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RITUAL I Debut Album I Paloma Lázaro Arteaga

6 songs,6 videos each one a step of the Ritual.Magic, Nature, Healing. A song can contain a Revolution

Paloma Lázaro Arteaga

A project of


Created in

Tilburg, Netherlands
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My grandmother wanted to be a singer.My mother wanted to be a singer.

I don't know if it was the stars or the circumstances, other times or other dreams, but they never got on stage.

That's why today I get on stage, I sing, I create and I am grateful.I feel like I am fulfilling an ancient and profound destiny that doesn't belong to me alone.Everything has led me here.

I'm Paloma a singer from Spain currently living in The Netherlands and after all my life studying music and developing as an artist it's time for me to take a step further by showing my music and my artistic and human vision with this project RITUAL.

For me this album RITUAL is an ode to the ancestors, to the primitive, to nature, to all that we seem to have forgotten, but which is deeply rooted in our identity, it is an invitation to believe again in magic, in the power of creativity, a song of hope.

I've grown up with my grandmother's voice in the courtyard singing La flor de la Canela, Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa Yupanqui, with my mother's voice in the hallway singing before bedtime when I was little.

I think we are all here with a purpose, I said since I was a little girl that I wanted to sing, always dressed up at home doing drama and comedy, always with a song on my lips.

I have things to say, and not to be heard but to get them out of my chest and my soul, and there are things that can only be said with music.

I see music as an irrefutable destiny, as something I must do, as something I would do in spite of everything.

Creativity is the most important human tool, art transforms reality and there is nothing more powerful than that, than alchemy.

We need to go back to ritual.

Ritual has been essential in human societies for most of their history. Humans are naturally ritualistic, it is in our blood.

A ritual connects us to the spirit, to the mystery, to all that we do not know.
For a ritual to work you have to surrender, to allow something to happen without interfering in the process.

This is how I feel with music, I surrender, it is a ritual for me, a way to transcend, the beginning of a note, the trance, a hand that turns between space and silence, a way to reach a world beyond that it's only available through music.

I want to immerse myself in the music that is related to myths, to magic, to healing, music as the living memory of our ancestors, as a social force that unites us in the deepest level.

A song can contain a Revolution.

This project it's about merging different artistic disciplines to create a whole experience, awakening our ritual nature, listening to intuition and rediscovering the concept of making art.

It consists of an album of 6 songs and 6 videos with dancers and artists.

Each song will be a step of the Ritual:

Introductory Song

Song of fire

Song of the earth

Song of the air

Song of Water

Song of Gratitude

Why should you donate?

By contributing to this project you will support local artists from The Netherlands and other parts of the world encouraging diversity within the dutch jazz scene. As for my Spanish audience I hope you will recognise our roots in my music and help me to share it internationally.

Thanks to your help I will be able to share my own perspective on art, music and it's role on society, to bring Ritual again into our lives, to make a change through creativity.

About the rewards

The main reward is the RITUAL Bag and the download link along with many other rewards such as a physical CD of the album, a personalised poem written by me or a Zaphir wind chime.

Who we are

The musicians

Voice: Paloma Lazaro Arteaga

Percussion: Joost Lijbaart

Piano: Sjoerd van Eicjk

Double bass: Johannes Fend

Paloma Lazaro Arteaga

Paloma Lázaro Arteaga (Madrid 1996) Spanish singer and composer started singing at the age of 3 in a children's choir, then studied classical piano at the conservatory and classical singing with Aida Monasterio and the American singer and actor Anthony Madigan.

After her studies she began to experiment with other musical styles such as jazz, pop or world music, focusing on free improvisation and traditional music from different parts of the world. At the same time she took theatre lessons and started to compose her own music.

She has performed in Spain, Holland(Make it jazz festival, Grachtenfestival) and countries such as Burkina Faso.

She is currently studying vocal jazz at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg (The Netherlands).

She creates a unique sound combining his Spanish roots with his influences and knowledge of jazz and classical music.

