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Untouchable - Conceptual album

Untouchable is a conceptual album; a personal diary in the shape of a musical soundtrack to tell a complex story about life-saving.

Uxue Souto Lines

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Thankyou so much, I've got no words☺️🙏🧡!!!! Untouchable will become a reality, it's official!!

But we still have 19 days left; it could go further! We've been thinking about expanding the initial goal to 5.000€!🤗 If we reached it, we could:

  1. Release a limited edition of the album in physical! Which would include a CD, the lyrics of the songs, its covers, photographs, drawings (and lots of other details I can't stop imagining! 😹 )

  2. Make a good videoclip

I don't know how far we will go, but I'm superhappy to be here, which is much more that what I had ever dared to dream about.

Thankyou so so much for reading, listening, watching, providing support, sharing and loving 🌿🙏☺️



Ohayou! My name is Uxue Souto and I am working on a conceptual album that will embrace different artistic disciplines. In it, more than 8 years of life are collected, soaked in poetry and arranged in the form of a soundtrack to tell a complex story about survival.

This is a real story, lived in my own flesh, and it's also the reason why I wrote the songs of this album; each and every one of them helped me (and still do) facing the difficulties I've encountered.


About the story

When I was 11 years old, I fell seriously ill. I was in the hospital for a while, and that saved me, but it didn't cure me. When I got out, a long time full of sadness and uncertainty was yet to come.

But six years later, as if by magic, I found the right people at the right time to reverse the situation and gradually find a way out of that nightmare.

The process has been indescribably hard, long and painful, but I had the great luck to be able to connect with the art, and consume and produce it without ceasing. Immersing myself in it made everything more bearable and gave me strength and a reason to make me go on.

That's how my life became filled with an endless number of drawings, ideas, sketches and, most of all, with songs and poems, which I wrote to understand my pain and my regrets. But also to express my desire to get stronger and a deep gratitude.

It is an extremely intimate album and, at the same time, universal. It's an amalgam of human sensations in which anyone can recognize themselves, whether they are in the same situation or not.

And it's because of all this that I've decided to put aside the fear of vulnerability and the risk of exposing what I've lived and felt, to bet on it and thank music and art for everything they've given me. And trusting that, just as I was comforted by other people's stories, this can be turned into support and inspiration for other people. If Untouchable could give someone the strength to keep going, I would consider myself more than fulfilled. I look forward to it!

To finish what I started so long ago and to finally be able to share it with you, I only need one more thing: your help! :D

About the rewards

Each one of the rewards has been designed and elaborated with all my effort and dedication, so I hope you like them :)

National Shipping Included (Spain)
National Shipping Included (Spain)

PS: as I mentioned before, this is a conceptual album, so everything pivots on a series of symbolisms closely linked to the story. That's why, some of the rewards include allegorical elements. If you don't understand the reason for some of them, don't worry, gradually their meaning will be discovered! :)

Project members

My name is Uxue Souto Lines, I am 19 years old and mostly I sing and write. This is the first project I'm undertaking and, with it, I'd like to share my story while simultaneously getting involved in as many artistic disciplines as I can. :D

I take care of the composition of the songs and the artistic, audiovisual and conceptual production and direction. :)

Uxu to the left, Martí to the right
Uxu to the left, Martí to the right

Martí Costa Senz is a great friend and a great musician who collaborates in the making of the project. He co-produces the album with me and manages the recording sessions. :)

Many other incredible musician friends also participate in the recordings!

What will your contributions be used for

The money will be used to fund the recording and mastering of the songs. It will also be invested in the artistic production that will surround the album and the production of the music videos, as well as all the necessary material to carry them out.

Crowdfunding is the only source of subsidy for the recording of the album and, if the objective is surpassed, it would be possible to make into a physical CD!

Etta James (recording at Fame Studios, 1967)
Etta James (recording at Fame Studios, 1967)

Finally, a percentage of the proceeds are destined for the manufacture of the merch (cloth bags, printing of posters and illustrated postcards), its shipment to patrons (all national shipments, within Spain) and for fees and taxes such as IVA and management costs and those derived from Verkami itself.

Expected schedule

The goal is to publish progressively updates of the album and to offer exclusive content to thank you for your support and to show how the album is progressing. The official publication date of the album is estimated at mid-December 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, we cannot know for sure if it will be achieved on time.

Moreover, the deliveries will take place at the end of July/beginning of August (Except for those who choose the private concert, with whom it will be arranged personally :))


No track from the album has been revealed yet, but during the Verkami there will be some releases! You can find covers like Perfect (mix) and Rehab by Amy Winehouse or other videos on my Youtube channel and instagram!

Thank you very much!


There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • fesreviureelripoll


    18 hours

    Dear Uxue, I have no words, I just want to listen and listen and listen to your songs.

