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Pinocchio´s death

This is a short film project that deals with the responsibility and power in our hands to change what subdue and humiliate us as individuals, as community. It will be impossible to mature as a society if each one of us has not done it before.

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This video shows Carlos Rufete´s thinking over the issue of his short film: the pursuit of dreams, the belief that we are unstoppable when we are certain of ourselves, that everybody can achieve whatever they aim to, that nobody is less than anyone, even though they try to make us think otherwise, that things can change if we are determined to do it and that the responsibility lies on our shoulders.

The video displays the essence of life for Carlos Rufete: an endless conflict between the consciousness and the unconsciousness.

The unconsciousness, represented here by the clown, is the warehouse, the sponge, where moral, fear, and prejudices reside. Unwillingly, it forces the consciousness to act with the maxim of protecting ourselves from a hostile world, becoming us slighter and constricting our freedom and power. The consciousness, represented by a disable and agonizing man, is the result of the choices set by a lobotomized and totally polluted unconsciousness.

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For Carlos Rufete , director of the film, the title is a metaphor. In no time we will destroy the tender Geppetto creating.

According Carlos, Pinocchio symbolizes , among others, three elements which he considers crucial to the story and its protagonist Siel: innocence , childhood and lies.

Destroy that iconic and universal symbol as is Pinocchio kills these elements in turn. In this title/metaphor therefore supports the idea that killing Pinocchio is like killing a rabid dog , dead dog... more anger.

Siel (who will perform child Biel González and Joan Carles Suau Adult), at an early age and December 25, lost innocence and childhood and it being invested the value of things. Siel live in a person infected with the lie that will face and where they play a lot more than you could ever imagine society.

The film is about the power and the responsibility we have to change things that put us as individuals and canceled as a society. We can not grow as a society if we have not done before each of us.

Siel, the protagonist of the story, you will find yourself in a dingy, claustrophobic world, where every December 25th will be a necessary part of trauma and upheaval that will make you lose the essence of childhood, of innocence. Siel will face, fourteen years later, the possibility of changing the course of things, to change the course of history.

Illustrations performed by Ignasi Moreno

Pinocchio´s death is a short film project one hundred percent and a thousand thousand artistic personel. An ambitious project that slowly and no other reason to exist chases light as a leaf of a plant seeks the source of your life.

Pinocchio´s death project defending personal expression and openly drinking and the need Carlos Rufete expression that appears as a persecutor, as someone who believes that things can be done in many other ways and that, despite what is said, not everything is counted, all is said.

Pinocchio´s death is a scream. A shaking consciousness. A trip to the emotional memory of each and everyone. It is a cruise through the eyes of Siel, the young man who will lead us in this magical universe and claustrophobic. It is a cry in life and the pursuit of freedom.

Illustrations performed by Ignasi Moreno

What is the cinema about? Is it merely entertainment? Is is ordinary anesthesia to keep on being groggy? Is is the seventh art? What has that wonderful human power to express themselves in a absolute mode become?

What about if the cinema will be the lead of a social change that is so demanded in the world, for the human being to change his manipulated mindset for a free one?

You are invited to collaborate in this short movie project Pinocchio´s death. You are encouraged to support the cinema that makes us free. We invite you to defend art and freedom of expression of someone who wants to cry to the world: It´s enough! I can do what I want.

Siel, a strong and dreamer for-year-old child, belongs to a humble family absorbed in conformism and resignation. One night, on December 25th, Siel witnesses a traumatic experience that will be repeated every Christmas Eve. Siel´s innocence will have to face the horror of that night, where the value of things will got reversed and his ingenuousness will be completely destroyed. After the tough impacts, Siel can only wait, patient, painful and furious , to summon up the courage that enables him to act. Fourteen years later, the course of history will change striking back and multiplying the hit tenfold.

