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IN FORMA PAUPERIS, Carro F.C. Teatro Callejero

"In Forma Pauperis"

Carro F.C.

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“In Forma Pauperis” (in the manner of a pauper ): the story we read every day in the newspapers, we see every day on television and we comment every day on the Internet. But this time we'll move a step forward.

Through metaphorical images, humor and absurdity, In forma pauperis offers a critical view on the most controversial and current issues, including the eviction or the absurdity of the system.

The type of theatrical language and the fast paced rhythm makes this show suitable for all sorts of audiences.The staging proposal is based on the transformation and exaggeration of everyday objects, the reuse of waste is one of the bases of the show.


The group CARRO F.C starts its professional path in street performing arts with the project In forma pauperis. After four years of training in Barcelona Theater Institute, its members want to make a big bet that aims to bring theater to the people, to the streets.

This project emerged in the academic world, and made its way to the stage counting on the material and human ressouces provided by the Institute. However, out of the institution and as a professional theatre company, we must satisfy the lack of ways to make it possible and meet all the needs . We are aware that the project is ambitious, but not impossible.

The current financial crisis is reducing fundamental human rights . The art is not an exception. The number of people without access to culture and theare is increasing everyday as the severe economical dificulties break on through to our society. Therefore, it is urgent to take culture and theater to the street, closer to the people where it belongs.

All the help we could receive to make this project possible is to give it to people without asking anything in return. Although we have gestated this project, it is deep down not ours. Just as it was possible to start it with the help of many people, it is only possible to continue it with more help. We want our passion to be the passion of those who are committed to this project, those who, with all their generosity, are willing to help and especially those who for one hour, in any square in the world, get to enjoy this art that moves and moves and touch.


Verkami is our only source of funding. If we reach our goal, the money raised will will be used towards:

arrangements of scenery

costume / makeup

technical equipment: sound and light

Stand in Tarrega and other expenses related to the Fair



Our most immediate goal is our participation in the fira tarrega street theater, which this year takes place between the 5th and 8th of September.

After that, we'll arrange and deliver all rewards.




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