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Dexist's new album edition

In the digital age, why not a physical music album?


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In times of pandemic, isolation, streaming platforms and immediacy, why do we want to edit music in a physical format, doomed to extinction like CD's or LP's?

The answer is just for romance. For the love of music and for the feeling that comes from having something you can touch, you can smell, you can hear, and feel. After a few years, we deserve to edit something properly.

UPDATE : Here you can find a clip from our new album, "La Condena"

During the last months we have worked, mainly remotely, a set of 9 new songs. We composed, we arranged, recorded, mixed them and has been mastered by Santi Capote and his studio The Punch. Now, all is available and ready to be heard.

There are 9 songs, 40 minutes of post-punk and synths, with lyrics in Spanish reflecting the end itself.

We leave you a small sample of the new songs:

If you spent time listening to us, you simply want to be part of the creative process.

Cover of the new album "Camuflaje". Made by the illustrator Carlos Puerto.
Cover of the new album "Camuflaje". Made by the illustrator Carlos Puerto.

What is Dexist

Dexist is a band that has spent almost ten years trying to make our own music, located between post-punk, synth wave or indie rock.

During this time, and always under self-production, we have published in a limited way two demos in physical format (one in cassette and another in CD), and two albums (in CD), in addition to digital distribution (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube ...); recordings that have gone from the most orthodox post-punk in the beginning, influencing us more by the British indie later, going through the synthesizers and the loops. Now we are trying to reach a common point of all those styles.

We have given many concerts, had changes in members, styles, motivations, and we have also suffered a global pandemic.

Those are a lot of things.

We have always worked with the objective of being able to do what seems right to us, carrying out the entire creative process: composition, recording, production, editing and promotion (under Musarañas, which is a part of us).

During that long way we have learned, not always in the best way, the various steps that exist from the moment a melody arises until it reaches the public in a listenable song.

What we do could be good or not, but at least we love it, and we are proud to have done the entire creative process ourselves. We believe in it.

Where your contributions will go

We have always lacked being able to release in the correct way, due to the economic barrier and the uncertainty of the investment to be made.

We think that the current songs are good enough and have the necessary quality to have a good release.

Furthermore, we have done the whole process, but we need to be able to publish it in the way it deserves.

Your help will be destined entirely to defray the expenses derived from the release of LP's and CD's, with the only intention to shape the work of composition, recording, editing, mixing, mastering and design that is already done and ready to send to factory.

About rewards

We have proposed the rewards with the intention of being able to offer, to those who wish to collaborate, the songs in a suitable format, also adding a set of gifts, such as badges, stickers, tote bags or digital downloads.

For the more collaborative, we also offer DJ sets with our vocalist Dispël or concerts wherever we are asked.

All for the music.



As soon as we have the funds available, we will start the manufacturing process.

We estimate that the vinyls can take about three months, while the CD's or other merchandise can be had in less time.

In spite of everything, we will make the shipments at the moment we have everything in our hands, so that in a period of no more than three or four months, you will be able to have your reward at home.

We hope you want to collaborate!






UPDATE - There are talking about us Enderrock


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  • alexalmarza


    over 2 years

    Muchas gracias a todos, ¡lo hemos conseguido! En breve nos pondremos en contacto con todos vosotros para gestionar los envíos. ¡Os estamos muy agradecidos!

  • pararrayos


    over 2 years


  • Israel Parra

    Israel Parra

    over 2 years

    La condena promete...😂

  • Koma666


    over 2 years

    Cuando seais los nuevos Biffy Clyro espero pase de camerino o algo!! Y si no, lo que si espero es que saquéis perras suficientes para grabar algo que quede a vuestro gusto.

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