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Los perros románticos (the medium is painting) Exhibition in Paris

Finally I can expose my work! It will be my second solo exhibition, and my first abroad, you imagine! I cannot and will not be alone. I want you to be with me when it opens in the College of Spain. What do you think? I ll tell you how.


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Now I will speak about me

My name is CUCO. This way my good friend Maria Zaragoza baptized me, a good day, on having seen my paintings. And this way I remained. I am an artist, I paint since I was a child, I have never stopped having color and paper between my hands. And since then, so far.


There before since 2008 have been working on a painting project that I called Los perros románticos (the medium is painting) why this title? Because almost since I started to read Roberto Bolaño on the advice of a friend writer - Cristian Crusat - and at the same time by those dates first trip to Mexico. And between the previous ones, there is any link that I started to knit then, first in my head. I had some years without being able to paint. The above, together with a personal accident made me suddenly return to painting, and - do not ask me why - to Mexico. I can not stop thinking about Mexico without stop painting... I can't imagine myself living anywhere else but Mexico. Mexico...Mexico are so many things, and so many that I do not understand but that they intrigued me, that they horrified me, seduce me or that say me nothing - nothing sometimes it's so much...-. I can't imagine my life away from the beautifully real place that Mexico is... why do I paint? I need it, it is the only way to feel alive, therefore free, in a reality built by me, where I speak my language, where I am who I am. And only from there I can offer something to others.

The wonderful thing is that finally some of the effort in these years has been rewarded and I can present their results. It will be out. The Spain school in Paris selected my proposal to be displayed at end of the year in your room. It is exceptional, and for the moment, once the only I had to show this work individually and also out of Spain. But there many are costs that must be covered so that my work will be there the day of the preview. There is almost nothing you can do alone, but much less this. I need your help, and I want that in my exhibition it will be everything: the same thing my assistants to my guests, as part of the work which I shall explain, as a page in the catalog that will be printed... Everything and everyone together. If you decide to help me.

I think that together we are stronger, and this is the only way that the exposure is really important and someone can talk about it. You will speak of it. Then we won't need anyone more. You and me.

Ándale, ándale. Then you will wonder: “what do we paint in your project? Or how do we paint?”paint, paint ....the one who paints it is me who will be, but I want to paint you . I want that through your help you turn protagonists of except for my exhibition in Paris. I want, that in such an important moment, you accompany me and that be part of my achievements and my happiness.

Acá entre nos. If you leave me, I am going to paint the portrait of you and I am going to hang your portraits forming a mosaic in one of the walls of the exhibition. Then I will order it to you to your home -wherever you are in the world - some of them also will receive a catalog, others in addition to the previous thing will receive the catalog and its portrait will appear in it, more bold others will want to appear - also - in the credits of the catalog like patrons, and someone even will want to have a bigger work added to everything previous. And to all I will dedicate your portrait to you to the back and to all - it is which be the granite with which you support me - I will be always grateful to you and you already will be part of me and of my work.

I show you some my self-portraits done on diverse supports and with mixed media:


It is simple, the College of Spain does not cover any ide expenditure of the exhibition of the artists it selects annually - except the invitation that you edit for the inauguration-.

Assembly, disassembly and transport

It is necessary firstly to mount and to prepare the work in Spain, later to transport it and to mount it there facing the opening. Once the exhibition is finished it is necessary to do the same operation on the contrary.


Also an opportunity of this type so that it reaches the necessary visibility needs of the edition of a catalog - for modest that is - and this is also the form of that the relation remains forever engraved between you and I, and of how you were protagonists of my exhibition in Paris.


The cuckoo (cuco, in spanish)is an animal that occupies the nests of others to put their eggs and those others of a different species are those who reared their children. Thus, this artist, who uses his name, chose the difficult road of open hole in the nest of the art, casting by surprise, filling the places where he exhibits a mixture of color, melancholy, pop and brutality which in any way can leave anyone indifferent. His work is independent, impulsive and uses the neglect faked as a pretext to go gradually spreading its wings to open its space, which does not understand the rules of others.

Maria Zaragoza (writer)

Aesthetics, violence and politics...; or what is the same: art, myth, and celebration. Is it that we could perhaps talk about anything else in front of the "Mexican roles" El Cuco has painted since its border trip? (...) Yes, no doubt, is the fragmentary character with that experience of modernity we represent in these images that gives them a credible and plausible status as a index of the tremendous addressed agenda, but above all in terms of possible redemptive gesture of pain of the homenajeadas victims.

Óscar Alonso Molina (curator and art critic)

Tension, violence and disturbance are also expressed by Cuco (...). This time coloured is used effervescently and intensely, although now it is set in the specific context of México and its heroes, such as wrestlers or El Zorro. These are mass heroes due to the lack of real heroes, and they use of violence and fighting. Violence in a society such as the one in México is part of the everyday lives of individuals, with street violence, violence at work, domestic violence and gender violence. Fast brightly coloured paintings that incluye the signs and icons of Mexican culture (...). The North Mexican frontier with the USA, Ciudad Juarez, in the State of Chihuahua, although it could be many other cities in the World. But here in Juarez, a frontier city of violence, corrupation, extortion and death, more than four hundred women have been assaulted, raped and murdered without their bodies having been found. Only sometimes are the remains of young women found, and no murderer has ever been charged or even traed. That is the reason for this image of mutilated breasts, which even denounces using words such as ´narco´ or ´muerte´

Margarita de Aizpuru (curator and art critic)

Cuco uses bizarre figuration, in tune with the provocative aesthetic style of Manuel Ocampo, in which El Zorro may be superimposed over an image of Christ Dead or a Mexican wrestler next to a rabid dog, without Messing out the cactus in the deserto r the dripping dirt of paint

Fernando Castro Flórez (art critic)


You can follow the progress of the project and everything related to your participation (questions, comments, suggestions...) through here in the blog that I see every day.

