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Now is when we have to do it!

'Ara' (Now) is the first project from Companyia de creació KUNSTANT, an original theatre play based on a true story. A mother, a daughter and a memoir bring us through a life of silenced emotions.


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Video translation:

*I had everything in la Bisbal, a quiet and easy life. I think that was happiness.

But it wasn't until I arrived to Barcelona and with the Civil War that I understood what loneliness was like. I felt my life slip trough my fingers. I leave my story written because I deserve the truth to be known and now... I can't explain it anymore.*

*Help us to be on stage

Help us to light this story

Help us to accompany it with live music

Help us to bring it to live

With you... we'll make it possible*

Ara (Now): An original theatre play based on a true story.

From the union of two real stories, different and coming from very opposite people, the idea of Now came out.

Now narrates Teresa Carreres’ life, born in La Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona, Spain) in 1920. It’s a story that shows itself with all the tenderness, touch, suffering and truth of difficult and dangerous times, written with fire in our memories. It’s a story of love, loss, friendship, impotence, power and hope. The theatre project Now combines audiovisual elements with original live music.

Teresa’s life, with all its details, was only known by her and would have died with her, only with her... until Now.

After months of work, creation and a first small audience contact, Now will be on stage on 24th January at Teatre Principal d'Olot (Girona, Spain) and on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of March at Nau Ivanow of Barcelona (Spain)

We need your help to make it possible!

The crew


Joan Birulés (Guitar) and Lídia Rodríguez (Piano)


Teresa Carreres (Paula Arbós)

Pere Casals (Adrià Díaz/Ramón Bonvehí)

Mª Antònia Romaguera (Marina Mulet)

Jesús Cervera (Josep de Font)

Lydia Cervera (Eva Herrero)

Ramírez/Soldat/Cambrer (Pol Gibert)

Teresa Carreres - Gran (Jesusa Andany)

Pere Casals - Gran (Jaume de Sans)

Direction and dramaturgy: Gisela Saló

Assistant director: Diego Fornell

Produccion: Georgina Arcusa, Raúl Gallegos

Original soundtrack: Ignasi Caballé, Joan Birulés, Lídia Rodríguez

Audiovisuals: Gerard Cid

Light designer and light board operator: Llubí Casas

Sound: Judit Vicente/Jan Valls

Costume designers Sònia Masuda, Ariadna Illán

Photography: Gemma Gibert

Web design: Ernest Llompart

Graphic design: Laura Magallón, Gisela Saló


Your contributions will mean a final push to a professional production and will be used to cover spending in costumes, props, scenery, lights, technical material, advertising and other possible spending related to the project.


The team is now working to make the shows in Olot and Barcelona happen! Music and script rehearsals, scenery building, material research, meetings... And lots of enthusiasm!

Remember you can enjoy 'Ara (Now)':

When you come to see us, wherever in Olot or Barcelona, we’ll give you your rewards! If you cannot make it in person, we’ll mail them by post mail.


If you want to know more about this project, check these websites:

Web Companyia de Creació Kunstant
Teaser ARA

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