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    €5,150 raised  
    €5,150 of €4,000 raised
    Only 21 days left
    Raíces is an autobiographical documentary of personal exploration and search for origins. The story of a mother who travels physically and emotionally to the past to know where she comes from, and can thus share with her daughter.
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    €2,830 raised  
    €2,830 of €6,000 raised
    Only 14 days left
    “MOZ and I” is a documentary that describes fandom through the life of Dj Luis Le Nuit, the most diehard and endearing Morrissey (former leader of The Smiths) fan. Via this link, a personal experience of Luis as a Dj and the indie music scene in Spain is explored.
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    €625 raised  
    €625 of €800 raised
    Only 20 days left
    "Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt with Friends Unplugged at Bop Street" is the name of our third album, recorded live and unplugged with no overdubs in Alex Ruiz´s radio show "Bop Street" counting with the colaboration of some of the best musicians and singers of the Valencia Blues and Rock n Roll scene.
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  • Thb
    €549 raised  
    €549 of €2,000 raised
    Only 14 days left
    Crowdfunding project of artist Giuliano Parisi for the realization of his new album "Introducing Myself". Italian musician, in Spain it was born his project in Trio with Jeff Jerolamon on drums and Julio Fuster bass.
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    €165 raised  
    €165 of €1,000 raised
    Only 15 days left
    Projecte de reforma i ampliació del rocòdrom del CSA Lo Maset. Rocòdrom Autogestionat.
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    €615 raised  
    €615 of €2,700 raised
    Only 34 days left
    Adán tiene quince años, está enamorado de David Hasselhoff y vive bajo la opresión de una monja homófoba. De forma inconsciente buscará la libertad dentro de un colegio religioso lleno de puertas cerradas.

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¡El crowdfunding arrasa (un año más) en el Festival de Málaga!

En la edición del año pasado, dos pelis crowdfundeadas fueron las grandes triunfadoras del festival de cine de Málaga: Stockholm con 6 Biznagas de plata en la sección oficial y la rompedora Frontera con 2 en la sección Zonazine. Este año, ha aumentado el número de películas crowdfundeadas participantes en las distintas categorías, 5 en total, de las cuales 3 han sido reconocidas por público y el jurado como de las mejores de esta edición. Techo y comida Dirigida por Juan Miguel del... read more
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2014 was an amazing year!

Discover what we've done together

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100% recaudado Conseguido!
€15,750 of €15,000 raised
Subbuteopia is a unique documentary about Subbuteo, the legendary table-soccer game that left a trace in many generations. Leer más...
Idea by POPCult
Check out other 2973 projects that have been successfully funded.