For more information you can go to the web

You can go on and disseminate the project in Facebook

Joan Carles Suau plays the role of SIEL the adult. Well-known actor by his performances in Pa negre (2010), Tengo ganas de ti (2012) and Águila Roja, la película (2011), and main character in the fims Bullying and Nunca estás solo. He has more than twenty titles in the theatre world. He has worked with directors as Agustí Villaronga, Josetxo San Mateo, Pedro Aznar and Ricard Salvat.

Biel González plays the rol of SIEL the child. Although he is really young, he is a dancer and a singer and has experience working in front of the camara born in audiovisual artist family. In 2012 he starred the Barcelona Olimpic Museum of Sport.

Pere Arquillué plays the roles of FATHER and SANTA CLAUS. Stage, screen , television and dubbing actor has made more than sixty titles. He has worked with theater directors as Sergi Belbel, Calixto Bieito, Mario Gas, Álex Rigola,Josep Maria Flotats, Oriol Broggi, Joan Ollé and Julio Manrique between others. He has also worked with film directors as Ventura Pons, Carlos Saura, Cesc Gay and Fernando León de Aranoa. Awarded in Butaca Awards, City of Barcelona Awards, National Theater Award and Catalan Actors and Directors Association Awards.

Mercè Pons plays the role of MATHER. Stage, dubbing, screen and television actress has worked with theater directors as Josep Maria Flotats, Mario Gas and Joan Ollé, and with film directors as como Ventura Pons, Agustí Villaronga, Luís Garcia Berlanga, Patricia Ferrerira and Rosa Vergès between others. Rewarded in Butaca Awards, Critical Eye Awards and City of Barcelona Awards.

Carlos Rufete. Director and scriptwriter. He studies film at the Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya where specialized in Editing and Sound. Before finishing his studies started working as a editor for directors as Peter Brooks and Albert Albacete. From 2003 he combines works with producers companies as Sonodigi, Mirapro, and Adrenaline Films, with editing and post-production jobs for directors as Santiago Zannou, Tayo Cortés y Lluís Danés.

Pau Mirabet. Director of photography. He studied Industrial Engineering in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC and Film and Audiovisual Studies at Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya CECC. He started his professional career as a director of photography in 2002 filming music video-clips with Santiago Zannou and feature films with directors as Peter Greenaway, Paul Tickell, Albert Solé or Antoni Ribas. Today he is a recognized director of photography and works in fiction films, documentaries, spots and video-clips around the world. He has been awarded in Plus Camerimage Ha estado galardonado en Plus Camerimage 2010, and in Los Angeles Movie Awards, between others.

Dani Ferrer. Musical composer. Musician, sound engineer and producer. He studied Piano, singing, horn, musical theory and sound. He plays keyboards in Love of Lesbian and Marc Parrot and before that he did it in groups like Standsill, Zahara, Sanpedro. He has worked as a studio musician in many albums for different bands ans soloists. As a sound engineer he has been collaborating with Grabaciones Silvestres for seven years. He has worked in productions of sound tracks and tunings for theater, radio and television. As a music producer he has seen to El Nus, Porpra and El Minotaure i Teseu (Dídac Rocher), Les tres estacions (Pere Vilanova) and Música en blanc i negre (Jofre Bardagí)

Eva Franco. Producer. She studies film at Centre d´Estudis Cinematogràfics and specialized in Direction of Photography. She started her professional career as a producer in 2006. She has worked in all kind of projects: commercials, virals, video-clips, short films and documentaries for directors as Santiago Zannou y Pol Ponsarnau. From 2008 she is the executive producer in Contrafilms.

Oriol Garcia Farré. Executive producer. Graduated in History at UAB (1992-1997), Multimedia at UOC (2001-2002) and Master in en Audiovisual Media UPF (2002-2003). In 2002 he founded his first audio- visual production company. From 2009, he has been working as a executive producer in the company Soul Produccions, where he is also partner and manager. Some of his productions have been awarded in outstanding international film festivals

Helena Doz Sanz. Executive producer. She studied television, film, radio and show Audio-visual production at “ITES Imatge i so” in Barcelona. She is currently working in Soul Produccions where is in charge of executive production of audio-visual projects.