J.S.Bach ,Tigran Hamasyan ,Silvio Rodriguez or the double bass player Avishai Cohen are some of her inspirations as a musician, as a singer Mercedes Sosa,Lorena Mckennit,Simin Tander or Silvia Perez Cruz are some of her influences.

WEB Paloma

Joost Lijbaart

Joost Lijbaart (Amsterdam 1967) started playing drums at the age of 7.

He graduated in 1991 with honours from the Hilversum Conservatory, where he took lessons with Cees Kranenburg, Marcel Serierse Ali Un D'Aye Rose and Victor Oskam.

With the Yuri Honing Trio, in the 20-year history of the group they released 5 CDs and toured extensively in more than 90 countries and collaborating with musicians from the Middle East, India and China.

Lijbaart also focused on his own projects, such as his own quartet "Group of Friends", his duo with pianist Wolfert Brederode, the group Batik and his recently formed improvisation trio with vocalist Sanne Rambags and guitarist Bram Stadhouders.

At the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2003, as drummer, he received the soloist prize in the Dutch jazz competition awarded by Elvin Jones.

He collaborated with artists from other disciplines such as dancer/choreographer Anouk van Dijk, dancer/choreographer Lonneke de Leth and writer PF Thomese.

Over the years Joost Lijbaart has regularly played classical percussion music ,he has years of experience in the history of jazz from the 50s and 60s, has played a lot of pop and rock music and has studied the musical traditions of West Africa, North India and the Middle East.

Joost Lijbaart has toured in more than 90 countries around the world and has performed at many major jazz festivals.

I met Joost through the singer Sanne Rambags, I saw him play at Paradox with his countless percussion instruments from all over the world and his way of immersing himself in music and percussion in a visceral, spiritual and complete way left its mark on me.

Now I am more than happy that he has joined this project.
WEB Joost

Sjoerd van Eijck

Dutch jazz pianist and composer Sjoerd van Eijck (1992, Breda)reveals the silent poetry hidden inside the piano. He has an almost physical bond with the instrument. "The resonance of the strings, the wood that sings. What I like most is composing on the piano. I don't need much, just a couple of solid chords. For me, the magic starts behind the grand piano".

Over the years, Sjoerd van Eijck has perfected his lyrical style of improvisation. He trained at the Tilburg Conservatory with pianists such as Wolfert Brederode, Harmen Fraanje, Rembrandt Frerichs and Jeroen van Vliet. He plays in a humble way, always seeking the limits of silence and serenity. Melodies and rhythms are reduced to their essence, materials with which Van Eijck paints intimate stories.

Sjoerd has his own group OAK and he is part of the

trio Mudita(Sanne Rambags,Koen Smits) that won an Edison in 2019 with their debut album Listen To The Sound Of The Forest.Van Eijck also regularly shares the stage with like-minded musicians such as trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, pianist Jeroen van Vliet, guitarists Anton Goudsmit and Reinier Baas, saxophonists Mete Erker and Maarten Hogenhuis, and many others.

For Van Eijck, music is a lifelong passion that he shares and embraces with as many people as possible.

I met Sjoerd at the conservatory, as my jazz piano teacher.Listening to him play with infinite sensitivity and transparency I knew I wanted to collaborate with him one day, singing with Sjoerd is like sailing through calm waters, feeling rocked by his flying notes, knowing that he will always accompany you wherever the music leads.

WEB Sjoerd

Johannes Fend

Johannes Fend is a bass player who speaks with a unique voice on the instrument. With a background in jazz and classical music, he is a versatile musician and currently very active in the European music scene.
Johannes moved to the Netherlands from Austria to study jazz and classical double bass at the Prins Claus Conservatory and later to do his master's degree at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

During this time he was fortunate to be able to study and play with musicians from the New York Jazz scene such as David Berkman, Paul Berner, Matt Wilson, Todd Coolman, Alex Sipiagin and many more. And he took classical bass lessons and participated in masterclasses with Sorin Orcinschi, Francisco Obieta, Catalin Rotaru, Dorin Marc, Matthew Midgley and Wolfgang Güttler.