Also you can follow me in Twitter
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    about 11 years

    Cuco, enhorabuena, por la pre-selección de la bienal de Cerveira, y por la mención de honor del premio M. Viladrich.

    Recordarte, que cuando tengas un momentito, esperamos ansiosos lo de la exposición de Paris. Salud y bs.

  • cuco


    over 11 years

    Hermano!!!! Muchisimas gracias ya lo acabo de ver, muchas gracias de verdad. Lo se, se que crees mucho en mi... Estoy convencido que va salir, estoy seguro de que si con tu ayuda!!! Os mando un beso enorme a Edilene, a Miguelito, Sofia y a ti mi hermano!

  • heltonsoares


    over 11 years

    Cabron, yo he hecho un aporte. Creo muchísimo en su arte. Que tengas buena suerte en el proyecto. Helton

  • cuco


    over 11 years

    Hola Chon!!!

    Encantado de conocerte y muchas gracias tanto por el ánimo que me das como por tu aportación. Aunque queda poco tiempo y va a ser difícil llegar lo voy a luchar hasta el último momento.

    Con el apoyo de personas como tú o mi buen amigo Alfonso Castro estpy seguro que lo voy a conseguir.

    Puedes mandarme las fotos que creas al correo para poder empezar a trabajar en el retrato.

    A este: [email protected]

    o a este otro: los [email protected]




    over 11 years


  • cuco


    over 11 years

    Hola Inocencia, encantado de conocerte.

    Pues te comento, la foto el tamaño que sea un jpg (o varios de calidad suficiente) yo creo que que con que tenga una resolución de 150 pixeles por pulgada es suficiente. La dirección a que me la puedes mandar es una de estas dos:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    En cuanto al procedimiento, pues en la página de inicio del proyecto, a la derecha aparecen en columna las recompensas. Entonces pinchas en la que te interesa. Después se abre una ventana donde te pide un e-mail, un nombre de usuario y una contraseña que elijas tú. Ya estas registrada. Después de hacer esto ya te dirige de nuevo a la recompensa que habías pre-seleccionado, aceptas y confirmas o bien la cambias por otra. Acto seguido te pido los datos para el pago con tarjeta de crédito, confirmas la operación y listo. El dinero sólo se te carga una vez acabe la campaña dentro de unos 25 días, sí y sólo si, he conseguido llegar a los 4000 euros o los he sobrepasado.

    Si te surge cualquier duda sólo has de decirme.

    Muchas gracias, un saludo muy cordial

  • inocencia


    over 11 years

    Soy inocencia, amiga de merche, queria pedirte un retrato con catálogo. espero que me comentes de que tamaño te envío la foto y como se hace el encargo y pago.Un saludo.

  • cuco


    over 11 years


    Muchas gracias, encantado de conocerte. Pues si tenia pendiente comunicarlo a todos, pero te lo adelanto a ti, el correo al que me puedes mandar las fotos es:

    [email protected]

    Conforme me vayais mandando las fotos empezare a trabajarlos y cualquier duda la vamos resolviendo sobre la marcha.


  • mercedes.diez.menendez


    over 11 years

    Hola Suso,

    soy Mercedes la mujer de Eduardo Pesquera. Te he pedido varios "retratos" y uno quiero que sea para una amiga (con catálogo y demás). ¿Cómo funciona esto? ¿Me mandas un mail y yo envío las fotos?

    Necesito poder decirlo a otros.


#02 / Los perros románticos | 5 a 31 de diciembre de 2012

Estimados mecenas y amigos os invito a la inauguración de mi exposición individual Los perros románticos, el día 5 de diciembre de 2012 que tendrá lugar en el Colegio de España de la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris a partir de las 19.30 horas.

La muestra la componen un Tzompantli construido con los retratos de mis mecenas -que han patrocinado esta exposición- y un retablo de pinturas desplegado sobre las paredes de la sala.

¡Seáis todos muy bienvenidos!

#01 / ACÁ ENTRE NOS (bienvenidos)

Queridos amigos y mecenas,

Os doy la bienvenida al blog desde el cual os iré dando cuenta de la evolución de los preparativos de mi exposición en París, así como de la producción de parte de la obra que será exhibida.

Y una parte importante de esa obra que será exhibida la ocupara el "mural de cabezas"- mi particular Tzompantli- que dispondré con vuestros retratos, los de aquellos que os decidáis a ser mecenas de este ilusionante proyecto. Mi primera exposición individual en el extranjero, en París en el Colegio de España.

Quiero que sirva además este canal de comunicación para que podáis dirigirme vuestras dudas o sugerencias de todo tipo y que creáis que pueden ayudar a conseguir el objetivo marcado.

Os doy las gracias de antemano y os espero pincel en mano,

imagen de Tzompantli, Códice Tovar

Tzompantli Códice Tovar
Tzompantli Códice Tovar

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