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Cuban Comedy: The Perfect Analogon

We have reached the goal! We will make this comedy with rice and beans thanks to you.

Abdel Martínez Castro

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A short comedy film addressing very serious topics, such as senile dementia, the role of an elderly person's caregiver and the role of women in contemporary Cuban society.

We expect laughter and reflection from the viewer. Would you help us achieve this cinematic adventure?

Grandma eats well, but she always forgets and demands more food. Her daughter and granddaughter, with the help of the latter's boyfriend, undertake a plan to shoot enough evidence videos to convince the grandmother that she has already eaten every meal of every day of the week. At gunpoint they manage to put the old lady in front of the camera, but the filming is only half done: the lady manages to get hold of the gun and aim at the improvised film crew.

How does it end? You'll have to wait to watch the movie... You can win rewards that will allow you to watch it before its première!

Again (and probably always) it is personal experiences what move me to generate a script. Although senile dementia brings pain to those who suffer it and their families, particularly caregivers, for no one it is a secret that it produces countless comic situations in everyday life.

The choice of humor is not random: laughter is an relieve that helps a lot in coping with these difficult life situations. Of course, for those of us who live them, it can qualify as black humor and we laugh with certain bitterness. Perhaps that's why I held back from resorting to situations that are too absurd. I prefer to bring out a bitter smile in the spectator, rather than a loud laugh. And above all I prefer to breathe reality in the film, despite its genre.

The Perfect Analogon, from its slight absurdity, addresses the theme of sacrificing for the family, which touches me personally, but also that of the social role of women, which trickles as a secondary but intentional theme. The intertextual references to the characters and dialogues of Lorca's La casa de Bernarda Alba help in that sense. In the story there are also brushstrokes that make us reflect on the «illusion of reality» attributed to the seventh art. Just seasonings.

Abdel Martinez (Scriptwriter and General Producer)

From the first actresses Paula Alí (Alba) and Laura de la Uz (Adela) we will all learn, including the young actors who will alternate with them: Wendy Oliva (Ayelén) and Carlos Milanés (Pepín). That magic that is becoming part of the modus operandi of Colga'o Film Café is one of the greatest values of its productions: it destroys barriers (whose origins are unknown) between the center and the periphery of audiovisual creation. The result, besides the work, is the creative bridges that are established, the collective practical learning and the affections that are born. The cinema comes out of the smog of Havana and grows, it is oxygenated.

I'm happy to take on the character of Adela in the production of The Perfect Analogon, because I think it's a good script, very funny and dynamic, full of insights.

Despite the absurdity of the comedy situation, all characters are coherent and have their own lives, with their drives and realism. Adela, the one who concerns me, is written with great verisimilitude. She represents many women heads of households at that age when they must split themselves between caring for their parents and their children. This living through others, this constant concern for others in the family, blurs, or rather, bleaches, these women, who are defined by generosity and sacrifice.

The participation of the actrice Laura de la Uz is a great honor for our project.
The participation of the actrice Laura de la Uz is a great honor for our project.

Adela, however, is not a passive character nor does she give up easily. From her simplicity, and in complicity with her daughter, she assumes life with a kind of positive energy -I don't know if I can call it optimism- that makes her nice, easy to love. I think the public can easily identify with a character like Adela and the problems she faces.

Laura de la Uz (actress)

The story told by The Perfect Analogon is made up of two settings, which are juxtaposed: one during the day, with elements of comedy of manners and family; and the other at night, related to the parody of low-budget horror films. The differentiation of these two settings is marked from the script itself, and cries out for the staging to reinforce it: a zigzagging tone between laughter and fear.

For the daytime setting, the audiovisual language will be rather discreet, spartan, conventional, as Woody Allen recommends for the genre: «Comedy has to be real, simple and clear. You hardly ever get a chance to shoot anything very dramatically. What you want, really, is a nice, clean, open frame. (...) You want to see everything, to see the actors do what they do. »

On the other hand, the night setting will have a much greater visual and sound load. Two words: more spectacular. A great part of the rhythm will be external, contributed by the movements of a camera with a role more leading than in the daytime setting; by a montage that will bet on shorter shots and more frequent cuts; and by the soundtrack, supported by original music that should synthesize comedy and fear. The main objective is to transmit the fear that a conspiracy can generate, in this case the one revolving around Alba, while the insanity of the situation gives us back the possibility of laughter.

