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Dies d'estiu i de pluja

Three friends reunite on a trip after a time of pause. Their reunion makes them rediscover themselves.


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the project: dies d’estiu i de pluja

Dies d’estiu i de pluja is a final degree project from University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) created by six students in their fourth year of Audiovisual Communication. It’s a feature film and, in this first phase of the project, we want to shoot a little piece in the form of a teaser. The shooting of the entire movie is expected to take place in September of this year. The project will be shot in Catalan and there’ll be subtitles available in Spanish and English.

The main goal of a project like this is to talk about those friendships that are broken or that are, simply, shattered by time; those relationships that are remembered with love and nostalgia and that want to be recovered, even if that’s not always possible. We want to talk about our own fears and insecurities; those things that anxious us but aren’t visible and leave scars very hard to heal. Dies d’estiu i de pluja is also a chant to life, to getting carried away by our emotions and living with as much intensity as possible.


Biel has received some upsetting news, so he suggests to his all-time friends to spend some days in his grandparent’s house, at Santa Cruz de la Serós (Huesca) during the town festivities. Abril and Gerard join the plan, although they feel that, lately, they haven’t taken care of each other and they’re not the same anymore. During their stay at the village, surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, they’ll have to face their own monsters testing their friendship.

our main characters

Berner Maynés is Biel

Abril talks about Biel as that friend that’s always there when you need it. From having some beers in the morning to even staying chatting until early morning, Biel won’t doubt in listening to you and giving you some advice. For Gerard, Biel is a very close friend, but he wouldn’t be the first person he would go to tell him his feelings or daily worries.

Eva Picazo is Abril

For Gerard, Abril is that kind of person who makes you laugh even when you’re not supposed to. He’s spent lots of time with her talking about the boys he liked in highschool, without being scared she would judge him. As for Biel, he sees Abril as that friend with whom he can make any plan at any moment. She’s always there for him. And she’s one of the few people that have discovered how he is in depth.

Hug Casals is Gerard

Abril and Biel have a very sincere relationship with him. They define him as a very delicate and affectionate person that, at the eyes of other people, can seem shy and introverted. They know, though, that Gerard is not like that at all. You can usually find him struggling with his camera and singing some Super 3 songs.

about us

Mireia Labazuy Mulero, director

She’s been a member of Aula de Teatre for 4 years, a performing arts workshop in Universitat Pompeu Fabra directed by Pep Anton Gómez. She has the degree in Performing Arts and she’s part of the music band Taurus, where she sings, writes and plays the piano. She spent three months in New York taking singing and dancing lessons in Brooklyn Dance Center and Ailey Extension. She also co-directed and led the shooting coverage for the shop Llenas. Recently, Mireia’s been focusing on directing actors in both short films Últim dia d’estiu and Leche con sacarina, this last one still in its preproduction process. She volunteered in the Alternativa Film Festival.

She is very Taurus, extremely Taurus, and as she uses her voice to tell us off sometimes, she’ll also use it to compose the soundtrack of the film.

Àlex Serra Alcina, director

He directed Últim dia d’estiu along with Ariadna Ulldemolins, a shortfilm which is currently being distributed at film festivals. He is a member of the audiovisual artistic team Vist i Blau where he’s got the chance to work in the production design of music videos such as Eres un temazo by SUU, short films as De tu i de mi (Marc Vadillo) and in the feature film Avemaria (Pol Mansachs and Adrián Palomo). In November 2020, Àlex participated in El Pacte del Talent, an arts and media iniciative led by El Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya with Podíkia, an audiovisual piece based on Carmen Gómez’s coreography.

Former booktuber and president of Dua Lipa’s fan club. And Shailene Woodley’s. And Kristen Stewart’s. And… whatever. We always seem to find someone he looks alike, and he loves having online meetings lying in bed.

Clàudia Vila Masvidal, director

She’s a member and founder of the audiovisual artistic team Vist i Blau, with whom she’s directed the production design of several projects: the feature film Avemaria directed by Pol Mansachs and Adrián Palomo —currently working on the post-production process—, the music video for Eres un temazo by catalan pop singer SUU and the shortfilm De tu i de mi, directed by Marc Vadillo. Recently, she has co-written and co-directed JAPAN (Mabel Olea), an art project created along with El Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya. In September 2020 she collaborated in the analog shooting of the shortfilm Últim dia d’estiu (Àlex Serra and Ariadna Ulldemolins) taking the role of script. Thrilled and moved by threatre since she was very young, Clàudia has signed up on her bucket list to resume her formation as an actress.

She lives in a small Zoo surrounded by kittens and a dog. She tends to film the cutest moments with her handycam and if we didn’t take it from her she would never be in front of the camera.

