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Moonkey Pills Acroyoga Cards (English/Spanish version)

Help us make this new version of the Moonkey Pills illustrated card deck come true!

Moonkey Pills

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Moonkey Pills is an illustrated card deck with 60 cards which is designed to promote the acroyoga practice, delivering small doses of information in each of the cards.

The cards dimensions are 80x120mm and are divided in two types which you will be able to differentiate by the two principal colors. These two colors tell if the pose is "L"-base (base laying on the floor) or standing.

In these 60 cards you will find

  • 35 cards with poses where the base in laying on the floor ("L" basing)

  • 20 cards with poses where the base is standing

  • 5 extra cards with all the information that you will need to understand the icons, concepts, create your own sequences and more.

Each card has an illustrated pose, the relative level of the pose and the name of the pose in the front. The back side has all the information related on how to get to the pose and things to take into account in both languages (english and spanish).

The deck was created as a learning tool to help acroyoga students from different classes and workshops learn the names and make the connection between the names and the poses. From there, the idea to create an illustrated cards to help visually in that process was planted. Besides, it's a very useful tool to learn on your own because it's card comes with a relative difficulty level, things to take into account and explanations on how to get to the pose. Apart from using it as a learning tool, the cards can be used as a game to create sequences or flows with different poses, work on the creativity and connection with the other person.

The idea of this project is to bring acroyoga to everyBODY, no matter the previous experience, age, ethnicity, origin, body type... We believe that acroyoga is for everyone and that is what we wanted to reflect on the cards using inclusive illustrations.

Moonkey Pills was born about a year ago, in the pandemic, and we created a bilingual spanish and basque card deck. The first idea was to bring acroyoga to the Basque people, but seeing that people from other countries have started to grow interest towards the Moonkey Pills Acroyoga Cards, we are on our way to redesign and translate the new english/spanish version.

Same as we did with the first version (spanish/basque), part of the benefits fro the cards and other related products will be donated to different animal welfare organizations.

About the rewards

We offer different ways to support the porject and in return you will get different rewards. Below you can see an image with all the rewards we are offering designed for you using the Moonkey Pills illustrations.

The price of the contributions vary depending on where you want us to send then, this way you have the shipping costs already included.

*Shipping costs to Spain included. If you want to support us from other parts of the world you can make an extra contribution to the reward called "Ingernational Shipping". For any other question contact us via our email [email protected]


As a thank you to all the people that make a contribution during the first 48h of the campaign, we will give away a pack with all the Moonkey Pills products.

This means that it doesn't matter how much you contribute, as long as you do it between 5pm (CET) 21st and 5pm 23rd of October, you will be part of the giveaway.

One lucky winner will win a COMPLETE PACK with all the new products + the old limited edition retro cup that you liked so much last time!!

Who we are

Irati studied a cooking degree thanks to which she worked in Palermo, Belin and Cádiz. While she was doing cooking related work, she kept fueling her true passion: illustration. When she came back to Vitoria-Gasteiz, she decided to leave all behind and became a professional tattoo artist. She has always had interest in the circus world, flying with the trapeze every time she has a chance. She tried acroyoga when she was working in Txiribuelta with Maialen and without second thought she decided to be part of this project.

Maialen had the chance to live in Slovakia and Bulgaria while studying architecture. While abroad, her interest in the circus grew and fell in love with acroyoga. Nowadays she teaches acroyoga, movement and circus clases to kids and adults in Txiribuelta circus school. In Novemember 2019 she went to Mexico to become a certified acroyoga teacher. While giving acroyoga classes she realized there was a need to create a kind of guide which could help students connect the poses they learnt with their names.

Sheila, since she studied Advertising and PR in the UPV/EHU, she hasn't stopped moving and risking, saying yes to every opportunity that got in her way. After getting her degree, she moved to Madrid to study a Masters degree in Interior Design while she worked. When she came back to Vitoria-Gasteiz she did a Masters in Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Design, thanks to which she had her first contact with the design world. She developed as a graphic designer and joined Moonkey Pills project almost by chance.

Irati, Maialen and Sheila creators of Moonkey Pills
Irati, Maialen and Sheila creators of Moonkey Pills

What will we do with your contributions

The contributions made through the Verkami campaign will be:

  • for the production of the new card deck (printing costs)

  • to buy the recycled cardboard boxes that we use as cover for the cards

  • for the translation of the cards to english

  • redesign to adeccuate the english version to the previous design

  • to produce the merchindising (retro cup, bottle and tote bag)

Estimated schedule

Right now we are translating the card to english. Once we have finished with that task we will redesign the deck and send it for printing. While we are doing that and having an idea of how many units of the rest of the product to make (thanks to the mecenas' contributions) we will send the design of the bottle, retro cup and tote bag for production.

We estimate that once the campaign has finished, we will be able to send your rewards in a month and a half. We would love for you to get them before Christmas!!