For his solo project, he won 2nd prize at the "Premio Il Sole In Cantina". At the "Leiden Jazz Award" he won first prize with "Marco Apicella Trio" and at the "Erasmus Jazz Price" he received the prize for best soloist. He was invited to play at the International Choro Festival in New York and performed with bossa legend Wanda Sa. With "Half Easy Trio" he won the "Keep an eye on Jazz - The Records" competition held at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. He also had the pleasure to perform with the great Franz von Chossy Trio during a tour in Germany and became a member of Aynur Dogan's band with whom he is touring Europe and Turkey.

I met Johannes in a concert with "Half Easy trio", his way of playing the double bass impressed me from the first note, his freedom and versatility in playing are incredible, he blends with the instrument as if they were one.

When I was thinking about who I wanted as a double bass player in this project, his name was the only one that came to my mind.

WEB Johannes

About the Record Label


Creating a space where the essence of life becomes tangible


Creating meaningful connections and openness.


Let yourself be enchanted and take the road less traveled.


Trust your own greatness, your true nature.

Music brings us comfort, healing, love and happiness. This tradition dates back to a time when we did not have the option of sharing music via the internet, CDs or vinyl records and the like. Music was something special and intimate, something for rituals and ceremonies. It gave us a sweet melody for company, allowed us to celebrate with an exuberant song or to express our deepest emotions in everyday life, and share our feelings from heart to heart. Today, we still have to face life’s challenges and music continues to serve as a healing balm and a way of connecting with others. This irresistible drive to make music and the significance of sound to humankind is an immense source of inspiration and the reason why SONNA Records was created. Our deepest desire and ambition is to harness this power and share it in these current times.

Sanne Rambags, vocalist and founder of SONNA Records, is a Dutch singer with a distinctly unique sound. On her quest for the world’s most exceptional and connective collaborations, time and again she finds opportunities for creating magic and sharing it with many listeners. It’s her voice that allows her to do this; a voice she uses in her own unique way to express and color the world of her emotions. The name SONNA came into being a long time ago, during a trip to Norway, when a local resident misheard Sanne’s name. Since then, she has always carried this name with her and it symbolizes the adventurous and innocent child that lies hidden within us all.

I met Sanne Rambags through Spotify, I loved her music, and then when I was auditioning at different conservatories in Europe I decided to audition at the same conservatory where she studied in Tilburg (Holland), a week after starting the course I met her in person at Paradox where she sang with her trio Under the Surface, it was an immediate connection, like seeing my own reflection, an old soul that understood me without words.

Last year Sanne embarked on the adventure of creating a record label.

And now we are here, working together on this project, it feels like it is predestined, like it all fits together in time and space.

WEB Sonna Records
WEB Sanne Rambags

I am so grateful and happy of having all these amazing people around helping me to make this dream come true.

Where will your contributions go ?

Your contributions will go towards the recording, production and post-production of the album and the accompanying videos ,as well as all the people who have made it possible (musicians, sound engineers, visual artists, dancers etc).

Schedule foreseen

Studio recording - October/November

Preparation of videos-December/January

Video recording-March

Album release -May/June

Rewards shipment -July

+ Info

Instagram Paloma
Paloma Youtube Channel


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  • Ana Lazaro Rodriguez

    Ana Lazaro Rodriguez

    over 1 year

    Mucha suerte con tu proyecto sobrinilla



    over 1 year

    De tus ancestros con todo el cariño y amor que te mereces abuela Santa y mamá. Muchos besos.

  • Jose Miguel Lazaro

    Jose Miguel Lazaro

    over 1 year

    Lo vas a conseguir, eres una leona, te quiero

  • Rocio Gordillo

    Rocio Gordillo

    over 1 year

    ¡Qué maravilla! Viniendo de ti, va a ser algo precioso y lleno de sensibilidad ¡qué ganas de recibir mi canción!

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