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Trinidad Deluxe, the City Building game

1580, South America: a new colony born on the ashes of the previous settlement...


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Rome, Italy
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1580, South America: a new Spanish colony born on the ashes of the previous settlement. The difficulties are many: the natives who try to repel the invader, the laking of resources, the English Corsairs who threaten destruction. Will you succeed in the challenge?

Trinidad is the latest game by Michele Quondam (Medioevo Universale GX, Virus, Romolo o Remo, Gladiatori, and many more), famous for creating strategic games for "heavy game" fans, as some would say. Trinidad is no exception, and it is a game for 2-5 players which lasts about 30-40 min per player (2/2.5 hours in 4 players). The illustrations of the game are made by Fabio Porfidia and the miniatures models by Kieran Russell.

Link to the KS campaign for the English version.

By participating in this campaign you'll help realize this beautiful board game and will receive a copy of Trinidad Deluxe English edition + all the unlocked stretch goals from KS campaign. In addition to that, if you are from a Spanish language country, you will receive also the Spanish language pack for free.

Important: If this campaign will reach his found, all backers from all our campaigns of the Spanish language will receive the Spanish language kit for free too (so also KS and GS Spanish backers). If not, the Spanish Language pack will be available in the Pledge Manager.

The addons will be available during the pledge manager, which will be active on our website after the campaign.

Trinidad Deluxe version is a Limited Edition. It will be available after the campaign in a limited number of copies and will not have a regular distribution in shops. It will be really difficult to find it: don't miss it now!

Note: Trinidad Deluxe metal coins will have a different design of the one shown above, but they will be with the same colors and metal effect (image shows our DVE coins).

In Trinidad, the players are the heads of the Spanish colonial families who founded the Ciudad de la Santisima Trinidad in 1580 (which later became known as Buenos Aires). They will have to develop the starting settlement, by building buildings like houses and palaces, stonecutters, markets, churches, and many more, while making the city look beautiful with squares, fountains, and monuments.

They will have to use their workers as best as they can, choosing carefully where to send them, and also use their characters and affiliates to make the most powerful combos. Furthermore, they will have to work hard to keep good relations with the natives, however hard that may seem, or prepare for a brutal war! And they cannot forget about the English Corsairs, who are only waiting for the right moment to raid the city, as soon as it has become wealthy enough...

After a first difficult colonization phase, the settlement will start looking like a city, and the players will be able to cooperate to build imposing buildings like the Cathedral, the Harbor, the Governor's Palace and the majestic central Fort, and important things like Roads and City Walls.

Are you ready for this challenge?

A game of Trinidad is played over 12 decades, from 1580 to 1690. During these turns, the players will build the city and defend it against attacks by outsiders. The Victory Points represent the glory of each player's family and will be gained in several different ways. Contributing to building the city gives VPs, as do building your own houses and palaces in worthy neighborhoods. Affiliates will also be worth VPs, as will coins, influence with the City Council, and fighting well during a War.

The player board is used to manage most of the player actions, placing the workers in the work areas.

During each decade in the game the players will be able to choose many different actions: from gathering resources to building buildings, recruiting affiliates, trading, influencing the city's politics, and fighting if there is a war.

Every 4 decades there is a scoring phase, where points will be awarded.

Build Buildings

By spending the relative number of workers and resources, you may build a building. Place the corresponding miniature on the map (and sometimes gain VPs). For example, you may build a simple house by spending 2 workers, or a Palace, by spending 3 workers, 3 wood and 3 stone resources!

Houses and Palaces are the core buildings of the city, and allow players to gain renown and points from the neighborhood they are placed in. You may also build several other buildings, like ones to gather resources, or churches, barracks, square, fountains, and so on.

Use Buildings

Buildings on the map have effects that can be used by any player who owns a house or palace adjacent to them. To use a building, place one or more workers in the corresponding space of your player mat. Some buildings give resources, others allow to sell them, or to gain VPs, recruit soldiers, and so on.

Using workers on the Carpenter's building allows you to gather wood or to transform it into refined resources. The same happens with the Stonecutter, but with stone. Either building may be upgraded to a Hacienda, making it easier to produce refined resources.

The Market allows you to buy and sell resources. Gathering coins will allow you to pay for more affiliates and to gain VPs during a scoring phase, but be careful, as it might also make you be noticed by the Corsairs! The Market can be upgraded to a Corporation, making it much more powerful.

