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Pharos - Trustto Team x Open Arms

Electric rescue drone incorporating foils to improve flight efficiency, with the objective of locating drifting vessels.

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Pharos - Trustto Team x Open Arms

What is Trustto and what is our objective?

Our project was born out of the humanitarian crisis that the Mediterranean has been experiencing for years, with thousands of deaths due to the deaths of vulnerable people because of the abandonment of the administrations that leave them adrift, in their flight caused by legal situations, persecution, or other types of structural violence.

Given the similarity of objectives and philosophy with the organization of Open Arms, is where this collaboration is created. Open Arms is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO), whose main mission is to protect the lives of all those people who try to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.

The link generated between our team of engineers and Open Arms has been carried out to be able to develop a boat of electric propulsion that incorporates *foils for a greater speed, with the objective to locate drifting boats.

About our idea

*Sketch conceptual de la proposta de valor
*Sketch conceptual de la proposta de valor

Our purpose is to create a documentary where we can show from scratch the process of creating a rescue device.

In this documentary, in addition to the design process and subsequent development of the product, we will see all the work done by the Trustto team together with Open Arms to develop this boat.

It will be equipped with foil technology to reduce the friction of the hull with the water and increase its speed up to 35 kt/h. In addition to obtaining an electric propulsion thanks to a POD type rotational motor and lithium batteries capable of supplying approximately 40 nusos of autonomy.

Who are we?

We are a team of students, formed by 7 future industrial design engineers.

Our team has a wide versatility and vision of engineering and design, thanks to our specialized product management and development departments.

Verkami Funding Objectives

Value proposal

The main function of the project is to create an autonomous rescue drone (*USV) with the help of IA that incorporates foils and an electric propulsion capable of generating a high performance that helps to detect the refugee boats and thus reduce the rescue time.

The boat will have an aerodynamic shape in multibucket format, where all the electronic components necessary for its autonomous operation will be incorporated.

About the rewards

We appreciate your collaboration to the project, and for this reason we have devised a series of objectives.

As we have mentioned before, this project is focused on a social and non-profit environment, which is why we have decided to make a compilation documentary of all the phases of the project.

This has been entirely recorded and edited by our team, and will allow a complete visualization of the process of creation of the rescue device.

Where will your contributions go?

All the contributions received through the platform *Verkami will be destined entirely to the purchase of the necessary material for the manufacture of the rescue device.

To think that with this contribution you are helping to develop new technical equipment for the organization of *Open *Arms, which, in its turn, will allow to be able to assure the life of all those persons who are adrift in the Mediterranean Sea.

Visita a Open Arms
Visita a Open Arms

In the same way, if the benefits achieved are exceeded, all the remaining funds will be donated in full to OpenArms.

Risks and challenges of the project

The project faces a great challenge in that many people's lives depend on their product. Although this generates concern, it also motivates the team to work hard to create the safest possible design.

Visita a Open Arms
Visita a Open Arms

In addition, they have to satisfy the diverse necessities that arise during the rescue protocols, which is a great challenge due to the complicated, perilous and diverse situations that the *Open *Arms team faces. Therefore, it is essential that the device that is developed can be adapted to different types of boats and guarantee the safety of the rescued.

Procés of prototyping
Procés of prototyping

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  • paco peña

    paco peña

    about 1 year

    Enhorabuena por el proyecto y mucho ánimo y suerte

  • Mentxu


    about 1 year

    Mucho ánimo para seguir con vuestra labor que el proyecto lo merece.

  • rovilagu@telefonica.net

    [email protected]

    about 1 year

    Albert I Rosa 👍

  • Núria LSol

    Núria LSol

    about 1 year

    Felicitats pel projecte i per la comunicació!

  • Carlos Villarroya Garcia

    Carlos Villarroya Garcia

    about 1 year

    Ánimo equipo!



    about 1 year

    Adelante con el proyecto!

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