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    €6,632 raised  
    €6,632 of €6,500 raised
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    Have you ever imagined that an entire theatre could be hiding behind the cover of a little notebook? "To Night and Back · Mece la noche", a paper-theatre book by Karishma Chugani Nankani invites you on a voyage full of surprises to the imagined land of SInd.
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    €1,625 raised  
    €1,625 of €5,000 raised
    Only 30 days left
    15 Years in Venus is a documentary film shot in La Mina neighbourhood during the year 2015 which describes its history and shows the serious housing problems that exist right from the start until our present day, accompanying several neighbours during their fight for a dignity.
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    €2,916 raised  
    €2,916 of €4,000 raised
    Only 24 days left
    'De Kuala-Lumpur a Beijing' it is a travelbook. Intimate and exotic. A graphic diary made with ink and watercolor, that presents a route through seven countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailandia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and China. A piece of art printed in full colors!
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  • Thb
    €105 raised  
    €105 of €2,000 raised
    Only 19 days left
    XII es un proyecto audiovisual para los amantes de la ciencia ficción,trama y acción. Descubre cual es nuestro verdadero origen en el universo y vive la gran experiencia del mundo XII.
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    €3,183 raised  
    €3,183 of €3,000 raised
    Only 19 days left
    "Un elefante en mi lavadora" es el título que da nombre al libro-disco infantil ilustrado que está a punto de editar La ChicaCharcos and The Katiuskas band" Un trabajo único y original con la poesía de La ChicaCharcos, las geniales ilustraciones de *Guridi* y la música de La banda katisuka.
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    €1,919 raised  
    €1,919 of €8,500 raised
    Only 34 days left
    Participate with Walk & Hórreo in the preservation of an hórreo in Carboeiro, Galicia. Help us to create a rest area for Camino de Santiago peregrinos. Host yourself on it an discover the amazing surrounding site.

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El hombre bajo la máscara de Darth Vader. Del crowdfunding al estreno en cines.

Culturista y campeón de halterofilia, su hercúlea apariencia (dos metros de macho hipermusculado) permitió al inglés David Prowse adentrarse en el mundo del séptimo arte. Siempre fueron papeles modestos, casi de extra, pero si afináis bien la vista le localizaréis en filmes tan destacados como “Casino Royale” o “A Clockwork Orange”. Películas que, en gran parte, se rodaban en los platós del complejo cinematográfico de Elstree de Londres. Fue allí donde le descubrió la... read more
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2014 was an amazing year!

Discover what we've done together

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BRIGADE (comic)

100% recaudado Conseguido!
€50,063 of €39,000 raised
BRIGADE is an Enrique Fernández´s comic book project. A series of fantasy/epic/medieval stories. 46 pages, hardcover, 19X27cm. ( three language versions: spanish, english, french ) Leer más...
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