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Trustto Team x MSF

Development of a medical device in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières. Non-profit project.

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Our project arises from the humanitarian crisis experienced in **remote areas **of Sudan, Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic for years.

Thousands of blood samples are discarded without being analyzed due to the loss of the cold chain caused by logistical challenges and extreme weather conditions faced by these regions.

Given the similarity of goals and philosophy with the organization Médecins Sans Frontières, this collaboration was created.

MSF is a medical-humanitarian action organization (NGO) whose main mission is to provide medical care to populations threatened by armed conflicts, violence, epidemics or neglected diseases, natural disasters, and exclusion from medical care.

The link created between our team of engineers and MSF has been established to develop a medical device for the effective transportation of samples that ensures the unbroken cold chain during transport.

Partes del dispositivo
Partes del dispositivo

Our purpose is to create a documentary where we can show the process of creating the medical device from scratch.

In this documentary, in addition to the design process and subsequent product development, we will see all the work carried out by the Trustto team together with MSF to develop the different parts that make up the device.

Thanks to this documentary, people will be able to experience firsthand the experiences along with all of us.

Documental Trustto x MSF
Documental Trustto x MSF


Objetivos de financiamiento
Objetivos de financiamiento

Our initial goal is to reach at least 1,500 euros to create a functional prototype in a very early phase, meaning it will not have the necessary functional requirements to be used in a real mission.

In the second phase, we aim to reach 2,500 euros to use real and fully functional materials, but it is not until 3,500 euros that we will be able to apply optimal industrial processes, as well as good finishes.

Our final goal is to reach 5,500 euros to create the fully functional device with the best finishes and industrial processes, verified by professionals in the sector.


Equipo Trustto
Equipo Trustto

We are a team of 3 female and 1 male students in the final year of Industrial Design Engineering (GEDI) at the Elisava University in Barcelona, with great enthusiasm to adopt innovative solutions in the sector.

Two of the group members specialize in product development, while the other two specialize in product management and design, forming an interdisciplinary team capable of adapting to different situations and contributing great ideas.

Each one of us will apply our knowledge to adopt an innovative and functional solution.


Prototipo téxtil
Prototipo téxtil

A medical device for the effective transportation of blood samples in remote areas of Sudan, Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic. This product seeks to address the logistical challenges and extreme weather conditions faced by these regions, ensuring the unbroken cold chain during transport.

Unlike the solutions offered by the market, an innovative design is proposed consisting of two components: the Charging Unit (UC) and the Transport Unit (UT).

The Charging Unit has the function of capturing and storing energy to transform it into cold, thus refrigerating the internal volume of the UT. The Transport Unit is responsible for maintaining the internal temperature between 2°C and 8°C, keeping the samples in optimal conditions during the mission.

This divided structure allows for the separation of the weight and complexity of the refrigeration system from the Transport Unit, offering better portability during long journeys and greater energy accessibility in areas without electricity.


Prototipo téxtil
Prototipo téxtil

We appreciate your collaboration with the project, and for this reason, we have devised a series of gifts.

As mentioned earlier, this project is focused on a social and non-profit domain, which is why it was decided to create a documentary compilation of all project phases.

This has been entirely recorded and edited by our team, allowing for a complete visualization of the medical device creation process.


All contributions received through the Verkami platform will be entirely used for the purchase of necessary materials for the device's manufacture.

Keep in mind that with this contribution, you are helping to develop new technical equipment for the Médecins Sans Frontières organization, which in turn will help ensure the lives of all those affected by various diseases.

Similarly, if the funds greatly exceed the goals, all remaining funds will be **donated entirely to Médecins Sans Frontières.



One of the main challenges of the project is that the lives of thousands of people depend on our product. This causes us concern, but at the same time encourages us to work harder to achieve the most careful design possible.

On the other hand, we also face a great challenge in trying to meet all the needs that arise during the protocol of action. The MSF team faces complex, dangerous, and different situations. For this reason, it is necessary to devise a device that adapts to different terrains and the lack of electricity.


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  • S'Agulla


    14 days

    Felicitats pel projecte, ÀNIMS!

  • Lourdes Saez

    Lourdes Saez

    about 1 months

    Endavant amb els projectes socials!!!

  • alvaro


    about 2 months

    La cultura de este país está mejorando. En Octubre más noticias de Pedro Almodóvar y Alejandro Amenábar.

  • alvaro


    about 2 months

    El 4 de Octubre es mi cumpleaños Tele pizzero. Que buena idea celebrarlo con un buen documental.

  • Ana Bravo

    Ana Bravo

    about 2 months

    Gracias por la oportunidad de contribuir a este fantástico proyecto!!

  • trustto team

    trustto team

    about 2 months

    Moltes gràcies pel teu suport, Pere!!

  • Pere Lacueva

    Pere Lacueva

    about 2 months

    Anims !!!

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