expenses, furniture, decoration and props. In addition, we will allocate €300 to compensate the technical and artistic team for their time and effort, and the remainder, €400, will be used to cover the cost of clothing, the recording of the material to be projected and marketing.

Production expenses.
Production expenses.


We are already working on the pre-production of staged reading - the funding campaign will end with the staged reading itself on May 7, 2018.

The delivery of all rewards is estimated to be completed before June 30, 2018, except for the tickets for the staged reading, which will be delivered before May 7, 2018.

Expected project schedule.
Expected project schedule.


Find more information about the team and the project here:


  • What's a staged reading?

    A staged reading is a semi-montage of a pre-release theatrical text, with the aim of making it known to the geneal public and the theatre community. Budgets of staged readings are usually lower than those of a full play, but occasionally, as in our case, they require lighting design, sound and costumes, and the actors, although they read, will need to rehearse and interpret the action and movements.

    The Sala Beckett theatre has for years promote these staged readings to strengthen dramaturgy and dialogue between authors, audiences and programmers. They have thus created an interested public in this genre. Often, staged readings open possibilities for later montage of the full play.

  • Why is box office revenue from the day of the staged reading not sufficient?

    There will only be a single function for the staged reading on 07/05/18 - there won't be a full season. The cost of rehearsals, the materials for the staging, he light and sound design, two live technicians, etc., is much higher than potential box office revenue from that single day, and it's paid for by the author and director.

  • Will there be another staged reading outside of Barcelona?

    Yes, a staged reading of Contratemps is expected in Madrid, date TBC.

Do you have any other queries or questions?

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  • Sophiejanemortimer


    almost 6 years

    It’s a pleasure to support your brilliant art Emi!

  • NonaUmbert


    about 6 years

    molta sort amb el projecte! ens veiem a la sala Beckett!

  • Rodolfo Sigfredo Pastor

    Rodolfo Sigfredo Pastor

    about 6 years

    -¡Cuac cuac! Adelante con el proyecto. Que tengan muchos apoyos.

#16 / Objetivo Conseguido ! // Goal Reached !

Lo hemos conseguido - la campaña crowdfunding ha sido un éxito ! Muchas gracias a l@s 43 mecenas por vuestras aportaciones y apoyo en este proyecto. Estamos muy ilusionados de poder montar la lectura mañana lunes y de conoceros en persona !

Recordad de recoger vuestras entradas en la taquilla de la Sala Beckett antes de la lectura. Para cualquier duda, contactar con Dustin - 645 37 57 87.

Las demás recompensas se entregarán muy pronto !

We've made it - the crowdfunding campaign has been a success ! Many thanks to the 43 backers for your contributions and your support in this project. We're so happy to be able to premiere the staged reading tomorrow and to meet some of you personally !

Remember to pick up your tickets at the Sala Beckett box office before the reading. For any queries, please get in touch with Dustin - 645 37 57 87.

The other rewards will be shipped very soon !

#10 / Comienzan Los Ensayos ! // Rehearsals Start Today !

Hoy empezamos con los ensayos! Ya se acerca la fecha, muy ilusionados..

También informamos de los nuevos fichajes del equipo:

Diseño de escenografía: Judit Colomer

Asistente de escenografía: Ona Orozco

Música original: Sergio Gassmann

Asistente de dirección: Helena Escuté Gómez

Today marks the start of rehearsals at the Sala Beckett theatre. Just a few days left.. very exciting!

We'd also like to announce our brand new team members:

Stage Design: Judit Colomer

Assistant Stage Design: Ona Orozco

Original Music: Sergio Gassmann

Assistant Director: Helena Escuté Gómez

#09 / Contratiempo En Madrid ! // Contratemps Flies to Madrid !

Muy contentos de anunciar la lectura dramatizada de Contratiempo en el mítico Teatro Kamikaze de Madrid el día 4 de mayo de 2018, dirigido por Antonio Dominguez.

Very happy to announce the staged reading of Contratemps the legendary Kamikaze Theatre in Madrid on May 4, 2018, directed by Antonio Dominguez.

Cartel oficial.
Cartel oficial.

#08 / Resolviendo La Puesta En Escena..

Ya falta poco para el estreno - pero ya está casi todo a punto para la puesta en escena ! Gracias también a las reuniones muy productivas con los diseñadores y técnicos del equipo.

Notas técnicas.
Notas técnicas.

#07 / 2 Grans Actors Se Sumen A Contratemps !

Estem encantats de donar la benvinguda a Contratemps a dos grans actors més, Paul Berrondo i Xavi Sáez !

Paul Berrondo ha participat en llargmetratges dirigits per Tom Tykwer, Ventura Pons i Vicente Aranda, i més recentment va treballar com a actor a la sèrie de TV3 "La Riera".

Xavi Sáez té un llarg recorregut en cinema, televisió, teatre, música i doblatge, col·laborant amb directors com ara Iván Morales, Armand Rovira i Manel Huerga.

#05 / Cambio de hora de la lectura !

Atención - la hora de la lectura del lunes día 7 de mayo es a las 19.30 h y no a la 19 h como indica la web bajo algunas recompensas ! Disculpen las molestias. No podemos editar el texto de las recompensas ya que tenemos algun@s mecenas que ya las han cogido. Gracias !

#02 / Treballant A Tope A La Pre-Producció !

Estem ja al 20 % i un total de 8 mecenes !

L'equip de Contratemps està a tope amb la pre-producció - tancant equip artístic, parlant amb mitjans per aconseguir entrevistes, preparant assajos, etc.

Estigueu atents per més novetats molt aviat !

Emiliano i Dustin preparant el vídeo promocional.
Emiliano i Dustin preparant el vídeo promocional.

#01 / 10 % En Les Primeres 24 Hores !

Estem contentíssims amb el gran inici de la campanya - ja hem recaptat el 10 % del nostre objectiu ! Moltes gràcies als nostres primers set mecenes per les vostres aportacions.

Estigueu atents i atentes a les novetats sobre la producció que anirem publicant aquí i a les nostres xarxes socials !

Fins molt aviat,

Emiliano i l'equip

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