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Crowdfunding for the DEBUT ALBUM from Las Marikarmen! "COMPOST YOUR GENDER"

Infinite desire to release an album with our own songs and share everything we have inside! Also unique and glamorous rewards!

Las Marikarmen

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Las Marikarmen is a queer transfeminist collective in which music, performance, drag, and experiences are mixed. It arises demanding the representation of dissident identities on stage. We also defend the rural world (from Collserola, Barcelona), live in community and take up spaces that are in disuse. ✊

The group organizes itself horizontally and we take this concept to the stage where we all sing, play instruments, dance, make videos, performances... and whatever else it takes! 💅

We started the adventure in 2017 in an acoustic way, with Balkan percussion and 2 saxophones. Currently we create electronic bases, we sing with an effect pedal, and there are synthesizers and effects for saxophones. But not only that, we introduce absurd things like the funeral procession for Lady Marikarmen, or we cook waffles, dance with vacuum cleaners and axes, and give monologues ...

But who are we? The House of Las Marikarmen:

(Photo: "Destroy the heteropatriarchy, the cis-normality and the forced binary")

Our mother Lady Marikarmen, a great pioneer in the transfeminist world ⚧. After her death we want to honor her legacy and continue her fight. She accompanies us at each show, which are memorials to her death.

(Photo: "An ball done fall outta my skirt")

Victoria Sickness - Multidisciplinary choni (something like a ghetto chica who goes grocery shopping in house shoes and too much lipstick). Trapped in an eternal loop to get "gold" jewelry and a sugar daddy. Also acrobat and very, very full of autotune. 💎💎💎

The eviction of their house when they were only 8 years old marked their life. Victoria has always participated in social movements and struggled to make a name for themselves in the world looking out of their neighborhood in Leganés. Their inspiration and strength to keep going were and are the charismatic women in their family. They had a "girl" band in high school when they played electric bass. After finishing studies in image and sound engineering, they decided to dedicate themselves to art (circus, performance and music), self-management, living in community and fulfilling dreams. @victoriasickness

(Photo: "Talk to me outside of my femininity"

Capitano Barbaconyo - or Captain Pussybeard, feminist sound technician full of energy. Able to lift 10 machos in her arms and throw them out of sight. Obsessed with doing push-ups. 💪

Capitano's journey begins in Russia where she was born. She wanted to study electricity and plumbing but was not admitted to the school because she is a woman. After the Russian government persecuted her father, who led Capitano into exile, she decided to tell her truth, and study communication and radio. Meanwhile she began to play the guitar and sing in the group "Collective Unconsciousness". After forming an indie media collective, problems with the police begin and she decided to leave the country. She arrived in Barcelona, where she studied live sound engineering and became involved in the feminist and squatting movements. She currently produces at ShamanSound. @capitanobarbaconyo

(Photo: "i live in a parallel world")

Contàmina Perpétua - or Perpetual Contamination, a creature that arrived from the old-way of drag and intergalactic space that was found living in a tree in Japan ⛩. Loves origami and coconut. Plays the bari sax to train their lungs and thus survive in this atmosphere.

Contàmina studied multimedia and performance arts in the USA after leaving their childhood in Germany and their adolescence in Japan. Their worked 6 years in the physical theater collective antagon, made several bicycle trips in social circus projects with 2wheels4change touring Asia, Europe and the Middle East. They built their own house - a yurt - to have a mobile home, which has been transformed into a space for mixing and recording songs, video editing... They have always played instruments: piano, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, stones ... @contaminaperpetua

How can you collaborate?

Honey, it's so simple. You help us in advance 🙏🙏🙏. Give us a contribution in exchange for wonderful merchandising, so we can finish recording the album professionally and the rewards will come home in October! Without you we couldn't do it 😍


Here comes the fantastic world of Las Marikarmen: All fantasy! To get started, we present you this wonderful CD. The illustration on the cover is made by @lorelaloro.

But of course, we consider that having a CD is like a vintage talisman (good for gifts), it shines a lot but has little use. That's why for the most modern we have created our album in unicorn USB format. Yes, friends! The new album COMPOST YOUR GENDER in digital format, and we also include exclusive photos and videos. Use it in the copyshop and they'll die of envy!

After thousands of years of research we have managed to bottle Cis-men's tears 💧💧, a fantasy to complete your evening look. For those who live more on the plane of reality, the bottle contains extra virgin olive oil with tea tree essence, to do super massages and self-care.