Colga'o Film Café is a creation group that seeks to valorize independent audiovisual production made in the interior of Cuba. Our approach bets on building creative bridges between the center and the peripheries of the national audiovisual production, in order to promote synergies and widen horizons.

In other words, we are interested in debunking the myth that in Cuba movies are only made in Havana. We want to prove that making good films from underprivileged territories is a possibility that makes everyone grow, including cinema itself!

We generate audiovisual fiction projects of various genres, bringing together narrative and visual experimentation, proposing stories that touch fibers of sensitivity, not mere entertainment. We are also interested in the documentary genre.

This is the logo of our audiovisual creation group.
This is the logo of our audiovisual creation group.

Elisa and Abdel, producers of Colga
Elisa and Abdel, producers of Colga'o Film Café.

Our latest work, the short film Guerra, in the drama genre, directed by the young director Yelenis Planos Cannet, is in post-production. This project was produced with the support of the Cuban Institute of Cinema Art and Industry (ICAIC), the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) of Camagüey, Cuba, and the Norwegian Embassy in Havana. We leave you some images of the shooting.

Abdel Martínez, in his role as actor director, instructs the first Cuban actress Coralita Veloz and the outstanding actor of Teatro del Viento Josvani González.
Abdel Martínez, in his role as actor director, instructs the first Cuban actress Coralita Veloz and the outstanding actor of Teatro del Viento Josvani González.

The character is "alone" in the bathroom.
The character is "alone" in the bathroom.

Most of Guerra
Most of Guerra's technical team is repeating in the project The Perfect Analogon.

At the beginning (2014), there was a café called El Colga'o, in the historical center of the city of Sancti Spíritus, a space of great convocation among young people, with a proposal of marked cultural nuance.

In mid-2017, its entrepreneurs Elisa Mapelli and Abdel Martínez entered the Cuban University of the Arts, in the faculty of Audiovisual Media Arts.

From then on, El Colga'o hosts the audiovisual creation group Colga'o Film Café. A notable part of the income of El Colga'o is destined to the audio-visual production. Of the total budget of The Perfect Analogon, the café El Colga'o covers 30%.

El Colga
El Colga'o, a café with a cinematic vocation.

The halls of El Colga
The halls of El Colga'o, ready to produce culture.

Here are some reward proposals. However, you can also negotiate the one you want! Contact us and we will gladly design the customized reward of your choice. Shipping costs included.

Reward 1

Donate 10.00 € to our campaign and you will get an exclusive digital download before the première+ Name in the final credits of the film, in "Thanks".

Reward 2

Donate 20.00 € and you will have an exclusive digital download before the première+ Autographed poster + Name in the final credits of the film, in "Special thanks".

Reward 3

Donate 35.00 € and you will have access to an exclusive digital download before the première+ Autographed poster + Name in the initial credits of the film in "With the support of".

Reward 4

Donate 50.00 € and you will have access to an exclusive digital download before the première+ Autographed poster + Name in the initial credits of the film in "With the support of" + A customized anti COVID-19 mask with Colga'o Film Café's logo.

VIP Reward

Donate 100.00 € and you become a VIP donor with a diploma + an exclusive digital download before the première + Autographed poster + Autographed bound copy of the script + Name in the initial credits of the film in "With the support of" + A customized anti COVID-19 mask with Colga'o Film Café's logo.

VIP+ Reward

Donate 200.00 € and you become a VIP+ donor with a diploma + an exclusive digital download before the première + Autographed poster + Autographed bound copy of the script + Name in the initial credits of the film in "With the support of" + A customized anti COVID-19 mask with Colga'o Film Café's logo... By wearinf it you'll get free service in El Colga'o Café, of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, with validity for life.


Halfway through the campaign we are adding a reward to all those who contribute to the "The Perfect Analogous" campaign, we have called it "The Cinema Inside". (This includes the minimum reward of 5 euros and all those who have already contributed).