Miquel Roig Piñeiro, director of photography

He’s a photographer and he’s taken several courses with renowned mentors such as Jesús M. Garcia Flores or Mario Rubio. He’s recently participated in the making of the music videos Tant de bo and Eres un temazo, both by SUU, as part of the photography and editing departments. Along with the audiovisual artistic team Vist i Blau, Miquel’s collaborated in the shooting of the feature film Avemaria (Pol Mansachs and Adrián Palomo) directing its production design and helping the photography team. In September 2020 he debuted as the director of photography for the short film Últim dia d’estiu (Àlex Serra and Ariadna Ulldemolins) which is currently being distributed at film festivals.

If he doesn’t answer you on Whatsapp, he’s probably either fooling with one of his bonsais or checking the Milky Way in an app.

Eva Picazo Antón, screenwriter and actress

Co-director, co-writer and main character for the short film Cayetana Expósito. She’s been a member of Aula de Teatre for 4 years, a performing arts workshop in Universitat Pompeu Fabra directed by Pep Anton Gómez. She’s been formed in musical theater for 6 years in Escola Memory and she’s also taken several acting courses in Estudi Laura Jou, along with vocal training lessons and Catalan diction classes. Eva worked for 2 years as an intern at the audiovisual production company La Factoria+ carrying out direction, screenwriting and production tasks.

She’s the only one who has two roles in the project and yet she’s the one who's less available of all, but since she’s always making everyone laugh, we end up forgiving her.

Carla Sánchez Vidal, screenwriter

Member and founder of the audiovisual artistic team Vist i Blau, she’s directed the production design of several music videos — Eres un temazo (SUU)— shortfilms — De tu i de mi (Marc Vadillo)— and the feature film Avemaria (Pol Mansachs and Adrián Palomo), currently in the post-production process. Carla’s also written and co-directed the webseries project El Consultori Sexual de Sarah Simons and she’s participated in the conception of SPAM! Only For You (Clàudia Mirambell), a project born within the framework of El Pacte del Talent in El Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya. Recently, she’s taken part in the shooting for the short film Últim dia d’estiu (Ariadna Ulldemolins and Àlex Serra) as the first assistant.

She’s the main representative of cuteness and her passive-agressiveness hides under her sweet voice and her hugs.

with the collaboration of:

Gerard Gil Obradors, production director

Licensed in Audiovisual Communication at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He’s directed the short film Greata (nàusea), nominated in the Nest section of the 67th edition of the Festival Internacional de San Sebastián and present in the Un Impulso Colectivo section at D’A Film Festival 2020, in its Filmin edition. Gerard’s also recently directed the short film Els peixos no dormen mai as his final degree project, currently in its post-production process. He’s also taken several acting courses in Estudi Laura Jou and he studied for 4 years at Escola Nancy Tuñón in Barcelona.

When he premiered his short film at Festival de San Sebastián, he attempted to say some words in Basque and no one understood him: their loss.

the advisory team

Celia Rico - Director and screenwriter of Viaje al cuarto de una madre (2018).

Carla Simón - Director of the film Estiu 1993 (2017) and the short film Después también (2019). She’s currently working in her next feature film Alcarràs.

Sergi Moreno - Production advisor. He’s produced films such as 10.000 km (2014), Tierra Firme (2017), Els dies que vindran (2019) and La mort de Guillem (2020).

Gonzalo de Lucas - Professor at University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. Under his advisory, films like Júlia Ist (2017) or Yo la busco (2018), among others, have been made.

Pep Garrido - Professor at University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. Screenwriter and director of Sense sostre (2019).

the rewards

In this backpack you’ll find some of the rewards we want to offer you in case you are going to contribute to our project. These designs were created by Carla Sánchez and Mireia Labazuy. We want to warn you, however, that the designs may change.

At the same time, we’re planning to hold the premiere passes in Barcelona at the beginning of January 2021. We’d like to warn you that, due to the extraordinary health situation we’re living in, those rewards that involve somehow of presence may change or be delayed. Our intention is to carry them out in the safest way possible!

calendar and where the money will go

The schedule we have planned for the project is the following:

You can see the distribution of the money we’ll receive from your contributions in the following drawing:

contact and how you can help us

If you want to help us, share our project with all your close friends and family members and encourage them to collaborate. We will be eternally grateful to you!

Follow us on Instagram and join our adventure to see how the project is evolving. You can also contact us via mail at [email protected].

Thanks to everyone who made it here!

The team of Dies d’estiu i de pluja.


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  • Joanna Masvidal

    Joanna Masvidal

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    Diego Martínez López

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    Sou increibles, us surtira u8n llargmetratge increible, molts anims boniques :))))))

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    over 3 years

    Amb moltes ganes de seguir d’aprop aquest projecte. Us ho mereixeu tot!

