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Art on trial. Digital platform of art criticism.

Enormous pieces of shit, versus tiny masterpieces. The best and the worst art, on trial.

Juan José Santos

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Art on Trial. A critical and brave platform.

I imagine that it happens to you as it does to me: you do not understand how it is possible that works of art so so bad cost a fortune, monopolize news and flattery, and nobody says anything. And also, that great, inspiring, beautiful works of art, but made by artists who are not so well known, never receive applause.

We want to launch "Art on Trial", an online platform in Spanish and English in which a selection of the best art critics in the world will say what nobody dares to say: in an argumentative, entertaining, fun and acidic way they will put in its place the most evil works of art of the last decades, and you will discover others, fantastic, that until now had gone unnoticed. We will learn about contemporary art, why something is mediocre, and something is brilliant, thanks to quality and accessible writing.

Our proposal is to generate an attractive and original website, in which the attention is not only received by the texts. There will be videos, actions on social interaction networks, and illustrations and gifs. The business plan includes the launch of "Art on Trial" in January 2021 and the publication in 2022 of a book with the best texts.

Thought for and by you

We have devised a way of interacting with readers that is really active, that goes beyond comments to texts. Depending on your support, you will be able to be part of the “beta editorial team”: one month before launching “Art on Trial”, we will show you the magazine and the contents and between all of us we will be able to make changes taking your comments into account.

In addition, you can send suggestions for works of art, both for good and for bad, that could be analyzed by our critics.

We need you

Why do we do a crowfunding? Because it is the only way to guarantee the independence of the project. Few critics dare to write a text that says the latest from Jeff Koons is a disaster: many of the advertisers in magazines and newspapers that publish about art are private galleries or companies with art collections, who do not want their large investments being damaged.

In Spain, the situation is particularly sad: there are very few media in which critics can publish, and those that exist pay very little for each text. Now that another crisis is coming, we who work for an honest and committed art have it raw. So, also, your support is essential.

You will not only be helping so that "justice" is done in the art world, but so that a sector, that of criticism, has a decent chance of remuneration. You will also be supporting the agency that is going to develop the website, or those who are going to do the illustrations, who are also going through, and are going to go through, a period of difficult economic survival.


I have been publishing art criticism since I left university: almost 20 years wishing I could do something like this: an art critic medium that is really honest, brave and strong. Here you can see my website: www.juanjosantos.com. Christian Viveros-Fauné joins the project, a critic who has spent twice as many years as me writing about art without hesitation and without hair on the tongue. www.cviverosfaune.com/

Our team


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, LOGO (to choose between)
Agencia República Coconut or Ana Palma Silva + Héloïse Maréchal or José Luis Rodríguez

DIGITAL MARKETING, SOCIAL NETWORKS (to choose between) Javier Landskron or Agencia República Coconut


Contributors network

International art critics that have published in media such as The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, or The New York Times, and for magazines such as Artforum, Artreview, Frieze or October. Their texts have never appeared in Spanish. Being able to have the opportunity to read them translated is another benefit: we are all going to have fun, we are going to be inspired, and we are going to learn.

We want to not only talk about famous artists outside of Spain: we also want to give the works of art here what they deserve; that is why we will support Spanish art critics to write about our creators; the good and the bad, never guided by personal inclinations, but professional.

This is a shortlist of critics we propose:

Jennifer Krasinsky (ArtForum, Village Voice…). Jonathan Jones (The Guardian, BBC…). Valentín Roma (Escritor, E-Flux, The Clinic…) Blake Gopnik (Escritor, The Washington Post, The New York Times…) María Iñigo Clavo (Investigadora, E-Flux, Revista de Occidente…) Claire Bishop (Escritora, ArtForum, October…) Elena Vozmediano (Crítica, El Cultural…) R.C. Baker (Escritor, The Village Voice, The New York Times…) Miguel Ángel Hernández. (Escritor, Manifesta Journal, Revista de Occidente…) Rogelio López Cuenca (Escritor, El País, Babelia…) Bea Espejo (Crítica, El País, Babelia…) Iván de la Nuez (Escritor, El País…) César Gabler (La Panera, ARTV…) Martin Herbert. (Escritor, ArtReview…) Ángela Molina (El País, Babelia…) JJ Charlesworth (Escritor, ArtReview, Third Text…) Niru Ratnam (Frieze, ArtReview…) Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo (El Cultural, A*Desk, Artishock…) Julian Stallabrass (Escritor, New Left Review…) Sarah Thornton (Escritora, The New Yorker, The Guardian…) Andrew Berardini (Art Agenda, Momus…) Fabio Cypriano (Crítico, Folha de Sao Paulo, Arte! Brasileiros…) Yves Alain-Bois (Escritor, Macula…) Alison Hugill (Berlin Art Link, Momus…) Marta Sesé (Exit Express, A*Desk…) Tausif Noor (Momus, ArtForum, The White Review…) Aruna D’ Souza (ArtNews, Art in America…) Travis Jeppesen (Escritor, Artforum, Flash Art…) Javier Pes (The Art Newspaper, ArtNews…) Pac Pobric (Artnet News, Village Voice…) Hili Perlson (Artnet News, Art in America, The New York Times…) Rahel Aima (E-Flux, Frieze, Artforum…) Joaquín Jesús Sánchez (Artforum, El País, Flash Art…) Diego Parra (Artishock, Punto de Fuga…)

