2015 — VERKAMI: 5 years of crowdfunding
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It's the day after and we are here under the snow, but still working for making a great documentary... We are planning to print a little supporters book with all of you attached in the DVD. And more we need to have all the informations about your rewards. 
Then, we need everybody of you send us at info@subbuteopia.com the following details:
- Your PICTURES (or an image that you think represent you)
- NICKNAME and/or NAME you want to insert in the CREDITS of the documentary
- SHIPPING Address that means exactly : Name, street, Zip code, city, country (anything else you think is really important to reach you)

- SIZE and COLOUR if you have in your reward the T-SHIRT looking at the preview in the blog
- PLACE for the Premiere, in Italy the 5th May or in Tunbridge Well the 12th May. Choose where you like to come. We are also contacting hotels for special prizes about the night before and after the premiere for people coming from abroad. We'll communicate ASAP.

Thanks guys you are fantastic! 
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  • mario"dello"kempes
    over 4 years

    li mio indirizzo è: Paolo Dello Margio Via Canta Clelia Barbieri 13 40011 Anzola Dell'Emilia (Bologna)

    siete stai bravissimi e non vedo l'ora di guardare il dvd convinto che abbiate fatto un ottimo lavoro buon subbuteo e un flick a tutti

  • luigi cogorno
    luigi cogorno
    over 4 years

    ciao il mio indirizzo è: Luigi Cogorno Viale colle fiorito 1 16030 Pieve Ligure (Genova) Italia Sarei interessato a partecipare alla "Prima" italiana che si terrà a Genova il 5 Maggio

  • POPCult
    POPCult [author]
    over 4 years

    Ciao a tutti! Vi invito a scrivere a info@subbuteopia.com i vostri dati perchè questo blog è pubblico e vorremmo evitare che venissero divulgati. Quindi scrivete tutti a info@subbuteopia.com

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