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3TimesRebel. Feminism. Literature. Languages.

A new Scottish press (with a Catalan heart) promoting translated fiction written by women in minority languages.

Bibiana Mas

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Dundee, United Kingdom
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3TimesRebel Press (3TR) is an independent publishing house, born in Scotland with the aim of translating into English works by committed and talented women authors who choose to write in minority languages (Catalan, Basque, Galician, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh...).

The first two translations we’ll publish are the following: one from Catalan, with the acclaimed Terres Mortes by Núria Bendicho (translated into English as Dead Lands) and the other from the Basque, a reference work of contemporary Basque fiction: Amek Ez Dute (translated into English as Mothers Don't) by Katixa Agirre.

Dead Lands, chosen as 'Catalan Book of the Year 2021' by La Vanguardia and Finalist of the 'Llibreter' and 'Òmnium' Awards, is a kaleidoscopic narrative that unfolds an atavistic universe where the characters are bound by a brutal origin, two deaths and a dark secret.

If you want to read a preview of the magnificent English translation by Maruxa Relaño and Martha Tennent, just click on the following link...

Mothers Don't, a landmark title in contemporary literature in Basque, is halfway between a thriller and a journalistic chronicle. A powerful novel about the ancestral guilt that comes with motherhood. Now you can enjoy it in English thanks to Kristin Addis' translation.

Here's a link in case you want to read the first chapter...

Both books have been beautifully designed by Enric Jardí and stunningly illustrated by Anna Pont. They will be printed in Cornwall / UK (minimising the carbon footprint and supporting local businesses) using high quality FSC® certified 80g cream paper and will be beautifully finished with flaps and Wibalin paper.

Like all of 3TR's books, these are brilliant and compelling stories that challenge the status quo and give visibility to topics that are rarely spoken about (like the dark side of motherhood, the weight of patriarchy, the abuse of power, mental health, the menopause...).

Our books will be sold in the main bookshops across the UK (in paper format) and anywhere in the world (in digital format).

Libreria Books (London). Foto by Andy Haslam for The NYTimes
Libreria Books (London). Foto by Andy Haslam for The NYTimes

And if that wasn’t challenging enough, we want to do all of this ethically (by paying our partners fairly and supporting projects in the community where we live, projects that help women to live freely and with dignity). We want to be a pioneering fair trade publisher in the UK.

Publishing each book costs a minimum of €10,000 and we aim to publish five a year.

We need your support to get this small but ambitious project off the ground and aspire to become a benchmark in the UK publishing world. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP US?


I am Bibiana Mas. Catalan by birth and Scottish by adoption. 3TimesRebel is a personal project born out of my passion for literature and my rebellion against a world that too often makes women invisible, and does not allow us to fully develop our professional careers.

I have managed to convince a fantastic group of people (very committed and exceptionally talented) to join 3TimesRebel Press. And with them, I am convinced that this project will be a resounding success.

- Our authors: Katixa Agirre, Núria Bendicho, Flavia Company, Iolanda Batallé, and Empar Moliner.

- Our translators: Martha Tennent, Maruxa Relaño, Kristin Addis and Laura McGloughlin.

- Editing team: Greg Mulhern, Carme Bou and Bibiana Mas.

- Design, graphics and illustration: Enric Jardí, Pópulo Antolín and Anna Pont.

- Sales and Marketing: Ramon Canals.


Do you want to have the first edition of Dead Lands and Mothers Don't in your hands?

Created by Enric Jardí (a reference in book design in Catalonia) and beautifully illustrated by the artist Anna Pont, the English editions of Terres Mortes ( Dead Lands ) and Amek Ez Dute ( Mothers Don't ) will be little gems to enjoy first-hand (you will receive the books - in paper or digital format - before they are published in the UK), or gems to give to friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues ... or anyone who is a lover of literature in English.

We realise that not everyone can read in English (or perhaps doesn't have someone close to them who can). That's why we offer you different ways to collaborate, through rewards in the form of exclusive products and experiences, limited editions and recognition of your contribution to 3TimesRebel. Because we want you, too, to be 3 times rebel.

- Pack of 3 3TimesRebel postcards: Includes 3 striking pieces based on the illustrations of the artist Anna Pont. These works have been created with the aim of capturing the rebellious spirit of the publishing house and the novels by Katixa Agirre and Núria Bendicho.

- Exclusive collection of three 3TimesRebel button badges; Enric Jardí, a graphic designer of reference in Catalonia, has created a beautiful and elegant logo inspired by the pillars of 3TimesRebel. With this collection of badges, you can also join our call and wear it wherever you want.

- 3TimesRebel tote bag, 100% Fair Trade cotton: One of the distinctive values of 3TimesRebel is fair trade. And we want this to be reflected in this magnificent tote bag of high grammage (310 gr) made of 100% 'Fair Trade' cotton and printed with the logo and colour of the publishing house and a phrase that expresses our rebellious spirit.

