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Voluptas, pleasure is for all.

Owning our desire and exploring it through play


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Voluptas is a card game made to experiment with all nuances of desire. The 50 cards enable you to explore all aspects of deisre from erotism to sensuality and more.

The diverse sexual practices represented in the cards reflect a new space of representation far away from hetero-normativity, the youthcentrism of firm and funcional bodies and impossible kamasutras... We want to focus on all other sexualities, those which are not an ideal but the reality of how our joyful and desiring bodies want to be shared with eachother.

By bringing together leisure and pleasure we are able to explore the complex and diverse reality that we face in response to sexual dissidence. There are a wide and monochromatic market of bodies and sexualities. We want to recognise ourselves and to do this we need to to create refereneces. For this we need to see transiting bodies, transited bodies, bodies which defy definition, those which grow old, pale, with afro hair, with protheses and all of the rest.

Voluptas represents a wide range of our differences and an invitation to be creativie in place of monotony.

What are we looking to achieve with this game?

  • To give visibility to genre diversity, sexualities, bodies and sexual practices.

  • To enjoy our sexual encounters beyond reproduction, to a place where creativity, complicity, confidence and respect are a fertile land for the multiplicity of pleasures.

  • To break with the normative beauty canon, and give space to wheelchairs, wrinkles, stretch marks and hairs.

  • To understand sex as something dynamic, with diferent rhythms and always with a common goal: pleasure everywhere.

  • To dismantle the construct of valid and visible sexuality. We want to distrupt the dicotomy of heterosexuality and homosexuality!

We want people to learn by playing with their partner because yes, we want to and we can.

Why do this using a card game?

New technologies colonize our lives. With this small act of rebellion, we are going back to the tangible, to the simple. So why not a card game to stimulate and accompany our intimacy? Voluptas, pleasure will be for all.

About the game

It is a 50-card deck containing 2 games, one for each face. The goal is to have fun, explore, innovate and enjoy our sexuality, expanding the imaginary of sexual practices starting from communication and attention to body language.

"A" face: the proposal. There is a different sexual practice suggested on each card (which can be done regardless of the genitals of the participants), and there are different icons on the corners which can be either explanatory (describing an action that is happening or the object necessary to perform it) or suggestive (incorporating an optional element).

We will propose three different games, but of course your imagination can create more if you would like to. You can have on hand any objects you may want to include, and also create a pleasant atmosphere and share your own desires and limits.

1: Uncover one or more cards and explore the practice that is being suggested. Whenever you want to change, continue with the next one or uncover another card.

2: Pick up one or more cards and do not show it. Start by leading the suggestion and the other person can let themselves go. You can switch roles.

3: Send at any time of the day a card with a practice which you would like to explore to someone you want to play with.

"B" face: Creativity. In each letter there is a combination of 4 icons (one of them is crossed out) to inspire any sexual practice containing those 3 elements suggested and exluding the forth one.

What will we dedicate your contributions to?

All contributions made in this crowfunging will go to the Voluptas project: in-game production, rewards, distribution, registration and taxes.

Project calendar

The project is finished, when the verkami finishes we will proceed to its production. We estimate that shipments will start arriving in December 2020.


Apart from our game Voluptas and our deepest thanks for your trust in our project, we will share with you two more products:

The first one is a cloth bag with Monica’s fantastic illustrations, and the second one is an erotic book written and illustred by women, published by Mandragores: “Desig d’escuma viva. Relats erotics escrits i il•lustrats per dones” (published in catalan).

There is another option to collaborate with us designed for our partners, in which the different stores can buy our game in advanced and sell it directly in their store (except bookstores).

About us

Mandràgores: Laura Arcarons Martí and Carlota Coll Gutíerrez. Conceptualization, direction, content creation and project creation.

Mandràgores is a project born in 2016 with the will to contribute to sexual and affective education of teenagers, youth and women from a feminist perspective. We carry out this mission through experimental workshops that faciliate a critical review of sexuality.
InstagramPàgina web

Mónica Toledo Illustration of all characters in the project.

She is an illustrator from Toledo who arrived in Barcelona looking for a change of scene. With a versatile style but without losing essence, her dynamic illustrations are her way of expression and communication.
InstagramPàgina web

Lídia Sardà Clua Original idea, conceptualization, direction, graphic design, art direction and creation of the project.

Trained in graphic design, typography and photojournalism, currently specialized in Branding and Packaging, with ten years of experience in this sector. Her creative projects are framed by gender perspective and social critisism from her activist background.

Distribution by Comanegra publishing house

Do you have any question or suggestions? Contact us throw the comments on this page or send an email to [email protected]
Instagram. Twitter.

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  • Íria


    about 3 years

    Un projecte meravellós!!! 👏🏻👏🏻💜

  • Blanca Solé

    Blanca Solé

    about 3 years

    Quines ganes! ;)

  • Eva


    about 3 years

    Maravilloso proyecto! Muchas gracias!! ❤

  • ane zubi

    ane zubi

    about 3 years

    Eskerrik asko

  • Mireia Miralles Achell

    Mireia Miralles Achell

    about 3 years

    Moltes gràcies per crear aquest projecte tan necessari! :)

  • Montse Cervera

    Montse Cervera

    about 3 years

    Felicitats pel projecte

  • Miquel Pujol Garcia

    Miquel Pujol Garcia

    about 3 years

    Ara només falta una parella per jugar ;-). Molt bona proposta !!! Felicitats i molta sort !!!

  • Elia890


    about 3 years

    aiiiiii guapeteees! Que em despisto una mica més i ja ho teniu aconseguiiit ....!

  • Anna

    [email protected]

    about 3 years

    M'encanta la proposta!

  • Didac Pardell Sangrà

    Didac Pardell Sangrà

    about 3 years

    bona idea posant el focus on pocs ho fan

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