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LAAM. - Debut Album

Ambitious first EP by Spanish artist Laura Martínez (LAAM.). It's full of vulnerability and authenticity. A cinematic experience in sound.

Laura Martínez

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Boxtel, Netherlands
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Hello there! My name is Laura Martínez (aka LAAM.). I come from Murcia, a warm region in the South of Spain, concretely from a mediterranean town called Mazarrón. I currently live in The Netherlands, though (what a change!).

What I am going to explain next means a lot to me. In fact, it is one of my biggest dreams! And it is now, more than ever, when I need your support. I'm going to release my first solo debut album!

After years of learning and going through different experiences, doing mostly rock and metal music, singing on Spanish and foreign stages in front of crowds ranging from 3 to 1000 people and, after emigrating to The Netherlands, I feel that the time has come to open up and share with you some of those experiences. I want to share with you the stories that I have kept inside for years and that will now come to light in the form of music.

I know these are difficult times for everyone, but music is always the constant. It is always present in our lives, connecting with our emotions. In this sense, I would like to contribute and be part of your emotions as well, in this case, through my music. But in order to do this, I need your help. What does this help consist of? It is about supporting me financially so that I can release this album with proper quality standards. By doing this you will become a patron of the digital age and... You will make me very happy too! But what does it mean to become a patron?

Basically, with your participation you are buying the album in digital format before its publication, thus helping me to finance its creation process in advance. But not only will you have access to the digital album thanks to your contribution, you will also receive some very cool rewards that I have prepared with great love and care! These rewards will be sent to you as soon as possible once the album is finished and before it is officially released.

There are various artists that have participated in the crafting of these rewards, such as Margaret Olcina - .MOS (illustration of the cover of "Mariposario", of which I'll tell you more later), Lola Salinas (photography of the album cover) and Greta Bungle (album cover).

Come on, together we've got this! It doesn't matter if you can't contribute with 56 euros. With 2 euros I will be very, very grateful. Everything counts for me.

Now, I'm going to talk to you about the album and the artistic project in general, so that you can better know what you are supporting.


The name of my solo project is LAAM. (in capital letters and with the dot included). This acronym corresponds to the initials of my name and surname. My first work as LAAM. will be an EP with a cinematic and accessible style, all under the influence of rock from the seventies. As LAAM. I vindicate the power of vulnerability, both in my lyrics and in my musical interpretation, as well as the presence of natural elements in all the imagery of the current project.


This will be my debut album, a EP consisting of six songs, most of them in English. Its title is "Blue, where are you going?". It will be a whole cinematic experience through sounds and will make you connect with the feelings that I share -which are, after all, everyone's- thanks to the sincerity present in each song.

The artwork is the work of the Murcian artist Greta Bungle, who has managed to capture the depth of each song in all the elements of the album cover. The photography that is part of the collage on the cover was taken by the Murcian photographer Lola Salinas.


My influences for this album have been varied: The Beatles, Paul McCartney & Wings or Pink Floyd, among others. Among the more current influences we can name projects such as Lola Marsh, Florence and the Machine or AURORA. Some of these influences can be heard in my first single, "As the Sun Goes Down", written in 2014 but released in 2021 after the work of production, mixing and mastering of Okkio Music (ermano, Ysa Bermejo). Of this first single I will offer a new version on the EP.

Here you have the first videoclip (a homemade videolyric of "As the Sun Goes Down"):


LAAM. is my solo project. I don't have a band with permanent members but I am lucky to have counted on great musicians who have contributed to the project. I will reveal their names little by little. Surprise!

For now, what I can tell you is this:

  • The recording and mixing will be done by Stijn Donderds at RAIKO RECORDS (the Netherlands).

  • The production will be done by Michalis Michailidis, known as Okkio Music (the Netherlands).

  • The mastering will be handled by Peter Brussee from QPoint Digital Studio (the Netherlands).

About the rewards

Most of the rewards are cumulative, that is, new elements will be added to each reward, therefore each rewards includes more things than the previous. You can see a list of rewards in the right column of this page. They are very varied and have been prepared with great care. An example of one of these rewards is the nice print in A4 format (no frame included) with the illustration of the cover of my book, "Mariposario" (in Spanish), made by Margaret Olcina - .MOS so you can decorate that special place in your home. I have the original in my living room!

You can see the beautiful details of the illustration from nearby in the following photograph:


One of the rewards is my book of poetry and poetic prose, "Mariposario" (in Spanish), a totally unpublished work that I will print for the first time specially for this occasion. It is a compendium of texts written during my university years (from 18 to when I was 27, approximately), whose content is closely related to the songs on my first album "Blue, where are you going?".

In "Mariposario" you will find the evolution of a young woman who tries to understand how her life and mind work. You will see how she grows, experiencing love and heartbreak, the rush and impetus of life (things that are often overwhelming due to her sensitive nature), emigration and saying goodbye, among other experiences. In short, you will see her mature little by little while she gets lost and tries to find herself. This is, basically, the story of my twenties but at the same time it can be that of any other person. For at the end, live is a constant search: you get lost, you search, you may find and then you get lost again just to start again a new cycle which will make you wiser and bolder.