  • Joan


    6 days

    Què tingueu molt d'èxit i molta salut !!!

  • Damià


    12 days

    Com deia Brech "a la bona gent se la coneix en què és millor quan se la coneix millor". Salut, força i seny, Uxue!

  • Andrea La Torre

    Andrea La Torre

    23 days

    Lo vas a hacer realidad! Tenés talento y sos vos! Abrazo desde 🇦🇷

  • PixelVid


    28 days

    Sounds exciting and refreshing xx

  • Francisco Arroyo

    Francisco Arroyo

    29 days

    Un placer colaborar en tu emocionante proyecto. Acuérdate de nosotros cuando estés en la cumbre (que estarás).

  • Uxue Souto Lines

    Uxue Souto Lines

    30 days

    Muchísimas gracias!!!☺️🌿🧡

  • Ainhoa


    30 days

    Suerte Uxu!!!😘

  • Llucia Cerdà

    Llucia Cerdà

    about 1 months

    Quin orgull coneixe't

  • Eudald Sala Blasco

    Eudald Sala Blasco

    about 1 months

    Endavant les atxes!!!!

#05 / NEW single "MIRROR" !!!

16/07/2020 Mirror - New single!!

CLICK : Spotify pre-save!


Haciendo el pre-save del tema, no sólo ayudas a su difusión; también entras en un sorteo !! Tan sólo guardándote el tema en Spoti puedes ganar la descarga anticipada del tema (y escucharlo antes que nadie teniéndolo en tu móvil de hoy para siempre!😱)

Recuerda hacérmelo saber para que te tengamos en cuenta en el sorteo! Puedes escribirme, dejar un comentario, subir un instastorie etiquetándome (@uxuesoulin),...

Los resultados se sabrán este domingo; muchas gracias y ÁNIMOOS! :)


Pre-saving the new single, not only helps at its distribution, but also allows you to participate in a draw !! Just pre-saving Mirror on Spoti you may win the anticipated download of the single (and having it on your phone for good!😱)

Remember to notice me when you've done the pre-save writing a comment, uploading an instastorie tagging @uxuesoulin,...

Results will be shown this Sunday; thank you so much and GOOD LUCK! :)

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#04 / 103% !!!




Con un poco más de ayuda podremos:

  1. Sacar el disco en físico de edición limitada! En ella se incluiría un CD junto con las letras de las canciones, sus respectivas portadas, fotografías, dibujos y un montón de otros detalles que no puedo dejar de imaginar! 😹

  2. Publicar un videoclip de calidad

Untouchable will become a reality, it's official!!

With a little more help we'll be able to:

  1. Release a limited edition of the album in physical! Which would include a CD, the lyrics of the songs, its covers, photographs, drawings (and lots of other details I can't stop imagining! 😹 )

  2. Make a good videoclip

Love you'all!🤗


En: The first single of Untouchable, named also Untouchable, is already available on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, ... Hope you like it!!!

Cat: El primer single d'Untouchable, anomenat també Untouchable, ja està disponible en totes les plataformes!!! YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, ... Espero que us agradi molt!!!

Es: El primer single de Untouchable, llamado también Untouchable, ya está disponible en todas las plataformas!!! YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, ... Espero de corazón que os guste mucho!!!

#02 / 48h!

The winner of our drawing is:

El guanyador del sorteig és:

El ganador del sorteo es:

Key Costa !!

Moltes felicitaaats!! De seguida rebràs la descàrrega anticipada del primer single de l'àlbum!! Recorda que és només per tu!!

Congratulations!! You'll receive the exclusive download of the first single soon! Remember; it's only for you!!

¡¡Gracias a todos por participar!!

15 backers

✉️ Illustrated and dedicated postcard
🌿 Your name in the acknowledgements

Shipping costs included

Estimated delivery July 2020
9 left (of 25)

📃 Limited edition poster
💿 Exclusive EP download
✨ Cotton bag
✉️ Illustrated and dedicated postcard
🌿 Your name in the acknowledgements

Shipping costs within Spain included

Estimated delivery August 2020
6 backers

💽 Exclusive acces to demos of the album, takes one and original arrangements. (long before its official publication!)
💿 Exclusive EP download
🌿 Your name in the acknowledgements

Estimated delivery August 2020
9 backers

🎫 Privat concert
💿 Exclusive EP download
✨ Cotton Bag
✉️ Illustrated and dedicated postcard
🌿 Your name in the acknowledgements!

*Details specified personally. *

It will take place in Catalonia (otherwise, travel expenses are not included:)

Estimated delivery September 2020
0 backers

🎁 Customized song

Choose your own track!

Your decision; it could be a new version of your fav song, a completely new composition made exclusively for you,...

Use your imagination!

💿 Exclusive EP download

Estimated delivery August 2020
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