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La rendición by Olmo González

The last photobook of Olmo González with the steps to escape from the prison of Photography.


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La rendición

The last photobook of Olmo González with the steps to escape from the prison of Photography.

After publishing my first photobook thanks to one of the first campaigns of that category in Verkami, back in 2013, I try again with my latest work, La rendición, a photobook with the steps that I have followed to free myself from the ties of Photography with capital letters.

A double page of the book
A double page of the book

If you search for "photobook" in Verkami you can find the first project with that tag that was published on this platform. It was my Supernova project back in 2013.

Almost a decade later, in the midst of a pandemic and with gray hair, I return to Verkami to finance my latest photobook, La rendición, which finish my relationship with Photography. After publishing this book, I will retire (crowdfunded or not, the decision is made). For me it is a change of cycle, now I am a father, I have a few months to turn 40, and I want to close a stage that began when I left photojournalism and entered the unknown in search of an expanded and untethered photography.

And that's what this photobook is about, about how I managed to escape from the prison of the image, freeing myself from the weight of Photography with capital letters to learn to live life after art, as Oteiza said.

A double page of the book
A double page of the book

In the development of this photobook I have had the help of the designer Jaime Narváez, with whom I have finished a dummy that only needs to be put on hard covers and printed. For the dummy had a help for the creation of the Comunidad of Madrid, so the final price is more affordable than normal, since I have been able to pay for part of the production, such as the graphic design of Jaime Narváez, the pre-press of La Troupe and the printing of three dummies at Artes Gráficas Palermo and, of course, my fees as author.

So, after this long journey, I need your help to publish my latest photobook!

A double page of the book
A double page of the book

Who I am

My name is Olmo González Moriana and I have been immersed in photography for almost two decades. I work in El Salto, El Salto, a communication medium in the form of a cooperative, where I am in charge of social networks. I am also part of the Fiebre Photobook Fiebre Photobook team and, among other things, we organized the first festival dedicated to photobook in Spain. And many more things that I am not going to tell you so as not to bore you. On my website you can find more info.

About the rewards

For this crowdfunding I have included some things that can only be achieved in verkami rewards: One of the three dummies of the book, copies of photos that do not appear in the book, a photobook course that is likely not to be taught again (I am retiring, remember), an unpublished project in the form of a publication, Chemtrails, which has only been seen in SCAN Tarragona, and more surprises that you can investigate in the project's rewards column.


  • If you want international shipping in the rewards marked with “ESP” (and without "INT" option), I will ask you for an extra according to your address after closing the crowdfunding, it varies a lot depending on the destination.

  • Both national and international shipping will be certified.

  • The books will travel or shrink or protected and perfectly packed in a rigid envelope or box.

  • The A5 copies will travel inside the book.

  • The 50x60cm prints will travel rolled up in rigid tube.

The course

The photobook course (Spanish only) is the same workshop that I have taught for two years for more than 100 students from all over the world. It can be seen in video on YouTube in a private link. This course has everything you need to know to enter the world of the photobook. He may never teach it again, so take advantage!

The copies

They are digital collages that are part of the project but do not appear in the final photobook. They are the result of this journey, and I treat them individually, not as part of a sequence. You will have to choose between these 3 options for the rewards of PACK COPIA BIG, PACK TODO and PACK MAQUETA, 50x60cm (if you want to see them at a higher resolution, write to me):

BIG copies to choose from
BIG copies to choose from

All my photobooks

In BOOK LOVER PACK, TODO PACK and DUMMY PACK, I include my other two photobooks, Control and Supernova, and also an unpublished work and that, for now, can only be obtained in this crowdfunding, the special edition of the Chemtrails project, which I exhibited in SCAN Tarragona last year. In addition, I include 5 zines printed in black and white photocopies (Fin de la cita, Democrazy, Pixelated Cats, Bicharraca bloqueada and Contra el monstruo de las imágenes), and one in color (La fotografía es…). You can see all these works on my YouTube channel.

The dummy

As part of the production process for this photobook, I printed 3 dummies to see the result. You will have one of these 3 copies with signed and dedicated. The printing is digital offset and the result is impressive. The only difference is that they do not have a hard cover, but it is part of the allure of the process.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

If we manage to finance the project, we will publish a photobook with the following characteristics:

  • Print run: 500 copies

  • Price: € 25. Price in verkami: € 20

  • Format: 17x24cm

  • Cover: 150g matt stucco. Shiny silver polyester laminate. Dry hit.

  • Inside: 112 pages

  • Paper: Arena white smooth 120grs.

  • Printing: 4/4 inks OFFSET process

  • Binding: Hardcover stitched. Rounded loin, 2.75mm caliber and with headbands.

Photography and edition: Olmo González

Design Jaime Narváez

Prepres: La Troupe

Printer: Artes Gráficas Palermo


If we achieve the minimum goal, the book will go to press in mid-September.

We will send the rewards during the month of October so that they arrive at the latest in November to every patron anywhere in the world

+ Info

  • On mi website you can see more information about the project

  • You can contact me on my social networks, Twitter, Instagram o facebook.

  • In my YouTube channel you can see theory videos and reviews on photobooks.