- Exclusive, numbered and signed lithograph: A rebellious and exclusive lithograph of the work 'Rebel', printed on a delicate A4 Gmund paper (with Eco certificate and 100% cotton of 300g) numbered and signed by the artist Anna Pont. A true work of art in small format.

- Lunch with the authors: If you would like to meet the authors of 3TR Katixa Agirre and Núria Bendicho, we offer you the opportunity to share time with them (together with the publisher Bibiana Mas), at a lunch with other patrons, in a restaurant with private space (date and place to be confirmed depending on availability).

- Anna Pont in large format: Anna Pont's large format art works have been exhibited and recognised, among other places, at l'Arsenale in Venice (Arte Laguna Prize 2011-2012), the Wilson Art Museum in Shanghai (2nd Florence-Shanghai prize 2012-2013), at the Museo di Storia Naturalle in Livorno (Combat Prize 2013), at l'Agora Gallery in New York (Agora Gallery Prize 2014) and at the Milan Arts & Events Centre in Milan (2015). Now Anna opens up her catalogue to offer us the opportunity to acquire one of these unique pieces in 60x90 format (mixed technique on canvas). You would keep them all too, wouldn’t you?


Each book costs more than €10,000 and we will dedicate your contribution to finance them.

Excellent creation and translation: The authors are the heart and soul of the project and we are committed to looking after them and helping them to spread their talent around the world. Translating literature it’s a beautiful work, but it is also complex and laborious. And it deserves to be recognised and paid fairly.

Exquisite design and editing: To make the books stand out amidst the fertile offer of British bookshops, we needed a striking and gorgeous design; Enric Jardí and Anna Pont have done an exceptional job. In addition, the editing team (led by myself, with Greg Mulhern and Carme Bou as collaborators) have put in many hours to ensure that 3TimesRebel books are a pleasure to read in every way.

Responsible production: Printing the books locally (rather than thousands of miles away) is an extra financial effort, but it is a conscious and sustainable decision. That is what we have decided to do.

Apart from the books, the rest of the rewards have a production and shipping cost (in addition to the commission paid to Verkami: 6.5% of the total amount raised) that it would help us a lot to be able to cover with your contribution, thus minimising the total cost of the campaign.


This is our calendar:

Campaign start: 19th May.

Campaign closing date: 28th June.

Delivery of the incentives: 1st half of July.

Publication of the books in the UK: 14th July.



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3TimesRebel in Instagram

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  • Bibiana Mas

    Bibiana Mas

    almost 2 years

    Moltes gràcies, Ingrid! 💜💜

  • Ingrid


    almost 2 years

    Molta sort en aquest projecte tan interessant!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • llacuna


    almost 2 years

    De part de la Beth, és una joia.

  • playita


    almost 2 years

    Almost there!

  • Begoña Ferré Díez

    Begoña Ferré Díez

    almost 2 years

    Molta sort! Es un projecte molt xulo!

  • Bibiana Mas

    Bibiana Mas

    almost 2 years

    Tayo! Moltíssimes gràcies!!! 💜💜🐈‍⬛💜💜

  • Alejandro Lopez-Grado

    Alejandro Lopez-Grado

    almost 2 years

    Et desitjo tota la sort que et mereixes. O sigui, tota la del mon. Tayo

  • Bibiana Mas

    Bibiana Mas

    almost 2 years

    Moltes gràcies, Marta! 💜📚✊🏻

  • Marta Homs

    Marta Homs

    almost 2 years

    Una empenta per un bon projecte. Fet!

  • Manuela Bosch Príncep

    Manuela Bosch Príncep

    almost 2 years

    Molta Sort en un projecte ambiciós: Desitjant que creixi al llarg del temps!!!

#01 / Gràcies per ser 3 voltes rebel! 💜📚✊🏻

Estimats mecenes,

Heu fet que el Verkami hagi superat els 10K. Aquests darrers 45 dies ens heu demostrat que aquest món és també meravellós, un món on els somnis encara hi tenen lloc.

3TimesRebel pot començar l’aventura amb una mica més de força encara, i això només és possible gràcies a aquesta victòria col·lectiva. Som xarxa. Som comunitat. I així és com el món creix més fort cada dia. Així és com s’aconsegueixen els grans reptes: unint la ràbia per convertir-la en il·lusió.

Ara ens posem a treballar de valent per preparar-vos les recompenses. Ben aviat us enviarem un formulari en el que podreu donar-nos les dades que necessitem per fer-vos-les arribar (si és que heu demanat recompenses!).

Gràcies per ajudar-nos a fer visible allò invisible.

Seguirem somiant i treballant de valent per fer aquests somnis realitat!!

Gràcies per ser també 3 voltes rebel 💜📚✊🏻

Bibiana Mas

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