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«Carácter Lechuga»

The cosmic-comedic journey of a failed actor in post-Olympic Barcelona in which finding oneself becomes a nightmare.

Carácter Lechuga

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«Carácter Lechuga» is a webseries project created in 2017 by Ariel F. Verba and Pablo Lechuga. We want to develop, from the plot lines of the pilot episode, a season of 10 episodes within the framework of the Tube d'Assaig program by Betevé.

Lechuga, green and young
Lechuga, green and young

The approach would be, more or less, the following: Pablo Lechuga is an actor. Or he has been at some point in his life, but now he seems to be stuck handing out flyers.

He, like everyone else, wants to be the protagonist of his own story: for this he will try to make his life go beyond that apparent calm and find, finally, an identity with which he can be sovereign over his own circumstances.

The road to glory and fortune is full of attempts: Lechuga will search, with his intuition and the characters that pass in front of him, the solution to this puzzle -that of making a living with what one really wants to do.

Bars that had been open for a thousand years are now closing, just when you were starting to love them. Pigeons that are no longer frightened by your steps. Telephone numbers that nobody ever answers. And faces, especially faces: faces that recall other faces, and your face -yes, your face-, your face in someone else's face. Boom!

Some cheeky faces
Some cheeky faces

Who we are

Pablo Lechuga (Barcelona 1990), graduated in audiovisual communication and master's degree in theater research, is an actor and screenwriter. He has worked in theater productions such as 'Low-Tech' and 'Romeo & Juliet' in Russia, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' and 'Le mille e una notte' in Italy, has done school theater tours around Spain and a comedy duet with Adrián Serna. Host in Ràdio Alternativa programs, voice actor for documentaries and commercials, as well as leading role of advertising campaigns for different brands. He is currently presenting his theatre solo: «El Partido». In case it was not clear in the pilot, he is an artist at the level of Marlon Brando (but hotter).

Pablo Lechuga, posing for Vogue
Pablo Lechuga, posing for Vogue

Ariel F. Verba (Buenos Aires, 1985) records, then mounts. After beginning to study philosophy at the University of Barcelona, he began his career in film with the historian Caparrós Lera, publishing film criticism on Filmhistoria.org, Filmdu, Filmin, among others. Later he co-wrote and directed some short films such as “Hijos del Movimiento” (2015) together with Alba Ballesta. 2nd prize "Cátedra Miguel Hernández" for "On the other side" (2014). 1st prize (H)all about tourism, L'Alternativa (2016) for “The power of love” (2018). In 2016, he began to create content for Minoria Absoluta with the web series “Es Busca Oye Sherman” (2017 VOC Nou format Award and 2018 Pantalles Award from Núvol magazine). Later he participated with the same project in "La nit dels Oscars" on TV3 (2019). He is currently preparing his first feature film "El digno tiempo", a documentary about the relationship between struggle and youth.

Ariel F. Verba, filming Titanic
Ariel F. Verba, filming Titanic

Both have worked for another webseries made with Adrián Serna, "Badman y Badman", published in 'Spanish Revolution'. This is their first crowdfunding project of an audiovisual work in common.

What we want to do with your contributions

We want to make 10 new chapters of «Carácter Lechuga». Always in the line of the pilot, but doing it much better.

We want to continue squeezing the characteristic mind of our protagonist.

We want to continue accompanying you in this narrative adventure with surreal airs.

We want to continue talking about this existence devoid of all meaning through metaphors in the form of a sandwich.

We want to have the necessary resources to show everyone that with a little money we can do wonderful things and that, with a little more, we can do just unbelievable things.

And finally, we want your contributions to dignify our work as creators before art turns into making viral videos and memes.

What we will do with your contributions

If our plan to escape the country with the €1000 reward and fly to a tax haven was truncated, we would be forced to film the series, in which case the expenses of which will be distributed this way:

We love graphics.
We love graphics.


Known for our Germanic precision and our British punctuality, the project will have a Spanish time like the following:

We love calendars
We love calendars

+ Info

Here's the pilot episode we recorded in 2017. Take a look and tell us what you think.

+ More info about us

@ Instagram: Ariel F. Verba & Pablo Lechuga
@ Facebook: Ariel F. Verba & Pablo Lechuga
@ Twitter: Ariel F. Verba & Pablo Lechuga
@ Web: www.afverba.com

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  • Marc Greco

    Marc Greco

    over 3 years

    A veure amb què s’ho gasten aquests...

  • danielaortega9


    over 3 years


  • Fernando Loscos Lechuga

    Fernando Loscos Lechuga

    over 3 years


  • Fabio


    over 3 years

    Carácter Lechuga cambio mi vida. Antes de Caracter Lechuga yo no tenía ganas de reir. Caracter Lechuga se adapta a Usted y a sus familiares. Compre Caracter Lechuga ahora y recibirá muchos capítulos de Caracter Lechuga. Aporte ya!

  • Turru


    over 3 years


  • Luis Cuevas

    Luis Cuevas

    over 3 years

    ánimo chicos! Talento os sobra

  • CarlotaRdR


    over 3 years

    Señor Lechuga, espero que satisfaga mis altas expectativas

  • Aïda


    over 3 years

    Tinc ganes de veure la sèrie :-) Una abraçada

  • Alba Ba


    over 3 years

    Esta serie cambió mi vida, antes todo tenía sentido.

  • Celia i Kiku

    Celia i Kiku

    over 3 years

    Mucha suerte!!

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