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LA DINAMITERA 2014 Women’s Art Festival

LA DINAMITERA is a multidisciplinary women’s art festival which aims to showcase and celebrate work by women in the world of art, and initiate an archetypal shift which will legitimize female artists in the large galleries and claim their role in history.

La Dinamitera

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Have you ever wondered why most artworks presented in the largest galleries are by male artists?

Could you name more than five women artists who have or have had relevance in the History of Art?

Aside from being John Lennon's partner (and of course, breaking up the Beatles), what contribution has Yoko Ono made to the art world?

Who are the Guerrilla Girls?

Who would Pollock be without Lee Krasner?

Who was La Dinamitera?


La Dinamitera is a Women’s Art Festival that aims to act upon the exclusion of women in the world of art and culture, reflecting on the mechanisms that create this situation and the dynamics that can overcome it, demonstrating the work of female artists to the public and building networks within the community that allow us to achieve equality.

The festival founded by Sophie Aguilera (artist) and Emma Fernandez (art historian) started three years ago thanks to the involvement and support of Jess Casey and Xavier Kaye from gallery untitledBCN. With the intention of using artistic creation as a tool for social change we created La Dinamitera, a small self-funded festival dedicated to art, history and feminism,

This year we continue to grow and for this we need your help to fulfill our project: a young and dynamic festival of art and feminist action.


The festival will take place during the month of March in Barcelona, coinciding with International Women’s Day (8 March) and this year we intend to expand to more exhibiting spaces, involve more artists and collaborators and create a programme of a broader range of events, with this 3 way agenda:


Barbara Kruger's famous quote becomes the focus and source of inspiration for a exhibition that will bring together the work of a group of artists from different disciplines. The exhibition will last 15 days and will take place in 2 different galleries located in Gracia: UntitledBCN and Cadáver Exquisit. During the show openings the audience will be able to move from one gallery to another with performances taking place in both spaces.

Some of the confirmed artists:
María Herreros
Laia Arqueros
Patricia Picón
Blanca Miró
Mirena Ossorno
Sophie Aguilera
Lidia Tamboleo
Iria Do Castelo
Marcela Antunes
Ana Cruz
Monique La Fontaine
Anna Fando

• CONFERENCES AND ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS Taking place on International Women’s Day, these aim to reflect upon and discuss the role of women in the modern day art sector, with the participation of several artists, art historians, critics and activists. During the day several feminist related projects, such as the fanzine Bulbasaur, will also be presented.

• OPEN STUDIOS (Gràcia) During 1 weekend Female artists, artisans and designers based in the neighbourhood of Gracia will open the doors of their workshops and creative spaces to showcase their work and promote their projects.



The third edition of La Dinamitera will be constructed from four principal aims:

To generate reflection.

To showcase artwork of emerging female artists.

To streamline and encourage links between the key players within the art industry.

To strive for equality.


We are very grateful to all the artists and festival partners who have given us their fantastic work to reward your donations. Here are the details and images of the rewards that you can choose from. we want them ourselves!

This year we have teamed up with the feminist fanzine Bulbasaur to provide patrons who contribute between 10 and 20 euros one of its editions, in addition to these, there are mugs or tote bags with La Dinamitera logo.

From 35€ our patrons receive a voucher for two people to attend an Androna Cultura route ‘Women & Revolution’ (in Barcelona) by ANDRONAcultura

Patrons who contribute 50€ will receive a set of prints by Laia Arqueros, Patricia Picón and Maria Herreros. all participating artists in the festival.

Patrons who contribute 100€ will receive an original artwork by Lidia Tamboleo, festival participant.

"Lepi-Dones" 2012, Lidia Tamboleo

Patrons who contribute 150€ will receive this beautiful ceramic heart handmade by the artist Sophie Aguilera

Foto de Luis Montero


We will use your contributions to promote the Dinamitera festival and give it more visibility. We want to make this year even better than previous years, to be able to offer all of the activities for free and therefore reach a larger public. The money we receive will cover the costs of all promotional posters & fliers, graphics and installation of the exhibition, such as transport of works and space rental.

The patrons will receive rewards for their pledges from small gifts such as mugs or bags with our logo to original prints and original artworks of our participating artists.


The festival will take place in March. Rewards will be distributed the day of the show opening at UntitledBCN gallery. Patrons may also collect their rewards during the two weeks of the Festival. National and international pledgers will be sent their rewards by post in March.



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  • La Dinamitera

    La Dinamitera

    about 10 years

    Hola Carlo Maxxine! En los próximos dias haremos una mención especial en la web a todos los mecenas. A su vez, en los dos espacios expositivos, aparecerán en la pared los nombres de los mecenas.

    Muchas gracias por tu interés y tu participación, esperamos verte en la inauguración!
    Un saludo!

  • anònim


    about 10 years

    ¿Dónde aparecerá el nombrecomo agradecimiento?

    En la exposición podrá verse y en la web; ¿Dónde en ambos?

  • Carrie Punto

    Carrie Punto

    over 10 years

    Muy buena iniciativa. También estamos en un verkami y os paso lo que hemos hecho.




  • La Dinamitera

    La Dinamitera

    over 10 years

    Hola Alicia! Muchas gracias por tu interés! Puedes mandarnos info de tu trabajo a nuestro mail: [email protected]

  • Cha-li-danzateatro


    over 10 years

    Hola ,soy Alicia Bisier, me encanta vuestro proyecto y me siento muy identificada como artista excluida . kisiera ke me conocieraís y participar en vuestro festi si no en este en los venideros. gracias.http://cha-li-danza-teatro.blogspot.com/

  • La Dinamitera

    La Dinamitera

    over 10 years

    Hola Gloria, las chicas de Bulbasaur tuvieron exitazo con el primer número del fanzine, les quedan muy poquitos pero pueden guardar uno, a modo excepcional, para entregarte con el verkami!

  • gloria


    over 10 years

    puede ser el número 1 del bulbasaur? el 2 ya lo tengo :(

  • La Dinamitera

    La Dinamitera

    over 10 years

    Hola Victòria, el festival tendrá lugar del 8 al 23 de marzo. La inauguración de la expo colectiva en la galería UntitledBCN y Cadáver Exquisit será el 8 de marzo y durante los dos fines de semena siguientes tendrán lugar las distintas actividades del festival. Muchas gracias y esperamos verte en marzo!

  • victòria


    over 10 years

    Que días abarca el festival?

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