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After FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY and the HEAVY RUBBER BOOK, volume three of Peter W. Czernich’s best from 25 years of fetish photography: WHITE ROOM presents incredible scenarios and stunning images from the white tiled sets of the legendary White Room.

Peter W. Czernich

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Solingen, Germany
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After FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY and the HEAVY RUBBER BOOK follows the third volume of Peter W. Czernich’s best photos from over 25 years of fetish photography for MARQUIS and HEAVY RUBBER.

The WHITE ROOM BOOK presents incredible scenarios and stunning images from the white tiled sets of the legendary White Room films, from as early as pre-Marquis times, up to recent productions.

Like it’s predecessors, the book has 256 pages and is printed in the highest quality (page by page varnished for protection), and solidly stitched and bound in heavy carton. The edition is limited to only 500 copies.

All supporters of this campaign will receive a signed copy of the book, plus a CD with appr. 1.000 photos - all the photos from the book, plus all the final selection that did not make it into the book. This CD is not for sale, but will only be owned by you!


Furthermore, depending on the amount of your pledge, you will receive original photo prints from photos of your choice from the book, plus DVDs with the legendary WHITE ROOM films, up to a shooting with me personally, in the MARQUIS studio in Solingen, Germany.

The value of the pledge rewards exceeds by far the regular value of these items when purchased in the Marquis Online Shop! You get more for less by pledging to the campaign!

What do we need the money for?

The money will help to finance the printing of the book, which costs roundabout 6.000, plus the photo prints and considerable packing and shipping cost of all the books and prints, all over the world.

Financing a book is always a big risk for a photographer. The printer wants to be paid in advance, and it can take a year or longer before the money comes back

In times of incalculable sales, it is hard to determine the print run. By doing it the Verkami way, I can be sure how many copies are needed, and that their printing is well financed. For this comfort, I'm happy to give away a large discount on the books!

Estimated calendar

Like before, the book will go to press right after the crowdfunding money has been received, which was 10 days after the project had ended. The printer wants to be paid in advance. It then takes about three weeks to be printed, and one week for me to process & ship out all pledge awards. Everybody should have their books about 6 weeks after the end of the crowdfunding period.

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  • Peter W. Czernich

    Peter W. Czernich

    almost 9 years

    Hello Ronnie, the books will be sent end of May. We expect delivery some time next week, then it will take time to sign and pack them all etc.........

    Best regards, Peter

  • Ronnie Mado Solbakken

    Ronnie Mado Solbakken

    almost 9 years

    Hey Peter, have you started to send these out yet? I sent you a personal email with my address, but I didn't get any reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Peter W. Czernich

    Peter W. Czernich

    almost 9 years

    Yes of course - what a question!

  • Paul


    about 9 years

    I would like to know if the packed will hide de book. Because, in my case, i need de book not to be seen from my neighbours. Thank's! Paul

  • Peter W. Czernich

    Peter W. Czernich

    about 9 years

    Ich kann die Bedingungen jetzt nicht mehr ändern, sorry! Die Zahlungsäbläufe werden hier auf Verkami generall erklärt - mach Ablauf des Projektes - morgen! - werden die Beträge abgebucht, das dauert ca. 1 Woche, dann bekomme ich das Geld, dann wird das Buch gedruckt etc. Wie gesagt, steht alles schon in der Projektbeschreibung...

  • Jörg Schultze

    Jörg Schultze

    about 9 years

    leider würde für mich nur die 75,- € Option in Frage kommen, falls es da noch eine Möglichkeit gibt lassen Sie es mich wissen. Bitte auch wie das dann weiter abläuft mit der Zahlung etc. Danke und "Frohe Ostern" noch.

  • Peter W. Czernich

    Peter W. Czernich

    about 9 years

    Sorry, ich nahm an alle kennen die Vorgängerbücher. Das Buch wird genauso sein: A4-Format, 256 Seiten, und wiegt ca. 1,5 kg.

  • Dirk


    about 9 years

    Welches format wird das buch haben, bitte?


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  • Richard Morris

    Richard Morris

    almost 9 years

    Richard Morris 2080 La Vela Cir., Brookfield, WI 53005 USA [email protected]

  • Richard Morris

    Richard Morris

    almost 9 years

    Richard Morris 2080 La Vela Cir., Brookfield, WI %3005 USA

  • startide


    almost 9 years

    jesse cashman

    4173 palmer ave

    york pa 17408

    for print: page 80 of the pdf, the picture of Katsuni on right side

  • Rolf Jaeger

    Rolf Jaeger

    almost 9 years


    Espistrasse 17,CH-5425 Schneisingen

    (1.Mail vor 5 MIN. war falsche E-Mail adresse)

  • Rüegg Kurt

    Rüegg Kurt

    almost 9 years

    Riedhofstr. 60a

    CH-8408 Winterthur


  • DDuane


    almost 9 years

    DDuane / David Duane / 93 Elizabeth Way, Mangotsfield, Bristol BS16 9LN - I did not receive a link to select a print?

