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Piano recording of Beethoven's "Pastoral" sonata

Musical project where Piano Beethoven's Pastoral Sonata will be recorded in a professional studio with a quality video clip.


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Explanation of the project

The project consists of recording a series of musical pieces in a professional recording studio to be released as an album. Beethoven's Pastoral Sonata Op. 28 n. 15 in D major will be the most important one and for this reason a part of the funds raised will go to the recording and montage of the video that will accompany the piece.

This is a project to bring classical music closer to the people, we want to make accessible and understandable this music so distant for many of the young people by putting these pieces in the newest social networks.

Thank you very much in advance!

Who are we?

We are a non-profit cultural association with the objective of providing musical opportunities to young musicians. We also fight to democratise classical music through social networks. Without renouncing tradition, but with an eye to the new generations.

Project members:

Xavier de la Fuente Touris

Xavier de la Fuente is a 19-year-old student of the ESMUC who has completed the professional degree in music at the Oriol Martorell artistic institute.

The artistic and personal particularity of this young pianist is his short career as a piano student. When he was 16 years old, he realised that the piano had to be part of his life. So, with the help of the pianist and teacher Xavier Pardo Sabartés, he managed to enter the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

Xavier Pardo Sabartés

Xavier Pardo Sabartés began his musical studies at the Escolania de Montserrat, under the mastery of Father Ireneu Segarra, studying piano with Vicenç Prunés, violin and organ. Later, he started studying the harpsichord with Jordi Reguant and, at the same time, the piano with Jordi Camell. He completed his higher piano studies at the Conservatori Superior de Música de Barcelona with Miquel Farré, finishing with the maximum marks.

He has been a pianist at the Orfeó Català Choral School, and is currently a piano and chamber music teacher at the IEA Oriol Martorell in Barcelona, combining his teaching and concert activity.

The rewards!

The main reward of the project is to appear in all the videos in the credits section (if they are companies with the logo, personal with the name). Together with the personalised CD sent totally free of cost with a dedication.

Depending on the funds raised we will see what other rewards we can offer to our donors!

Planned schedule

The final project will be published on social media in September 2022.

More information

To find out more about the project please contact: [email protected]

Keep an eye out for more updates on Instagram or YouTube!

Instagram: @xxavi73_
Youtube: Xavi de la Fuente Piano

Thank you very much for your support


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  • Llagaria


    9 months

    Hola. Quería saber en qué situación se encuentra el proyecto, porque desde que terminó la campaña no he vuelto a tener noticias.

  • Joan


    almost 2 years

    Molta sort xavis

  • MaGda


    almost 2 years

    Desitjant que arribi l'octubre per tenir aquesta recompensa tan especial! Felicitats pel projecte i que la música no pari!



    about 2 years

    Eduard Velasco Puges. Sort!!

  • Marina Touris Pamies

    Marina Touris Pamies

    about 2 years

    Sóc la iaia Tere. Molta Sort!!

  • Marina Touris Pamies

    Marina Touris Pamies

    about 2 years

    Sóc la iaia Pili. Molta Sort!!

  • Marina Touris Pamies

    Marina Touris Pamies

    about 2 years

    Sóc la iaia Pili. Molta Sort!!

  • Laura Aguilar

    Laura Aguilar

    about 2 years

    Molta sort al nou projecte aportació feta per la Tona.

  • Marina Touris Pamies

    Marina Touris Pamies

    about 2 years

    De la Maruchi. Mucha suerte!!

  • Marina Touris Pamies

    Marina Touris Pamies

    about 2 years

    De la Maruchi. Mucha suerte!!

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