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Matsuri Festival

Japanese cultural festival based on cultural and traditional folk entertainment.

Ryuji Murakami

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The Matsuri Festival is back in Barcelona City! Join us in an unprecedented celebration of the best of traditional Japanese culture, right here in the heart of Catalonia! The Matsuri encourages cultural exchange through traditional dance, performance, music, food, and revelry. After a difficult pandemic situation for all, we are looking forward to reconnecting with the Japanese community in Barcelona, and we hope that you will join us June 4th and 5th at Moll de la Fusta to make it a truly unforgettable event.

We hope the whole metropolitan community will turn out for the event. Past editions have seen more than 25,000 party-goers attend, but we won’t rest on our past laurels.

This year, we want to go bigger and better and You are the main character!

We hope to see you at Moll de la Fusta, on Barcelona’s breathtaking oceanfront, but we are tasking you with an important mission: Prevent important traditional Japanese practices from falling into oblivion, by joining with us to put all hands on deck. We need your help in organizing the best Matsuri Festival in history. Staying true to our roots, we will enjoy cultural and traditional folk entertainment, which you may have a tough time finding even in Japan!

We have commissioned works from spectacular Japanese artists, with exhibitions of their works being displayed during the festival.

We want to unite people through the charm of Japanese tradition. We want to tell an alternative narrative to popularised J-Pop, Manga and Otaku. Join us for a truly traditional and breathtaking perspective. We hope the youth will be reconnected with the essence of Japan, and we view this goal as central to our society, goals, and future evolution. Japan has a rich cultural diversity, and we will capture this at Matsuri, 2022.

We look forward to propelling forward this diverse cultural exchange, together with you. So tie your kimonos, pour your sake and come celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun with us at Matsuri, 2022.

  • About rewards

- Minimum Level


Help us with a small contribution to create the Matsuri Festival.

- Video Fans Level

Dress up in your best traditional Japanese clothes or cosplay and record yourself on video! When you select this level it has the option to make a short video, send it to us and we will broadcast it on our social media. By appearing on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK. You can also be the main character of the event!!

Video format: .mov and .mp4

Video Fans Level 1

€10 - 5 second video.

Video Fans Level 2

€50 - 30 second video

- Merchandising Level

  • T- Shirt

Camiseta MATSURI 2022
Camiseta MATSURI 2022

T-shirt original design by Jun Chihara Matsuri Festival 2022 (and gift A4 poster - Limited number)


>>>This T-shirt is not for sale. We will not sell it on the day of the event at the Matsuri stand, only available through Crowdfunding.

  • Basic Chōchin Option

Chōchin (提灯 – Japanese lamp)

40 units

100€ option

We will write your name/company name in Spanish or Japanese calligraphy (as we prefer), we will hang them on the SIDE and BACK of the stage as a symbol of gratitude.

  • Deluxe Chōchin Option

14 Units

150€ option

We will write your name/company name in Spanish or Japanese calligraphy (as you prefer), we will hang them on the FRONT part of the stage as a symbol of gratitude.

- Level for Bussines Companies/Brands

  • Logo Company Basic: 400€

Fan Design
Fan Design

Example back fan 2017 edition. Your logo will appear in the right area of the new 2022 version
Example back fan 2017 edition. Your logo will appear in the right area of the new 2022 version

Illustration of Jun Chihara design on one side. The program and limited 10 Logos are printed on the other side. (10,000 original paper fans will be distributed free of charge at the MATSURI venue.)

- Logo Company Extra - €2000

Everybody that select "LOGO COMPANY EXTRA" will have:

  • The company/brand logo will appear in Information area at the Matsuri Festival and our SNS (Social Media: Instagram and Facebook)

  • Matsuri 2022 T-Shirt x10

  • Before the main artist's performance (from 6 o’clock) will be acknowledgments by presenters on stage. The company/brand logo will appear at the Matsuri Festival.

  • Your logo on the Fan/Fan (1 of 10 units, new design Jun Chihara 2022).

  • Poster gift, Jun Chihara design.

- Logo Company Deluxe - 5000€

1 Limited Patron

For a collaborator who selects this level, they must take the rewards of all levels from €10 to €2000*. Just the firts patron will have the opportunity to send us material and will be placed on stage!

