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Herber&CO by Dixie Project

After 4 years of wanderings, road and much swing, we embark on the exciting adventure of recording and editing our first album: "Herber&Co". In it we will provide a personal vision of traditional jazz, recording new arrangements for this evergreen jazz style. Help us, collaborate, be our patron!

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Ladies & gentlemen, here we go !! Dixie Project, a dixieland band, traveling through the music of the 1920s: Swing, Ragtime, Charleston... going back to the very beginnings of jazz around the times of the prohibition; to the clubs in Storyville, New Orleans where prostitution was authorized; to bands with trumpet, clarinet, trombone, banjo, piano and double bass accompanying a howling voice, almost always a female one; to the devilish blues, close to liturgy; to the sadness for a lover murdered by an unpaid bet; to illegal gambling; to corrupt cops and the first gangsters; to the indifferent joy of those who live the moment no matter what tomorrow brings, hoping for something better, though it will never come.

Dixie Project remembers those times and pays homage to the pioneers of jazz: Buddy Bolden, Manuel Perez, Jelly Roll Morton, Big Eye Nelson, Bunk Johnson, Bessie Smith, Sweet Emma Barret, Ma Rainey, Ethel Waters, Clara Smith and Mami Smith, but also Kid Ory, King Oliver, Sidney Bechet or Louis Armstrong, who would definitively transform hot music (from the French 'haut': high) into something universal and eternal.

Dixie Project are eight musicians, eight characters living and breathing music, with different live projects, but with a meeting point in the essence of jazz, and with a special sinergy when they play together. Dixie Project are: Ana Esteban (voice), Fede Crespo (trumpet), Pierre León (clarinet), Paco Soler (trombone), Pascual Pérez (banjo), Carlos Botella (piano and accordion), Dani Tortosa (double bass), and Toni Prats (washboard, drums and percussion).

About the project:

Our first album recording: HERBER&CO.

After a few years of road and swing, lots of swing, we embark on this adventure that involves documenting what we have done during that period. We are going to record eight tunes that most represent these years together, bringing our own new arrangements to these old songs.

Our intention is to record as it was recorded before, all day long, single shots, everybody at once, like a live setting in the recording studio. The power in each take comes from playing it together, fair and square, authentic solos, deep from inside, endless takes until the body can handle it, with our buddy ** "Herber" ** as an invaluable ally.

Where will your contributions go

Thanks to your help, we will cover the costs of recording and the subsequent mastering and production of the CD and/or Vinyl for those who choose it. T-shirts will also be made available and, if we are lucky enough and you trust our project, we can even afford the cover designs and legal permits for public distribution!

About the rewards

You can choose the investment that you like, there is something for everyone. If you think of something that is not considered, do not hesitate to write us to [email protected] with the suggestion. We will be happy to try to satisfy everybody.

Planned schedule

We are ready to start recording, so our intention is to start the recording sessions as the contributions grow to a minimum. We plan to finish the recording during the crowdfunding period, and to be able to deliver the rewards from July 14, 2017.

The rewards can be collected by hand in the concert presentation to be announced shortly, and will also be sent by ordinary mail to the rest of the peninsula. For international shipments contact us by email.

More info

More information about us:

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#07 / Muchas gracias!!

Bueno, pues objetivo principal alcanzado. Muchas gracias a todos los que habéis confiado en nuestro trabajo, intentaremos que paséis buenos ratos escuchando buena música.

Las recompensas permanecerán activas hasta el día 9 de Julio, así es que todos aquellos que estén interesados aun pueden ayudar. Con lo recaudado se cubre la inversión principal del trabajo, pero aun quedan cositas que se podrían mejorar con un poco más de ayuda, así es que que no se detenga aquí, sigamos!

#05 / Primeras tomas hechas! Seguimos! / First takes!

-- In english below --

Bueno gente, ya tenemos las primeras tomas, la cosa va viento en popa, pero nos falta el sprint final, cuanto antes lleguemos a la meta antes podremos empezar a preparar vuestras recompensas. Vamos!


Ok, so we already have taken the first shots, everything is running smoothly, but we have yet to make the final sprint. The sooner we reach the funding goal, the sooner your rewards will be ready. Let's do make it!

#04 / Primeras sesiones!

-- In English below --

Dada la buena aceptación que está teniendo la campaña hemos comenzado con las primeras sesiones de grabación, marco incomparable, todo listo.

Seguimos!! pincha para ayudarnos


Given the great reception that our campaign is having, we have started the first recording session in an unrivalled setting. Everything's ready!

Click here to help us

#03 / Seguimos con la promo

--In English below --

Esta noche a las 22:00h. estaremos haciendo promo para el crowfounding en la IV Happy Night de Villena, en el stand de MqR radio. Allí nos harán una entrevista y tocaremos unos temas en formato reducido.

Si aun no has entrado a la página del proyecto pásate a echar un vistazo,

Vamos caminando, sigamos!!

pincha para ayudarnos


Tonight @ 10:00 p.m., we will be promoting our crowfunding campaign at the MqR radio stand in the "IV Happy Night" event in Villena. There will be an interview adn we will play some tunes!

Click here to help us

#02 / Un comienzo ilusionante... / A exciting start...

--In english below--

Nos gustaría agradecer a todos los que en este primer día habéis contribuido a la causa, ha sido emocionante ver como en poquito tiempo ya subía la cuenta de mecenas, así nos sentimos!!

Y seguimos! pincha para ayudarnos


We would like to thank all those who on this first day have contributed to the project. It has been exciting to see how in such a short time the patron account was already rising. So excited we feel !!

And we go on! Click to help us

#01 / Comienza la campaña / The crowdfunding campaign starts

(In english below)

Hoy comenzamos, con gran ilusión y muchas ganas, la campaña de captación de fondos para la grabación de nuestro primer disco: Herber&CO.


With great enthusiasm and great hopes, today we started the fundraising campaign for the recording of our first album: Herber & CO.

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