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In ZARABANDA, Flamenco, Baroque music and a daring musical direction lead me to a new and original sound. Hear it and help us!

Sebastian Cruz

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The current state of the music market, where digital platforms give music almost for free, means that we need you to be able to finance musical projects regardless of their commercial interest. Our public thus becomes producers of the music we love and makes us vibrate. We thank you for all your support and effort to keep the culture alive, beyond fashions and interests that are not musical. THANK YOU!

Sebastián Cruz & Raúl Cantizano rehearsing
Sebastián Cruz & Raúl Cantizano rehearsing




¡NEW SINGLE! For all of you who are supporting this project.

Un fandango Valiente de Alosno

In October 2023 Sebastián Cruz's work will be released, something completely new and hopeful that shows us that not everything was written and sung in flamenco and that the future can be as wonderful as the past.

The cantaor will present his work based on the baroque music of Marin Marais and Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe.

Sebastián Cruz, together with a cast of outstanding musicians, offers us a new vision of the music he loves the most, full of sincerity, courage and sensitivity, capable of astonishing and thrilling in equal parts while writing another blank page in the book of flamenco. Sebastián has created new styles of cantes, something tremendously difficult and rare in flamenco, Tanguillos, Malagueña, Soleá, Fandangos or an absolutely new Taranta share space with other traditional cantes, accompanied, of course, in a surprising and modern way thanks to the courage of musicians free of prejudice and music lovers without barriers.

Although this album escapes from the world of flamenco. Baroque music navigates together with improvisation, free jazz and flamenco in a way that has never been heard before.

All wrapped up by a natural voice, of great possibilities and full of sincerity, the true core of the charm and attraction it arouses. A voice as necessary in flamenco as in other musics and we hope that this is only the beginning of a career full of surprises.

The colophon to the work comes from the hand of Stefan Winter and his peculiar vision of the art of the record recording. This is a live recording, where the sequence of the different takes of each song develops and changes each theme until the desired and possible union is achieved, if not perfect, then the desired and possible at each moment and thus reaching the maximum musical expression live.

Vocals: Sebastián Cruz

Flamenco guitar, electric guitar, palmas, hurdy-gurdy, voice, percussion: Raúl Cantizano

Double bass: Marco Serrato

Baritone saxophone, gaita gastoreña [hornpipe], flauta rociera [flute]: Juan M. Jiménez

Percussion: Antonio Moreno

Flamenco guitar: Alfredo Lagos

Flamenco guitar: Rafael Riqueni

Musical direction: Raúl Cantizano

Artistic advisor: Pedro G. Romero

Producer: Stefan Winter

Executive producer for Ola Management: Gerónimo Navarrete

Executive Producers for Winter & Winter: Mariko Takahashi and Stefan Winter

Management: Gerónimo Navarrete, Ola Management

Label: Winter & Winter

The record has 12 songs:

1 Te quiero con el alma. Malagueña

Lyrics: Popular

2 De mis soledades vengo. Caña

Lyrics: Lope de Vega

3 Arroyos sonoros. Soleá

Lyrics: Lope de Vega

4 Amada pastora mía. Tanguillos

Lyrics: Lope de Vega

5 La noche. Canción

Lyrics: Ramón Andrés

6 Desacordado de loco. Fandango Barroco

Lyrics: Lope de Vega

7 País del sueño. Zarabanda

Lyrics: Edgar Alan Poe. Adap : Sebastián Cruz

8 Nace la aurora. Serrana

Lyrics: Popular / Sebastián Cruz

9 Siendo cenizas. Taranta

Lyrics: Sebastián Cruz /Popular

10 El sol tiene que salir. Fandango valiente de Alosno

Lyrics: Popular

11 La soledad del alba. Seguiriya

Lyrics: Popular /Sebastián Cruz

12 Se me apareció la muerte. Malagueña

Lyrics: Popular

Alfredo Lagos, Pedro G Romero, Stefan Winter, Sebastián Cruz, Marco Serrato & Raúl Cantizano
Alfredo Lagos, Pedro G Romero, Stefan Winter, Sebastián Cruz, Marco Serrato & Raúl Cantizano


All the world
All the world's mornings affiche

Sebastián Cruz. Zarabanda.

