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ClarosKuro ( Tribal Fusion Show)

Our company Exotika would like to promote tribal fusion dance, an innovative style in Spain, through our multidiscipline show that unites dance with other arts like animations and painting.

Exotika Danza Fusion

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We encourage you to know the style by which the CIA. Exotika is recognized at international level. Help us to be able to show and publicize the Eastern Tribal Fusion Dance and the work of our company.

Thanks to your contribution, we can fullfil our purposes to represent our show and cover the costs of production and artistic accomplishment.

So, we suggest that you join us in the presentation of what is both the tribal dance and our style. And to thank you for the collaboration there are a series of rewards such as handbags Exotika, classes... and tickets to the premier of the show in the Theater Alexandra, on the 16th of march in Barcelona.

Tribal dance is a branch from the oriental dance where, it merges with different types of dance to enrich and give greater freedom to the creative level. The technique is highlighted and the language of each dancer is personal and different without losing the original roots of the dance.

Exotika is formed by 3 dancers coming from different styles of dance and formed in Eastern and Tribal Dance for 12 years. They have danced in the best international stages and taught workshops (Paris, San Francisco, Milan,...) showing the style that defines them.

The restlessness which provokes them, the world that surrounds them, inspires the Exotika components to create Claroskuro. A show that represents the various phases of being human and its evolution, through 3 main stages: gestation, war and genesis.

Due to this project Exotika decides to train 12 dancers and create a new Troupe, Kriminal E.motions. Wanting to expand completely their language and creations.

Being faithful to the tribal Fusion they want to show beyond the dance, philosophy, collaborating with the painter Patricio Hidalgo who brings his creativity in the art of of illustration and animation, accompanying them in the different stages of the show.


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#01 / ClarosKuro

Hola a todos y primero de todo, agradeceros el apoyo que nos estáis dando.

En este apartado podremos comentaros los avances de Claroskuro y todo aquello relevante en esta pequeña comunidad de artistas y mecenas.

Por otro lado os enlazamos directamente con nuestro blog donde podréis ver videos, fotos, futuros eventos como workshops y también clases regulares.

Esperamos conoceros pronto a todos en el estreno de Claroskuro en el teatro Alexandra de Barcelona y de momento os dejamos con uno de nuestros últimos videos con la coreografía Dream realizada en París.

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