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Náttúra is the title of my fourth book. I have spent the last four years going through the unchanged wild landscapes in Iceland. Along with the images, the book describes the stages of the formation of the Earth, and the causes of the volcanic nature of the island.


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Náttúra, nature in Icelandic, is a personal project regarding the landscape and nature of Iceland. Each of the images in this book, have been obtained in various parts of the country, showing the different faces of Iceland. The images have been taken under variable light conditions and time, overlooking the incredible mixture of softness, strength, warmth and coldness that characterizes these amazing lands. An island where the four basic elements that according to old theories form nature: water, air, earth and fire, live in harmony, most of the time.

This publication is intended bring attention to the natural heritage of this island and indirectly to sensitize the readers about the fragility of the natural environment against those actions of doubtful profitability and that do not take into account the environmental aspect in its objectives.

Complementing the attractive images of the book, there is a text with a simple and elegant narrative that takes us into the origins of the Earth, describing the conditions that have occurred in Iceland, that have made it the biggest volcanic and active island of the world.


As a biologist I have dedicated my work to take action for the conservation and protection of the environment. Passionate about photography, I firmly believe that these images can contribute to the conservation of the beautiful and raw Icelandic landscape. The book shows a personal point of view avoiding being an exhaustive catalogue of mountains, plants or animals and, though it is my fourth book, perhaps this one is the most personal.


Because crowdfunding has become the only viable way that we have in order to carry out our creations. In addition, this way, the author can design and choose every detail with total independence, guaranteeing the original idea until the end of the project.


The book is intended for all those who believe in the respect and preservation of the environment to all those who consider the Earth as part of their heritage, to all those who believe that they belong to our planet and not that our planet belongs to them.

The book, aimed at the general public, will take us beyond the artistic photographs. However the photographer will have firsthand information of where to go and shoot in these amazing lands. The book will be in full color, about 140 pages, size 22x26 cm, bound in soft cover of 300 gr.

After four years of travelling, the project is mostly finished in terms of design, therefore once the necessary funds are obtained, it will be immediately published.


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  • SáezCarabal


    about 10 years

    Hola Mjose, el tema es que hay que llegar al objetivo de financiación en Verkami, por tanto lo deseable es hacer la aportación antes de que termine el plazo.

    Ten en cuenta que no se cobrará el importe hasta que el objetivo economico esté conseguido.

    Por otra parte, habla con tus chicas a ver si me echan una mano.

    Recibe un cordial saludo

  • m jose barres

    m jose barres

    about 10 years

    Cuenta conmigo, ¿Vas a hacer lotes como hizo Miguel David?

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