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    €3,009 raised  
    €3,009 of €6,600 raised
    Only 18 days left
    The AAAA Magazine is not your usual architecture review. It is a magazine that looks at architecture through the lens of art, archaeology & anthropology in search of a more down-to-earth point of view. It's 100% student-and-young-professional made, 100% international and 100% recycled & ecolological
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    €3,338 raised  
    €3,338 of €4,000 raised
    Only 11 days left
    99 ways to approach a tiger / 99 ways to approach a tiger is a work in which, through dialogue between text and image from two different creators, you will see the reflection of our modern world: a world of contradictions that reveals itself strangely beautiful and terribly dangerous.
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    €4,400 raised  
    €4,400 of €5,396 raised
    Only 5 days left
    This Poetry Picture book is the profound desire to express, through my body, everything which my illness made me feel: shadows and unfamiliar lights; solidarity with the ill, the helpless, the mistreated. A viewpoint of solidarity turns the experience into a creative one.
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  • Thb
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    Only 20 hours left
    Produir 800 litres de Cervesa utilitzant llevat Mare de fa més de 90 anys, que atribueix una gran durabilitat i aroma al pa i que atorga un perfecte processat, color i harmonia a les maltes de la cervesa. La cervesa serà un estil Ale amb llúpol Amarillo i maltes lleument torrades.
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    €2,958 raised  
    €2,958 of €5,000 raised
    Only 25 days left
    Guspira és un joc de taula àgil, divertit i per a tota la família inspirat en els correfocs. Et posaràs a la pell d'una colla de diables amb l'objectiu de guanyar el màxim de correfocaires. Però vigila! A la ronda final figures com el Drac o la Víbria poden canviar-ho tot! T’hi atreveixes??
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    €490 raised  
    €490 of €4,000 raised
    Only 39 days left
    Querid@s anfibi@s: Cuéntame Más está ya listo para entrar en estudio. Nos hace muchísima ilusión poder grabar nuestro primer LP y sólo con vuestra ayuda podremos hacer este sueño realidad.

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Verkami Authors #11: Èric Lluent

“En términos de salud democrática y corrupción, España e Islandia tienen los mismos problemas” En 2008 los tres principales bancos de Islandia colapsaron, provocando una de las crisis económicas más graves de la historia. Consecuencia de aquella recesión, la ciudadanía tomó la calle en la que se conoció como la “Revolución de las cacerolas”. Protestas que hicieron de la isla del Atlántico Norte el paradigma de la democracia real, modelo a seguir para poner punto final a la dictadura del sistema... read more
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My Name Is Janez Janša

100% recaudado Conseguido!
€7,185 of €6,000 raised
'My Name Is Janez Janša' is a documentary film about names and name changes, focusing on one particular and rather unique name change that took place 5 years ago, when three artists officially changed their names into the name of the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša. I am one of them. Leer más...
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