  • Emile


    almost 9 years

    Sorry can't open photos from link please pick one for me


    emile toby

  • Peter


    almost 9 years

    And which photo do you want for your print?!

  • Emile Toby

    Emile Toby

    almost 9 years

    35 Fernbank St.

    Marrickville NSW

    Australia 2204

#08 / Verzögerung wegen Poststreik! Delays because of mail strike!

Es ist zum graue Haare kriegen - endlich hatte ich alles zusammen und gepackt, nun liegen die Pakete hier seit einer Woche, weil Post/DHL streiken! Ich kann nur um Geduld bitten...

It's a shame, I finally had it all together and packed, now the parcels are sitting here for a week, because of the German Mail / DHL strike! All I can do is ask for some more patience...

#07 / Books being send out now / Bücher werden jetzt verschickt

Hallo Freunde,

die Bücher werden Ende dieser Woche verschickt.Es gab leider noch Verzögerungen; wegen des Poststreiks waren Poster und CDs aufgehalten. Mir fehlen immer noch Angaben:

Adresse und Postermotiv: krysztof p., uwemoeschel

Adresse: marjo harjul, ponzo 737, soapy-g.

Hello friends,

ther books are being send out end of this week. There were some delays due to a post strike, posters and CDs being upheld, sorry. I still need data from these guys:

Address and poster photo: krysztof p., uwemoeschel

Address: marjo harjul, ponzo 737, soapy-g.

#06 / Adresse, Fotoauswahl - Addresses, photo selection

Liebe Leute, macht es mir doch nicht so schwer! Ich brauche noch die Angabe der Fotos (Bildseite im Buch, nicht die PDF-Seite!) von...

Dear people, don't make it so hard for me: I still haven't got the photo selection for the poster prints (please send book page, not the PDF page number!) from these supporters...

aaron morris, alan dunckley, andy50, bartos, creo, christian almind, krysztof p., kurage kid'o, shadowca7, stefan krieger, thom, uwemoeschel, van gaver, wanni78, woschmu

... und ich brauche noch immer die Adresse von...
... and I still need the address of...

cpepmoeller, germaniac, hogboy, huibert baron, james lancl., jon brown, lar o'tolle, marjo harjul, miami 2000, mrtweedly, pedroarnal, ponzo737, ragnarjh, schedden, sergei zuev, sgimages, soapy-9, truffle1.

Alle Angaben bitte immer mit vollem Realname UND Verkami-Nickname!

All answer always with full real name AND verkami nickname, please!

#05 / Addresses - Adressen

Auf Grund von Rückfragen: Sie müssen einfach nur mit den Adress-Informationen auf diese Email antworten!

Because of feedback questions: You just have to anser this email with the address!

#04 / Addresses needed!!! Adressen benötigt!!!

One more time, everybody - it does not help me if you just send me the page number for the photos you want for your print. FROM EVERYBODY, I NEED YOUR ADDRESS IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT:

  • Verkami nickname

  • Full legal name

  • Address

I already asked for this before, please don't make it to hard for me. Verkami dopes not have/disclose this information!

Noch einmal: Ich brauche von ALLEN die Adressen, und zwar in diesej Format:

  • Verkami-Name (unter dem ihrmitgemacht habt)

  • Realname

  • Postanschrift

Ich hatte bereits darum gebeten, bitte macht es mir nicht zu schwer! Verkami hat diese Informationen nicht, von dort bekomme ich sie nicht!

#03 / Update - Book at the printers now - Buch jetzt beim Drucker!

Heute haben wir die Druckdaten erfolgreich zu der Druckerei in Riga hochgeladen. Es wird ca. drei Wochen dauern, bis das Buch dann hier ankommt. Ich bedanke mich schon jetzt einmal bei euch allen, die ihr mich wieder unterstützt und mir euer Vertrauen geschenkt hat - es wird ein tolles Buch!
(Diejenigen, die Prints bekommen, erhalten nächste Woche einen Link zum Download der PDF-Version des Buches, um sich ihre Motive auszusuchen)

Today we have successfully uploaded the print data to the printers in Riga. It will now take about three weeks to touch down here. I would like to thank all of you who have supported and trusted me again - it'll be a great book!
(The ones who have pledged for prints will receive a link to download the PDF next week, to select and tall me their choice of photo for the prints)

#02 / Dank an alle -thanks to all!

Das Projekt ist erfolgreich beendet, und ich danke allen, die mitgemacht haben! Was passiert jetzt? Die Zahlungen werden abgewickelt,was bis zu zehn Tage dauern kann. Dann geht das Buch in Druck, der ca. 3 Wochen dauert. In etwa einem Monat valso werden dann die Bücher verschickt. Ich werde ziwschenzeitlich Statusmeldungen posten!

The project ended successfully, and I would like to thank all supporters! What happens now? The payments are processed, which can take up to ten days. Then the book goes to press, which takes abot three weeks. In about a month the books should be sent out to you. I'll post status reports from time to time!

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