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Enjoy yourself playing Pairs & Pairs! with your family

7 ways to play. Handmade designs. Without plastics or varnishes. For 1 to 6 players of any age.


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Pairs & Pairs! is a game that includes 12 drawers and 48 different pairs of socks made with double cardboard and handmade design.

It proposes 7 ways of playing to chose the way you prefer at any time.

The ways of playing Pairs & Pairs! are Single Pairs & Pairs!, Mathematical Pairs & Pairs!, Pairs & Pairs! Speed I, Pairs & Pairs! Speed II, Pairs & Pairs! Strategy, Pairs & Pairs! Memory and Pairs & Pairs! Draft

Moreover, Pairs & Pairs! Design invites you to design more socks using only felt-tip pens, cardboard and inspiration from Pairs & Pairs!. This way you could broaden the game or just enjoy your creativity.

Almost all ways of playing Pairs & Pairs! use matching socks as basis for enjoyment.

Pairs & Pairs! is an incredibly versatile game.

This game has become what it is after many prototype tests. Many keens on boardgames and educators have tested Spanish prototype of Pairs & Pairs! and we have then included many of their suggestions into the final version of the game.

Pairs & Pairs! is recommended from 4 to 99 years old (or older ^^).

Of course, Pairs & Pairs! has passed European requirements about toy safety (Test made by Instituto Tecnológico de Producto Infantil y Ocio - AIJU).

A distinctive trait of Pairs & Pairs! is a design including maximum environmental respect: no plastics, no varnishes, minimum volume.

Ready to enjoy?

Let´s go!!

One player - Single Pairs & Pairs!

If you choose playing alone, enjoy matching every sock. You could do it calmly, you could time trying to be faster every time or you could try this challenge: 8 pairs/2 minutes, 16 pairs/3 minutes and 48 pairs/4 minutes. Did you get it? Then, imagine other challenge and…Try it!

One player – Mathematical Pairs & Pairs!

Classify socks according to having flowers, buildings, animals… triangles, circles… the heel, the toe or both drawn… and try to form chains like flower, building, flower, animal/flower, building, flower, animal/…This is just an example. Imagine all chains you want!

2 to 6 players* - Pairs & Pairs! Speed I

1) A player deals every sock and drawer out for each placer. Socks are dealt face down. The rest of the socks are placed on the centre of the table. Remaining drawers are put apart.

2) Each placer will match all possible pairs with its socks. Once it is done, each placer will take one sock from the centre by turn.

3) The player who fills its drawer first with matched socks will win the game.

2 to 6 players* - Pairs & Pairs! Speed II

*For 5 players, 2 drawers and 8 pairs of socks will be removed before starting to play.

This form of game is very fast; the greater is the number of players, the faster is this form of game. Before start playing, agree on how many games (3, 4, 5…) a player has to win to be the final winner.

1) A player deals every sock and drawer out; the same number of socks for each player. Socks are dealt face down.

2) Every player places its drawers in front of him/her and turns its socks over. Using his/her socks, he/she matches every pair of socks which was possible to match and tidy the pairs in its drawers.

3) When a player finishes, he/she raises both hands as the provisional winner.

4) The provisional winner wins the game except for having forgotten to match any pair of socks. If there is any pair of socks able to match out of his/her drawers, the provisional winner loses the game and the rest of players keep playing until any player wins.

3 to 6 players* - Pairs & Pairs! Strategy (Recommended for older than 5 years old)

*For 5 players, 2 drawers and 8 pairs of socks will be removed before starting to play.

1) and 2) previous.

3) Rounds to swap odd socks start:
• Each round starts from the player that has dealt socks out.
• By turn and counter-clockwise, every player offers to swap one of his/her socks, the one he/she prefers (being already matched or not), in exchange for the one he/she prefers (not being matched yet). He/she must choose between offering the exchange to the player to his/her right or to the player to his/her left. The player who chooses will tell “I offer you this sock in exchange for that one”, and the answer will be “I accept” or “I do not accept”.
• In the case that total number of players was 3, only one player could reject an exchange offered him/her during a round. In the case that total number of players was 4, 5, or 6, 2 players could reject an exchange offered them during a round. When an exchange is rejected, the player who offered it must swap socks with the player sitting on his/her other side, but now he/she does not decide which socks to swap: the other player decides which socks to swap as if it was this player swap turn. Except for these rejections, exchange is always mandatory; exchange is also mandatory when, due to penalizations, only 2 players are playing the round.
• A round finishes when every player has used his/her swap turn. They check if there are penalizations**; if not, next round starts.

4) **A player is penalized if he/she has a matching pair of socks without being tidied in a drawer before starting a round; thus, he/she does not play the following round.

5) The winner is the player who fills his/her drawers with socks correctly matched first.

2 to 6 players – Pairs & Pairs! Memory

1) Socks are placed face down in rows in the centre of the table. You may use 8, 16, 24, 32 or 40 (maximum) pairs of socks; it depends on the game difficulty or duration you want.