Text by Pedro G. Romero. August 2023

Yes, in flamenco there are wonders like this. I'm not just referring to the art of recordings and dance shows. Before that, there are the artists who, in the midst of hostile environments, inadequate at least, develop an extreme, special sensitivity, they build a world for themselves.

Sebastián Cruz is from Huelva. He has been a professional cante singer for a long time, and in his free time he is attached to the land: greyhounds, horses, the countryside and its labours. A slaughterman by trade, one day Alain Corneau's film Tous les matins du monde came into his hands and his ears were filled with the music of Monsieur Sainte-Colombe and Marin Marais. And the viola da gamba of Jordi Savall. Every early morning he would go out into the countryside, to walk his dogs, with the sound of Savall, of the Sainte-Colombe that Savall had invented, playing inside his head.

In a natural way he began to widen his vocal register thanks to what his ear told him, to what the viola da gamba spoke to him. The soleá, the caña, the malagueña began to infiltrate that sound and that melody. The academic obsessions of flamenco continued, the metrics, the tones, the tunings, but, naturally, the graft on the tree grew in its own way. There is an extreme sensitivity in Sebastián's fingers capable of handling such an exquisite musical legacy. If I lacked anything to convince me, I recommended that he read Ramón Andrés, as we know, an expert on the sound and tempo of these baroque musics. Cruz went to the marrow, to his poetry, and La noche took shape in the midst of these tempestuous waters. The storm became a watering place.

There is something natural in all this. Flamenco takes on a musical roots that come from the common Atlantic of the 16th and 17th centuries, that Afro-Andalusian Caribbean described by the Mexican musicologist León Griego. Flamenco de ida and Huelva. What flamenco decanted from below, the so-called French baroque does, academically, we would say from above. The Folies d'Espagne de Marais proves it. Sometimes, walking through our mountains and marshes, we discover an American plant, a flower from the Pyrenees or Provence and we learn that the whole landscape is a human construction, a cultural product, an artifice of history. There is as much human hand in the leaves of the tree as in the leaves of the book.

In many ways this work is the child of a certain agriculture. Its sound has been watered with care and grown in the roughness of a jungle, since those first demos that Sebastián recorded with his own mobile phone. Of course, Raúl Cantizano has known how to give it the necessary vibe, the 21st century also sounds like this. It is not a question of false historicism, nor of fusion or transfusion of any kind. Cantizano's portentous imagination unfolds like moss and adheres like damp moss on the forest floor. It is a matter of letting the intricate forest of wonder take root in the midst of our modern gadgets, in the protective heart of our room, in the rough cement of our cities.

Sebastián Cruz has invited us to share these findings. With Raúl Cantizano -as we have already said-, Juan Jiménez, Antonio Moreno and Marco Serrato he has constructed a sonority for flamenco that we could describe as "new" if we did not already know how outdated those terms are in the genre, where the most advanced avant-garde is mere tradition. This is also demonstrated by the soleá he performs with the maestro Rafael Riqueni. Or the precision that Alfredo Lagos brings every time he picks up the guitar with an astonishing sonority and mathematics.

It is an almost perfect work. Sebastián Cruz is yet another example of flamenco without complexes, settled, adult, now detached from paternalism and adolescence. Flamenco has always been an autonomous art. With an extreme sensitivity, yes, that's how this flamenco from Huelva sounds, from his time, from now, when flamenco is achieving its independence.


We also have the collaboration of two fundamental guitarists to understand the flamenco of the last 30 years Alfredo Lagos and Rafael Riqueni.

The album will be produced and edited by Stefan Winter director and producer of the prestigious German record label Winter & Winter specialized in classical and contemporary music fusion projects. Artists such as Fred Frizt, Uri Caine or Bill Frissel are part of his exclusive catalog.

who we are

Sebastián Cruz:

Musician, Cantaor.

Raúl Cantizano and his soundpaella
Raúl Cantizano and his soundpaella

Raúl Cantizano:

Musician, flamenco guitar and more...

Marco Serrato
Marco Serrato

Marco Serrato:

Musician, contrabass.

Juan Jiménez
Juan Jiménez

Juan Jiménez

Musician, saxofonist

Antonio Moreno
Antonio Moreno

Antonio Moreno

Musician, Percussionist

Alfredo Lagos
Alfredo Lagos

Alfredo Lagos:

Musician, Guitarrist.

Rafael Riqueni and Raúl Cantizano rehearsing
Rafael Riqueni and Raúl Cantizano rehearsing

Rafael Riqueni:

Musician, Guitarrist.

