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Poemario devorador ilustrado: En el nombre del Hambre

Dramaturgia poética de la performance En el Nombre del Hambre con la voz poética de Lucía Callén e ilustrado por Edén Herrera

Lucía Callén

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The devouring poetry book In the Name of Hunger is a poetic book that compiles the dramaturgical text of the homonymous butoh dance performance developed by Lucía Sombras (Lucía Callén)and illustrated by the designer and editor Eden Herrera.

A self-published book that we are gestating together with extreme delicacy, sharing the creative process to weave a visual poetics, raw and carnivorous, but also intimate and sensitive, so that it can serve as a collective creative trigger.

We ask ourselves this question:

How much is the process of creation linked to the liberation of the female libido?.

We still have much, if not everything, to discover about sexuality from the feminine point of view. What we do know is that we must first dare to overcome the fear of confronting our demons, the veils of horror that the patriarchal history of sexuality, with a predominantly Roman heritage, has imprinted on femininity, constructing in the collective unconscious a grotesque image of a devouring and fateful monster when it goes from being a desired object to a desiring subject.

This pretend to be a manual that, through words and images, may helps us to enter into the hidden mystery of devouring sexuality. We embody the archetype of the dark woman in metamorphosis, the spider woman, to reach the centre of the body, the labyrinthine intestine of dance, where we may discover and recover our sacred fire.

Who are we, the spider mothers?

Eden Herrera. Asturias. 1984

She has a degree in Philosophy, but even before she could think, she was already drawing. She has been drawing since she began to be able to hold a felt-tip pen. She designs books professionally, especially magic books for the publishing house Mystica, and as an editorial service for self-publishing. He typeset, illustrates, and designs covers, etc.

"Making books makes me very happy. In the Name of Hunger is one of those projects that I feel like a gift. Since Lucía offered it to me, the term "tornar" (to return, to come back) comes to my mind in a recurrent way. In the Name of Hunger is for me a synonym for a return to the chaos, the fog, the rust and the noise, to which I feel I belong. From my first approach to Lucía's work I feel a punk impulse that invites me to play, that elusive and authentic freedom that is so satisfying. Welcome to a cathartic banquet."

Lucía Callén. Salamanca 1984
Doctor in Neurosciences, butoh dancer, playwright and poet of the flesh, actress-performer and stage creator. She develops her project as an independent creator in La Sombras & Company, in collaboration with various international artists and other companies. She uses butoh dance, voice and physical-oniric theatre for the becoming of the body-consciousness in its poetic, erotic and wild state.

"Writing this performance in the format of an illustrated book has been a process of very pleasurable collective gestation that has converged the creative gaze of many artists and that I trust, it will continue to allow us to build a strong and flexible web that will help us to perpetrate our creative births."


What is this story about?


Our story tells the journey of a warrior, heroine, or rather errorine, who sacrifices herself to give birth again, and in the process, having carefully woven the threads of her own re-creation, to offer the fire of creative power back to the world.

Contracting and expanding, unfolding her threads, which will sometimes act as a refuge, sometimes as traps and entanglements, in which even she herself may become trapped; this archetype will show us the paths of the labyrinth into which she enters in order to free the body from its unconscious social prisons: from its demands, deceptions and disguises, and thus give it the opportunity to constitute itself in another way.

Poetry of the Flesh: Beyond a Poetic Book

This will be the first book given birth to a writing process that I have called "poetry of the flesh", and which is constituted as a new form of performative dramaturgy where the reader/viewer will be able to continue the narrative plot.

Each of the collected poems, "flesh poems", have been previously metabolised in the viscera, and are the de facto product, or waste product, of this internal movement turned first into dance. Then into voice, word and sound. But now also in image, thanks to the encounter, the creative synergy and the genius of my partner Eden Herrera.

We want you to experience the carnemas in a multisensory feast. In addition to the book, we are cooking "sound postcards" and "plates with 3D effects" with exclusive designs, which you will find in the rewards, within the different "Menus" that we offer you to satisfy different types of voracity.

They will then be inscribed in the flesh like hieroglyphics, and will be deciphered and revealed in your psyche through the pulses that will weave the next thread. We are sure that a new plot will reveal itself in your imaginary, contributing to widen this collective creative fabric on which we mutually feed each other.

About the rewards

We have prepared the rewards in MENU format to delight all kinds of stomachs:

  • To satisfy basic survival we have the WAPER MENU for €25 which includes the illustrated book on paper, your name in the acknowledgements and shipping costs to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

  • To quench the thirst for adventure, the BIG QUEEN MENU for €35, which in addition to the illustrated book on paper, allows you to choose between a sound postcard with a design and an audio poem or a design and special effects print, your name in the acknowledgements and shipping costs to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

  • To satisfy the first voracity, the MENU BRUTAL QUEEN for 50€ includes the illustrated book on paper, a sound postcard with a design and an audio poem, a design and special effects print, your name in the acknowledgements and shipping costs to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

  • For long-lasting voracities we offer the DOUBLE QUEEN MENU for 150€ which, in addition to the illustrated book on paper, includes a collection of 5 design and special effects sheets, a 2-hour ONLINE and/or PRESENT MASTER CLASS in Poetic Dramaturgy through movement with Lucía Callén, your name in the acknowledgements and shipping costs to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

  • For banquets and special meetings we offer our MENU BACANTES for 500€ which in addition to a pack of 3 illustrated books includes the presentation in bookshops, galleries or artistic spaces with a poetic recital, or the MENU LILITH for 800€ which includes the complete live performance with audiovisual projection.

