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I want to make a film

The first feature film of the young Cuban director Yimit Ramírez is an independent experimental adventure. It is a fiction and documentary hybrid that tells the story of an unusual love, exposing part of the private life of its 2 main actors. Havana today is the other protagonist.

Coístas Producciones

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I enter your house without you knowing it. Hiding under your bed I record your life. Would you allow me to make a film with those images?

Like this?:

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Neisy panics at first, then she watches what Tony had filmed. Tony is a voyeur with a spy spirit like his father, a notorious agent of Cuban Intelligence. Not only does she accept, but she also gets involved. They both agree to continue documenting their lives, their relationship, the Cuba they are living in. They enjoy and suffer. They want to finish their film.

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I Want to Make a Film IWTMF (*Quiero Hacer Una Película* ** QHUP**) is an unconventional production. One of the key elements that make it special is the shooting form.

Inspired by a true story, it is a meta-cinematographic idea where the actors´ actions lead a script with a previous founding story, but without a previously constructed plot.

The use of found footage, such as home videos of the protagonists, contributes to the documentary aesthetics of the film. The way each character approaches reality contributes to his/her own characterization. The camera is an extension of the person filming.

So far we have accomplished 40% of the feature film. We have had the support of great friends. Some others have joined our movie, anonymously or unconsciously such as Mr Obama on his recent visit to Cuba.

However, we need your help to finish it. You can become a sponsor, an associate producer, an active part and even a possible character of IWTMAF (QHUP). The doors are open. You're on time. Get closer, come in and see. Being a voyeur is rewarded here.

With this campaign in Verkami, the dream of this puzzle of young artists making a bid for independence will come true.

this video has English subtitles (you need to activate them)

We are the "coístas", a working philosophy that comes from the defense of our independence, friendship and the shared need to make films.

CO-protagonist, and CO-writer, and CO-cinematographer, and CO-friend:

I'm NeysiAlpizar. I am 30 years old and I want to make this movie.

I was born in Sancti Spiritus, in central Cuba. The first actor I met in my life was Tony Alonso Ramírez. He was also the first actor I performed with during the performance admission exams to enter the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in 2008.

I graduated from acting in 2014 and although Tony did not enter ISA, we became friends; this is a love we still share today. (Maybe during this campaign, we both share an important announcement about our friendship with our coístas).

I have continued to perform in theatre plays since 2012 in well-known companies. I started working for films a year ago in a short film La cabeza debajo el agua, by ViolenaAmpudia, a young colleague who became a director. It got me my first prize for female performance in La MuestraJóven in 2016 and made me visible for other independent directors who took me in their adventures like Kiki Alvarez and Juan Carlos Cremata; and youth as Carlos Alejandro Halley, Marcos Diaz ... names you should now remember.

Above all, I consider myself an interpreter; I’m very interested in living processes. This is my first script, although not a script to use.

CO-protagonist, and CO-writer, and CO-cinematographer, and CO-friend:

I'm Tony Alonso Ramirez. I'm 26 and I want to make this movie.

I wasn’t admitted at ISA in 2008, but I appreciate taking the exam: that was the first time I met this actress, Neisy. She already said it all about us and even announced the possibility of a story together (surely, following the roles of our friendship, it will be up to me to give me the assumed news).

I complemented my training as an actor in every opportunity that came about. I became a drag queen as Kaos Mila, a character that gave me a living and contribute to the visibility of gay culture in Cuba. I also took courses in acting, pantomime and body expression in Cuba, Bolivia and Switzerland.

Carlos Diaz and his company El Público is my performance favourite place, I also had a great season in France under the guidance of French director Alain Destandeau and Cuban director Jose Antonio Alonso.

My first film experience was Camionero in 2011, a short film about homophobic bullying in Cuban schools. I was awarded twice and it gave me absolute satisfaction to have contributed to the discussion of this subject silenced. So my 10 seconds appearance in La Partida is not a coincidence. A bit of Kaos Mila was recorded by the Spanish director and producer Antonio Hens for this Cuban independent film.

I love photography.

In this team there are 3 Ramirez who have no family bonds. Not blood, yet another: the coísta.

CO-protagonist, and CO-writer, and CO-cinematographer, and CO-friend, and DIRECTOR:

I'm Yimit Ramirez Gonzalez. I am 33 and I want to make this movie.