*If it will set on the bottom space of the stage, the size is H60cm W650cm.

*If it will set on the side pole of the stage, the size is H200cmW300cm

  • Matsuri 2022 T-shirt (x 30). The company logo or your design will be printed on the front. The 2022 MATSURI main image designed by Jun Chihara is printed on the back.

  • Chōchin with your name/company name (Only 2 in the centre of the front top)

  • Your logo at the Matsuri Festival (The company/brand logo will appear in Information area at the Matsuri Festival and our SNS, Social Media: Instagram and Facebook)

  • Acknowledgments by presenters on stage

  • Your logo on the Fan/Fan: An illustration designed by Jun Chihara is printed on one side, and the program and only your LOGO are printed on the other side. 1000 sheets will be printed and distributed free of charge at the venue.

  • Gift Poster design Jun Chihara

  • You have time to send us the material you want to put on the Matsuri stage before June 2 (the day the event starts.)

  • What will we allocate your contributions to

Due to the COVID-19 situation it has been difficult to return to normality, we want to offer you an unforgettable experience that lives up to the Matsuri name and for that reason you can participate in the very creation of the festival. Your contributions will be used to cover the expenses generated by its realization.

  • About us

For 8 years Matsuri has been carried out thanks to the passion of a large group ofcollaborators. Every year we all get together to create the Matsuri Festival with all our enthusiasm without receiving anything in return. Our will is to bring traditional Japanese culture to everyone and now is also your opportunity to join, with your collaboration you can also be the protagonists of this Festival.

  • Planned schedule

The Matsuri Festival dates will be June 4 and 5 at Moll de la Fusta (Barcelona), 2022, but we will leave a little more time after that date so that you can obtain the rewards that we offer you. Once the Crowdfunding is over, we will send the corresponding rewards in the following months October-November.


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  • Olgabn


    almost 2 years

    M’encanta el Matsuri! aquest any no puc aportar gaire ho sento. No deixeu de celebrar-lo, ありがとうございます!

  • Saori kawadaki

    Saori kawadaki

    almost 2 years


  • 西尾 裕子

    西尾 裕子

    almost 2 years


  • A N

    A N

    about 2 years

    提灯の名前は、かるみーにょ でお願いできますか?

  • 菅野 夏子

    菅野 夏子

    about 2 years


#03 / ¡Solo 7 días para el Festival Matsuri!

Este año el Matsuri y el final de nuestro crowdfunding está a la vuelta de la esquina. Queremos daros las gracias a todos los que nos están ayudando a conseguirlo. ¡Nos gustaría avisarte de las recompensas que todavía siguen disponibles hasta el día 5 de Junio!:

- Nivel Mínimo. 10€
¡Ayúdanos con una pequeña aportación a crear el Festival Matsuri!

- Nivel video Fans 1. 10€
¡Vestiros con vuestras mejores ropas tradicionales japonesas o cosplay y grabaros en video! enviadnoslo y lo emitiremos en nuestras redes sociales.

Tiempo vídeo: 5 segundos.

- Nivel video Fans 2: 50€
¡Vestiros con vuestras mejores ropas tradicionales japonesas o cosplay y grabaros en video! enviadnoslo y lo emitiremos en nuestras redes sociales.

Tiempo vídeo: 30 segundos.

- Camiseta Matsuri 2022: 50€

Diseño original de Jun Chihara Festival Matsuri 2022 (y de regalo poster A4 - Número limitado)


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#02 / ¡Hemos llegado al 80% de nuestro objetivo!

¡Es gracias a vosotros que hemos llegado a recaudar un 80% de nuestro objetivo! Por esa razón hemos decidido alargar el crowdfunding hasta el último día del evento, 5 de Junio, para que podáis disfrutar de nuestras recompensas.

Además aprovechamos para traeros el programa oficial del Festival Matsuri

#01 / ¡Hemos llegado al 50% de nuestro objetivo!

Queríamos agradecer a todos nuestros mecenas por habernos ayudado hasta la mitad de nuestro objetivo. Todo el equipo está muy contento por ver que tenemos seguidores tan fieles y que apoyan tanto la cultura tradicional japonesa.

¡¡Todavía queda la mitad del camino, vamos a por ello!!


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