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PHISQA new album "Pachamama"

This album is inspired by rhythms from the coast, melodies from the andes and the Peruvian jungle, thanks to you, we'll be able finish it!


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band logo
band logo

“Phisqa and a solid fusion of jazz and Peruvian Rhythms” Jaen Cultura

“Six stars superior project” Ideal Granada

“Peruvian Jazz from PHISQA catches your ear by combining thriving rhythms from the Andes with the splendid musicianship of some of the finest european jazz musicians .” Jazz Am Sunntig

"Super album" JAZZ FM

At their head, Calmet is a young musician at the beginning of what promises to be an interesting journey. Irish Times

“Phisqa” [Five in Quechua] is the word chosen to inspire our 5 senses, it is also the staging of a new way of fusing the rich texture of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian rhythms with the elegance of jazz.

Our crowdfunding vision

We are in a world where somethings are done without affection and the maximum benefit is sought by doing the least and we would like to return a little to things made with affection, made little by little and personalized in a certain way. That is the spirit of our crowdfunding and our new album, Pachamama. As you will see, most of the rewards are handmade, with patience, and very high quality to ensure a long durability. It is our way of respecting mother earth (pachamama) and really bonding with that energy.

What is PHISQA?

"A trip". This is how its creator, Cote Calmet, defines this project: “Phisqa” [five in Quechua, the native language of Peru] is the word chosen to inspire our 5 senses as human beings. PHISQA is also the staging of a new way of merging the rich texture of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian rhythms with the elegance, spontaneity, freedom and virtuosity of the jazz language.

Formed in the city of Dublin, Ireland, in 2010, Phisqa escapes the traditional way in which to date the rhythms of Peru have been fused with jazz. In this regard, Calmet - the group's composer, director and drummer - explains:

“In the first place, I have tried to approach Peruvian music by trying to use another method of fusing it with jazz. I have used a lot the concepts of opening the solos of the compositions, as well as having more architectural structures. Also, I have avoided having a Cajon or other native percussion next to the drums, doing that so I transported all those rhythms to my drumset. Phisqa explores the richness of Afro-Peruvian, Andean and Amazonian music but with jazz instruments: soprano and tenor sax, trumpet, guitar, drums and double bass. That way we can move from a totally Peruvian rhythm to the newest in contemporary jazz and fusion. "

Those who have been lucky enough to hear and see Phisqa express that it is "music that invites you to move." Because of its energy, it is like a force that grabs and takes the listeners imagination to territories that perhaps their senses have never explored.

After a long hiatus, PHISQA was reborn in 2018 in Granada (Spain) refreshing itself with a new format, new compositions, arrangements and new Andalusian members (Cádiz and Granada). By now having a three wind section in the band, their music sounds even more energetic than in the beginning. PHISQA takes off again stronger than ever!

What will you help us with by being a patron of this campaign?

As you can imagine, the production and distribution of a professional album is quite expensive. We believe that this album deserves it and with your help it will be easier for us to materialize it and prepare a tour to take it to as many places as possible. Thank you!

Pachamama CD cover
Pachamama CD cover

When will I get my rewards?

We plan to send the album to print in January 2021 and have it ready to ship between February and March 2021. If your package includes a shirt, keychain or charango, it is more likely that the shipment will be made in March 2021.

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  • Sara Brito

    Sara Brito

    11 months


  • EugenioMena


    11 months

    Apoya la música, apoya a los que emprenden...

  • Froylan Diaz

    Froylan Diaz

    11 months

    Grande Cote!!! Tienes un gran talento sigue explotando junto a tu equipo!!

  • Kendo Dapotter

    Kendo Dapotter

    11 months

    gwan the Ladz 👊🎶🙏✌🏿💚

  • Dominique POUBLAN

    Dominique POUBLAN

    11 months

    Vivement la sortie de votre disque, bonne chance et bonnes fêtes ! ;)

  • colivera


    11 months

    Vamos muchachos!!!

  • maria


    11 months

    Mucha suerte con el proyecto!!! a ver si pronto podemos ir a algún conciertillo

  • Daniela Irizar

    Daniela Irizar

    11 months

    Vamossss que no queda casi nada 🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • lusa


    11 months

    Feliz Navidad Phisqarianos !

  • DMZ


    12 months

    Enhorabuena por el proyecto, muchas ganas de tener esa joya!

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