I was born in the town of San Antonio de los Baños, almost at the same time as the International School of Film and TV (EICTV) was founded. After 6 attempts, I managed to get admitted to the fiction direction studies, this was my childhood dream.

I might not be the most persistent student, although I for sure persist on my attempts to make my films. I did animated short films, fiction and documentary; as I completed my studies at the San Alejandro National Fine Arts Academy, in 2005, and at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI), in 2011.

I've done video-art; engravings, sculptures, installations and almost every tool at hand to convey an idea, to communicate.

Potential Character and CO- friend and PRODUCER:

I'm CameliaFarfán. I am 30 and I want to make this movie.

I was not born on any remarkable date for cinema yet films have shaped my life. At the age of 3 I started to suffer dolls phobia after watching Chucky, one late night when I also had my first terrible nightmare and wrote my first story. So it is clear now nothing but dolls is forbidden in IWTMF(QHUP). At 15, during vacations in Havana, I saw a shooting for the first time and I almost missed my train back to Camagüey. I told my mother: I'm going to be a filmmaker. And should anything define me that is being stubborn.

I am a spiritual materialist: I do cinema and, above all, I am a producer because I like people and to see how things take shape. Since I was 16 and to date, I’ve produced plays video, installations, artistic cat walks, about 30 short documentaries and fictions, and a couple features.

Right now I'm in an inner journey of moving out of my templates.

Potential Character and Co-friend and EDITOR

I'm MarialeBriganti. I'm 32 and I want to make this movie.

I was born in Monteria, a small conservative town in Colombia north coast meadows. As a child, I had a tendency to be left-handed, in the garden I got right-handed, maybe that's why I turned leftist as I grew up.

For seven years I lived in Barranquilla, then Cuba for five. I feel that if a word defines me, other than left-handed, is Caribbean.

A single child, believer, Cancer, groupie, yogi, happy.

I was a photographer until labs went scarce. I majored in Social Communication, I believe in cinema as a communicative act. I studied montage and I edit because I like to put things in order and make sense of them.

I was introduced to James Cameron long before I learned about Andrei Tarkovsky. Today none of them make me shiver. I'm into Nuri Blige Ceylan as much as Marc Jacobs, I like DonataWenders more than her husband Win.

Where I come from, making movies is not a profession, so I do not know how I got this idea in my head. I know I did not want to do it since I can remember and may not want to do on doing it forever but right now films and this project are a priority for me.

Potential character, and Co-friend, and Co-Community Manager and PRESS:

I'm Marta Maria Ramirez. I am 40 and I want to make this movie.

I was born the day ICAIC was founded, my father worked there, not making movies but at international distribution. As for Yimit, EICTV is also my Paradise as a child I hope never to fade.

Sometimes I think I'm a frustrated filmmaker, but I love to do urgent journalism, my Martazos – a sort of gonzo journalism - and communication strategies and social networks and everything new that I enchants me.

I made two campaigns from Cuba to make two records, with my horrible connectivity- in Verkami, Antes que lo Prohíban, byJorgitoKamankola; and BandaAncha by Yissy Garcia. This is my first experience in film, although I have supported several filmmakers-friends.

I work at Body Art, a tattoo studio, gallery and cultural space that fascinates me. I’m also an advisor on communication and social networking for the Young Filmmakers Showcase (MuestraJoven-ICAIC), an yearly event that nurtures the work of young independent filmmakers in the island.

I´m a radical feminist. In Spanish, I write with x to include every person excluding.

To make a first movie feature with the basic production professional is almost like a steeplechase, harder even as it is in Cuba. The country produces with the support of ICAIC 1 or 2 features a year.

Filmmakers have met regularly for over 3 years to have a law that favors national film production and ensures democratic funds. Meanwhile, independent cinema is our only hope of doing what we love and have our voice heard.

In this scenario of many valuable voices IWMF (QHUP) stands out for its way of telling the story unscripted and its attempt to document the life of the city today and now. Thus it does not allow us to use regular production models preciously applied to Cuban independent filmmaking. To get the support of laboratories and other funds takes a different production rhythm, IWMF (QHUP) is a living process.

That's why we decided to complete this film under the philosophy coísta.

We count on your help for IWMF (QHUP)and its Cuban atypical independent production drill to be feasible, because we want to convey unknown stories and diversify the way they are told.