Since what sells in the end is the sauce, we also have a wonderful fanzine made by the multifaceted @contaminaperpetua with the story behind each songs from Las Marikarmen, internal gossip ... 💄

Who hasn't wanted to wear clothes printed with Lady Marikarmen 👕? Well, finally we will make the first run of t-shirts. At the moment we have this sketch, but as you already know, we'll make more elaborate versions, more colors, crop tops, tops for all genders... and everything will be really sexy. When the campaign ends in September, we'll send an email with the proposals for available shirt models.

And the most expected: Pussybeard Kit. Create your own beautiful, personalized facial. Includes facial glue, hair jar, scissors and personal instructions direct from the mouth of Captain Pussybeard! @capitanobarbaconyo 🏋️‍♀️! Go out socially looking like a man and enjoy the privileges!

What your contributions support

  • Assistance in recording, mixing and mastering the disc 🧜‍♀️. We will do a co-production Las Marikarmen / Raul Asterix / @divedivosso
  • Logo of the band by Mónica Romero 👩‍💻
  • Album cover, illustration by Lorena Madurga 🍉 @lorelaloro.
  • Merchandising investment 💰: CDs, USB unicorns, Cis-men's tears, fanzine, Pussybeard Kit, photos and illustrations.
  • 1 Music Video 📹 with José Pouchucq @josepxq.
  • 5% for the Verkami platform (plus 21% tax).

What we do out of pocket, dedication and glamor:

Until now, our way of being as a group has been to do EVERYTHING anyway we can. Now we change format and ask for help, but we still do all of these things ourselves:

  • Many hours of music production (self-taught and home recording of the draft album)

  • Fanzine, graphics, merchandising and video editing by Contámina Perpétua

  • Web and social network programming Victoria Sickness

If we receive more support than expected, we'll invest in more music videos, costumes and crazy performance things, as well as be able do free solidarity shows! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Scheduled calendar

  • We started to draft the album in April 2020. Since the COVID era 🤢 we've put a lot of energy into creating the bases from scratch, making samples and recording at home (voice, saxes, flute, trumpet and synthesizer) as the basis for studio recording.

  • In August we start mixing, mastering and professional recordings.

  • Middle / end of September we hope to have the album ready, so that in October we can open the digital download ⬇ and begin with the deliveries of the CDs and merchandising.

  • From October we'll do artistic residencies to prepare a live show full of surprises, and we'll start with the shows to present the album. 🎤

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Music videos and live shows:


There are none published yet.

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  • Ketekalles


    over 3 years

    uooooeeee!!! alegría familiaaaa!! que ya está hecho esto. Qué disfruten a mango todo lo que se vieneeee

  • Cristina Pastrana

    Cristina Pastrana

    over 3 years

    chochossobacosypiernas seh!

  • Las Marikarmen

    Las Marikarmen

    over 3 years

    @malvadisco nos vemos en la cena rural qué ganas!!

  • Malva Disco

    Pedro Cano

    over 3 years

    MalvaDisco a vuestro servicio

  • adi k

    adi k

    over 3 years

    More more more!

  • adi k

    adi k

    over 3 years

    Tyle sooo sexyyy! hoollulululu

  • Ketekalles


    over 3 years

    Amigaaaas, todo el fuego pa este proyecto que tiene que saliiiiir. Son las mejores!! Gracias por tanto arteeeee

  • Ruuuu


    over 3 years


  • Las Marikarmen

    Las Marikarmen

    over 3 years

    yuhuuu!!! super cena rural!!! vamos a abrir más plazas para la cena rural, que 2 personas donaron para cena rural pero no van a venir que viven en Alemania...xP

  • clode


    over 3 years

    Olé guapes! Suerte con el crowd funding y nos vemos en la cena rural, jaja!

#02 / Muchas gracias a todes por la ayuda!!! Nos queda menos de la mitad!


Estamos muy contentis con el resultado hasta ahora y queríamos compartir nuestra felicidad y emoción que nos da poder compartir este proyecto con todis vosotris. 😍

Pronto entramos en las dos últimas semanas y queremos recordaros que si no llegamos a los 1800€ nos quedamos sin nada 😱😱 !! Si podéis compartir con amiguis, en vuestras redes...reforcemos el arte desde abajo y pongamos un subidón queer a la escena! 💄👑

#01 / CENA RURAL AGOTADA, sacamos más plazas!!

Guapis!!! estamos muy contentis de la motivación con la cena rural. Mirar caris, 2 personas de Alemania han reservado la cena y no van a venir. Solo querían donar lo máximo posible. Asi que vamos a abrir más plazas para la cena rural!! besiitos!!

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