1) On the right you have the list with all the rewards I am offering.

2) You can buy one or more. Just choose what you like the most.

3) Register on Verkami (if you are not registered yet) and proceed with the payment.

4) After 40 days of campaign, and in the case of having achieved the budget, your contribution will be effective, not before.

5) Once the campaign is finished, I will order the rewards and I will contact you to send them to you as soon as possible.

Shipping costs for EUROPE are included in the price of each reward! If you want a shipment to America you have to purchase the reward that says "Shipping costs to America". If you prefer that I send your reward to another continent, let me know and I will add a new reward with the shipping costs for that place.

Payment methods

Payment can be only made by credit card. If you do not have a credit card you can write to me at laam.blue.bird@gmail.com and I will send you my bank account number so that you can make a transfer. Once I receive it, I will add your contribution to Verkami.

IMPORTANT for standard payments with credit card: you will only be charged the money if the campaign has been successful after 40 days. If this does not reach its final goal, you will not be charged.

To what will I allocate your contributions

The 2500 euros that I have requested in this campaign will go to cover a large part of the recording, mixing, production, mastering and payment of session musicians. This means that if we exceed this amount, I may be able to cover the costs of the entire process!

In addition, a percentage of the profits will be for Verkami and another percentage per transaction for payments made with Paypal. Oh, of course, and paying taxes!

Planned project schedule

JULY: recording of the album.

SEPTEMBER: album production.

OCTOBER / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER: mixing and mastering the album.

As I mentioned above, you will receive the rewards once the album is finished but before it is published on the official platforms.

+ Info

THANK YOU FOR READING UNTIL HERE! I would truly love it if you could share this project as well. For that, I thank you again in advance!


There are none published yet.

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  • demetzad


    over 1 year

    Ya estás un poco más cerca del objetivo. ¡Queda poco! :-D Saludos, Diego

  • Míwel Väth

    Míwel Väth

    over 1 year

    Vamos copón!

  • Jose Alberto Medina Martín

    Jose Alberto Medina Martín

    over 1 year

    Fuerza, Laura :D

  • Laura Martínez

    Laura Martínez

    over 1 year

    ¡Gracias a todos de verdad!

  • Estefania Aledo

    Estefania Aledo

    over 1 year

    A tope Laura! Ganas de escuchar ese disco con esa pedazo de voz 🖤

  • Chrisjamar84


    over 1 year

    Ya he arreglado el desperfecto de la tarjeta, ya estoy aportando de nuevo. Éxitos Laura!!

  • Spugnoir


    over 1 year

    Amo ahíiiiiiii

  • Juan Martínez Sáez

    Juan Martínez Sáez

    over 1 year

    Espero que tus amigos y conocidos principalmente; tus paisanos de Mazarrón y tus otros convecinos de Pontones tengan la amabilidad de colaborar contigo en este proyecto de ilusión.Al tiempo de cualquier persona más o menos cercana que te deseé que llegues lo más lejos.

    Mucha suerte y ánimo!!

  • Paulino


    over 1 year


  • Ani M. Fojaco

    Ani M. Fojaco

    over 1 year

    Muchísima suerte con este proyecto Laura!!!

#07 / ¡Ya puedes escuchar mi disco! // You can now listen to my music album!

[English below]
¡Hola a todos!

Posiblemente este sea ya el último e-mail que recibáis de mí a través de esta plataforma ya que se ha completado el ciclo: ¡el disco ya está publicado! Os dejo un enlace general a través del cual podéis acceder a la escucha del álbum en diferentes plataformas así como ver los diferentes videoclips que he publicado. ¡Pinchad AQUÍ!

Estoy deseando escuchar qué os ha parecido. Gracias por ayudarme y por leerme :*

Un abrazo,


Hello everyone!

This is possibly the last e-mail you will receive from me through this platform since the cycle has been completed: my EP is already published! I share with you a general link through which you can listen to the album on different platforms as well as watch the different music videos that I have published. Click HERE!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your first impressions! Thanks for reading and for helping me so far!

Big hug,


#06 / ¡Nuevo vídeo animado con la intro del álbum!

¡He publicado un nuevo vídeo! De momento este será el último vídeo hasta la salida del disco, que será el próximo 26 de mayo. En este vídeo encontraréis la Intro del álbum hecha arte y animación gracias al talento de Thomas Alburquerque y Beatriz Fletes.

¡Podéis verlo pinchando AQUÍ! ¡Espero que os guste!

Os recuerdo que antes del 26 de mayo aquellos que me ayudasteis a través de esta plataforma recibiréis un enlace de descarga del disco para que lo tengáis antes que nadie :)

"Trocitos de Universo" es la introducción del primer EP de LAAM., "Blue, Where Are You Going?" (2022). LAAM. es el proyecto en solitario de Laura Martínez, artista española afincada en Países Bajos. En su primer EP apuesta por un sonido cinematográfico y onírico, aspectos que la artista introduce con "Trocitos de Universo", abriendo la puerta para invitar al oyente a que se adentre en los diferentes microuniversos que componen el álbum completo."