Pre-production: January - February 2014

Production: March 2014

Post-production: April - September 2014

Premiere: December 2014

Total budget is 70.000€. We want to get 10.000€ from crowfunding. The rest 60.000€ will be contributed by the production companies Soul Produccions and Contrafilms) and by other collaborated companies (Onírikal Studio and Movie-Men). And, finally, others (Vinilo, Naive, Atic Wear, Egon Soda, RadioArenys and Abel Pruñonosa).

The 10.000€ from crowfunding will be used mainly to cover the costs of set and scenery building. It will be also invested in the promotion and distribution in national and international festivals.

Radio Arenys Interview (11/12/2013)
Radio Arenys Interview (16/12/2013)
Radio Mataró Interview (17/12/2013)
BTV Interview (14/01/2014)

Original paintings by Carlos Rufete (choice of these eight possibilities)

For more information you can go to the web

You can go on and disseminate the project in Facebook


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Queridos mecenas;

La muerte de Pinocho sigue su curso natural con poderío e ilusión.

Después de un duro y hermoso rodaje de 5 días, estamos ahora en plena fase de montaje y la forma que anda tomando... está siendo sorprendente. Después de esta fase que durará aproximadamente 10 días más, entraremos en salas de composición, 3D, etalonaje, banda sonora y posproducción de sonido. Todo ese trabajo durará varios meses. Esperamos que para este verano (aún no me aventuro a concretar el mes) podamos reunirnos tod@s para poder ver al "bebé" que, entre tod@s, hemos creado y que viajará por todo el mundo para poder hacerse mayor y ser, algún día, independiente ;).

Tenemos muchas ganas de poder compartir este proyecto con tod@s y muy especialmente con vosotr@s porque, sin vuestro esfuerzo, apoyo y colaboración, este proyecto de cortometraje no hubiera sido posible.

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Per motius personals, Pere Arquillué no podrà participar al nostre projecte fent el paper de Pare Noel i de Pare.

Tot i la mala noticia, estem molt contents perquè podrem comptar, per aquest paper, amb la magnífica actuació de l'Àlex Casanovas!

Benvingut al projecte Àlex!!! i moltes gràcies!!

#02 / Exhibición de arte en la Galería Diluvio Universal


Cuando el arte y la crítica social

convergen en un cortometraje

El próximo viernes, 10 de enero, a las 20h en la Galería Diluvio Universal (http://www.eldiluviouniversal.com) (C/ Guilleries, 3 de Barcelona), Carlos Rufete (http://www.carlosrufete.com) presentará el proyecto junto a diferentes obras de arte realizadas por él mismo y por el escultor Abel Pruñonosa (http://www.abelprunyonosa.com).


Como punto de convergencia entre el séptimo arte y la escultura, Abel

Pruñonosa, escultor que cuenta con una colección de piezas moldeadas en

resina, presentará en la Galería el busto que ha dado vida al payaso

protagonista del teaser del proyecto. Dicho payaso se ha convertido en todo

un icono de “La Muerte de Pinocho”, pues para Pruñonosa: “no hay nada ni

nadie que exista por casualidad”.

Además, Rufete, quien es también un gran artista plástico, mostrará en el

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Tendremos oportunidad de ver el vídeo presentación del verkami en vinil() bar, c/ Matilde 2 - junto a Plaça Rius i Taulet - Gràcia- entre amigos y copas así como poder charlar del proyecto con Carlos Rufete (creador y director) y Joan Carles Suau (actor), entre otros componentes del equipo del proyecto de La muerte de Pinocho . Os esperamos a todos el día 2 y así poder vernos las caras en buena compañía en un gran y agradable lugar. Un abrazo.

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