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Clarobscurs - Més obscur que clar

Short film starring Juanjo, a decadent artist who achieves success in a gruesome way, and for the first time in his career.

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Clarobscurs is a transmedia project that ponders on the contradictions that success and a feeling of unworthiness might spark. This is a non-profit driven project, created within the framework of university, as a Final Degree Thesis.

Starring Josep Maria Alejandre & Marcel Tomàs.

Our main platform is a short fiction film starring Juanjo, a painter swarmed by feelings of frustration, and unable to value himself. Clarobscurs also features other platforms and resources, such as a webpage, a short documentary film, an exhibition and all the content posted on social media. These converge and are combined to deliver a transmedia narrative which amplifies and dives deep in the message, meanings and characters of the short film.

A of right now, the short has already been filmed and is in the post-production phase, while the rest of the platforms are in active development. We expect to have them launched and deployed before the end of February.

Please help us with a contribution to help cover the costs and making the project reach new heights!

Our work ethic and our circumstances allow us to produce first, recover costs second. Even though we're more than willing to put our money on the line, and show our commitment this way, it's not a viable strategy in the long run, and we will not restrict ourselves to smaller productions.

We've chosen this strategy because we truly believe in our skills and we're willing to invest in our vision, but this being an ambitious transmedia project with a lot of roads to explore and stories to tell, if the campaign is successful we will consider following up on the project with new productions.

If you make a contribution, you're helping us cover the costs of an already established production, which means the delivery of the main part of the project, the short film, is guaranteed. But Clarobscurs is not only that: we've also got a webpage, a short documentary, an exhibition and social media content in development. All these resources amplify and enhance the story we want to tell, and it is thanks to your contribution that we can go above and beyond to improve and deliver new experiences.

The film stars the incredible performances of Josep Maria Alejandre, who gives life to the afflicted painter Juanjo Arfelis, and Marcel Tomàs, who embodies his manager, both inside the short and in social media.

The Clarobscurs technical team is made up of 10 students currently studying their last year of the Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia (ERAM/UdG).

The film has been written and directed by Raimon Casanovas and Alba Bauçà. To get to know better our team, you can meet us through @barrocafilms, where you can also find out about the latest updates onour project (and hopefully, our next ones!).

To enjoy our project and its multiple platforms, we've prepared a variety of exclusive rewards, only available through Verkami and only during the duration of the campaign.

This is your chance to get a hold of "internal use only" documents, discovering new details about Juanjo's story, leaving your eternal mark in the credits of the short, or if you're feeling extra generous, becoming part of Clarobscurs' story with the photoshoot pack sponsored by the artist's own personal manager, who you can find at @eudaldartmanagement.

Or, just make a contribution to help the project and the team reach even further. All contributions are welcome!

Please, before making any contribution, check the "More Information" section you'll find below.

Even though the short film has been already shot and is currently undergoing the editing phase, there's still a lot of transmedia content in the works. According to our calendar, all content will have been finished by the midst of February.

Once all the content has been finished, during the second half of February and the first half of March when all rewards will be sent and the rest of the content posted. We estimate all digital rewards will be delivered in a very short span of time, while physical rewards would take up to 10 days to be released.

The best way to stay updated is through our social media accounts! Follow us on @barrocafilms and @eudaldartmanagement to discover new content, news, the release of new content and much more! In the event of modifications or issues, we will use those platforms to reach out to the community.

Please, before making any contribution read carefully the following terms.

  • Physical rewards will only be sent to Spain and only within the peninsular territory.

  • The exhibition will be open to the public, and will be displayed on the second floor of El Modern (Carrer Nou del Teatre 16, Girona), the days 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of February.

  • We expect to send all rewards and packages before the 15th of March.

  • If you've purchased the reward "An empty studio", please contact us through social media to organise your visit and the delivery of the rewards.


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  • alvaro


    about 2 months

    Tendré un taller de pintura si consigo los 100 millones que sortean esta noche. He leído que hay premios seguros de un millón de euros. ¡Rezar!

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