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Production of a video for the song 'Al costat del meu piano - Beside my piano'

The song 'Beside my piano' needs a video! It's a social song dealing with a subject that is unfortunately a big thing in Spain. Many people is being forced to leave their houses not being able to pay their mortgage. It's like an anthem for those affected


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History of the song

I composed the song as part of a scholarship I was awarded from Bòlit (Center of Contemporary Art of Girona). The purpose of the grant was to call for artists who had to propose sound works on topics related to the city of Girona. The sound works selected are available at an app called Grmp3 for iPhone users. It's free and depending on where you are physically located in the city you will be able to listen one work or another.

Type of song

It is an electronic-pop song that speaks on social feelings of a person who has received an eviction order and has to leave home. Once the house is empty, there is only the piano and this person seats and sings this song. By half of the song, this person goes out and joins a demonstration against evictions singing out loud 'gent sense casa, i cases sense gent!!!' (meaning that there's people without a home, or about to loose it, and a lot of empty houses).

Ruth Sharp, a Scottish singer based in Girona, is the amazing vocalist of the song. Plus we can hear the citizens of Girona in one of the protests.

The production company Zinequanon will be in charge of the video. Mr. Antonio Sánchez and Mr. Carles Sánchez will be the directors and they have prepared a very good plot. Mr. Aniol Pla-Giribert will be the director of photography and Mr. Pablo Paz will be the art director. A very exciting creative team!

We need YOU!!!

This is why we need your contribution! A little help from you and from your friends will sum up and help this project move forward.

Your contributions wii be used to pay part of the cost of the actors, directors and art directors and photography.

You'll be rewarded!!!

To THANK you for your collaboration I have prepared a series of gifts depending on your contribution.

I'm preparing an album of my latest compositions and will be released shortly as a CD of 10 tracks. So I thought it would be a nice gift to give to my supporters.

It will be a compilation of the best songs I've composed for documentaries, promotional videos, app's, etc. I haven't released any CD since we quit the band Passion Fish around 2004 and I really look forward to it!

If you want your name to feature in the credits of the video, it will be possible.

Those who want, or are able, to contribute a bit more will have a free link to download the video and therefore will have it on their phone, tablet or PC.

And for the more daring the camera is waiting for them! Would you enjoy being an extra in the video? This is also possible.

Collaborating in this crowdfunding campaign is kind of like doing a pre-purchase of my CD and at the same time helping the production of the video!


We are currently in pre-production.

Production (filming) will start in early October.

We'll do the post-production during November.

We will make a public presentation of the video in a movie theatre of Girona (probably Truffaut) in late November or early December, where we will deliver the CD to the people that come to the event!

People that won't be able to attend the presentation, will get their CD at home during December 2014.

That's it, listen to the song and let me know what you think!



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#07 / The CD just arrived home.

Hello people!

I'm glad to announce that the CD is finally finished and just arrived home!

It took a while to finish it and I'm sorry about that, but as you all may know I'm now father of two little babies and that keeps me very very busy (day and night ;))

But it's done now!

I'd like to say THANKS again for your help and support.

This is the final track-list. 11 tracks eventually:

Mind the Strip feat. Ruth Sharp & Ayman Qwaider

Al costat del meu piano feat. Ruth Sharp

Science days

Polytechnic spree II

Magic Girona

Polytechnic spree I

Eloi i Lara

Los finales felices

El vals dels periodistes

Explica'm un conte

Ganas de volar feat. Nathalia Llebeili.

#06 / Presentación video-clip / Video presentation


Por fin llegó la hora. El próximo martes 23 de diciembre haremos la presentación en público y estreno del video-clip. Será en la Casa de Cultura de Girona a las 20h y estáis tod@s invitados!!! Desafortunadamente el CD de regalo todavía no está a punto y no lo podré entregar ese día :( Sorry! Durante el mes de enero tendréis el CD en vuestras casas, seguro!

Finally! Next Tuesday, 23rd of december, the public presentation and premiere of the video will be held. It will be in Casa de Cultura de Girona at 8pm and you're all invited to join us!!! Unfortunately, the CD is not ready yet and I won't be able to give it to you that day :( Sorry! You will get the CD during the month of January for sure!

#05 / Pronto llegará el video-clip! / Video coming soon!

Amigos y amigas, el video-clip está en camino. En principio a mediados de diciembre debería estar listo! Seguimos también preparando el CD de regalo que la mayoría de vosotros vais a obtener. Os enseño una pequeña imagen de como está quedando la portada:

Dear friends, the video is coming. Most likely by mid-december it should be released! We keep on working on the CD that most of you will get. I'm showing a little bit of the artwork:

Además os informo de que la canción 'Al costat del meu piano' ha sido re-mezclada y masterizada de nuevo y ahora ya la podéis escuchar en varios sitios. Por ejemplo en YouTube:

Plus, let me tell you that the song 'Al costat del meu piano' has been remixed and mastered again and now you can listen to it already on several places. For instance on YouTube:

Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda y espero tener pronto vuestro regalo!!!

Thanks for your help and I hope to have your gift ready soon!!!

#04 / Rodando!!! / Filming!!!

El rodaje está en pleno rendimiento! Ayer viernes por la tarde empezamos en Riudellots con algunos exteriores (fiesta infantil) y interiores como la actriz Núria Sas 'al lado del piano'.

Hoy por la mañana seguimos en Riudellots, y por la tarde nos desplazamos a l'Empordà! En Verges, rodaremos una escena de piscina y otra de bañera. Habrá alguien que se tirará a la piscina vestido y por la noche ;) Entre ellos, Nuria y yo mismo! Suerte que este octubre está siendo más caluroso que nunca.

Filming is going on! Yesterday we started at the village of Riudellots filming outdoor scenes such as a children party and indoors with actress Nuria Sas 'beside her piano'.

Today we continue in Riudellots in the morning. In the afternoon we'll move to Verges where scenes in a swimming pool and a tub will be shot. There will be people diving in the pool with their clothes on and at night. Amongst the people diving, we'll have Nuria and myself! Fortunately this october is warmer than ever.

read more

#02 / Preparing the CD ;)

Hi guys!

Thank you so far for your collaboration in the campaign. I just wanted to keep you updated about the project. As you know, my graphic designer Rebeca Velvet is already working on the design of the CD.

In addition, I already started working on the mastering of the tracks that will contain the CD. But wait! I'm talking only about the reward/gift that I'm preparing for you guys?

Oops! Well, this is because it's in my hands! Plus I'm really excited about it ;)

The video, yes the video...well I totally trust Antonio and his crew. The dates of filming could be 16th and 17th of october, yet to be confirmed.

We are also planning a public presentation of the video and we hope that most of you will attend. It will be around 20th of december. We'll keep you up-to-date!



#01 / Pre-producción

Amigos y amigas!

Muchas gracias por vuestras aportaciones hasta la fecha. Todavía no hemos llegado al ecuador de la campaña (faltan pocos días) pero sí que hemos superado la mitad de nuestro objetivo de financiación! Y eso es esperanzador!

Si seguimos a este ritmo lo conseguiremos!

Bueno, deciros que la magnífica Rebeca Velvet ya está trabajando en el diseño de la portada y libreto del CD. En cuanto tengamos algo os lo eseñamos!

Y ayer hicimos una reunión con los directores del video-clip Antonio y Carles y con Pablo Paz (director de arte) y Aniol (director de fotografia). Estuvieron trabajando duro repasando todos los planos y preparando algunas de las localizaciones donde se rodará el video-clip.

Nada más! Seguimos trabajando!


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