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Illustrated book to understand emotions, understand them and have fun while learning. A whole balloon ride of basic emotions

Frank Gran

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Hello!! I’m Frank Gran, also known as Neo on ** social media **. For a few years now I have been immersed in illustration projects, novels and didactic works, and how could it be otherwise now also ** the world illustrated by the little ones in the house ** . An adventure that I live with special enthusiasm. ** Can you help me make it a reality? **


The beginning ** of a journey of emotions **. EmotiGlobus is a children's picture book for children from 3 to 8 years old, write in catalan, that ** treats the basic emotions with a fun and relaxed tone **. He has to recognize both his own and another's emotions. Normalize them and help manifest them.

The simile of emotions seen as a balloon of different colors showing the management of the moment. Balloons that accompany us throughout life and allow us to understand how we are at every moment.

It is a very visual work, which offers games to entertain while learning to identify and deal with emotions.

A different way of experiencing emotions and understanding the world in which we live.


Without too much theoretical roll, the values ​​of the book are to learn to accept and manage the emotions that are the firm foundations on which the elementary principles will rest, and therefore the foundations of the social and individual life of our little ones. That sounds important, doesn't it? It is!

You don’t always have to be happy, nor is sadness a bad emotion, nor does being stronger mean not conveying weaknesses or feelings. So many and so many values ​​have faltered and mutated over time. The world has changed because we have all changed. It's the evolution that one would say, well, once we get here, we help the little ones to evolve as quickly as possible. To understand the emotions we feel is to understand ourselves more.

But let's get to the important thing ...


I've prepared a lot of rewards, and I'm sure some of them will weigh you down!


It is a plasticized book in matte finish, 21x21cm and 36 pages illustrated in full color. With paper certifying the controlled felling of trees.

All books come with a signed dedication to the person so indicated.

The intention is to print an initial print run of 150 copies. The price of the individual book in the conventional market will be € 19 (no extra charge).

Plus, the book comes with a couple of details! Several balloons with excited faces for the little ones to play with, and a stunning flexible rubber keychain with fun emoticon and washer to hang. Total dimensions: 10x3cm. Ideal for hanging in your backpack, notebook, keys or to show off in the room!

Recommended reading age: from 3 years with simple reading. Between 6 and 8 years normal reading. And up to 99 years for lovers of children's stories and illustrations. You are all welcome!vvvv

** TAX **

This is a sturdy 420ml ceramic cup with color printing. Suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. Unique and special design of EmotiGlobus on the outside.


Special reward for a short sleeve t-shirt. All sizes available to choose from for both children and adults. Round neck and 100% cotton. Weight of 150gr / mg of straight cut with unique and special design of EmotiGlobus.


As its name suggests it is a limited edition for 10 patrons. Apart from the rewards, which includes book, keychain, balloon, t-shirt, cup and reading point, this version contains a signed dedication in the form of an original and unique drawing on the back cover of the book, as well as an original DIN A4 drawing made in ink.


It is the most special reward of the project. The personalization of one of the small protagonists of the book with the caricatured face you choose. Make your house hero the protagonist of the book!

The reward is limited to the maximum number of protagonists that appear in the story (10). In addition, it ensures that the cartoon will appear on at least 3-4 different pages. This customization will be effective throughout the print run and all editions of the publication.

For logical reasons of the value of the book, the protagonist must be a child. Hurry up if you opt for this option, places are limited!


All rewards include shipping to Spain (peninsula). Shipments by Islands and Europe in general are € 5.00. The rest of the world has an extra € 10.00.


The first 50 to participate in the project who select the BOOK reward, will have a personalized reading point from EmotiGlobus.

For higher rewards, the book point is always included.

In addition, his name will appear on the last pages of thanks.


As a creator, designer and illustrator, I have always been in contact with the art world, creating all kinds of creatives. To date all works have been self-published. Writing is something I am passionate about and I try to do it as much as I can. This project is a clear example of the diversity and variety of works.

You can check out some of the novels on my WEB, as well as visual creatives on the web K DE TINTA.


A minimum of € 875.00 is required to publish the book. This amount is very tight in order to guarantee the patrons that we successfully reach the end of the campaign and therefore to have the book in their hands.

In the event that the minimum amount is exceeded, the money will be used to print more copies and to improve the quality of the rewards and the printing of the work itself, if applicable.


• ** NOVEMBER / DECEMBER ** the campaign begins for 40 days.
• ** JANUARY - APRIL 2022 ** rewards creation and customization process.
• ** MAY 2022 ** collection of your data, book printing and production.
• ** JUNE 2022 ** Staggered shipments are made.
• ** JULY 2022 ** Last shipments and resolution of incidents.

During the process of creating and customizing the book, you will be able to follow the progress and see how the illustrations are made live from the Twitch channel.

• ** NOVEMBER ** The campaign begins for 40 days.
• ** DECEMBER ** collection of your data, book printing and production.
• ** JANUARY - FEBRUARY ** Step shipments are made.
• ** FEBRUARY - MARCH ** Last shipments and resolution of incidents.



** Advantages of this campaign **

• The first of all the advantages is to contribute to making EmotiGlobus a reality. Since it is Crowdfunding, it will only see the light of day if 100% of the goal is met. Your support is ultra-necessary! (In case the project does not go ahead, thank you, so friends, and your money will be refunded in full)
• The price of the rewards includes shipping to Spain (peninsula). Check prices for other places.
• Although the book may be purchased through other channels, the extra rewards will never be available for sale. Nor will you get a price as interesting as here.
• You can choose more than one reward per person.
• You can cancel a reward and exchange it for another one.
• For rewards where there is more than one book, it is possible to exchange the second book for any of the three published works (Snakes in Antarctica, Notify Me When You Are Dead and 43 Parts of a Whole).
• In the event that the project sees the light of day, and depending on demand, a print run of the publication will be made in Spanish.


Thank you for the constant support of Kat_Zherik, an expert and advisor on digital issues. You can find her on her twitch tangling and creating interesting content at: Kat_Zherik.

Thanks to Ma. Montserrat 'Iza', for his wise corrections and eternal advice.

To family and good friends who are always the first to react, accompany and give that push so often needed to move forward.

And above all, to you, who make the impossible possible. Thanks ;-)


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  • Marta


    6 months

    Ànims Neo, a veure si ho aconseguim! Una abraçada, Enric i Ona

  • lalunita@gmail.com


    6 months

    Apoyo este gran proyecto 😊🌹

  • lalunita@gmail.com


    6 months


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Mecenes, estem d'enhorabona!!! Durant la primera setmana els preus de les diferents opcions de col·laboració tenen descompte! Arriba l'època nadalenca i estem que ho tirem tot per la finestra.

Gaudiu d'aquests descomptes especials.

Gràcies a tots pel vostre suport!!

Frank Gran


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Mecenes, estem d'enhorabona!!! Durant la primera setmana els preus de les diferents opcions de col·laboració tenen descompte! Arriba l'època nadalenca i estem que ho tirem tot per la finestra.

Gaudiu d'aquests descomptes especials.

Gràcies a tots pel vostre suport!!

Frank Gran

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