We will give a digital download of the making off of the short, where you can see the whole process of shooting, will be in action to the famous actresses Laura de la Uz and Paula Ali behind the scenes, the organizational dynamics, creative chaos, etc.

Those who contribute 35 euros or more, will be mentioned and greeted in the making off, which will leave contented for the posterity of the gratefulness by its contribution. Those who contribute 100 euros or more, will be greeted by the actresses stars of the film Paula Alí or Laura de la Uz!

Cut... we repeat!

For the last third of our campaign at Verkami, we have decided to add a new reward. We have named it Cut... we repeat! All our sponsors (including those who have already donated) will receive a digital download with a selection of the most comical discarded scenes (actors forgetting their texts, laughing fits, stumbling, etc.). Do you like it? Then donate!

The target value of this campaign at Verkami is 16% of the total value of the film's budget. The funding will be used for:
Logistics during the shooting (feeding the whole crew and transportation of personnel, media, sets, props)
Renting the main location

We have other supports that already guarantee a good part of what is required for the project (24% of the budget):
Hermanos Saíz Association of Sancti Spíritus
Cuban University of the Arts (Subsidiary of Camagüey)
Independent media producers of Sancti Spíritus (Tantramusic, Seis Pingüinos)

The project is won the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema 2020 (30% of the budget). See the official list of winners of the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema 2020

Colga'o Film Café contributes with its own funds to cover 30%.

From January-March 2021, we will be preparing everything necessary for the shooting, which will take place in April 2021, and will last 4 days. The postproduction (editing, special effects, soundtrack editing and finishing) of the film will be between April and June, and in August 2021 we will be ready to send you your reward!

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You can also contact us by clicking "Ask the author", below this lines, or leaving us a coment.


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  • jpbarcenas


    over 2 years

    Gracias Abdel Martínez Castro, aunque no estoy en EEUU, no se por que les sale asi, igualmente un gusto apoyarlos

  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    ¡Gracias, Giulio, eres un doble mecenas!

  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    ¡La familia Mapelli se lleva la máscara! ¡Cuidado, Donata!

  • Rolandom


    over 2 years

    MAMA and PAPA besos

  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    Y desde Valencia llega Wendy Reina (el equipo Valenciano es fuerte) para hacer su valioso aporte a "El análogon perfecto". ¡Gracias, Chachiruli, El Colga'o te quiere!

  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    ¡J. Pérez, muchas gracias, amigo! Eres el primero en donar desde EEUU. Bienvenido a la familia de Colga'o Film Café y de la peli "El análogon perfecto".

  • jpbarcenas


    over 2 years

    Me encanta este proyecto, les deseo mucha suerte. Saludos

  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    ¡Gracias, Martina! ¡Llegaremos, llegaremos!

  • Eutelia Marta

    Eutelia Marta

    over 2 years


  • Abdel Martínez Castro

    Abdel Martínez Castro

    over 2 years

    Gracias, Andy, amigo!! Por los dos apoyos, el material y el espiritual... Y por tu amistad. Un abrazote.

#19 / ¡Estamos atrasados, pero no te olvidamos!

La situación sanitaria en Cuba es muy crítica. Estamos en un pico pandémico y enfrentamos limitaciones de todo tipo. Habíamos previsto para este mes de agosto comenzar el envío de las recompensas, pero no nos ha sido posible. Estamos obligados a esperar a una mejoría para poder seguir llevando adelante los procesos de postproducción así como de elaboración y envío de las recompensa. Pedimos disculpas por este retraso, pero no los olvidamos. Las recompensas llegarán en cuanto nos sea posible, dada la situación sanitaria.

La situazione sanitaria a Cuba è molto critica. Siamo ad un picco pandemico e stiamo affrontando tutti i tipi di limitazioni. Avevamo pianificato di iniziare a inviare le ricompense questo agosto, ma non è stato possibile. Siamo costretti ad aspettare un miglioramento per poter continuare il processo di… read more

#18 / ¡Gran regalo de Héctor Garrido!

El gran fotógrafo español Héctor Garrido estuvo en nuestro rodaje y nos obsequió una sesión de fotos como recuerdo. Queremos compartir algunas contigo.

Il grande fotografo spagnolo Héctor Garrido era presente al nostro set e ci ha regalato un servizio fotografico come ricordo. Vogliamo condividerne alcune con voi.