  • On Jaime Narváez's website you can see other projects in which he has worked. His love for books is only matched by his genius as a designer.

  • You can also meet La Troupe's studio, who have worked with hundreds of photobooks and will be in charge of prepress, color proofing and producing the rewards copies.

  • And Artes Gráficas Palermo's website, one of the best photobook printers in the world and where I hope to print La rendición.

Nothing else, if you have come this far and I still have not convinced you, write to me, tell me why you do not dare to contribute, in case I can improve the campaign or the rewards.



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  • Carmen Tomé

    Carmen Tomé

    almost 3 years

    Olmo, gracias por esta preciosidad! Espero que salga adelante y todes podamos disfrutar de tu verdad. Abrazo gigante!!

  • Jose Bautista

    Jose Bautista

    almost 3 years

    Ojalá salga...! Muchos abrazos, hermano

  • Cayetano Bravo

    Cayetano Bravo

    almost 3 years

    ¡Vamos Olmo! Último empujón...

  • OlmoGonzalez


    almost 3 years

    Hola, quedan 5 días y aún mucho para la meta, así que toda ayuda es bien recibida: he añadido una recompensa simbólica por 5€, a cambio se obtiene el PDF del libro. Lo iba a subir gratis a mi web igualmente, pero hay mucha gente que quiere apoyar y no tiene apenas dinero, así os lo pongo más fácil ¡Gracias en cualquier caso por el apoyo y los comentarios!

  • Carlos Ndungmandum

    Carlos Ndungmandum

    almost 3 years

    Hola Olmo! Espero que salga! Un abrazo!

  • chemaconesa


    almost 3 years

    mucho ánimo.... que acaba llegando

  • OlmoGonzalez


    almost 3 years

    Acabo de añadir una recompensa, una copia del libro con envío gratis a cualquier parte del mundo. Mucha gente de fuera me ha comentado que el precio con envío a Latinoamérica es muy caro, a ver si así os animáis. Además, hay dos nuevos vídeos enlazados en el proyecto, uno editando el capítulo 3 en directo (de hace unos meses) y otro con una entrevista muy completa de la gente de Fotokalea (de hoy mismo). Gracias!

  • OlmoGonzalez


    almost 3 years

    Muchas gracias por el apoyo, aún queda mucho, pero se siente el calorcito!

  • Pollobarba


    almost 3 years

    Gol de Morata

  • Pepa


    almost 3 years

    Ya!! Mil abrazos!

#03 / ¡¡Ya estoy enviando paquetes!!

Haciendo paquetes un sábado a las 9:30
Haciendo paquetes un sábado a las 9:30

Hola mecenas, ya tengo el libro en casa y ya he empezado a enviar los primeros paquetes. He hecho un directo de instagram con una de las sesiones de paquetería aquí.

Si aún no has rellenado el formulario con tu dirección, no tardes, que estamos esperando un bebé y puede llegar en cualquier momento, y después de que nazca no creo que esté muy disponible.

El libro ha quedado espectacular, ha sido un lujazo trabajar con Jaime Narvaez en el diseño, Victor Garrido y Gonzalo Hernández de La Troupe y Miguel Ángel Esteban de Artes Gráficas Palermo.

el libro
el libro

#02 / Ya queda poco para tener el libro

Gonzalo de La Troupe supervisando la impresión en Artes Gráficas Palermo
Gonzalo de La Troupe supervisando la impresión en Artes Gráficas Palermo

Hace una semana imprimimos en Artes Gráficas Palermo el interior del libro bajo la supervisión de Gonzalo Hernández de La Troupe. Fueron solo 5 horas de impresión para todo el interior, lo que no es mucho según me contaron. Tenéis un resumen en vídeo en mis cuentas de Instagram y de TikTok.

El próximo martes 2 de noviembre se imprimen las cubiertas. Hemos hecho algunos cambios en la portada, contra y lomo con los que tanto el diseñador del libro, Jaime Narváez, como yo creemos que ha ganado mucho, ¡seguro que os encanta!

Después de imprimir las cubiertas, se encuadernarán los 500 ejemplares del libro. Si todo va bien, en dos o tres semanas tendré la tirada completa de La rendición en casa para empezar los envíos.

Por lo pronto, en los próximos días os voy a enviar los formularios para rellenar las direcciones de envío de las recompensas, que ya estoy preparando.

read more

#01 / Gracias por el apoyo: Habrá libro de La rendición

¡Gracias a vuestra ayuda el libro de La rendición será una realidad!

(Por si aún no me creéis, sigue en pie lo de dejar la Fotografía, no era una trampa)

Aún no tengo el dinero de verkami, dan unos días de margen para los posibles fallos en los cobros, pero no voy a poner en marcha la producción del libro y las recompensas todavía, primero desconecto por vacaciones (ya estaba previsto, no os asustéis) y a la vuelta empezamos, que será a finales de agosto.

Tendré que compaginar la producción del libro con la organización de Fiebre Photobook que este año tiene lugar del 7 al 12 de septiembre, además del trabajo de cada día, pero el libro está prácticamente listo para imprimir, solo hay que retocar los créditos y alguna cosa mínima, así como producir el resto de recompensas.

Me habéis preguntado por el curso de fotolibrosread more

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