2) By turn, each player flips any 2 socks. If both socks match, the player takes a drawer, tidy both socks in the drawer and flip other 2 socks repeating the move until the flipped socks do not match. Then, both socks are left in their place and comes the turn of the following player.

3) The winner is the player with more pairs of socks matched and tidied in his/her drawers when there are no more socks in the centre of the table.

2 to 6 players – Pairs & Pairs! Draft (recommended for older than 5 years old)

1) 6 pairs of socks are selected per each player playing, so that 2 players play with 12 pairs of socks, 3 players play with 18 pairs, 4 players play with 24 pairs, 5 players play with 30 pairs and 6 players play with all 36 pairs. The remaining socks are removed.

2) A player deals the selected socks among players, the same number of socks for each player.

3) Each player chooses one sock without showing it to the others. He/she keeps the chosen one face down and pass his/her remaining socks face down to the player sitting to his/her right. At the same time, he/she receives socks from the player sitting to his/her left.

4) The operation is repeated until each player receives only one sock from his/her left.

5) Then, each player flips their socks.

6) Scores are calculated as Instructions detail.

7) The winner will be the player with the highest final score at the end of a game o at the end of many games; it depends on how long you want to play.

Pairs & Pairs! Design

If you feel creative, take a cardboard sheet and felt pens and enjoy designing your own socks. You may expand the game with your designs!

In your Pairs & Pairs!, together with Detailed Instructions to play, you are going to find 48 pairs of socks and 12 cards called "drawers" in the game jargon.

48 pairs of socks
48 pairs of socks

12 "drawers"
12 "drawers"

Para esta campaña de crowdfunding hemos elaborado 2 recompensas especiales que puedes añadir a tu juego y que pretenden hacerte disfrutar de tu mecenazgo.

La primera es "El primer concurso de diseño Amonites". Consiste en que recibirás, junto con las bases del Concurso, una lámina en la que hacer tu propio diseño de calcetines.

Los diseños recibidos, junto con el nombre de su autor, se publicarán en nuestra cuenta de Instagram: @amonites.pyp.

De entre los diseños recibidos, el equipo de Amonites elegirá los más apropiados para incluirlos en ¡Pares & Pares! 2, juego continuación de ¡Pares y Pares! Los diseños elegidos se publicarán en la misma red social ¡Pares & Pares! 2 contendrá una nota específica con el nombre de los autores de los diseños incluidos en el juego con motivo del Concurso
¡Pares & Pares! saldrá a la venta antes de finalizar el año 2021, la fecha concreta se anunciará en la misma cuenta @amonites.pyp.

La segunda recompensa especial es la camiseta diseñada para la ocasión, inspirada en las piezas del juego, y exclusiva para mentores. El diseño definitivo fue elegido mediante una encuesta en Instagram ¡Esperamos que te guste!

Si el crowdfunding tiene éxito, podrás elegir tu talla de camiseta y modelo (hombre, mujer o niño, en sus distintas tallas).

Además, hay 2 recompensas desbloqueables ¿Qué quiere decir eso? Que aparecerán cuando el crowdfunding haya superado ciertos hitos.

La primera recompensa desbloqueable son 8 piezas de calcetines en blanco, del tamaño y material de las piezas del juego, para que disfrutes diseñándolas como prefieras. Esta recompensa se añadirá a todas las demás y la recibirán todos los mentores sin coste añadido alguno una vez que el número de mentores que hayan aportado al proyecto sea mayor de 100.

La segunda recompensa desbloqueable es la versión en inglés de ¡Pares & Pares!, que se podrá adquirir una vez que el crowdfunding haya superado los 120 mentores.

¡Ayúdanos a conseguirlo!

If you help us with this crowdfunding, we are going to use your contributions to pay for the first lot of Pairs & Pairs! And so, to make real this project!!

If crowdfunding goes well, Pairs & Pairs! will be in production on July 2021. Then, Amonites will try that every game will be delivered between 1st and 15th September 2021.

La creadora y alma de Amonites es Silvia Díaz Fernández.

Doctora ingeniera de montes interesada en idear soluciones win-win, soluciones con las que todos ganemos, y apasionada por la educación, se dejó inspirar por la maternidad para crear Amonites.

Amonites es un bello proyecto que transforma la manera habitual de crear, en este caso de crear juegos. Consiste en idear las premisas básicas de un juego interesante y divertido que nos atraiga en Amonites, y dar la posibilidad a quienes lo van a disfrutar de que lo perfilen a su gusto para que la experiencia de jugar con él llegue a ser la mejor. El esfuerzo de Amonites se centra en diseñar y fabricar el juego incluyendo las ideas de quienes lo van a jugar, y centrándose en que el diseño y la fabricación sea sostenible medioambientalmente y socialmente constructivo. Es decir, Amonites aporta la parte técnica para garantizar que los juegos se hacen de forma respetuosa para todos.

Ahora el reto es que salga adelante. Si te gusta la idea apoya ¡Pares & Pares!



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