The great Spanish photographer Héctor Garrido was at our shoot and gave us a photo session as a souvenir. We want to share some of them with you.

Le grand photographe espagnol Héctor Garrido était présent lors de notre séance et nous a offert une séance photo en souvenir. Nous souhaitons partager certaines d'entre elles avec vous.

#16 / Tic, tac... ¡Dos semanas para el rodaje!

¡Saludos, mecenas! Faltan dos semanas para el rodaje y queremos compartir algunas fotos de ensayos y preparativos. La pandemia nos ha obligado a trabajar el doble, pero estamos contentos porque todo parece indicar que el rodaje será posible los días 26, 27, 28 y 29 de abril. ¡Gracias nuevamente!

Siamo a due settimane dalle riprese e vogliamo condividere alcune foto delle prove e dei preparativi. La pandemia ci ha costretto a lavorare il doppio, ma siamo felici perché tutto sembra indicare che le riprese saranno possibili il 26, 27, 28 e 29 aprile. Grazie ancora!

Greetings, patrons! We are two weeks away from the shooting and we want to share some photos of rehearsals and preparations. The pandemic has forced us to work twice as hard, but we are happy because everything seems to indicate that the shooting will be possible on April 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th. Thanks again!

#15 / ¡No estamos dormidos!

Hola, mecenas de "El análogon perfecto". No estamos dormidos. De hecho estamos trabajando mucho para que el rodaje pueda ser en abril, según cronograma, aunque la pandemia puede que nos retrase un poco. Sancti Spíritus entró en fase de transmisión autóctona, y hay muchas restricciones, incluido el transporte entre provincias. ¡Pero, a pesar de todo, tenemos excelentes noticias!

Hemos sumado importantes apoyos institucionales al proyecto: nos apoyan la Dirección Provincial de Cultura en Sancti Spíritus, la Delegación Provincial del Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos y la Oficina del Conservador de la Ciudad Patrimonial de Sancti Spíritus.

Ya tenemos asegurado y confirmado todo el equipamiento (de primera), el crew, el elenco y... ¡la locación! Aquí te dejamos unas fotos para ponerte al día.

Salve, patroni di "The Perfect… read more

#14 / ¡Ahora nos toca a nosotros!

Hemos concluido la campaña con éxito gracias a todos ustedes. Ahora nos toca a nosotros seguir adelante con el proyecto. Tendremos a todos nuestros mecenas al tanto de cada paso que demos hasta concluir la película, y les haremos llegar las recompensas que les hemos prometido tan pronto como podamos. En breve recibirán un formulario con los datos para la facturación de su aporte, así como otros datos necesarios para poder recompensarlos como es debido. Otra vez: ¡Gracias, amigos!

Abbiamo concluso con successo la campagna grazie a tutti voi. Ora tocca a noi andare avanti con il progetto. Terremo tutti i nostri sponsor informati di ogni passo che faremo fino al completamento del film, e vi invieremo le ricompense che abbiamo promesso non appena possibile. Presto riceverete un modulo con i dati per la fatturazione del vostro contributo, oltre ad altre informazioni necessarie per potervi ricompensare adeguatamente. Ancora: Grazie, amici!

read more

#13 / ¡Objetivo alcanzado!

¡Haremos la película gracias a tu contribución!

Faremo il film grazie al vostro contributo!

We will make the film thanks to your contribution!

Nous réaliserons le film grâce à votre contribution !

#12 / Nueva recompensa: REMATADOR

El mecenas que remate la cifra meta (que nos haga alcanzar los 1500 euros) recibirá una recompensa exclusiva: la máscara terrorífica con la que amedrentarán al personaje de la abuela Alba. ¡Garantizamos la autenticidad de la pieza!

Il patrocinatore che completa la cifra obiettivo (che ci fa raggiungere i 1500 euro) riceverà una ricompensa esclusiva: la terrificante maschera con la quale spaventerà il personaggio di nonna Alba. Garantiamo l'autenticità del pezzo!

The sponsor who completes the target figure (which brings us up to 1500 euros) will receive an exclusive reward: the terrifying mask with which they will frighten the character of Grandma Alba. We guarantee the authenticity of the piece!