#05 / Esto ya arranca / News!

(English below)

Queridos amigos:

Esto ya arranca. Ha sido un "embarazo" bastante largo, pero va a valer la pena. Le he puesto mucho cariño y muchas horas a esto, y los profesionales con los que he trabajado... ni os cuento. Todos se han dejado el alma en el proyecto.

En Facebook y en Instagram ya he publicado dos trailers del videoclip del primer sencillo de mi disco. La semana que viene, si todo sale bien, publicaré el videoclip entero. ¡Tengo muchas ganas de que lo veáis y de que, por supuesto, escuchéis la canción, "Venus y Marte"! El videoclip lo ha dirigido Ene Jean y está lleno de sensibilidad. Es orgánico y "marciano" al mismo tiempo, ya veréis por qué ;)

Por lo demás, ya deberíais haber recibido todos vuestras recompensas. A quienes no rellenásteis los formularios con vuestra dirección no os he enviado nada. Si leéis esto y todavía queréis las recompensas, no dudéis en escribirme a laam.blue.bird@gmail.com

read more

#04 / Novedades y redes sociales / News and social media

¡Hola a todos y a todas!

Ya me estáis avisando de que los paquetes con las recompensas os han llegado a muchos de vosotros (no he enviado todas las recompensas aún, enviaré otra tanda en enero después de las vacaciones). ¡Estoy sorprendida, no pensaba que os llegaría todo tan rápido! Me alegro mucho :)

Escribo esta entrada para deciros que si queréis, me haría ilusión que pudiérais compartir vuestras recompensas en redes sociales, mencionando el hashtag #LAAM, y por supuesto, a las maravillosas artistas que han participado. Es, naturalmente, opcional, pero si lo hacéis, ¡muchísimas gracias de antemano!

Para las bolsas podéis mencionar a la Greta Bungle. Instagram: @gretabunglecollage

Pero también a Lola Salinas, cuya fotografía ha sido utilizada para hacer el collage. El Instagram de Lola Salinas es @_lolasalinas

Para la ilustración del libro, las postales y la lámina, la artista es Margaret Olcina, MOS, cuyo Instagram es @mgmos89

read more

#03 / Empaquetando vuestras recompensas / Packing your rewards!

(English below)🐣
¡Ya he empezado a empaquetar las recompensas! A todos los que habéis participado os he enviado un formulario a través de esta plataforma para que pongáis vuestra dirección postal de manera que pueda enviaros vuestra recompensa pronto ☺ Si no habéis recibido el email, ¡buscad en la bandeja de "spam" por si acaso! De momento enviaré todas las recompensas menos la descarga digital del disco y el libreto, ya que para el disco aún tendremos que esperar un poco, pero os aseguro que la espera valdrá la pena.

I've already started packing the rewards! To all of you who participated I have sent a form through this platform so that you can share your postal address so that I can send you the reward soon ☺ If you have not received the email, look in the "spam" folder, just in case! At the moment I am sending… read more

#02 / ¡Mañana entramos a estudio para el grabar el álbum!

¡Hola a todo el mundo!

Muchos notaréis que estoy muy callada por aquí y por las redes sociales, también a veces en el ámbito privado. Los motivos: ha sido una época muy dura de evaluaciones que, como profesora, terminé por fin el pasado viernes. Como resultado de esto, he necesitado unos días para descansar y recuperarme, especialmente porque mañana sábado día 10 de julio... ¡entramos a estudio a grabar mi primer EP en solitario! Y digo "entramos", en plural, porque mañana no me toca grabar a mí, sino a los grandes músicos que me están ayudando en esta aventura. No obstante, organizar todo esto requiere mucho trabajo y, eso, organización, así que estoy muy ocupada ultimando los últimos detalles para que todo fluya y salga bien, y que no haya estrés de última hora.

En cualquier caso, quería manteneros a todos actualizados ya que es… read more

#01 / Ya ha terminado el crowdfunding, ¿y ahora qué?

¡Hola a todos y a todas!

No todo el mundo sigue las redes sociales (hacéis bien, qué queréis que os diga), así que por eso os escribo por aquí, para actualizaros un poco. Hace poco también os envié un e-mail pero si no lo habéis leído, os sigo informando a través de este servicio de blog que ofrece la plataforma Verkami.

En primer lugar, ¡gracias otra vez! En segundo lugar, el motivo por el que no os he solicitado vuestras direcciones postales aún es porque aún falta para que envíe las recompensas y de aquí a ese tiempo podéis, quizá, cambiar de residencia, por ejemplo. Por este motivo Verkami me ha aconsejado que os pida vuestros datos cuando se acerque la fecha de entrega. En cualquier caso, si tenéis preguntas, siempre podéis mandarme un e-mail a laam.blue.bird@gmail.com

Por lo demás, estas semanas voy a estar algo ausente en las redes… read more

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