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Artistic Performance Residence in Ghana, Africa (CRAZINIST ARTIST STUDIO)

A journey to open bridges and break cultural boundaries, understand and connect with the creation of political character by African artists.

Mireia Perez Rodriguez

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pIAR (performance international artistic residency) logo.
pIAR (performance international artistic residency) logo.

This project is triggered by the call of Crazinist Studio: pIAR (performance international artistic residency), for which I have been selected. The contact with the director of this center was crucial for its development, who being knowledgeable about my work having virtually attended one of my actions, decided to write to invite me personally to apply to the 2021 residency program.

Invisible of transparency, streaming action for India.
Invisible of transparency, streaming action for India.

Va-Bene Elikem Fiasti (director of the center), represents a trans identity in a position of artistic recognition at the international level, through her struggle she has managed to found the Crazinist Studio art center and is an important figure at a socio-political level, defending the rights of the LGTBIQ + community in Ghana. He is currently working to create awareness against homophobia, because the president of the country himself opposes legalizing homosexual relations, as well as other important social leaders, taking advantage of his influence, they are formulating hate campaigns towards the LGTBIQ + community. Some international powers and the group for the defense of human rights are closely following the dispute, asking the president for a change because these people have the same rights as others.


Crazinist Artist, What is african?
Crazinist Artist, What is african?


Thus, knowing the struggle for the rights of trans people outside of Europe and more specifically in a continent like Africa, is an essential motivation of this project, to be able to collaborate and share, learn and absolutely change the colonialist and Eurocentric consciousness that invades us. you are born here.

Knowing closely the activist and artivist political struggle movement in the country, as well as creating ties of union and destroying internalized structures to empathize with racialized bodies, make it clear that our struggle is to give space to the diversity of bodies and expressions, beyond the conditioning factors for reading the body that the colonialist and patriarchal culture have loaded on us.

The studio welcomes invited artists at no cost but the trip is at their own expense, therefore the proceeds of this campaign are intended to pay for the trip to Kumasi, Ghana, Africa.


This geographical, rational and emotional journey is going to be documented with great care and enthusiasm, for this I plan to make various formats of artistic and personal diary. These diaries are offered as rewards to donors. The formats will be a copy of the written personal diary, as well as a documentary video summary of the experiences experienced and five photographs in artistic action.


€ 23 = Copy written diary + appearance in credits of the documentary + download of the documentary video + 5 prints in artistic action


Clay sculpture of the sex-reproductive apparatus+ stickers
Clay sculpture of the sex-reproductive apparatus+ stickers

  • Color modeling (sculpture) of the female sex-reproductive system

  • 7 stickers of the female sex-reproductive system (pleasure and reproductive device). These are representations of the apparatus in bodies that have had to undergo surgeries and come off somewhere. This project makes visible these bodies, which, not to do without any organ, are left empty or useless for pleasure. = 150

Shipping costs included


Transproportion at La Neomudéjar museum of Madrid.
Transproportion at La Neomudéjar museum of Madrid.

For those who donate € 200, they offer their own performance for a private event.


About me:

Mireia Pérez Rodríguez

Mireia Pérez Rodríguez, 1994 (Valencia). She is a multidisciplinary artist who has spent her last years of production dedicated to capturing her experiences lived in a patriarchal society as a vulvarized body, with a fluid gender expression. Thus treating concepts such as sexuality, gender expression, self-conception and reading of the body. Her line has led her to exhibit her work both in institutional spaces and in self-managed cultural centers or art and gender festivals, as well as sexology congresses with a gender perspective such as the II National Congress of Sexology in Mérida, with an interactive installation project . During the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, it begins its international journey through the online format until it is selected for pIAR 2021, a one-month artistic residency in Kumasi, Ghana, Africa.

He is trained at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, having recently completed the Master in Artistic Production. Specializing in cast sculpture and performance, two artistic disciplines that he combines by putting one at the service of the other.

The body for the object and the object for the body.

She experiments with how they interfere with each other when communicating with herself and defining her artistic language, she plays with the viewer's reading of the work, integrates the characteristics of the material and how they intervene in the body with the concept in question. Thus establishing a conceptual game between object and subject, always with a gender component.

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  • delosbosques


    about 3 years

    Espero que vaya muy bien el viaje corazón!!

  • Ediazr


    about 3 years

    Mucho ánimo querida 🥰 te mando un abrazote! Estefanía 🤗

  • Nuria


    about 3 years

    Mireia la Mejor,


Querides mecenas!

No puedo expresar con palabras la emoción que siento en este momento, sería algo como esto: sliejofjnshgsjhugheijslkgkha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muchísimas gracias a todes por participar, cada una de vuestras aportaciones ha sido crucial para llegar al objetivo! Muchas gracias por creer en este maravilloso proyecto que se avecina! Estoy deseando experimentar y compartir este sueño con vosotres! He enviado formularios a cada une de vosotres para recopilar los datos necesarios para haceros llegar las recompensas prometidas!

Muchísimas gracias!!!

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