Le mécène qui complète le chiffre cible (ce qui nous amène à 1500 euros) recevra une récompense exclusive : le masque terrifiant avec lequel il effrayera le personnage de Grand-mère Alba. Nous garantissons l'authenticité de la pièce !

#11 / Un proyecto muy internacional

A pocos días de terminar nuestra campaña, queremos agradecer a cada uno de nuestros mecenas, por países de residencia, sea cual sea el resultado. Algunos están listados con su nickname, pues aún no conocemos su nombre real.

A pochi giorni dalla fine della nostra campagna, vorremmo ringraziare ciascuno dei nostri sponsor, per paese di residenza, qualunque sia il risultato. Alcuni sono elencati con il loro soprannome, poiché non conosciamo ancora il loro vero nome.

With only a few days to go before the end of our campaign, we would like to thank each of our sponsors, by country of residence, whatever the result. Some are listed with their nickname, as we do not yet know their real name.

A quelques jours de la fin de notre campagne, nous tenons à remercier chacun de nos sponsors, par pays de résidence, quel que soit le résultat. Certains sont répertoriés avec leur surnom, car nous ne connaissons pas encore leur vrai nom.


• fioruzzi
• Rolando Mapelli
• Donatella Levati
read more

#10 / ¡Feliz año nuevo cinematográfico!

Queremos desear un feliz año nuevo a todos los mecenas, colaboradores, amigos y seguidores del proyecto de comedia "El análogon perfecto", de Colga'o Film Café. La campaña ha sido exitosa hasta ahora gracias a la amistad y generosidad de mucha gente. ¡Mil gracias y que 2021 sea un año lleno de felices compensaciones por el 2020 que hemos pasado!

Un abrazo con sabor a café y cine.

Auguriamo un felice anno nuovo a tutti i mecenati, collaboratori, amici e promotori del progetto comico "The Perfect Analogon" di Colga'o Film Café. La campagna ha avuto finora successo grazie all'amicizia e alla generosità di molte persone. Grazie mille e che il 2021 sia un anno pieno di felici compensazioni per il 2020 che abbiamo speso!

Un abbraccio con un assaggio di caffè e cinema.

We would like to wish a happy new year to all patrons,… read more

#09 / ¡Corten... repetimos! ¡Nueva recompensa!

Para este último tercio de nuestra campaña en Verkami, hemos decidido incorporar una nueva recompensa. La hemos llamado ¡Corten... repetimos! Todos nuestros mecenas (incluidos los que ya han donado) recibirán una descarga digital con una selección de las escenas descartadas más cómicas (actores que olvidan sus textos, ataques de risa, tropezones, etc.) ¿Les gusta? ¡Pues a donar!

For this last third of our campaign at Verkami, we have decided to add a new reward. We have named it Cut... we repeat! All our sponsors (including those who have already donated) will receive a digital download with a selection of the most comical discarded scenes (actors forgetting their texts, laughing fits, stumbling, etc.). Do you like it? Then donate!

Per quest'ultimo terzo della nostra campagna a Verkami, abbiamo deciso di aggiungere un nuovo premio. L'abbiamo chiamato Cut... lo ripetiamo! Tutti i nostri sponsor (anche quelli che hanno già donato) riceveranno un read more

#08 / Proyecto mileurista

¡Nuestra campaña en Verkami ha superado los mil euros! Muchas gracias a todos los que han donado. Estamos cada vez más cerca de la meta, ¡ayúdanos a llegar!

Our campaign in Verkami has exceeded one thousand euros! Thank you very much to everyone who has donated. We are getting closer and closer to the goal, help us to reach it!

La nostra campagna a Verkami ha superato i mille euro! Grazie mille a tutti coloro che hanno fatto una donazione. Ci stiamo avvicinando alla meta, aiutateci a raggiungerla!

Notre campagne au Verkami a dépassé le millier d'euros ! Merci beaucoup à tous ceux qui ont fait des dons. Nous nous rapprochons de l'objectif, aidez-nous à l'atteindre !

#07 / ¡Queremos conocerte, mecenas misterioso!