Contributors network (illustrations)

This is a pre-selection of ilustrators that we want to have, and that will do the drawings of each published text.

Blanca Bonet.
Danila Ilabaca
La Luquería
Un buen tipo
Ossobuko designs
Lara Lars
Almudena Buj
Amaia Arrazola
Juan Díaz- Faes
Pedro Perles
Gonzalo Muiño
David Despau
Pablo Lentile
Marta Taboada
Ana Pérez
Francisco Jordán

DESIGN, LAYOUT BOOK 2022 (to choose between)

Study Ponce Contreras or Ana Palma Silva

Design and layout of interior and covers (Original length: 200-250 pages. Interior layout. Corrections and adjustments. Delivery of the necessary proofs. Production of the final artwork for the printing press. Delivery of CD media (master and copy) in the to be included in addition to the original file).

PRINTING BOOK 2022 (to choose between)

Palermo Graphic Arts or Tecnigraf

14.8 × 21 cm size, 200-250 pages, with black and white images. Three-color cover, with flaps, pleated and folded, on cardboard of about 300 grams, laminated in gloss. White offset paper 90 grams. Edition of 1,000 copies.

About rewards

We have created promotions for this collective microfinance. You can see them here on the right hand side ... Of course, choose the one you choose, we will give you access to the platform one month before the official launch and you will be able to be part of our "Beta Editorial Team", and among all of them, suggest changes or modifications before from the launch of January 1, 2021.

The rewards, depending on the support, include:

  • The annual subscription to "Art on Trial", which will be, from January 1, 2021, 24 euros per year.

  • The Juan Jose Santos book “Trial to Post-trial. What is art criticism for today? ”, theory and practice of art criticism.

  • The Blanca Bonet startup illustration design in high quality jpg file for you to print.

  • Blanca Bonet's start illustration design in an exclusive tote bag.

  • The book that we will publish in 2022 with a selection of the best texts of "Art on trial", in English and Spanish, at your home.

  • Make your name appear on the website as a donor (volunteer)

  • Christian Viveros-Fauné's book “Greatest Hits” (a selection of his best art reviews), at your home.

What will we use your contributions for?

80% will go to develop the website. An original, attractive and fun platform that, hopefully, will shelter the best content for years and years.

The remaining 20% ​​will serve to cover administrative expenses, remunerate the first illustration.

But if we achieve higher goals, we can go even further:

If we get 3,500 euros

Website launch 1 January 2021

First illustration of Blanca Bonet remunerada

Administrative expenses

If we get 5,000 euros

First 3 paid texts

Online marketing campaigns

Hiring junior administrator

If we get 10,000 euros

Accounting recruitment

First 15 paid texts

Offline campaigns, like an art critic seminar

Expenses editing and printing book 2022

Professional translator to Brazilian, third language

More aggressive online marketing campaign

VERY IMPORTANT: Add a contact email and address to send the rewards.

If you need shipping to be outside of Spain, please add to your purchase the contribution of international shipping (€ 10).


  • August-September 2020 Crowfunding campaign

  • September-December 2020 Website creation, commissioning of first texts and illustrations

  • December 2020 Edition with the beta team

  • January 2021 Launch of Art on Trial

monthly publications 2021-2022

  • January 2022 Edition, correction, layout, and printing of the book with the selection of the best texts from Art on Trial


There are none published yet.

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  • Alejandro Quiroga Vial

    Alejandro Quiroga Vial

    almost 4 years

    Aguante Juanjo !

  • Felipe Lagos

    Felipe Lagos

    almost 4 years

    Un abrazo Juanjo, suerte!