The Barracks allows you to recruit soldiers, who will be essential for the defense of the city and, if you win the wars, will allow you to gain glory and VPs.

The Church, if adequately bribed, will give your social status a nice lift, granting you several VPs.

Squares, with Monuments or Fountains, are that special something that makes a neighborhood shine above the rest, and also makes it worth more VPs.

Major Buildings

These buildings require a high number of workers, higher than the ones available to a single player, to be built, making it necessary to collaborate with other players. Whoever manages to build one, by using promises, threats, or trading, will get both VPs and benefits.

The Fort will make the player soldiers more powerful, making it easier to survive enemy attacks.

The Cathedral will make the Peace last longer, and it will strengthen the power of the Churches.

The Harbor will make it easier to send resources to Spain, by increasing the number of resources that can be sent, and the VPs received for doing so.

The Governor's Palace ( Cabildo ) will give free workers that can be used to build the major buildings and will increase the amount of VPs gained for affiliates.

Characters and Affiliates

At the beginning of the game, each player receives a character card and during the game, he can hire numerous affiliates! Each affiliate card performs multiple functions: it is worth victory points, it has one effect to be used during the war and one during the game.

Getting the best combinations and exploiting them at the right time will make the difference between victory and defeat!

Ship to Spain

During the game, players can load resources onto the ship which will sail to Spain at regular intervals. Upon its return, it will provide metal and victory points to those who contributed. Space on the ship is limited, so you better hurry or you will have to wait for the next one!


When the tension with Indios or pirates reaches its limit, a war will break out! During the following game turn, players will have to deploy their troops, whether they are simple workers or veteran soldiers, and help them with affiliates to defeat the attackers and protect their neighborhoods in the city! The war takes place on the appropriate board during the normal game turn.

End of the game and beta rulebook

The player who has scored the most points within the last decade will be the winner of the game! Thanks to the many options to score points, there will never be a dominant strategy and every game will be unique!

If you are curious to see in more detail how the game works, here is the beta rulebook.

Trinidad allows players to modulate the complexity and duration of the game. You can play simpler and faster games at the beginning and gradually add the elements you prefer.

It is possible to choose the duration of the game (8 or 12 game turns), whether or not to use the game modules of the City Council and / or the War.

Similarly, Trinidad scales efficiently according to the number of players: many parameters are influenced, such as the available pieces, the number of cards, the number of resources, coins, the size of the buildings' grids, war difficult, etc.

The shipment of a single game in Spain costs 17.95 Euros. For other countries, shipping costs are:


  • What's included in the Spanish pack?

    Spanish pack includes all game contents with text (rulebook, cards, player boards, player aids).

  • If we reach the goal, the solo mode will be translated too?

    yes, of course.

  • If the project does not reach the goal ... will we have the opportunity to get into and buy the add ons pack in Spanish?

    yes, of course.

  • The addons are bought later? Why the image that can be bought after the campaign. How is it?

    The exclusive addons will be available to backers during the Pledge Manager, which will start immediately after the campaign.

    They will not be available in stores after the campaign.

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  • Jose Manuel

    Jose Manuel

    almost 2 years

    En ningun sitio pone nada de Español, me siento "engañado"

  • Jose Manuel

    Jose Manuel

    almost 2 years

    A mi el juego, o por lo menos la caja esta en ingles tambien, no la he llegado ha abrir, pero dudo que esten las cartas y demas en Español. No quiero abrirla, pero decirme si estoy equivocado o no, pero temo que el juego este en ingles.

  • giochix


    almost 2 years

    for any problem, please open an assistance ticket on our website

  • yonk76


    almost 2 years

    Hola. Acaba de llegarme el juego pero me ha llegado en inglés.

  • giochix


    about 2 years

    Games are coming from China. They will arrive in Italy at the end of February, then we will ship them to backers.

  • velaa1975


    about 2 years

    Como van las cosas? Para cuando se prevee que llegue el juego?

  • giochix


    almost 3 years

    Check there :-)


  • yonk76


    almost 3 years

    ¿Cómo va la producción del juego?

  • giochix


    over 3 years

    It will require a couple of weeks when payments procedure will be completed.

  • ghwmd1


    over 3 years

    I didn't get a pledge manager communication to order the add-ons, was just charged for the game....

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The Pledge Manager is hosted on our platform giochistarter.it. With it, you can add any add-ons, insert your shipping info and pay the shipping costs.




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