Currently we have a 40% of the shooting done. It’s not enough to complete the film. Here you come in.

Our two objectives:

•Our first objective is to get € 8,000. This is essential to complete filming. They will pay for decent working conditions while filming, equipment, food and transport and for the promised rewards.

•If we achieve this first target before 40 days, we set a second objective to reach € 12,000 to meet minimum wages, editing and image post-production.

IWTMF (QHUP) Caricatures

•The rewards related to social networks will be met as soon as possible.

•Physical rewards will be delivered once the crowdfunding is over. According to your place of residence, we use post mail, courier or other forms of alternative messaging, like supportive friends, cool acquaintances and coístas.

•The rewards related with an experience (IMO, end of shooting Party, or Weekend in Havana) will be fulfilled in as particularly agreed.

•And finally, the rewards are related to the premiere of the film (credits, DVD, Code ...) will take place once the post-production is finished.

For questions or claims regarding the reward you can contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Yes! We suggest 2 games:

The prize is that 5 of the videos sent will be part of IWMF and you're a character. The jury, with coítas as the board, will select the winners, according to the editing process and creativity. The results are final. The rest of the materials we receive may be used, but we don’t commit to do so. Your participation implies that you accept all terms.

SelfieQHUP: find a device to record yourself. Find a location. Create an action to go with you as you say to camera: "I am so and so (your name) and I want to make this movie."

You may upload it on your social networks with the label @QHUPelicula and hashtags #QHUP and #SelfieQHUP. If you are offline, you can deliver to us personally.

First contest #SelfieQHUP:

this video has English subtitles (you need to activate them)

I am voyeur, so what: Find a device. Choose the person or persons you will record. Choose your hideout. Witness their life without getting caught as long as you want or can. Get out of your hideout. Show them what you did. Make him a surprise interview to your subject(s). They need to tell the camera: "I want to make this movie." You may upload it on your social networks with the label @QHUPeliculaand hashtags #QHUP and #IAmVoyeurSoWhat and #SoyVoyeurYQué. If you are offline, you can deliver to us personally.

First contest #SoyVoyeurYQué:

this video has English subtitles (you need to activate them)

Remember social networks have rules that censor explicit sexual contents, eroticism ... Any conflict with this, email your material as it is to qhupelicula@gmail.com. We do not censor.

You can share the project with in your family and friends through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or Tumblr. To make the project as widely known as possible YOU are our main ally.

Recommend, share and forward :)


Raymel Casamayor / Juan Carlos Ortega / Claudia Claremi / David Beltrán / Pablo Ascanio / Homer Mora / Matteo Faccenda / Annia Quesada / Onel / Melisa / David / Yara / Noslen / Neisy de la Paz / Kerstin y Ale / Kiki


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  • Coístas Producciones

    Coístas Producciones

    about 6 years

    Muy fácil Salomé! De hecho Verkami es una página española. Si quieres apoyar hay muchas formas. Leete las recompensas y aportas lo que puedas y quieras. Gracias



    about 6 years

    ¿como se puede participar desde España, gracias

  • Coístas Producciones

    Coístas Producciones

    about 6 years

    Ya tienes tu caricatura!!! GRACIAS!!

  • Odette Cruz Dominguez

    Odette Cruz Dominguez

    about 6 years

    Aporte 20 y no se como hacer la caricatura

  • Coístas Producciones

    Coístas Producciones

    over 6 years

    Hola Wilmer,

    No. Para que te hagan una caricatura debes aportar a partir de 10€. La primera recompensa es esa. Igual puedes jugar, eso es gratis, jeje. De los videos de juego, seleccionaremos 5 que quedarán en la edición final de la peli. Seguimos en contacto!!! Espero QUIERAS tu caricatura ;) Un abrazo de todos los coístas de QHUP!

  • Wilmer


    over 6 years

    ¿Para que me hagan una caricatura debo antes hacer los vídeos?

#05 / Ella es Neisy Alpízar

COprotagonista y COguionista y COfotógrafa y COamiga de QHUP, en video clip de Joseph Ros de Todavía, del cantautor cubano Pancho Céspedes.

#04 / Ella es Marta María Ramírez

Nuestra Posible Personaje y COamiga y COCommunity Manager y PRENSA de QHUP, conocida en el ciberespacio como martamar77, según la realizadora y amiga cubana Yaima Pardo

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