¡Hola, queridos mecenas! Queremos hacer público nuestro agradecimiento por su contribución, pero no conocemos la identidad de todos ustedes. ¿Nos pueden hacer llegar su nombre para que podamos conocerlos? Puedes comunicarte con nosotros dejando un mensaje o haciendo click en "Pregunta al autor", al final de la página de nuestra campaña en Verkami.

Hello, dear sponsors! We would like to express our thanks for your contribution, but we do not know the identity of all of you. Can you send us your name so that we can get to know you? You can contact us by leaving a message or by clicking on "Ask the author" at the bottom of our campaign page on Verkami.

Salve, cari sostenitori, vogliamo rendere pubblico il nostro ringraziamento per il vostro contributo, ma non conosciamo l'identità di tutti voi, potete dirci il vostro nome per potervi conoscere? Potete contattarci lasciando un messaggio o cliccando su "Ask the author" in fondo alla pagina della nostra campagna su Verkami.

read more

#06 / Cumpleaños feliz...

La cafetería El Colga'o, sede de Colga'o Film Café, cumplió 6 años el 12 de diciembre. Queremos compartir con nuestros mecenas este momento de alegría. / El Colga'o Cafeteria, home of Colga'o Film Café, celebrated its 6th birthday on December 12. We would like to share this moment of joy with our sponsors. / El Colga'o Cafeteria, sede del Colga'o Film Café, ha festeggiato il suo 6° compleanno il 12 dicembre. Vogliamo condividere questo momento di gioia con i nostri sponsor. / La cafétéria El Colga'o, qui abrite le Colga'o Film Café, a fêté son 6e anniversaire le 12 décembre. Nous voulons partager ce moment de joie avec nos sponsors.

#05 / ¡Necesitamos otro empujoncito!

¡Necesitamos otro empujoncito para seguir acercándonos a la meta! ¡Aporta al cine cubano independiente! ¡Comparte este enlace! / We need another push to keep getting closer to the goal! Support independent Cuban cinema! Share this link! / Abbiamo bisogno di un'altra piccola spinta per avvicinarci sempre di più al traguardo! Portate il cinema indipendente cubano! Condividete questo link! / Nous avons besoin d'un petit coup de pouce supplémentaire pour nous maintenir près de la ligne d'arrivée ! Soutenez le cinéma cubain indépendant ! Partagez ce lien !

#02 / ¡Nueva recompensa! El cine por dentro.

Esto sucedía en el set de \
Esto sucedía en el set de "Guerra".

Esto es lo que se ve en la película.
Esto es lo que se ve en la película.

¡Hola! Vamos a agregar una recompensa a todos los que aporten a la campaña de "El análogon perfecto", la hemos llamado El cine por dentro. (Esto incluye la recompensa mínima de 5 euros y a todos los que ya han aportado.)

Daremos una descarga digital del making off del corto, donde se podrá ver todo el proceso de rodaje, se verá en acción a las afamadas actrices Laura de la Uz y Paula Alí entre bambalinas, la dinámica organizativa, el caos creativo, etc.

Los que aporten 35 euros o más, serán mencionados y saludados en el making off, que dejará contancia para la posteridad del agradecimiento por su contribución. ¡Los que aporten 100 euros o más, serán saludados por las actrices estrellas de la película Paula Alí o Laura de la Uz!

Todo esto, claro, si logramos el objetivo de 1500 euros. Así que difunde para que lleguemos todos juntos a la meta y podamos hacer la película.

read more

#01 / Pioneros del cine: nuestros primeros mecenas.

ESPAÑOL: ¡Muchas gracias, ustedes son pioneros del cine de Sancti Spíritus, Cuba! Sigan el avance de la campaña, ¡Y dejen sus comentarios!

ENGLISH: Thank you very much, you are the pioneers of the cinema of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba! Follow the progress of the campaign and leave your comments!

ITALIANO: Grazie mille, siete i pionieri del cinema di Sancti Spíritus, Cuba! Seguite l'andamento della campagna e lasciate i vostri commenti!

FRANCÉS: Merci beaucoup, vous êtes les pionniers du cinéma de Sancti Spíritus, Cuba ! Suivez l'évolution de la campagne et laissez vos commentaires !

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