+ Info

We are leaving here the social networks of Moonkey Pills so you can see how the campaign goes and when we start with the production.

If you want to know more about the project, you can do that in our website and if you are interested in knowing ore about the creators behind Moonkey Pills, you can do so clicking on the following links::


  • I want to contribute but I live outside Europe. How do I do it?

    We have added a new contribution called "SHIPPING OUTSIDE EUROPE" you can use that so we can send the items to non EU countries.

    • Make sure to first make a contribution choosing the reward of your choice that says "shipping to Spain included". Those are the ones that have lower price.

    • When you finish the procedure, come back to the main page and make a second contribution to this reward so we can send your items outside of Europe.

    Let us know if you have any more questions via email at [email protected]

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  • Luzazul


    over 2 years

    Todo lo mejor para su proyecto!

  • Ruth Manjon

    Ruth Manjon

    over 2 years

    Aupa neskak!!!!

  • errauskiñeinfantil


    over 2 years

    Mucho animo chicas, lo vais a conseguir.

#04 / ¡Hemos empezado con los envíos! - We've started shipping!

Estamos super contentas de anunciar que hemos empezado a hacer envíos de vuestras recompensas!

La semana pasada recibimos las bolsas te tela, las cartas de acroyoga y los print. Así que ayer empezamos a hacer los envíos a las personas que tienen dichos productos como recompensa. Si eres una de ellas deberías tener un email nuestro en tu bandeja de entrada con el número de seguimiento de tu pedido y podrás disfrutar de tus productos dentro de muy poquito ;)

Si crees que deberías haber recibido el email pero no te ha llegado, escríbenos.

Para las personas que tenéis la botella como recompensa, todavía toca esperar un poquito más... Os avisaremos cuando nos lleguen.

¡Que tengas un buen día!

Moonkey equipo

We are super happy to anounce that we have started sending the rewards your way!

read more

#03 / ¡Feliz navidad! - Merry Christmas!

Kaixo Moonkey familia!

(scroll down to read in english)

Seguimos con la producción de vuestras recompensas. Hemos estado cruzando los dedos para haceros llegar algunos de los productos antes de navidad pero al final parece que tendréis que esperar a después de las fiestas para disfrutar de ellos.

Os contamos como vamos:

  • las tazas ya las tenemos con nosotras y entregaremos algunas los próximos días

  • las barajas y los prints están siendo impresos y no podremos hacer los envíos hasta enero

  • las bolsas de tela están siendo producidas (la entrega también será en enero)

  • las botellas se empezarán a producir en enero

Os recordamos que si alguien quería utilizar alguno de los productos como regalo de navidad, hemos creado un MOONKEY VALE REGALO que podéis imprimir y utilizar en los próximos días. Escríbenos si quieres que te enviemos la version PDF para poder imprimirla.

¡Estamos deseando poder haceros llegar todo cuanto antes! Pero todavía nos toca esperar un poquito más...

read more

#02 / ¡Las barajas están en imprenta! - The cards are being printed!

Egun on Moonkey familia!

Queríamos contaros que ya hemos enviado las barajas a la imprenta!

Tal y como os comentábamos, queremos haceros llegar vuestros productos para navidades, pero tal y como están estas fechas y los problemas con los proveedores de materiales, puede que suframos algún retraso... Si habíais pensado en utilizar los Moonkey productos como regalo de navidad, no queremos que vayaís con las manos vacías. Por eso hemos creado un vale regalo que podéis imprimir y entregar en el momento de dar los regalos. Esto sólo en caso de que suframos algún retraso ;)

De momento así es como vamos:

  • Las tazas están de camino a nosotras y en breve podremos haceroslas llegar

  • Las bolsas de tela están siendo producidas ya

  • Las barajas y prints están en imprenta

  • La botella ha tenido problemas de suministro y no llegará a tiempo para navidades

Os recordamos que las personas que tenéis más de un Moonkey producto, os haremos el envío cuando dispongamos de todos ellos.

read more

#01 / ¡Lo hemos conseguido! - We've made it!!

(scroll down to read in english)

¡Gracias a todas las personas que habéis ido aportando a lo largo de la campaña de crowdfunding y nos habéis ayudado a llegar al objetivo!

Para agradeceros vuestra participación hemos decidido regalaros un print exclusivo a todxs lxs que hayáis aportado a la campaña hasta ahora y a cualquier persona que lo haga hasta este domingo. El print será una ilustración navideña exclusiva hecha especialmente para vosotrxs. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

Queríamos recordaros también que todavía quedan 4 días de campaña donde podréis seguir aportanto y adquiriendo los Moonkey productos deseados.

¡Muchisimas gracias desde el Moonkey equipo! ¡No podríamos estar más agradecidas!


Thank you to everyone that has made a contribution to the crowdfunding campaign and has helped us achieve the goal!

As a thank you for your contributions and support to our project we've decided to gift an exclusive illustrationread more

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