Pedro G Romero
Pedro G Romero

Pedro G. Romero:

Artist, researcher, artistic counselor.

Stefan Winter
Stefan Winter

Stefan Winter:

Producer, Director of the label Winter and winter.

Gerónimo Navarrete:


What we will use your contributions for

Most of the money will go to pay for the recording studio, the sound engineer, music production, mastering and vinyl editing.

Planned schedule

Rehearsals and preparation of the recording:** ** June 2022 to February 19, 2023.

From June 2022 to February 19, 2023.

Recording: February to June 2023.

From February to June 2023.

Mastering and vinyl edition: July and August 2023.

July and August 2023.

LP release: October 2023.

October 2023.

Rewards such as LPs will be delivered after the presentation of the album in October.

Rewards such as classes or concerts must be agreed with Sebastián Cruz and can be offered before October.

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Tel: 609 444 815


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  • Sebastian Cruz

    Sebastian Cruz

    9 months

    Muchas Gracias ♥️🍀

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    Fernando Bando

    9 months


  • Sebastian Cruz

    Sebastian Cruz

    9 months

    Un millón de Gracias!! Un Fuerte Abrazo 🤗 ♥️

  • Pacolega


    9 months

    ¡Adelante, merece la pena!

  • Sebastian Cruz

    Sebastian Cruz

    10 months

    Un millón de Gracias. Un Fuerte Abrazo 🤗

  • Stendhal62


    10 months

    Mucha suerte

  • Sebastian Cruz

    Sebastian Cruz

    about 1 year

    Muchísimas Gracias a todas la personas que estáis haciendo realidad mi sueño!! Un millón de Gracias ♥️🎼

  • Fran Gil

    Fran Gil

    about 1 year

    Mucha suerte Sebastián! Un fuerte abrazo

  • Paul saiger

    Paul saiger

    about 1 year

    Pleased I could help my friend

  • Juan Ros

    Juan Ros

    over 1 year

    Que bueno, diferente y que arte. Enhorabuena!

#04 / ¡Quiero recompensaros!

Quiero recompensar a tod@s los que habéis aportado a esta campaña y habéis apostado por mi y por la música.

Una manera en que puedo hacerlo es invitando a mis actuaciones a todos los mecenas.

Así que por favor, cuando veas que actúo en tu ciudad o cerca de ella y quieras ir a ver el concierto no dudes en escribirme y pedirme una invitación. ¡Estar atentos a mis redes sociales!

Dentro de las posibilidades de la sala y de las invitaciones que tenga seréis los primeros en sentaros y disfrutar del espectáculo.

Muchas gracias a tod@s y espero veros pronto en persona.

El 19 de noviembre actuamos en Cádiz y estrenamos espectáculo. En el Teatro Falla a las 20:00.

¡Un fuerte abrazo!

Sebastián Cruz

#03 / Por Fin lo Conseguimos!!! Zarabanda ya vio la Luz!!

Quiero Agradecer a todas las personas que han puesto su confianza y su aportaciòn como mecenas en este proyecto tan interesante que acaba de ver la Luz. Gracias de Corazòn, sin vuestras aportaciones no se hubiese hecho realidad. Ahora que acaba de salir el disco, quiero que lo disfruteis como algo vuestro. Vuestro cariño e ìnteres en este trabajo han sido muy importantes desde un principio. No hay nada màs bonito para un Artista que desarrollar lo que tiene guardado en su alma, pero sin vosotros esto hubiera sido mucho màs difìcil. Muchas Gracias a Todas y a Todos de Corazòn. Sebastiàn Cruz Màrquez.


Buenos dias. Queremos que seáis los primeros en saber que acabamos de subir un nuevo single del disco. Esta vez se trata de un cante muy querido por mi, de mi tierra. Un fandango valiente de Alosno al que le hemos metido alguna travesura.

Espero que os guste.

Muchas gracias a todos.

Sebastian Cruz


Hace 10 días que empecé esta campaña y ya casi hemos llegado al 50%. Os agradezco enormemente a todos el esfuerzo que habéis hecho. Muchas gracias de todo corazón.

Dentro de unos días os voy a dar otro adelanto del disco para que lo vayáis disfrutando.

Un fuerte abrazo a todos.

Sebastian Cruz.

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