  • And for those of you who are on a diet, the 15€ PETITE MENU will allow you to choose between the sound postcard with a design and an audio poem or the design and special effects print, with shipping costs to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

But ¡¡¡ATTENTION!!!, we will be offering an EXCLUSIVE GIFT for all those who contribute during the FIRST DAY of the campaign.

Remember that if you want us to send it abroad you must also include the option International Shipping.

What will your contributions go to?

The money we receive will be used mainly for the production of the book: design, edition and printing of about 200 units; and for its translation, since, in a second edition, we want to print it in English for the international diffusion of the project.

Also to the printing of the design materials: the sound postcards and the special effects prints, the production of other items for the Verkami and the dissemination campaign itself.

We estimate the biggest expense for everything related to shipping and packaging. So, in some cases, if life and time allow us, we will be able to hand deliver.

+ Info

You can know more about the POETRY OF FLESH project and about the DANCE BUTOH in this one of the programme Atónitos Huéspedes in Aragón Tv

  • The shadow of the dance (is the light)]

This article describing my previous project: "Cuerpos de la Vejez" in Godot Magazine

  • https://www.revistagodot.com/la-danza-butoh-como-herramienta-de-intervencion-social/

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  • Anna


    about 1 year

    Qué ganas de verlo hecho realidad!!

  • Lucía Callén

    Lucía Callén

    about 1 year

    Gracias compañera!!!!

  • Anukka


    about 1 year

    Encantada de apoyar a proyectos tan buenos

  • Mikel Urtasun

    Mikel Urtasun

    about 1 year

    Ya qeda poqito.. esto está hecho. Gracias por la inspiración y por tanto arte. Muxu

  • Lucía Callén

    Lucía Callén

    about 1 year

    jajaja muchas gracias Alexander, no te quepa duda que pondremos gambas en el menú!!!

  • Alexander Meise

    Alexander Meise

    about 1 year

    En el nombre de las gambas

  • Miriam Suan

    Miriam Suan

    about 1 year

    Enhorabuena Artistazas!

  • Alba Garcia

    Alba Garcia

    about 1 year

    ¡Deseando tener todo entre mis manos para devorarlo!

  • Lucía Callén

    Lucía Callén

    about 1 year

    Si, estoy ya es un ejemplo real de la doble página. Es una pasada el trabajo de Eden Herrera

  • Antonio Callen

    Antonio Callen

    about 1 year

    Esto ya va tomando fuerza. Me gustan mucho las ilustraciones del último correo que he recibido.

#10 / Aquí llega el muestrario de los diseños ¡Elige el tuyo!

¡Queridos mecenas! Ya podéis ver el muestrario de todos los diseños de las postales y láminas ilustradas que está preparando Eden Herrera y algunas fotos de Francesca Todeschini de la performance. Id eligiendo que en breve tendréis que rellenarnos los formularios con vuestras selecciones.


GRACIAS por apostar por la creación artística independiente y poner los huesos para que la poesía se haga carne.

¡Hemos concluido la CAMPAÑA @verkami con mucho éxito!

Esperamos que a lo largo del mes de mayo podamos tener el poemario en nuestras manos.

Muy pronto nos pondremos en contacto con los mecenas para haceros llegar vuestras recompensas.

Os iremos actualizando info por aquí. Si tenéis cualquier duda podéis escribirme directamente al teléfono o al mail. Soy toda vuestra.

Animación e ilustración de mi querida compañera Eden Herrera  @dnhrrr
Animación e ilustración de mi querida compañera Eden Herrera @dnhrrr

#08 / Entrevista de Lideresas de Villaverde a En el Nombre del Hambre

Os dejamos con el programa de Las Lideresas de Villaverde entrevistando a Lucía Callén y Eden Herrera para hablar del poemario En el Nombre del Hambre


"En este episodio Las Lideresas de Villaverde reciben a Lucía Sombras para hablarnos de su poemario ilustrado y la campaña de crowdfunding que está realizando para sacar el poemario adelante. Nuestras lideresas nos cuentan como han pasado Semana Santa y por supuesto cerramos el programa mezclando humor y poesía. Todo esto y mucho más… ¡Aquí en Omc Radio!"

#06 / Despertando el tejido nervioso en la mirada de la carne

Estamos a punto de despertar del tejido nervioso del sueño.

Hacer rugir el espasmo sensorial de la carne.

Saborearnos de codo a palabra, de pies a temblores.

Gracias a ti veremos muy pronto la luz que está deseando estallar de lenguas en este poemario, ilustrado por @dnhrrr y apalabrado por @luciasombras

Ilusctración de @dnhrrr
Ilusctración de @dnhrrr

#04 / Aracnosis Dance

La araña pone en relación los puntos escogidos de referencia en el espacio para construir su tela

Animación 3D creada por Eden Herrera para En el Nombre del Hambre
Animación 3D creada por Eden Herrera para En el Nombre del Hambre

"Porque la araña no teje por placer, sino por necesidad. Al igual que el artista de los tiempo antiguos, la finalidad de su obra es exterior a la obra misma" Chantal Maillard

#02 / I am waking up in a new body...

I just need to feed myself

Ilustración de la animación de Eden Herrera
Ilustración de la animación de Eden Herrera

En el Nombre del Hambre no es solo un libro, sino una experiencia para alcanzar el estado más sublime de la carne, desprendiéndonos de todas las pieles que ya no nos sirven como mujeres. Una poética que nace de la danza butoh, para entretejer el texto con el arte gráfico.

    Ver esta publicación en Instagram            Una publicación compartida de Lucía Sombras (@luciasombras) 
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