  • Paul Birke

    Paul Birke

    almost 4 years

    Lo mejor para ustedes muchachos!

  • iDeb


    almost 4 years

    Si quiere saber más de la crítica del arte desde el punto de vista extra-ordinario, aporte a este proyecto de culto!

  • Alán Carrasco

    Alán Carrasco

    almost 4 years


  • Guibert Rosales

    Guibert Rosales

    almost 4 years

    Mucha suerte y cosas buenas para este proyecto Juanjo, abrazos Guibert Rosales.

  • Mmleteli


    almost 4 years

    Muchísima suerte con este proyecto Juan Jo! Muy necesario.

  • Juan José Santos

    Juan José Santos

    almost 4 years

    Muchas gracias Luis, Jorge, Patricia, Lucia, Pepe, Eduardo. Gracias a vosotros estamos cerca de conseguir el primer objetivo. Apostemos por la crítica y por el arte!

  • Luis M. Santos romo

    Luis M. Santos romo

    almost 4 years

    luis M. Santos Romo ¡¡ perdón quise decir éxito !!

  • Luis M. Santos romo

    Luis M. Santos romo

    almost 4 years

    Estoy convencido de que será un existo. Tu puedes Juanjo.

#04 / ¡Últimas horas de la campaña!

Falta ya muy poquito para que acabe la campaña, que hasta ahora tiene 107 mecenas. Millones de gracias a todas ellas y ellos, que van a hacer realidad este proyecto.

¡Aún quedan unas horas para que podamos conseguir el segundo objetivo! Sería fantástico alcanzarlo, y poder remunerar así primeros textos e ilustraciones.

Podéis compartir la campaña entre vuestras redes y así ayudar en la difusión, entre todas conseguiremos esta plataforma de crítica potente, valiente y diferente.

#03 / Conoce un poco mejor a Juanjo Santos

La idea original de "Arte a Juicio" parte de Juanjo Santos. Podéis saber más de su trabajo en su web.

Recientemente le entrevistaron en Arteinformado sobre este proyecto:

  • Vamos a defender a las obras de arte que nos hacen vibrar, sean de quién sean, y a atacar al arte deshonesto, estúpido, pueril, sea de quien sea.

Aquí enlazamos unos textos por si queréis saber algo más sobre sus intereses y su estilo:

  • Sobre el elitismo de la Bienal de Venecia, en Eldiario.es. Algunos venecianos fantasean con la idea de dar una nueva vida a la siniestra Isla de Poveglia, antes de que sea vendida por los políticos, y enviar allí a los visitatori indesiderati. Por ahora, se contentan con el accidente ocurrido en el pequeño muelle de la Fundación Prada; los elegantes invitados al cóctel de apertura de la exposición Clásicos portables acabaron mojándose el culo tras la ruptura de la estructura. Los cocodrilos no llegaron a tiempo.

  • Sobre las operaciones comerciales de Damien Hirst, en El País. read more

#02 / #02 Conoce un poco mejor a Blanca Bonet

Blanca Bonet es la autora de nuestra ilustración de inicio. Ese trabajo es una de las recompensas de "Arte a Juicio".

Además de ilustradora, es directora de cine de animación, y artista. De ella nos encanta su original estilo, el toque de humor, y su conocimiento del arte contemporáneo. Aquí podéis ver más creaciones suyas.

Recordad que, para cada texto que publiquemos en la plataforma, habrá una ilustración original que lo acompañe. Para nosotros, el atractivo visual es tan importante como la calidad de los contenidos.

#01 / Conoce un poco mejor a Christian Viveros-Fauné

Si queréis conocer un poco mejor a mi socio en "Arte a Juicio", el crítico Christian Viveros-Fauné, acá os doy algunas pistas. En el video, lo veréis haciendo una visita crítica, junto con otro autor que queremos que colabore con nosotros, Blake Gopnik, a una retrospectiva de Jeff Koons. Sí, lo pasan mal.

Aquí uno de sus textos más famosos: un obituario de Damien Hirst. Con mucho humor ácido, daba por muerto a un artista que, en su opinión, era "un hombre de negocios a tiempo completo".

En este otro artículo, ensalza a una de sus artistas favoritas, la cubana Tania Bruguera.

Si os interesa saber cómo va a ser nuestra línea editorial, qué tipo de contenidos vamos a desarrollar, no tenéis más que ver ese video o leer ese texto. Esa es la línea.

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