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    [email protected]

    over 3 years

    Quina il·lusió aportar un granet de sorra d'un projecte taaaan xulo fet amb taaaant d'amor <3

  • ainafero


    over 3 years

    Molta sort!!♥️

  • Albert Clavell

    Albert Clavell

    over 3 years

    Molta sort i molta força en el projecte!!

#04 / "Dies d'estiu i de pluja" al D'A Film Lab

Hola a tothom!

Dies d'estiu i de pluja* segueix tan viva com sempre i volem compartir amb vosaltres les experiències més recents relacionades amb el futur de la pel·lícula.

Aquests dies hem format part del D'A Film Lab dins el Festival D'A de Barcelona. Ens hi ha acompanyat la Mar Canet, productora a The New Flesh que també s'ha unit a l'aventura.

Això no vol dir que hàgim estrenat la pel·lícula al festival, ni que estigui acabada, però sí que vol dir que queda molt poc perquè així sigui. Hem pogut projectar 30 minuts de la pel·lícula i veure com la rebien professionals de la indústria d'arreu del món, que ens han aconsellat i felicitat a parts iguals. Ha estat molt emocionant veure que tota la feina feta durant aquests anys es transmet i emociona al públic que veu la pel·lícula, i això ens fa estar molt orgulloses del que hem creat.

read more

#03 / Una mica més a prop de la pel·lícula.

Poc a poc anem fent petites passes que ens acosten a fer realitat aquest projecte del qual formeu part. Fa un temps que hem estat treballant (molt, de veritat) i us volem actualitzar una mica perquè estigueu al corrent de la situació del projecte.

Primer de tot, ens fa especial il·lusió explicar-vos que durant el passat més de juny vam estar rodant el fragment inicial que hem pensat per la pel·lícula. Aquests minuts als quals hem anomenat “pròleg” presenten els personatges que ja coneixeu: en Biel, en Gerard i l’Abril. Aquesta mateixa setmana vam acabar l’etapa universitària d’aquest projecte presentant-lo davant el tribunal de professors que ens avaluarà i a partir d’ara tirarem endavant el projecte senzillament perquè ens l’estimem i ens il·lusiona i motiva.

Com podeu veure aquí, per gravar la peça que hem presentat vam formar un equip increïble ple de gent entregada al projecte i sense la qual això no hagués estat possible (literalment).

La Carla, la nostra ajudant de direcció i guionista, amb la claqueta de la primera presa del rodatge.
read more

#02 / 15 DIES per finalitzar la campanya! SORTEIG de VINS + Recompensa exclusiva


Hola a totes i a tots! Cada cop queden menys dies perquè acabi la campanya de Verkami i volem agraïr-vos el vostre suport durant tot aquest camí. Ja portem més de 6.000€ recaptats i això ens motiva a seguir endavant.

Però com ja us vam explicar, ens hem proposat arribar a un segon objectiu de 7.500€ i, per això, hem decidit desbloquejar la recompensa exclusiva de 25€ només durant 72 hores a partir d’avui mateix a les 20h! Qui vulgui adquirir-la, rebrà tant el got reutilitzable com la totebag amb dissenys exclusius fets pel mateix equip.

D’altra banda, quan vam iniciar aquesta campanya ja us vam explicar que totes aquelles persones que fessin una aportació de 35€ o superior entrarien en un sorteig que anunciaríem cap a la meitat del Verkami. Doncs bé, ens alegra dir-vos que el sorteig en qüestió es tracta d’un pack de vins de Vinyes Domènech amb una visita exclusiva a la seva bodega!read more



Moltíssimes gràcies a totes i a tots per ajudar-nos a arribar al nostre primer objectiu per cobrir els costos de la pel·lícula! En menys de 10 dies hem aconseguit superar la fita dels 5.000€ i estem molt agraïdes.

Tanmateix, el pressupost total del film és de 10.000€ i per aconseguir-los hem de continuar compartint la campanya! Per aquesta raó, hem decidit fixar un segon objectiu per arribar als 7.500€.

A tothom qui hagi col·laborat, us animem que feu difusió del Verkami a través de les xarxes socials i els vostres contactes més propers. Amb cada donació, estem un pas més a prop d’aconseguir fer la pel·lícula! Ara és l’hora!

Per últim, us volem dir que, un cop finalitzada la campanya, a partir del dia 5 d’abril, ens posarem en contacte amb totes i tots vosaltres per tal de poder engegar les entregues de les recompenses.

De nou, gràcies per la vostra confiança i per ajudar-nos a fer realitat aquest projecte.

L’equip de Dies d’estiu i de pluja.


¡Gracias, mecenas!read more

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